Grasping Evil - Chapter 154 (2)

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He could have captured the demon in a flash, but he chose not to do so. He wanted to help fulfill Yin Suqiu’s Dao and it was this intention that moved her.

He gave her the chance to personally capture the demon and even refined the Heaven and Earth Ring for her, allowing her to deliver a decisive strike unto the crimson-scaled man.

All of it was for the sake of fulfillment. Hence, the one-month delay in Song Country couldn’t be considered fruitless.

After she met with the Song Country’s Righteous Sects, Ning Fan went to rob the Seven Great Evil Sect of Song Country in a single night!

One cauldron strike to break the formation, another to smash the sect, and a third to cause the mountain to collapse!

He didn’t do it for revenge, but merely for the sake of money. He demanded Spirit Ores and Immortal Jade upon reaching each sect.

His methods were so powerful that they went far beyond the level the Song Country’s Gold Core Devils could fathom. Each and every one of them obediently offered up the items that Ning Fan requested after being beaten.

The Spirit Ores were essential for the refinement of the Heaven and Earth Ring. As for the Immortal Jade, the journey towards the Endless Sea required a lot of resources, so having more Immortal Jade would be for the better.

The amount of Immortal Jade he had received from the seven great evil sects was nearing ten thousand.

Aside from the Immortal Jade, his biggest reward was the Nascent Soul Realm Demon and those Song female cultivators.

The Nascent Soul Realm Demon was essential to advance to the second level of Yin Yang Transformation. Although he couldn’t pluck the demon right now, but after forming his Gold Core in the Endless Sea in the future, plucking this demon would allow his cultivation base to improve greatly.

As for those Song female cultivators, some of them were still virgins while a few of them already had their virginity stolen by the demon. But he didn’t care one bit since the demon herself had become his cauldron, as he had no qualms on cauldrons having ‘fun’ with each other.  

Ning Fan’s help in fulfilling her Dao moved Suqiu. But the her stubborn self was still unsatisfied with the way Ning Fan  handled some things.

Yes, very dissatisfied.

“Why didn’t you kill that demon… And why haven’t you released those Song female cultivators…” She looked at Ning Fan strangely and had a few guesses within her heart.

Don’t tell me that he’s going to make all those girls into his cauldrons… and have sexual intercourse with them… plucking their cultivation… his cultivation method is the Dual Cultivation Devil Technique after all.

“Why do you even try to ask, when you’ve already guessed it?” Ning Fan smiled without turning his body towards her.

“You! Why don’t you let them go?” Yin Suqiu anxiously said.

“Let go? Let go who? The demon? Should I let her go so that she can seek the Spirit Severing Demon General to kill me? Oh, you’re talking about those Song female cultivators… why should I let them go? ”

“For no other reason! Shouldn't you release them once you’ve saved them, isn’t that how it should be?!”

“... ”

“But if I let them go, I’ll be the one in danger… They already saw me saving you then tell me, could I really let them go? After giving them their freedom, wouldn’t they tell their husbands or fathers that the Nascent Soul cultivator who fought against the demon was me, a Yue country cultivator? Or perhaps, if my enemies caught wind of this info and somehow exploit it… don’t you have to see me die?”

“Unwilling… You! How could you confuse me with your words!”

Her cheeks blushed, and the word ‘unwilling’ seemingly revealed the inner feelings within her heart. She would not have said it through her mouth, if it weren’t for Ning Fan who lead her to say such words.

But after carefully considering, she understood his actions.

He definitely cannot release those Song female cultivators, what could I do if any misfortune were to befall upon him…? Those Song cultivators claim themselves as righteous, but they are pretentious people. They might even harbor malicious intent towards Ning Fan.

She was not stupid but just too stubborn…

Not releasing them is not a problem for me. But letting him pluck all those female cultivators is a whole different matter. All of them came from prestigious sects with the weaker ones being Harmonious Spirit Realm experts while the stronger bunch were at the Gold Core Realm. These are excellent cauldrons for Ning Fan… She was really afraid that he would go ‘thirsty’ and pluck all of them.

They were plucked by the demon and lost their virginity, but their chastity were yet to be taken. If they were ‘eaten’ by him, these girls would really lose everything…

“You not releasing them, is fine with me. But you cannot pluck them!” Qin Suqiu said with unshakeable resolve.

“Where else could I find such good cauldrons landing easily on my lap, isn’t it such a pity?” Ning Fan teasingly said.

“If you were to touch them, I will then…”

“You will then what?” Ning Fan turned around and delightedly looked at Suqiu’s anxious expression.

Her heart shook and felt upset inside. She realized she did not have anything to threaten him.

It's not like I’m anything important to him, plus I would not need to pay a single penny for the entire journey towards the Endless Sea because of him.

It looks like I do not have anything against him but he has something to threaten me.

She became speechless and bit her lips lightly with her eyes looking sad.

She suddenly could not understand why she wanted to prevent Ning Fan on plucking those girls.

Was it merely for the perseverance of her righteous path…? Or was she simply unwilling to see Ning Fan having affairs with a lot of women?

I can’t understand…

Seeing a Yue Old Ancestor-Grade figure being questioned without being able to talk back, Ning Fan couldn’t help but laugh and said with a comforting tone.

“Relax, I will not pluck them. But I cannot let them go.”

It was not essential for him to have these mere Harmonious Spirit Realm and Gold Core Realm female cultivators that had already lost their Primordial Yin.

A single Nascent Soul Realm demon was more than enough!

Plus, he was unwilling to see Suqiu feel down on such a small matter.

Perhaps, it was not as simple as just a feeling of gratitude towards this woman.

There’s respect on top of gratitude.

Perhaps even a bit of admiration on top of that respect.  

Ning Fan agreed to let those cultivators off, making Suqiu feel slightly moved. But a single word from him changed that into boundless anger and shame immediately.

“I won’t be able to pluck them. Thus, I’ll be lacking cauldrons to cultivate with. How should I go about it? How about you become my cauldron?”

“Don’t even think about it!”

“Is it? Well then, why don’t you blow the flute for me.” Ning Fan laughingly said, he did not use the word “perform”, hence his words had a different meaning.

“Okay, this much is acceptable!” Suqiu quickly agreed and breathed out a sigh of relief. She was genuinely scared that he would pluck her.

Don’t look at how physically small he is, but once he get serious, his power is extremely terrifying… if he were to come on strong, I would have no means to defend against him…

Meanwhile, Yin Suqiu did not know that she was sexually harassed verbally again by Ning Fan. (blowing the flute, has the same meaning as fellatio)

The journey in Zheng Country lasted for four and half months. Ning Fan was busy cultivating in that period of time.

Song Country, Zheng Country, Wei Country, then… the Great Jin Country!

After passing through four Cultivation Country, getting through the Great Jin’s teleportation formation towards the Ocean Country and finally arrives at/ reaching the Endless Sea.

He could not waste anymore time in this journey… may not…

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