Grasping Evil - Chapter 157(2)

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Time continued to move but Ning Fan continued changing himself for the better.

He started to cultivate the Camellia Sutra. Although he possessed the Winged Demon bloodline, he had yet to decide the spirit for his demonic power since he just started to cultivate it.

His magic power held the attributes of ice and fire. Aside from that, he also had the Thunder Star  in the middle of his eyebrows. Unknowingly, he already had the spiritual power of three elements namely, water, fire and metal. He was an exceptional three-element cultivator.

Another reason for him to cultivate demonic technique was because he wasn’t willing to cultivate the three elements: water, fire and metal. He wanted to cultivate either the element of wood and earth.

Among the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth, he mastered three of them. Camellia Sutra was a wood element demonic technique. Cultivating that technique would enable Ning Fan to master four elements. Then, he would be comparable to four-element cultivators!

Four elements… The cultivators who mastered four types of magic power were cultivators above the Nascent Soul Realm.

For common cultivators, the hardest part to achieve Nascent Formation was to awaken the five elements and condense them. They need to form the veins of the other four elements on their original veins. Thus, mastering all the five elements and achieve a breakthrough Nascent Soul Realm.

Cultivating the Camellia Sutra enabled Ning Fan to master four elements. If he can discover another earth element devil technique that was more powerful than Colossal Bone Secret Arts, he would definitely master all the five elements!

If he mastered all five elements, he would be able to make a breakthrough to Nascent Soul Realm, saving hundreds of years of comprehending the heaven Dao. Maybe it wouldn’t even take much time for him to break through to Nascent Soul Realm once he formed his core.

That thought was deeply rooted in his mind after knowing the potential of the Yin Yang Devil Veins.

Colossal Bone Secret Arts is a fire element body refining technique. It would be better if I can cultivate Corpse Transformation Technique, a stronger earth element body refining technique.

As corpses are buried under the soil, they would surely know about the earth element. After cultivating that technique, I could then be considered to have mastered the five elements!

In the past, he felt pathetic that he couldn’t cultivate the Corpse Transformation Technique because there was no way for him to awaken corpse veins.

However, he currently only needed enough corpse qi to fuse into his Yin Yang Devil Veins so that the ability of corpse veins could be assimilated.

Therefore, when he was looking at the graves, he was searching for a grave that he desired.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a grave that held a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator in Zheng Country. The corpse qi from other graves were not enough to activate the corpse veins.

Ning Fan sighed with a hint of disappointment. He could probably only wait until he achieve a breakthrough to Gold Core Realm in the Endless Sea. After that, he would seek for a corpse of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator at that place to absorb its qi.

Demonic techniques, corpse techniques…Ning Fan had no idea about what his future would be like. Would he be a demon, a corpse devil with bared fangs and wielded claws or just like the black corpse with a decayed body.

It has already been nine months since he left Ning City. Currently, his voyage ship was passing by the border of Zheng Country, entering Wei Country.

Wei Country had many temples and cultivators. But it was also experienced problems with demons.

What made Ning Fan feel unexpected was that he finally knew the reason of the demons causing troubles in these low-ranked cultivation countries.

“Oh, it’s fellow Daoist Zhou Ming. I’m sorry that I didn’t recognize you sooner. Don’t you know that Jin Country is currently facing the rebellious tide of demons? One hundred thousand army of demons are wreaking havoc in that country. Why do you have to enter the country at this period of time?” said an Early Gold Core Realm cultivator who was above the voyage ship.

This cultivator was dressed in a kasaya robe. His hand held a Buddhist monk’s cane. Although he was eight feet tall, he was as skinny as a monkey. Apart from that, his face looked like a monkey as well.

He addressed Ning Fan as Zhou Ming because after entering Wei Country, he started to use a pseudonym.

Currently, he was far away from Yue Country.  When he started his cultivation journey in the Endless Sea, he would bump into and offend some ancient sects and offend some powerful cultivators too. Therefore, he must not use his real name.

As for the cultivator just now, he was saved when Ning Fan’s ship passed by a hill. Yes, the person who saved him was Yin Suqiu. Whenever she acted, it was impossible for Ning Fan to leave her alone.

The  demon invasion in Wei Country was beyond Ning Fan’s expectations. There weren’t just Gold Core Realm demons but also Nascent Soul Realm ones too.

Luckily, Wei Country neighbored Jin Country. Therefore, it received assistance from the experts of the Rain Palace’s subsidiary branch. A few Nascent Soul Realm cultivators from the Rain Palace started to pursue the Nascent Soul Realm demons in Wei Country.

That Early Gold Core cultivator was bringing a group of small monks with him earlier. They were trying to send something back to their sect. However, on their way back, they were besieged by a group of demons with three Gold Core Realm demons among the group.

All the small monks under his lead died. He was the only one who was lucky enough to survive and was then saved by Yin Suqiu.

This cultivator was thick-skinned. After he was saved, he immediately hung on Ning Fan’s voyage ship with no intention to leave. He knew that Yin Suqiu and Jing Zhuo were ancestor figures so he pleaded Yin Suqiu to bring him back to his sect.

His name was Hou Lian(侯敛)1. However, Ning Fan was thinking why don’t he called himself Hou Lian instead (*厚脸) 2?

After all his disciples died, he still had the nerve to smile.

When he see somebody of influence, he would throw himself under their protection. Apart from that, he was also as timid as a mouse. How is that not shameless.

Or, why did he not call himself Hou Lian (*猴脸) since his face was like that of a monkey.

Actually Hou Lian did not know that Ning Fan had already judged him as a shameless person. He was still telling Ning Fan about the drastic changes that happened in Wei Country for the sake of his own safety.

After understanding the situation in Wei Country and Jin Country, Ning Fan frowned.

It just so happened that the rebellious tide of demons appeared when I decided to come to Jin Country to borrow its teleportation formation to go to the Endless Sea.

Demon armies are seldom united unless there is a demon general. There was a rule in demon armies. If there are demon armies, there must be a demon general. Could that general be the crimson-scaled man… Li Ban?

If that’s the case, willI face a problem when entering Jin Country with the Flower Demon?

I must go to Jin Country. If I bring along that demon, the demon general would probably know about it. I must never keep the Flower Demon at my side. I would rather abandon it or eliminate it at Wei Country just to stay safe.

When Ning Fan was hesitating, a dark demonic wind emerged on the bright, cloudless sky. It was approaching the voyage ship.

A group of ten demons including four Gold Core Realm demons appeared before them. There was even a Late Gold Core Realm demon!

Hou Lian’s expression changed instantly!

They had come!

Could it be that they came for the All-Heaven Relic?!


  1. 厚脸  means thick-skinned, shameless

  2. 猴脸 means monkey’s face

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