Grasping Evil - Chapter 156 (2)

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“Alright, this elder sister is going back to sleep for a bit… using the Immortal Appraisal Technique had expended quite a lot of my energy… ” Luo You yawned lightly with a tired voice.  

“Thank you, you’ve helped me once again.”

“Yeah, I am satisfied as long as you don’t forget the ‘good deed’ of this elder sister …”


The most important of his spoils of war was the female demon.

Ning Fan arranged a formation in the secret chamber for safety. And only then did he summon the female demon from the Cauldron Ring.

The demon was in an unconscious state due to the effect of Yin Plucking Finger permeating all throughout her body and the bewitching red mist within the Cauldron Ring.

This made things easier for Ning Fan. As he carefully examined the rune on the demon’s glabella, he took out a green jade slip and extracted the rune using magical force, carefully imprinting the rune on the jade slip.

He erased the Demon General’s sense within the rune, leaving only the stored attack of the Demon General left within.

The green jade slip immediately changed to a crimson red color and radiated a similar colored light after the rune’s energy was stored.

It emitted a great deal of danger that even Ning Fan felt his hairs stand on end.

This was an attack of a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator. With this, even those peak-Nascent Soul Realm Great Cultivators would have to no choice but to  evade in front of its might! As for late-Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, Ning Fan would be able to inflict a serious injury on them. And lastly, mid-Nascent Soul Realm cultivators would face absolute death with the power of this jade slip!

“Now I have an extra trump card… The journey to the Endless Sea should be slightly safer.”

After the demon was stored away, Ning Fan thought of something and took out a scorched black corpse out of his inventory pouch.

If this black corpse were to follow the refining method of the ‘Corpse Devil Transformation’, it would be a great addition to his arsenal.

With the strength of this corpse… I will be able to rival the average Nascent Soul Realm cultivator by using this corpse puppet if the refinement becomes a success.

“Furnace open, Corpse Refinement!”


Ten days later, a black armoured man stood beside Ning Fan in the secret chamber.

This man were covered from head to toe with jet-black armor, even his eyes couldn’t be seen. The black armor was extraordinary, as it was a high-grade spirit armor. But  the black armored man was even more extraordinary.

There was no vitality coming from his body, and it was clear that he was a corpse puppet. But with a command from Ning Fan via spirit sense, a casual punch was thrown towards the secret chamber’s Sword Testing Rock.

Suqiu and the others were slightly shocked when the whole ship shook heavily.

The Sword Testing Rock… shattered!

The energy from the punch did not diminish and it almost shattered the peak-Dan level formation planted by Ning Fan in the secret chamber!

But it was merely an ordinary punch from the corpse puppet.

“I will be able go toe-to-toe against Early-Nascent Soul Realm cultivators with this corpse. Even Mid-Nascent Soul Realm experts may not even be able to destroy this corpse… Its defense is special, but he's still half a Corpse Devil… I wonder how strong a true Corpse Devil can be… shall we have a look?”

His gaze sharpened and gave the Cauldron Ring a shake. And a green casket was taken out from the ring.

The sound of the female corpse’s nails scratching from the inside of the green casket could be heard and it made Ning Fan’s hair stand erect…

His wariness against the female corpse decreased after he remembered that the female corpse resembled Mu Weiliang.

“Apologies… allow me to uncover some of your secrets.”

Ning Fan lifted his finger and the lid of casket opened.

Deadly killing intent bursted out of the casket the instant the lid was opened. It made everyone on board feel their hair stand on end.

“You… should… die…” The corpse that had the face of Weiliang lock onto Ning Fan with all her killing intent.

She became a corpse devil!

“Black Armor, get to work!”

Ning Fan's gaze turned cold as he gave out a command. The corpse puppet in black armor immediately appeared with a black flash. The black corpse punched towards the female corpse and was countered with a claw attack from her.

The result of the clash had unexpectedly exceeded Ning Fan's expectation. The Black Corpse that was able to withstand the Sixth Revolution Dragon Flames, had one of its fingers easily broken by the female corpse. If it wasn't for the black corpse’s timely retreat, it may had been easily pulverized by the female corpse.

Ning Fan finally fully understood the strength of the female corpse after she became a corpse devil. Perhaps, even average Spirit Severing Realm cultivators aren't strong enough to face her…

The Corpse Devil had been newly refined, if it were to be refined for more than  ten thousand years, It may even force back Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters to retreat?!

At the very moment Black Armor blocked the female corpse, Ning Fan immediately activated the formation of the secret chamber and shackled the female corpse’s legs. He then used instant movement to appear behind the female corpse and used the Yin Plucking Finger on her back.

The back of the corpse that was originally softened by Ning Fan using a secret art became as hard as iron. His finger felt like it was going to break even with Ning Fan's high level body refinement technique.

Thus, the energy of the Yin Plucking Finger was unable to penetrate into the female corpse's body…

The female corpse’s eyes became furious after she was ambushed by Ning Fan’s bewitching art.

She vaguely remembered that this weak-looking youngster here was the one who took her chasity. Hatred! Extreme Hatred!

Her claw slashed forward and brought Ning Fan a feeling of imminent death, making him shout without hesitation.

“Black Armor!”

The black corpse was summoned and immediately appeared in front of Ning Fan to block that fatal strike.

The claw of the lady pierced a hole through the black corpse’s chest was fatal. Luckily it was a corpse and not a living being.

Ning Fan's expression was pitiful, he once again looked at the female corpse’s face. He struck the female corpse's waist with his palm without a shred of hesitation towards the green casket and immediately close the lid.

The casket looked like it was very effective in subduing the corpse, since she wasn’t able to leave no matter how much she struggled within the casket.

“Wei Liang… What connection do you have with this corpse…” Ning Fan shook his head. He didn’t dare to investigate the female corpse anymore, unless he became stronger than her.

After retrieving the green casket, he laughed bitterly and looked at the newly refined yet severely damaged Black Armor.

He needed to refine it once more.

But the corpse puppet was definitely useful. If this puppet wasn't here, Ning Fan wouldn't have dared to open the casket alone.

This corpse puppet is an excellent meat shield…  

If that Black Corpse knew that his body was made into Ning Fan's meat shield after his death... I wonder how he would feel about it.

Suqiu and Jing Zhuo gathered at the entrance of the secret chamber due to the sudden commotion.

“What happened?” Suqiu was slightly worried. She knew how powerful Ning Fan was, but the scary killing intent just now was not within the level of Nascent Soul Realm… What was that…?

“It’s nothing, it’s just a small matter…” Ning Fan retrieved the Black Corpse and walked out of the secret chamber with a light smile.

Suqiu was silently relieved when she saw Ning Fan unharmed, but she also felt that something was weird.

Ning Fan looks a bit different today, his eyes now have a hint of a mysterious aura compared to how it was before.

His left eye had starlight flashes that were almost undetectable.

This starlight may one day condense into a demon star and grant Ning Fan a new divine ability!

“Let’s go, I bet you've been waiting. Since, it's been awhile since I last heard the flute.” Ning Fan said with a tease.

“Who's been waiting?!” Suqiu quietly hid the jade flute behind her back, feeling angry and ashamed.

She really was waiting for Ning Fan and she couldn't understand what she was  feeling. She did not want Ning Fan to know about it.

The sun had almost set, and the voice of the flute could be heard. The scenery of Zheng Country had quietly changed.

Four and a half months passed by, and a total of nine months had passed since the departure of Ning City…

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