Grasping Evil - Chapter 154 (1)

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The rain was birthed from the heavens and died upon descending to earth. The process in the middle was the life of the rain.

This life was infused with three types of domain by Ning Fan, which were killing, defying and solitude.

The Divine Rain Intent was an Eighth-Grade Divine Intent. But this Divine Intent which was infused with three types of domain, hence it is almost comparable to a common Seventh-Grade Divine Intent.

As for the man covered with crimson scales‘ Ninth Demonic Intent --- Demonic Carp Intent, it was only infused with a blood-colored killing intent and nothing more. Its grade was extremely lacking compared to Ning Fan Divine Intent.

Almost instantly, the crimson-scaled man’s shadow was half-dissolved in the rain. But yet he still managed to force his body through the Purple Light Formation.

He was extremely shaken that a mere Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator like Ning Fan was able to master an Eighth-Grade Divine Intent!

Those that are able to comprehend an Eighth-Grade Divine Intent were without a doubt, have the talent to become a Void Refinement Realm expert! If there were enough opportunity, they could even achieve the Void Fragmentation Realm!

These individuals were not to be trifled with. Even a Spirit Severing Demon General such as himself would have to regard them as their archenemy!

The crimson-scaled man became certain within just a thought… The moment he left this place and handled all the trivial matters, he would certainly send his true body to kill Ning Fan! This boy must not be left alive!

Not even a Nascent Level Intermediate-Grade Grand Formation was able to hinder this man’s advance as he forcefully broke out of the formation.

He escaped but Ning Fan did not went after him but only… sneered.

In the very moment of his departure, he looked deeply at Ning Fan. As if to memorize Ning Fan’s features for the sake of sending out assassins in the future.

“You harmed my concubine today, but in the near future it shall be you who will die!”

“I’ve said it before, you will not be able to escape!” Ning Fan did not go after him because there was no need to do so!

The crimson-scaled man broke out of the formation and were greeted with Yin Suqiu’s existence who had been waiting all along. She held the crystal bracelet and formed it into a crystal ring that was covered with golden light and black shadows. That ring was then struck towards the crimson-scaled man!

He was caught by surprise and was ambushed by Yin Suqiu. But when he saw Suqiu was just a peak Gold Core Realm expert and the ring treasure was merely High-Grade, he did not put much thought on the ambush anymore.

Even those Supreme-Grade treasures were unable to injure his Demonic Intent Shadow, not to mention a mere High-Grade.

But his expression changed drastically when the bracelet hit his body.

The golden light and black shadows that came from the ring looked like it had a wisp of might from heaven and earth. The moment it touched his shadow, it immediately created a loud bang that could shake even mountains and rivers!

The crimson-scaled man let out a pained grunt, with the blood scales that covered his body shattered by Suqiu’s strike. More than half of his shadow had disappeared from just this attack.

He laughed madly and looked at Ning Fan with extreme anger and hatred.

He did not know what the name of the ring treasure was and what divine abilities it had. But he could feel a shred of qi inside treasure. Therefore, this ring must have been refined by Ning Fan and this girl was also placed here by him to ambush him.

“Good! Good! You’ve managed to injure me today, you can now die with pride on the day you die !”

“Li Ban…”

Ning Fan’s gaze sharpen. Looks like I’ve offended a powerful guy…

I’ve offended him! So, what!


Ning Fan pointed at his glabella and the Separation Slayer Sword flew out like a shooting star, the starlight casting a trail in midair. It ruthlessly cut the crimson-scaled man’s Demonic Intent Shadow and obliterated him into pieces.

Now the crisis at hand was finally resolved.

His fleeing light flashed and caught the weakened demon into his grasp. The demon then immediately cursed.

“You dare harm Lord Li Ban! I’ll go all out with you!”


Ning Fan harrumphed and used the Yin Plucking Finger on the girl’s soft breast. It thoroughly put her into a state of unconsciousness and was put into the Cauldron Ring.  

