Grasping Evil - Chapter 151(1)

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Three days after leaving the voyage ship, Suqiu found the righteous sect in Song Country. She joined a party of people who were pursuing the Red Flower Old Demon.

For the past three days, Ning Fan accompanied Suqiu back until she arrived at her destination in Song Country safely. With the girl now in safe hands, only then was he able to temporarily leave her to settle another matter.

On the seventh day, Suqiu and her group discovered the demon’s tracks but unfortunately, the demon had already escaped. Other than that, they also found a  lot of female corpses. All of the corpses had lost their virginity with the Primordial Yin sucked dry.

On the nineteenth day, Suqiu and her group finally caught the old demon red-handed in a mountain valley. After a tough battle, a Gold Core expert died while two experts were also severely wounded. All the old demon left for them were a pile of female corpses.

The experts who were wounded had no choice but to leave the group. However, there were some Gold Core experts whose daughters and wives were now dead, discouraging them from pursuing the old demon further. Although they detested the old demon, they decided to let go of their hatred and carried the corpses of their loved ones, leaving the group secretly.

After a month, the members in the group was now reduced to only seven experts including Suqiu.

Suqiu pursed her lips. The pursuit today was still unsuccessful.Moreover, she had almost been caught by the old demon to be one of her victims.

The experts from Suqiu’s side were becoming less and less while the old demon was unceasingly plucking the female cultivators. Her cultivation realm must have almost reached the Early Nascent Soul and stabilized.

No one had any idea of the sudden drop of the old demon’s cultivation base. No one even knew why the old demon would need to pluck the female cultivators to restore its magic power.

However, Song Jun and the other experts’ resolution to continue the pursuit of the old demon began to falter after the old demon regained her cultivation base.

“How should we deal with her?” Master Lu asked the other experts in Eternal Spring Sect.

“Since the demon had already regained her cultivation, we no longer have the power to capture her and may get ourselves killed instead… In my opinion, capturing the demon is not what’s important. Our priority now is to discuss how to defend ourselves from the demon when she comes seeking vengeance,” said an expert with fear in his tone.

“Absolutely. From my point of view, let’s put aside the matter of pursuing the demon… All of us should quickly return to our respective sects and strengthen our defences,” said Master Dawn while everyone who listened nodded their head in agreement. Only Suqiu disagreed with him.  

“No! We can’t just let it go like that! Are you guys just going to watch your wives and daughters die at the hands of this demon when all of you had the opportunity to save them?”

“My friend Suqiu, please calm down. We indeed wish to save our loved ones. But how are we going to fight a Nascent Soul demon? There is no one in Song Country strong enough to fight her,” said Master Dawn helplessly.

“So what if she is a Nascent Soul cultivator? If only he could lend us a hand…” Ning Fan flashed across Suqiu’s mind. But she immediately gnashed her teeth and her face turned sour.

Throughout this month, she had risked her own life in pursuit of the demon. However, Ning Fan did not come to her aid.

That glimmer of hope she had of him was finally crushed.

He is not coming after all…

She fell into silence without completing her sentence. Suddenly, an expert who had decided to stop the pursuit became furious.

He said, “Suqiu Xianzi, I am very grateful for your kindness to help us. However, we are no longer the opponent of the old demon. We can only wait for the demon to leave Song Country by herself after feeling satisfied in plucking the female cultivators. Rumours have it that Zheng Country is also facing the same issue. Perhaps, this old demon will not seek trouble from us and leave on her own, heading towards Zheng Country…” There was still fear lingering in the expert’s eyes.

“Satisfied? You said you want her to be satisfied?! Are you really treating all the women as human cauldrons?! Are women just nutrition for the female demon?!” said Suqiu while she struck the table in anger.

“Yes, I am. If sacrificing women can protect Song Country from any further destruction, I am willing to gather ten thousand virgins for the demon. Perhaps, at that time, the demon would be happy and she would leave the country,” replied the man indifferently.

