Grasping Evil - Chapter 151(2)

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In reality, the female demon was a little amazed inwardly by Suqiu’s sharp-wittedness. She did not expect the obstinate Suqiu to be unexpectedly clever. Aside from that, she could not understand Suqiu’s reason to keep on pursuing her despite knowing she was more powerful.

After a few hours, the female demon landed on the ground. They were now in Blood Splashing Valley located to the west of Song Country.

This valley was once occupied by a low-level sect. However, the sect was already annihilated by the female demon.

The valley was now in ruins except for the hidden area of the deep valley. It was still intact.

Within some kind of grand formation, the female demon carried Suqiu’s soft body into the deep valley.

Whenever Suqiu’s sensitive parts were touched by the female demon, she felt angry but at the same time ashamed.

As Suqiu saw the tragic sight within the valley, her expression changed immediately.

At the deepest part, it had a beautiful scenery of mountains and waterfalls. However, there were countless naked women who were weeping and wailing.

All of them were cultivators. Among them, even the weakest cultivator had a cultivation base of Harmonious Spirit Realm while the strongest cultivator was one of the famous Gold Core Realm old monsters. At the moment, their magic powers were sealed by one of the female demon’s techniques. Apart from that, their bodies were weak and could not even exert the tiniest bit of strength. Their current situation was comparable to a mortal woman falling into the hands of devils.

Virgin blood flowed out between the legs of some women. They had obviously lost their virginity.

Some young-looking female cultivators were sluggish while others were yearning for more pleasure. And a few were even masturbating incessantly while moaning loudly. No one knew what exactly the female demon had done to them.

When Suqiu heard these voices, her face turned reddish instantly.

Upon seeing Suqiu’s expression, the female demon pleasingly said,

“All these virgins were deflowered with my own fingers. Then I plucked them using my tongue. These married women who are experts in the bedroom has a really good chemistry with me. Of course, they would be in that state because I still haven’t removed the illusory technique that I have casted on them.”

“What did you say?! You… You dare!?” screamed Suqiu. She did not think that she, as an old ancestor herself, would be captured by a female demon and be held captive in the deep valley. She could not imagine herself  being deflowered and planted the illusory technique, turning her into an insatiable woman who would masturbate every day while letting out lustful moans of pleasure.

What made Suqiu feel nervous was when the female demon threw her down on the ground and  started to undress herself.

The demon’s appearance was hideous. Sunken marks were all over her face, including scars, wounds and even traces of burns.

Although her appearance was sickening, her waist was as slender as a snake while her skin was still smooth and bouncy.

Her body was truly pure and impeccable. It was then that she let her hair down which flowed like a waterfall while exposing her erect breasts. It was the perfect sight of a woman’s back for Suqiu.

As long as the demon did not turn her head, the sight of her back alone was indeed slightly better than Suqiu’s.

Suqiu began to feel curious of the female demon’s original appearance before her face was disfigured. However, when the idea surfaced within Suqiu’s mind, she quickly shook it off. It was not the time to have her imagination run wild!

After undressing, the demon was filled with excitement. She summoned all kinds of instruments that were usually used for lovemaking using her demonic arts and walked towards a naked young girl with a disdainful grin.

That young virgin girl had not been influenced by the illusory technique. Upon seeing the approaching demon, she could immediately foresee what was going to happen to her. She quickly begged in terror.

“No, please don’t!”

However, the demon did not pay any attention to the young girl’s request. She pressed her body against the young girl’s, and started to stroke the her.

There was no way an immature young girl who had not experienced sexual activity yet would be able to withstand the demon’s caress. A moment later, the young girl’s face blushed and she let out a few soft moans occasionally.

But the young girl tried strenuously to restrain her moans, unwilling to provide the satisfaction the female demon wanted of her.

The demon became slightly enraged. After her finger fondled the young girl’s private parts, she discovered it was wet and began to tease her.

“Your mouth might be stubborn but your body is clearly more honest with how it reacts to my touch. If that is the case, then I will make you feel even more pleasure. What do you say?”

Suqiu witnessed how the demon pierced the young girl’s private parts with a jade stick as thick as the rim of a bowl which filled her eyes with disbelief.

That young girl instantaneously let out a cry of pain and shouted, “Painful! It’s so painful…”

“Beg me to change it to a thinner stick for you…” said the old demon temptingly while holding another fine stick.

“No, I will not yield…” replied the young girl with a hint of stubbornness.

“Hmmph! It seems that you prefer the thicker stick. As you wish!” the female demon moved the stick in and out more violently. The young girl’s legs were twitching ceaselessly and streaks of blood were spilling out of her private part.

Even If it were a woman who is more experienced in sexual matters, she would also be unable to endure the pain of the thick stick penetrating her.Not to mention a young girl who was still a virgin.

That pain was unbearable even for a cultivator. Therefore, the young girl gradually succumbed to the female demon.

“I beg you, please change it to a thin stick…”

“Now you’re showing some obedience. Split your legs yourself…”



“Yes…” said the young girl shamefully. She used her hands to spread her legs widely.

After that, there was a series of moans. The scene was too obscene to describe.

After the young girl was pleasured and fell asleep, the demon kept all the blood and the liquid from her private parts into a pill bottle.

“This young girl performed well. The Primordial Yin’s blood of a Harmonious Spirit cultivator will definitely increase my cultivation base after consuming it…”

Other than the bottle on her hand, there were still a lot of similar bottles inside her storage pouch.

Then the demon turned towards Suqiu and stared at her with ugly eyes.

“Well, it’s your turn now. Do you prefer the thick one or the thin one…”


Looking at the female demon who was slowly approaching step by step, Suqiu felt fear for the very first time in her life! Actually, it was a terrifying matter for any female!

Suqiu’s clothes was torn to shreds by the demon. In the next second, there was only the bra left on her body. Next, her skirt was also ripped apart.

Suqiu tried to struggle with all her might but since her magic power was sealed off, there was not much strength left in her.

Knowing that she could never escape, she helplessly closed her eyes. Suddenly, there was a loud quake outside the grand formation of the deep valley! The ground began to shake severely!

At a far distance, there was a nine *zhang nine *chi tall giant in silver armor steadily coming towards them.

Every hill, rock, and even buildings were flattened in just a single strike of the giant’s foot.

Even the Nascent Soul Realm demon felt danger from the giant’s intimidating pressure.


The giant in silver armor threw a punch, creating a series of sonic booms.

A dignified Dan Realm High-Grade Grand Formation was crushed so easily and effortlessly with just a single punch!

After that, the giant’s indifferent thunderous voice resounded in the deep valley.

“I’ve said it before, there won’t be a fourth time!”

*zhang = 3.13meters

*li = 500 meters

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