The reason that he did not kill the demon was because she was an excellent cauldron and the blood rune on her glabella could be taken away with a secret art and be used as one of his trump cards.

The crimson-scaled man’s mark was wiped away from the blood rune. The only thing left behind was the power of single strike of a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator… Those peak Nascent Soul Realm ‘Great Cultivators’ could even be injured by Ning Fan with this item.

Ning Fan took back the remaining Immortal Jade that were left in the eye of the Purple Light Formation after meeting up with Suqiu. They quickly retreated before the Song Country’s cultivators came to investigate.

On their journey, Yin Suqiu could not contain her surprise anymore.

The Nascent Soul Demon was unexpectedly easily subdued by Ning Fan using both Body Refining Technique and Bewitching Art.

Lastly, that crimson-scaled man gave Suqiu a terrible sense of danger. But that same man was also unexpectedly eliminated by Ning Fan.

The ring treasure that was given by Ning Fan managed to injure the crimson-scaled man with a single strike. The power of the ring had been also been able to bring forth the aura of the heaven and earth. It was one of the most powerful magical treasure she had seen. Even some Supreme-Grade magical treasure were unable to bring forth the aura of heaven and earth.

Ning Fan gave me such a precious magical treasure…

It was as if this magical treasure was just refined as there was still Ning Fan’s qi lingering within… This treasure had been refined personally by Ning Fan.

“Did he refine this magical treasure for me in the past month of his absence…”Yin Suqiu’s heart raised an unusual thought that was hard to describe.

Both her and Ning Fan soared like two rainbow light towards the border of the North Song Country. Her heart felt more and more complicated.

“Why did you save me?” She asked softly without the usual prestige of an old ancestor.

“I said that I’ll protect you, did you think it was just a joke?”

“This bracelet…”

“This bracelet is be called ‘Heaven and Earth Ring’ and was refined by me. It is my compensation for your efforts in saving Ning City and for the destroyed water ring.”

“Isn’t this compensation too over the top…” Yin Suqiu said hesitantly.

“You don’t want it?” Ning Fan’s eyelid twitches.

“N… no.” Yin Suqiu held the Crystal Bracelet tight within her hands. She liked the bracelet very much.

Both of them became silent. They then met with Jing Zhuo at the border of North Song Country’s formation three days later.

After Ning Fan left, there were old monsters coming one after another into West Song Country’s Bloody Flower Valley. All of them expressed a shocking expression after they saw the magic force qi that were left in place.

It really was a Nascent Level magic fight… But this place had no known Nascent Soul Old Monsters.

The demon is nowhere to be seen and the mysterious Nascent Soul Realm expert could not be found… Could he have already left Song Country?

This type of alertness had continued on for several months. The old monsters of Song Country all let out a sigh of relief when they found out that the demon did not make any moves for the past few months.

Song Country’s crisis had finally been resolved. But it was a pity that… none of their wives and children could be saved…

But compared to the total destruction of Song Country, this result turned out to be the best out of the worst-case scenarios…


The Seven Apricot Ship continued on their voyage towards Zheng Country after meeting up with Jing Zhuo.

Zheng Country was a low-ranked cultivator country and was similar to Song Country. The sizes of the countries were also similar.

It was infested by demons, but they were all low-ranked demons incomparable to the powerful Nascent Soul Demon.

But the swarm of demons had made Zheng Country uneasy and were on high alert. The Seven Apricot ship was only allowed to pass after it was searched by several Zheng Country’s Gold Core Realm old ancestors and was confirmed to be not hostile.

Under the sunset… five months had passed since the ship had left Ning City. They had stayed too long in Song Country…

“Sorry… I’ve taken up much of your time.” Yin Suqiu held a jade flute and stood behind Ning Fan while her pale lips pursed lightly.

“No problem, It’s not like I didn’t gain anything for the past month… ”

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