“You!” shouted Suqiu, expressing her anger. Certainly, some of the experts from the righteous sect exposed their true nature after knowing that they were no longer a match for the demon.

What made Suqiu more disappointed was the idea of gifting young girls to the old demon. There were even a few experts who nodded their head in agreement with the idea.

All of them were thinking that if ten thousand young girls’ lives could please the old demon and perhaps return their daughters and wives to them, it would definitely be a wise plan.

“Old Man Wang’s suggestion is not bad… Let’s discuss about it further…”

“Hmmph! A bunch of hypocritical cowards!”

Suqiu turned and left Eternal Spring Sect. She was disgusted to even look at them.

As for the gifts to honour Suqiu’s help from all the experts in the sect, she did not keep any of them.

Disappointment was her ‘gift’ after all her efforts in Eternal Spring Sect.

However, after leaving the place, she began to feel helpless for first time in her entire life of cultivation.

In Yue Country, she had no home to return to.

In Song Country, she had no place to seek help from.

Endless Sea was so far away. And I am alone without a single penny left. How should I go there?

Besides, would my childhood friends recognize me even if I reach there?

She took out a small and exquisite jade bottle. Within the bottle were the Bitter Pills. That bottle was a gift from Zhihe and they were also known as Sweet Pills.

She swallowed a pill and her magic power recovered from the expenditure while they pursued the old demon a few days before. The pill was really sweet, but she felt bitter deep down in her heart.

“Ning Fan… Some people claimed that Seven Apricot Voyage Ship was still at the Lock Realm of Song Country. Is he waiting for me? Should I return to the ship? My Dao, which is striving to follow the righteous path… Would it sound funny?”

She walked aimlessly on a path which was enveloped with clouds and mists. Again, her thoughts were trapped within uncertainty. She only wanted to persist on her own righteous Dao but it seemed like there was not a genuine righteous Dao anymore.

If there isn’t any justice left in the world, then why should I still claim that I am cultivating the righteous Dao?

At that moment of confusion, she let down her guard.

At that very moment, a light demonic wind swept her and carried her body along.

Quickly, Suqiu’s eyes regained her concentration. Only then did she realize that she was ambushed by the demon when her thoughts were in disarray.

Suddenly, some kind of magic power from the demon wind seeped into Suqiu’s body, causing her own magic power to be sealed off. The next second, a proud female voice could be heard from the wind.

“Hmmph! You have been pursuing me for the past month. It seemed that you were very pleased when you were chasing after me. Now, it’s my turn to get my revenge on you! Why didn’t your little lover come to help you?” said the female demon. The demon waved her hand and Suqiu was brought to a deep ravine on the west side of Song Country.

After listening to the female demon, Suqiu felt ashamed and annoyed. But her expression turned gloomy and said, “Shut up… I have nothing to do with him…”

“You have nothing to do with him? I really want to know whether he would be enraged if I tear your clothes apart and grope you on top of a tree. And you, the so-called cultivator of the righteous path like ceremonial manners and always consider yourself very noble, don’t you? I wonder how you would feel if you are humiliated by me? I guess it would probably be a fate worse than death…”

“You! Don’t you dare to touch me!” shouted Suqiu angrily.

“Hmmph! There’s nothing that I’m afraid of! Little sister, I have been living for hundreds of thousands of years. My favourite hobby is to abuse those women who think themselves as noble… The prouder you are, the more willing I am to make you bow your head!”

“Hundreds of thousands of years? How could it be possible?! You are merely a Nascent Soul demon. How could you have such a long lifespan?! Unless, you are the ancient demon who had been in “deep slumber” from the Land of Demons! Impossible! If the ancient demon were to awaken, it must be at least a Spirit Severing demon general... Oh, I see. Are you the companion of a Spirit Severing demon general?!”

“Hmmph, you don’t have to know anything about me! I am rather in a good mood today. Let me play with you first…”

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