Grasping Evil - Chapter 156 (1)

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That day, Ning Fan gave Lou You a helping hand and took away the Fourth Grade Chilly Qi - Purple Ice Frost from Bai Feiteng’s Ice Yang. Lou You then went into deep slumber after refining the item. But she would now be able to cast appraisal-type immortal techniques within the Yin Yang Locket after she awakens from her slumber.

It looks like Luo You seems to be in a good mood.

Ning Fan trusted her since she still needed his help to escape the Yin Yang Locket. That’s why she would never harm him.

He slightly hesitated but eventually agreed to Lou You casting immortal techniques on him.

She smiled lightly upon seeing the trust he held towards her. This had unconsciously brought them closer together.

The ‘Immortal Appraisal Technique’ was a immortal technique to examine a cultivator’s bloodline. Some of the prestigious sects of the Four Heavens held high regards towards bloodlines, therefore this technique to test a cultivator’s bloodline was widespread.

She became faintly solemn and casted the technique, as it was not easy to do so given her current condition. The Immortal Appraisal Technique only succeeded on the fifth try. Ning Fan shivered at that moment as if he was being gazed upon by cold emotionless eyes.

Each vein and blood vessel became extremely clear.

She then lifted the magical technique after a period of time. She pondered briefly and said with a smile.

“Your body does in fact have a trace of demon blood, but it is extremely sparse…  With how little there is of your demon blood, it cannot be put into a category currently present in the Four Heavens. Other demons may not even be able cultivate… But you’re different since your body houses the Yin Yang Devil Vein… It shouldn’t be hard to awaken a shred of demonic power with this big sister’s help. If you succeed… even if you possess a weak divine attribute and weak demonic power, you’re still going to be someone that cultivates all three Divine, Devil and Demonic Paths… Although elder sister doesn’t know how far you’ll go with the three paths of cultivation, but I’m sure you’ll rarely have any rivals in the same realm, even in the Four Heavens.”

Her tone had a glimpse of excitement despite having missed her chance with the Yin Yang Locket. But Ning Fan made up for her regret.

Both he and Lou You did not care about the fact that he had a trace of demonic bloodline.

Since he was an orphan, what use is there in knowing where his bloodline originated from?  To acknowledge his roots and ancestors?

What he really cared was not the origin of his bloodline, but if there was a possibility to awaken his demonic power.

“So, what now?”

“This elder sister is not from the demon tribe and is not familiar with demonic technique cultivation. But regarding a method on awakening bloodline, I know a certain technique called ‘Boiling Blood Vein Stimulation’ …”


Awakening a demonic bloodline is a hard and unprofitable task. Within the demon tribe, the younger they awakened their bloodline, the purer the bloodline they would have, making their talent much superior than their peers.

Most demons awakened their bloodline before they even reach the Harmonious Spirit Realm. Meanwhile, Ning Fan would be the first to awaken with his cultivation level already being at the Gold Core Realm. And with how thin the demon blood he has, it would be extremely difficult.

The Boiling Blood Vein Stimulation is a special secret technique that stimulates the blood, making the blood go into its boiling point, allowing one to uncover the deeply hidden secrets of the demonic bloodline.

The pain of having his blood boil felt as if his organs were on fire. Not many people would be able to endure such pain. But this pain was nothing for Ning Fan.

This pain was inferior when compared to the ‘Colossal Bone Secret Art’ and even  lesser than the Jade Emperor Pill.

Lou You gave him ten days to discover things from his blood. But if there’s still no result by then, he will have to rest for a few months and only then could he go through the process again.

If he were to continue to make his blood boil, there was a high chance that it would cause a grave injury to his body.

The first day,  there were no results.

The fifth day, there were still no results.

And on the tenth day, he was still not able to uncover his bloodline and this made Lou You slightly nervous.

Don’t force yourself!” She urged. She would still need the help of Ning Fan in order to leave the Yin Yang Locket, that’s why she was unwilling to see him get hurt.

“No worries.” His forehead was covered with sweat while his muscles twitched but he still forced out a smile.

The average person would only be able to endure ten days of having their blood boil, but he was able to endure much longer. It was not just because of his strong body refinement, but also because he tried to endure.

He did not have several months to waste for the second time, so it must succeed on the first try!

