Grasping Evil - Chapter 155(1)

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The demons in Zheng Country were small-type demons. Suqiu and Jing Zhuo eliminated them effortlessly along the journey. However, Suqiu did not intend to assist Zheng Country this time as she did not want to sacrifice Ning Fan’s time again.

In fact, there were two main reasons. First, it was not necessary for her to help Zheng Country. Secondly, her thoughts had changed.

Her determination towards her Dao never changed but her Dao was no longer the same as before. She had one more thing to deal with other than being committed to her own Dao. It was protecting the Seven Apricot Voyage Ship…

Ning Fan did not keep on flirting with Suqiu. He was busy sorting out the loot from the battle in Song Country.

He had obtained a hundred thousand immortal jades. Needless to say, you can never have too much money in any parts of the world.

A number of female cultivators from Song Country had been relieved from the bewitching technique. However, he planted Mental Seals on each of them, keeping them to serve Suqiu.

It was because Suqiu was worried about these delicately pretty girls if they were arranged to stay by Ning Fan’s side. Therefore, all of these female cultivators had been accepted as her disciples without considering their age.

They did not dare to reject when they were recruited as disciples by Suqiu. Moreover, all of them were afraid of the strong devil, Ning Fan.

Most of them were clear-headed when they were saved at the Blood Flower Valley. They witnessed Ning Fan transform into a giant and jolted the Nascent Soul Realm female demon. His strength was incredibly terrifying! After resolving the matter with the female demon, he did not let them return to Song Country. In contrary, he, a strong devil, abducted them into Zheng Country and planted Mental Seals on each of them.

What did he plan to do? He must want to pluck us. That’s why he did not let us go. The female cultivators thought at once.

When they thought of that possibility, all of them felt that they got out of the frying pan, but falling directly into the fire instead. However, when they knew that Yin Suqiu, an old ancestor figure, had the intention of protecting them, they sincerely and earnestly acknowledged her as their teacher.

Even for Gold Core Realm experts, they were convinced from the bottom of their hearts in Suqiu being their teacher. Yin Suqiu was obviously an expert who was going to experience the Nascent Formation in the near future. Therefore, she was worthy enough for the famous experts in Song Country to acknowledge her as their teacher.

One of the female cultivators hugged Yin Suqiu’s leg tightly, feeling fearful towards Ning Fan. Upon seeing that scene, Ning Fan was lazy to give any explanation. Instead, he felt even more happy.

It was better to hand them over to Suqiu rather than putting them into his Cauldron Ring. They would able to breathe fresh air by letting them stay beside her.

Yin Suqiu wanted to join the female cultivator sect in the Endless Sea. With the current number of cultivators that she led, she might be able to get the attention of the sect master.

That sect master was probably Suqiu’s good friend. So it should be fine for her to accept Suqiu. However, promoting Suqiu to a high position in the sect might receive lots of objections from the existing members of the sect. None of them would want Suqiu, an outsider, to be part of their council. But if Suqiu brought a group of experts to join the sect with her, she would then be considered as a member worthy to be promoted.

In that case, Ning Fan was not worried about how Suqiu would handle the Song Country cultivators anymore. All he ever wanted was not letting any one of them go.

Apart from these loot, the biggest one throughout the journey was the Nascent Soul Realm female demon!

In a secret chamber, Ning Fan was examining her storage pouch. Of course, all the items within the pouch now belonged to Ning Fan.

There were a few hundreds of thousands of immortal jades in it. No one really knew the amount of sects that she had eliminated in order to acquire that huge amount of immortal jades.

Furthermore, there were also the roots of a few types of ancient spiritual herbs! These ancient spiritual herbs were at least a few tens of thousands of years old. Even if they were just the roots, consuming them could still help increase cultivation level and magic power.

Aside from that, Ning Fan was able to discover some spirit refining grasses. These grasses were lost inheritance from the past but this ancient female demon still possessed such specimens. Demons would either refine their body or cultivate their spirit sense with them. And spirit refining grasses were undoubtedly the perfect items to strengthen spirit sense. So it wasn’t that strange to find these in her pouch. Her spirit sense was more powerful compared to ordinary early Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. Speaking about spirit sense, Ning Fan’s could not match hers.

He would never let go of these grasses.

In addition, there were many jade bottles that were kept carefully.

All these bottles stored the blood of Primordial Yin from the virgins of Song country. The amount of Primordial Yin in all the bottles was enough to surprise even Ning Fan.

If he consumed all of them, his Yin Yang Transformation would probably improve by a few realms.

Originally, one of the reasons that he let go of the female cultivators from Song Country was because all of them had already lost their blood of Primordial Yin. Luckily, their blood of Primordial Yin was kept carefully and properly by the female demon.

Perhaps, when she had plucked enough, she would take the remaining back to her companion, the demon general. However, it was impossible for these items to escape from Ning Fan’s grasp.

