Grasping Evil - Chapter 155(2)

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The woman’s words made Ning Fan hesitate.

His understanding  of the Yin Yang Devil Vein wasn’t truly enough. Besides, there was not much of it recorded in the memory of Ancient Chaos Emperor.

Among the Immemorial Immortal Veins and the Immemorial Devil Veins, he had only seen the Corpse Devil Vein of the black corpse aside from the one he has.

Truth be told, Corpse Demon Vein was indeed more powerful than Yin Yang Devil Vein.

Yin Yang Devil Vein, which was also one of the devil veins, did not have its corresponding body refining technique. For example, the black corpse had the Corpse Transformation Technique as his body refining technique. Another example was the Bone Emperor whose true self Ning Fan hadn’t really met yet. He had the body refining technique that enabled him to transform himself into a tens of thousands zhang giant. Emperor Moksha too, had a strong fiendgod body refining technique.

It was all because the Yin Yang Devil Vein did not have its own accompanying body refining technique. Otherwise, it would have been unnecessary for Ning Fan to cultivate the Colossal Bone Secret Arts. If the Yin Yang Transformation cultivation method had its own body refining technique, Ning Fan was confident that he could transform into a hundred zhang giant fiend god with his current body refining realm. In that case, he would even be able to fight against an Intermediate Nascent Soul realm cultivator with just his first realm of Silver Bone.

The Yin Yang Transformation was totally different from other cultivation method inheritance.

But how come? After being questioned by the woman, Ning Fan thought about his cultivation method for the first time.

This mysterious woman must not be taken lightly. She should have an impressive background. Since she was particularly thinking highly of the inheritance of Ancient Chaos Emperor as compared to others, it must possess some unique and powerful features.

Lots of thoughts were running across Ning Fan’s mind. He could slightly guess the epicness of Yin Yang Transformation but he could not be certain about it.

“This cultivation method, Yin Yang Transformation, allows you to have incredible pill refinement speed. When plucking female cultivators, it can raise the cultivation level faster compared to other cultivation methods. Although it’s a devil vein, it can still establish divinity within the heart and open up the immortal veins, assisting me to form the divine star. The secret behind this cultivation method is union. It can fuse all the power that are not to be used together, turning them into something you can use. Then, can it be?!”

Ning Fan stopped and thought of a possibility.

Then, the woman immediately gave Ning Fan an answer.

“You’re right. Your understanding of the Yin Yang Transformation at your current realm is not something that Ancient Chaos Emperor could ever provide. True enough, the most special part of this cultivation method is union. Rumor has it, when the Immortal Sovereign was giving lessons in ancient times, the Ancient Chaos Emperor heard a term, and it was “unify with love, not attack”. Those words inspired him with an idea. He abandoned his fiendgod body and all his combat techniques. He tried to replace them by cultivating “Union”. He wanted to unify all kinds of powers. You seemed to have awakened the divinity in your Yin Yang Devil Vein. However, it wasn’t demon veins. With immortal veins, you are able to access their power and cultivate divine techniques.With this cultivation method, you have already formed the divine star on your glabella. But it’s not only limited to that as you can also manifest the demon star on your left eye and the devil star on your right. The most powerful strength of the Ancient Chaos Emperor was that he cultivated all three: divine, demon and devil. His cultivation method may not be that best but it can unify almost every other cultivation method. That is the reason why he was called Ancient Chaos. He had created chaos among the ancients.”

While the mysterious woman was narrating, Ning Fan listened quietly. One could actually hear the tone of admiration when she explained about the cultivation method. She took a big risk in order to acquire this inheritance. Aside from that, she even offended a number of powerful forces. The final result was that the Yin Yang Locket fell on Ning Fan’s hand instead.

How many years had it been since the era of the Ancient Chaos Emperor? No one could actually remember accurately. The Ancient Chaos Emperor’s inheritance was all forgotten by the True Immortals. Currently, Ning Fan had the cultivation method that was once desired by the True Immortals. He must really have outstanding luck.

Or maybe Ning Fan was preordained to possess Yin Yang Transformation.

The mysterious woman began to mutter to herself.

She couldn’t understand why Ning Fan didn’t experience any severe injuries other than the swelling of his fingers, even though he conjured demonic techniques in his human form.

As a matter of fact, if a human conjured demonic techniques, he or she would definitely be counteracted by demonic qi. Demonic qi was poisonous for cultivators. There were also human cultivators who open up demon veins and tried to imitate the cultivation of the demons. However, those cultivators would never be able to cast human magic techniques ever again . Otherwise, they would experience injuries as well.

But Ning Fan was undoubtedly human. The only injuries he suffered was the swelling of his ten fingers. Could it be that there was a demon bloodline inside Ning Fan?

It was either that this bloodline was trashed or was extremely thin in him. Otherwise, with his intelligence, he would have successfully conjured minor demonic techniques after trying for a few times.

His situation had sparked the curiosity of the mysterious woman. Meanwhile, she was feeling excited too.

If Ning Fan really possessed a demon bloodline from a demon ancestor countless years ago, he might really be able to conjure Blood Reading Technique and study the blood scrolls. Moreover, he was able to  activate the rare demon inheritance within him, adding demonic power to his Yin Yang Devil Veins!

Cultivating divine, demon and devil. Would he become the first person to achieve this magnificent feat after the Ancient Chaos Emperor?

The mysterious woman who had experienced solitude for tens of thousands of years began to feel interested in Ning Fan.

She wanted to know more about Ning Fan’s background. However, before she was able to open her mouth, Ning Fan started to speak.

“Mistress, we have been through a lot together for quite a while now. But it’s such a shame that I still do not know your name.”

“Haha. I am ten thousand times older than the Sovereign of Rain World and you address me as mistress?  Little brother, you are interesting. It doesn’t really matter to me to let you know my name. I am someone from the Northern Ocean Heaven. In the past, I was the god of Luo River. My name was Luo You. Don’t forget it.”

“So, you’re the god of Luo River. Luo You. It’s such a nice name.” By just listening to the name, Ning Fan could imagine how beautiful the woman was.

Luo You. It carried the meaning of solitude. Her attitude must be cold and arrogant. Perhaps she was trapped within the Yin Yang Locket for far too long. That’s why she would talk to me that much.

When he was thinking about what she had said just now, a daring thought surfaced on his mind.

Coincidentally, it was also what Luo You was thinking.

Yin Yang Devil Vein could cultivate the divine, demon and devil attributes at the same time. If he was lucky enough to activate a slight trace of demonic power, Ning Fan was certain that he could unify the demonic power in his Yin Yang Devil Vein. Then, he could surely conjure the demonic technique from before.

Ancient god, ancient demon and ancient devil. Yin Yang Transformation enabled the cultivator to cultivate all of them. It might not be as powerful as other cultivation methods, but there was no other that was as unique as it is in this world.

“I have a question Luo You *Xianzi. Is there a way for me to activate demonic power to conjure demonic techniques?”

“I would also like to study it. Would you mind if I cast an immortal technique on you?”

Luo Yin was laughing when she asked Ning Fan. Her laughter carried a hint of expectation.

She really wanted to know if Ning Fan possessed the bloodline of the demon race.

*Xianzi = fairy

*zhang = 3.13 meter

*Ice Crushing has been changed to Crushing Ice for better accuracy.

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