There was only one word in his mind which was ‘endure’! If in ten days there are no results, then he will endure for twenty days. And if it still fails, then he will do it for thirty days as he didn’t have the time to wait!

On the fifteenth day, he was able to awaken a tiny amount of the bloodline in his veins. But it was too indistinguishable to thoroughly comprehend it.

On the nineteenth day, he felt a reaction from his bloodline for the second time. This time he nearly succeeded but it was unfortunate that on the verge of his success, that trace of his bloodline boiled into nothingness… Such a pity.

If it were an ordinary cultivator that went through such pain and failed twice, they would most likely feel discouraged or give up altogether. Even Ning Fan had his heart slightly shaken after two failures, but he immediately gritted his teeth, then calmed his thoughts and started the third stimulation.

For five whole days, he was immersed in his blood vessels and had almost forgotten the pain.

On the twenty-fourth day, he caught onto that shred of demon blood and immediately stimulated that blood with full focus!

His aura had a sudden change and his back gave birth to a pair of black gigantic illusory wings. His face became covered with demonic patterns, while his black hair broke free of the hairband tying it and grew in length until his waist with the hair dancing wildly in the air under the effect of the demonic qi.

“Success!” his gaze had a tinge of demonic divine light. He did not have this kind of gaze before he awakened his demonic power.

That was a demonic gaze that solely belong to the demon clan.

Lou You sighed faintly and shook her head and seemed to be disappointed after she discovered the changes in Ning Fan.

“Isn’t this bloodline of the Winged Clan? A very ordinary demonic clan… I had thought that with your immense luck, you would possess the ‘True Spirit Bloodline’...”

“Er… True Spirit Bloodline… Aren’t you flattering me, it’s already extremely rare for a human to possess demonic blood.” Ning Fan smiled bitterly.

A human possessing a shred of demonic blood wasn’t strange, who can guarantee that their ancestor hadn’t mingled with a demon?

True Spirit Bloodline like Immemorial Thunder Dragon, Immemorial Fire Phoenix or even Immemorial Dark Sparrow are extremely rare demonic bloodline, how could I have such bloodline…

The Winged Clan are an extremely huge and common race with most of them born in the Demon World while also a few existing in the Rain World. Ning Fan felt it was reasonable for him to possess such a demonic bloodline.

The Winged Clan had their own share of experts and incompetent people. There was a rumour that a Void Fragmentation Realm Expert that was valued highly in the clan was able to utilize their bloodline to stimulate their wings to increase their flying speed. Ning Fan may not even be able to compete with those second or third-rate Vein Opening Winged Demon with his thin bloodline. Furthermore, his illusory black wings only appeared for an instant and dispersed immediately while his strange appearance also started to return back to normal.

Condensing such a bloodline may not have been any use for the other demonic clans. But for Ning Fan, it was a giant leap towards improvement.

He had now cultivated all three Ancient God, Ancient Demon and Ancient Devil Paths.

He performed a hand-seal and casted a minor demonic technique -- Blood Reading Technique, and it became extremely easy compared to before. The barrier that once existed had vanished.

The information within the three demonic blood scroll was immediately grasped by Ning Fan via the Blood Reading Technique.

The first volume contained five hundred types of minor demonic technique. It was the demon clan’s rudimentary cultivation techniques, which included the Blood Reading Technique, Fire Sense Technique, Water Sense Technique and other basic divine sense techniques.

The second volume had the female demon’s demonic cultivation technique named ‘Camellia Scripture’ which was an evil bewitching technique that was focused on plucking. This was incredibly fitting for his first demonic technique, as this technique has the least rejection with his Yin Yang Transformation.

The third volume contained a Nascent-Level Intermediate-Grade Demonic Technique named ‘Demon Starfall’ which was the same technique that broke through the ship’s grand formation from a thousand li away. This technique was considered a top-tier and extraordinary within the Nascent-Level Intermediate-Grade as it held a hint of starlight power.

These three volumes had almost established Ning Fan’s path of demonic cultivation. Even though it was yet to mature,  all three attributes, the divine, demon, and devil was in his body. With Divine as magical, Devil as body and Demon as sense, his cultivation path would certainly be extraordinary.

After he kept all the scrolls, he did not leave immediately and started his demonic cultivation. He did not have a foundation in it, so it was extremely time-consuming.  

Before he start with his cultivation, there were better things to do. There are still trophies of war yet to be dealt with!

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