He calmed himself down and looked through the items remaining in the storage pouch.

Gradually, his expression turned serious. He discovered a few ancient scrolls.

These scrolls were made of the skin of the ancient demons. Every scroll carried a great deal of demonic qi.

Among the seven scrolls, there were four of them which had the ancient demon characters that Ning Fan did not have any idea about. Meanwhile, the other three scrolls had countless dark blood traces on them.

Those ancient demon characters were very similar to the inscription on the Eastern Ocean Bell. Even so, they were not the same type of characters. There wasn’t just a single clan of the ancient demons. Therefore, there were different kinds of ancient characters.

Ning Fan felt quite helpless as he was unable to recognize those characters. In fact, the memory of Ancient Chaos Emperor could not help Ning Fan in doing so.

The four scrolls had recorded terrifying techniques of the demon race. Unfortunately, he did not have the opportunity to obtain their secrets.

As for the other three scrolls, Ning Fan was still able to make use of them. With Ancient Chaos Emperor’s memory, Ning Fan was able to know that the blood traces on the scrolls were actually one of the ancient demon race’s methods to inherit the technique.

There were two ways of inheriting the techniques of the ancient demon race. First, they were displayed in the form of their characters. Second, they were passed through blood traces. Demon characters were highly confidential and only those high-ranked demons knew about them.

Therefore, the scrolls that were written using the demon characters must be the unique technique of a specific demon race.

As for the technique inheritance using blood traces, they should be the fundamental demon techniques.

It was Ning Fan’s first attempt to try the technique inheritance using the blood traces on the scrolls.

He closed his eyes gently and recalled the correct method for the inheritance. After that, he placed one of the three scrolls on top of his legs. He began to move his fingers in an odd manner while making incantations.

Demonic arts were conjured using fingers. And the power of the spells originated from the sense. To activate the blood traces scroll, unique demonic arts needed to be used.

Blood Reading Technique. It was a low-rank technique. However, it was still arduous for Ning Fan to cast it.

Ning Fan conjured the art for the first time. The movement of his fingers were jerky and clumsy. The hand seal completely differed from the way that a cultivator casted spells using magic power. Their concept was disparate from conjuring demonic arts.

When he was drawing the outline of the technique using his fingers, he felt like he was hooking the sky and the earth. It was very enigmatic.

His first attempt ended with a failure. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It was not unusual to fail. To conjure demonic arts, one’s speed in hand seals was crucial. The more profound the demonic arts, the higher the demand for the movement speed of the fingers.

Ning Fan was not familiar with the hand seal of the Blood Reading Technique. Ning Fan was even more unfamiliar in conjuring the demonic technique using his sense since he had been accustomed using magic power instead.

Therefore, under those conditions, the noble Revered Ning had failed to cast the low-rank demonic technique.

He tried casting the same technique over and over again but he failed every time.

It was as if he had something missing when he was performing the hand seals.

Aside from that, he also felt that he was restrained by an invisible force whenever he tried to use his sense to cast the technique. So, there was no other choice for him but to fail.

Other than failure, he performed the demonic technique forcefully with his human body, causing his fingers to swell up.

He gradually understood that the force that was hindering him was the difference between humans and demons. Failure was certain for a human to perform demonic arts. The root to that problem was humans did not have the demon veins.

Other than demon veins, there was no other way to perform demonic arts to activate the scrolls. However, without demon veins, he would not be able to cultivate the demonic techniques recorded in the scrolls.

Ning Fan smiled bitterly. He started to consider that he did not have enough luck to inherit these demonic techniques.

When he was shaking his head, a woman yawned and woke up. She was the woman inside the Yin Yang locket. It had been a long while since she fell into deep slumber after the battle between Ning Fan and Bai Feiteng.

“It was such a sweet slumber. Hmm? This is the ancient demon race’s blood trace scrolls? Where did you get it?!”

The mysterious woman spoke with a hint of shock for the first time.

When her eyes saw Ning Fan’s swollen fingers, she asked excitedly, “You conjured the demonic arts?! Was it successful?!”

“I failed…” replied Ning Fan with a bitter smile.

“You failed? How can it be like that?” The woman was a little puzzled.

“I possess the Yin Yang Devil Vein. Unfortunately, I don’t have any demon veins. Naturally, it is impossible for me to successfully conjure the demonic technique.”

“Wrong, wrong, wrong. You seemed to have inadequate understanding towards the Yin Yang Devil Vein. Let me ask you, how much do you know about this Immemorial Devil Vein? Do you even know why I would sacrifice so much and risk my life to acquire the inheritance of your cultivation method? With my status, I could have obtained any other fiend god’s inheritance easily. Furthermore, the others were even more powerful than Ancient Chaos Emperor’s inheritance.

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