Grasping Evil - Chapter 152 (1)

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The Nine Zhang Nine Chi tall giant was as big as tens of cultivators, and it immediately caused the birds and beasts to disperse after it entered the deep valley.

The qi of the giant had unexpectedly felt familiar to the demon.  

Unmistakably, it is the Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator that was on that ship… This child unexpectedly is a Body Refining expert and his Body Refinement Technique gave me a hint of danger.

No… not just a sense of danger… This giant gave the demon an extremely strange feeling, as if she was naturally suppressed by him.

It might be because she was a woman…

The thunderous roar got closer and closer after the formation was broken. A silver armoured giant then blocked the entrance of the deep valley.

The mountainous valley was filled with piercing thunderous roars that seemed to pierce the heavens right after the giant entered the valley. Countless birds and beasts simultaneously cowered with their feathers and fur stand on end.

The demon and the giant’s gaze met in an instant. The giant’s large hand suddenly grabbed towards its front and the thunder star flashed on its glabella. The sky was then immediately covered with dark clouds and continuous thunderous roars with silver thunder striking down!

The demon immediately felt in her heart that she was locked on by the thunderstrike. Suddenly, a few hundred thunderbolts rushed towards the demon, making her release Suqiu without hesitation. She conjured a small shield to defend against the thunderbolts but she was dumbstruck by it.

Is it the Divine Ability of Thunder?!

The techniques of the giant had exceeded the demon’ expectation and had made her extremely cautious. It was rare to have a cultivator able to cast the Divine Thunder Ability. It would be even more impossible for thunder vein cultivators to conjure so many thunderbolts that easily. This was not a magical art but a type of natural gift that could manipulate thunder… Only the one that had once ruled the heaven and earth -- the Ancient Fiendgod could master such a divine gift!

The High-Grade Intermediate Rank small shield slightly cracked from just one thunderbolt that was effortlessly conjured by the giant. This had made the demon to frown in silence.

She was a concubine of a Demon General and was sealed within the Land of Demons to ‘sleep’ for hundreds of thousands of years. Her magic force was sealed and all her magical treasures were lost.

Now that the Demon General had recovered, she did not have any useful magical treasure that suits her early Nascent Soul cultivation base. Even the small shield was taken from one of the Song country’s Gold Core expert that she had killed.

If it weren’t for her being not in her prime, she wouldn’t have been hunted by a few Song country Gold Cores with her Nascent Soul cultivation. But the giant that had appeared in front of her was only a Harmonious Spirit cultivator. It would not be wrong to describe his true strength as monstrous. She wouldn’t even be his match in her prime, let alone with her cultivation still yet to recover…

The demon thought firmly of an idea almost instantly. She would definitely not face the giant that had appeared in front of her if she could avoid doing so. She immediately used instant movement to escape out of the valley and leave all the female cultivators that she had captured within the valley.

Although it was a pity, but the demon was more willing to choose a safer route rather than one filled with unknown danger.

But the demon found out that she could not escape out of the valley with just instant movement. She got angry but at the same time startled that the whole valley was covered with a purple barrier.

This purple barrier was a Nascent Rank Intermediate-Grade Formation that was imitated from the Purple Light Sect’s Sect Protecting Grand Formation. It had made the demon unable to escape out of the valley within a short period of time.

It looked like the giant had long been prepared to capture her. This giant did not just come to save the others but also came to fight a life and death battle with her!

Unable to leave huh… Then a battle it is… The ugly face of the demon displayed a tinge of evilness and egotistical battle intent. “Human friend, if you want to blame me on touching your woman, I will apologize to you for this matter… My Lord, the Demon General will not stand by if you insist on making me your enemy!” She fiercely said.


The giant harrumphed and his big hand once again tried to grasp her. Innumerable thunderbolts struck down on the demon’s small shield and completely shattered it. It made the demon to dodge without composure and her eyes were filled with killing intent.

Ning Fan was undoubtedly the giant. He had been silently protecting Suqiu for a month before she had joined with the Song Country’s righteous sects. After that, he went and did some stuff… one of the things he did was to dig out the lair of the demon and silently placed a Nascent Rank Intermediate-Grade formation - Purple Light Formation, while the demon was out!

Meanwhile, he used his spare time to concentrate on refining a magical treasure.

With the help of the first star on his glabella-Thunder Star. Ning Fan commanded the thunder with both his hands. It made the Nascent Soul demon to lose her composure while dodging the attacks.

The thunderstrike of the heaven and earth was extremely strange. The demon could not dodge the thunder attacks even with instant movement once it was locked onto her. The demon could only take on the attacks with her own body helplessly. Ning Fan then took the opportunity to release his silver-armoured giant form and changed back into human form. He descended upon the ground and his gaze lightly swept upon the half-naked Suqiu. He then immediately averted his gaze and gave her his robe from his storage pouch. He then took out a crystal bracelet  after a slight hesitation and gave it to Suqiu.

“After you put on this robe, leave the formation with this bracelet . Use this bracelet  to attack her if you see the demon leave the formation… ”

Suqiu could only feel her cheek feel boiling hot, feeling both ashamed and shy.

She felt ashamed that she had left the Seven Apricot ship with such determination and went on her separate way from Ning Fan, but ended up in such a situation. If Ning Fan did not save her, she would surely die under the evil clutches of the demon.

As for the feeling of shyness, it was naturally due to her clothing being cleanly ripped off by the demon. With only her slightly damaged undergarment left covering her snow white skin, slightly revealing the curve of her body.

Nothing was left to cover her nether region, hence she had to use one of her hands to cover it and used the other to receive the robe and crystal bracelet .

The robe had been worn by Ning Fan and Suqiu’s cheeks slightly reddened after she thought of wearing the clothes that Ning Fan had worn. But she did not have a choice with the urgent matter at hand.

*Zhang = 3.13meters

*Chi = 30.7 cm
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