Grasping Evil - Chapter 153(1)

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The entire Heaven and Earth Origin Qi all around them was triggered by the female demon, fusing it into pieces of camellia petals. The seemingly harmless camellia petals suddenly turned into killing machines that could easily shred Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators into pieces. Apart from that, there were hundreds of thousands of camellia petals fluttering in the air. Even Ning Fan was impressed by her demonic arts.

Previously, he was able to break the female demon’s demonic arts easily because she hid herself in a far distance while casting her spells. Therefore, the magic power was already weakened by the time it reached them. But this time she was attacking in close range. Even Ning Fan would not be easily able to withstand it.

After the blood red rune in between her eyebrows flashed, some kind of special domain fused into the camellia petals and infusing them with a unique Divine Intent. Blood red scales started to condense on the veins of the petals.

Desolate demonic power swept across the valley. As the female demon’s eyes turned cold, hundreds of thousands of petals in the air scattered down. Everything that touched the petals crumbled instantly!

That was the might of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator!

Those petals, especially the Divine Intent, were troublesome to Ning Fan. Now, he was more convinced that the rune of the female demon was truly planted by a Spirit Severing Realm demon.

However, that Divine Intent slightly differed from those of other cultivators.

Without having time to think thoroughly, Ning Fan snapped his fingers and nine black flame dragons came out from above his head. Then the nine dragons transformed into nine layers of the fire sea. Every layer revolved like that of a vortex. In the next moment, he successfully made the nine layers of the fire sea into four complete vortexes!

This was already his utmost limit. If he executes five vortexes, he would definitely drain his magic power empty. Furthermore, if he wanted to perform six vortexes forcefully, the only way was to sustain severe injuries… In the past, he had once displayed the six vortexes, but the consequence was having injuries that was not completely recovered yet until today. The blood essence that he lost was still not fully replenished.

If combining nine vortexes with the nine layers of the fire sea, the power would be similar to that of the fifth vortex of the Dragon Flame. That was the trick that Ning Fan figured out to increase the strength of the Dragon Flame. However, the precondition to perform the skill was that the cultivator must have a strong spirit sense so that they could manipulate the nine layers of flames. Currently, Ning Fan was able to perform it because he had a Nascent Soul Realm spirit sense.

Under the sky, it was filled with immense magic power from the red fluttering flowers and black dragon fire. Apart from that, there were other strange phenomena appearing in the sky.

Even Suqiu who was outside of the purple light grand formation was amazed by the scene of battle. She was inwardly surprised by the might of the female demon while slightly worried about Ning Fan’s safety.

All Intermediate Gold Core Realm and above cultivators of Song Country including Song Jun could clearly sense the vast waves of magic power from the Blood Flower Valley at the west of Song Country. Each of their expressions changed!

It was a battle between Nascent Soul Realm magic power! Only a battle between Nascent Soul cultivators could cause drastic changes to the sky and earth!

One of them should be the female demon. However, who was the other Nascent Soul Realm cultivator? Was he from another country?!

Could it be that a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator from another country came to help defend Song Country?

“Is he one of the cultivators of the Rain Palace?!”

Every expert braced themselves and gave up the idea of providing young girls to the female demon.

If they could eliminate the female demon without hurting anyone, they would be pleased to be just onlookers for the battle. Each of them headed towards Blood Flower Valley with their vanishing lights.

However, Song Country was a huge place. Even if they flew with all their strength, they would need to travel for half a day. Moreover, the other cultivators who came from further away would need a longer period to reach the scene.

Each of the experts heading there rubbed their palms together. If they saw an opportunity to capture the female demon, they would never compromise with her this time. An indecisive attitude would exist in them as indecisiveness in their Dao.

They had their Dao, Suqiu had her own Dao and Ning Fan, had his own particular Dao too!

After the clash of the fluttering flowers and dragon flames, Ning Fan’s expression turned even more serious. One of his hands was controlling the flames while the other struck out a punch. Suddenly, there was a layer of ice forming above the nine layers of the fire sea. That layer of ice froze the area around female demon who was caught off-guard.

With the strength of the punch, it froze the sky and earth. After that, sounds of ice crushing could be heard. The female demon at the centre of the attack turned pale and spat out black blood. She could not believe her own eyes!

As the demon was sneak-attacked, the fluttering flowers went uncontrolled and were burnt to ashes by the sea of flames!

“This human is able to perform a Nascent Soul Realm body refining method while executing such powerful magic power!”

The right finger was the Dragon Fire and the left punch was the Crushing Ice!

Crushing Ice technique was a Nascent Soul Realm body refining technique that Ning Fan got after the battle with the devil armies. It was the only close combat technique that Ning Fan knew.

Controlling the nine layers of flames while striking out a punch was never an easy matter for Ning Fan. However, the result was instantaneous! With just a single punch, the female demon was already hurt badly!

After defeating the fluttering flowers demonic arts, the dragon flames’ power was fading too. The sea of flames slowly became illusory… Without waiting for the sea of flames to completely disappear, the Heaven and Earth Origin Qi around Ning Fan was altered and a black light flashed. He displayed the art of instant movement. He passed through the sea of flames and appeared behind the female demon in the middle of the sky. Without giving the demon a single second to breathe, he beat her down to the ground.

“Go down!”

The female demon had not expected that the Harmonious Spirit Realm Ning Fan could master the art of instant movement. Taking a beating made her injuries more serious. A few mouthful of black blood came out from her mouth. Upon falling to the ground, a ten zhang huge pit was formed and crushed stones were all over the floor.

After managing to stand up with difficulty, she looked at Ning Fan again. However, this time her gaze was filled with fear!

He shouldn’t be just in the Harmonious Spirit Realm. He must be a Nascent Soul cultivator. If not, it was impossible for him to display the art of instant movement. Without achieving Nascent Soul Realm, there’s no way he could sense the Heaven and Earth Origin Qi. For just this point alone, he had no means to borrow the origin qi for performing instant movement. Or perhaps, I have belittled him!

Maybe he’s not just a Nascent Soul Realm expert. He might be a Nascent Soul Realm expert of the Intermediate rank. Otherwise, I could have seen through his cultivation base easily.

He has Intermediate Nascent Soul Realm cultivation base. He has Silver Bone body refining technique. He has Nascent Soul Realm body refining technique “Colossal Bone Secret Arts” and Nascent Soul Realm close combat technique “Crushing Ice”. He even has sword sense that can only be practiced by the Sword Emperor from the Sword World.

Who is this man? What’s his background?!

*zhang = 3.13 meter

*Ice Crushing has been changed to Crushing Ice for better accuracy.

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