Grasping Evil - Chapter 158 (1)

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Zen Cultivator Hou Lian who was being hunted down by demons, looked at Ning Fan directly with eyes of distress. He was quietly thinking on the possibility on asking Ning Fan’s party for help.

He lingered on board the Seven Apricot Voyage ship and chatted with Ning Fan trying to improve their friendship. However, Ning Fan replied to him in a superficial manner.

This made Hou Lian feel extremely wronged. Him being a Golden Core Realm old monster talking to a Harmonious Spirit Realm junior was supposed to be Ning Fan’s honor... Yet he dares to disregard me…

If Ning Fan was not bringing along and leading two old ancestor level, Hou Lian would definitely not be this friendly towards him. He guessed that Ning Fan must’ve been a large sect’s young master or even a descendant of a Nascent Soul Realm old monster. Otherwise, how is it possible for him to have two old ancestor grade bodyguards?

Even if he’s a descendant of a Nascent Soul old ancestor, isn’t he too arrogant? Any how, shouldn’t he at least be friendly with me?

Hou Lian felt indignation and secretly criticized Ning Fan in his heart. But his face still showed a false and fawning smile.

At the moment the demon wind blew, all its killing intent locked unto Hou Lian. He couldn’t smile anymore and his expression changed drastically.

If these demons also came for the ‘All-Heaven Relic’, he would be hard-pressed in protecting himself!

After a thoughtful consideration, he didn’t believe that Ning Fan would help him given his indifferent attitude…

His gaze flashed when it fell upon Suqiu.

This girl is soft-hearted, and it was also her who rescued me the last time. How about asking for her for help?

Hou Lian made a decision and swiftly made a slightly nervous expression as he looked at Suqiu with an imploring eyes.

“They, they’ve come again! Q-Qin Xianzi, save me!”

“Do not fear, for I am here. No demon shall be allowed to harm anyone under my watch!” Suqiu sternly said. She took down the crystal bracelet without hesitation and wanted to eliminate all these demons. For her, eliminating demons and devils and saving the weak and wounded was common sense.  

With this busybody women here, Ning Fan would forever have an endless supply of trouble…

But this time, Ning Fan grabbed her wrist. Suqiu’s face immediately blushed and her eyes brimmed with with blame. How dare he take advantage of her in front of everyone…

“You… What are you doing… Let go!”

“Wait a minute, I would like to confirm who these demons are after.” Ning Fan’s gaze sharpened.

Weird… it's clear that there are many experts on board the Seven Apricot. But the moment these demons appeared, all their killing intent immediately locked unto the Zen Cultivator Hou Lian.

This doesn't make any sense… If these demons wanted to attack the Seven Apricot Voyage Ship, they should target the strongest cultivator first. Even though they are unable to see through my strength, they should lock unto either Jing Zhuo or Suqiu… But these demons all went for Hou Lian… Something's fishy.

What motive does these demons have to try to attack Hou Lian?

If these demons did not have a life and death enmity with Hou Lian, he must have a treasure that caused all these demons to be moved!

The reason that it was about vengeance was quickly eliminated by Ning Fan. People like Hou Lian who are such scaredy cats and weak cultivation base could never knowingly arouse enmity with Late-Golden Core Realm demons.

Thus, Hou Lian must have a rare treasure in his possession.

Ning Fan recalled what Hou Lian had said. He did mention that he and his sect’s novice monks was transporting some kind of treasure back to their sect.

His gaze immediately flashed and was seventy-percent sure that the treasure Hou Lian possessed was the main reason he was being hunted frenziedly…

Ning Fan cleverly saw through Hou Lian’s secret.

No wonder this guy doesn’t dare to return to his sect alone but linger in the ship. The treasure he possesses must be extremely valuable.

Such valuable treasure boarded the Seven Apricot Voyage Ship. It naturally won't be going to fall to the hands of the demons. Of course, it's also impossible for Hou Lian to keep it now.

“This item is mine!” Ning Fan made a decision in his heart and immediately gave Suiqiu a faint smile.

“Don’t save him, leave the following matter to me!”

“But… Alright.” Suqiu mind was in chaos while her wrist was being gripped by Ning Fan. She could only ask him to quickly let her hand go, while other matters seemed to become unimportant.

Dozens of demons rained their attacks on the Seven Apricot ship’s formation under Ning Fan’s scheme. It caused the ship to sway fiercely in the sky.

Those demons attacked the formation while spouting threats.

“Humans! Hand over the ‘All-Heaven Relic’ and we shall leave your complete bodies after you die! Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng will descend upon this place not long after, and you shall face certain death even if you have two Peak Gold Cores and Half-Step Nascent Soul Realm experts!”

Hou Lian’s expression immediately changed after hearing the demon specifically asked for the All-Heaven Relic.

Hou Lian immediately showed an extremely terrified expression after he heard the name of Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng.  He was terrified after hearing the name Zhifeng.

“Zhi… Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng! It’s that early-Nascent Soul Realm Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng! That crazy woman?! She’s coming?!”

Hou Lian’s expression started to show signs of despair. He thought that he would be able to deliver the relic back to his sect by sucking up to people. Yet he never would've thought that in the end it’s still going to be snatched away by demons.

In fact, this item was obtained from Wei Country's ‘Desolate Hill of the Founding Ancestor’ coincidently by the sect's junior monk.

Legend says that the All-Heaven Relic was Wei Country's supreme treasure on their foundation! The name being Relic was naturally left after the death of the founding ancestor of the Wu Country. And the name All-Heaven came from its heaven-defying effect that is able to conceal Heaven's Fate!

It was called Low-ranked Cultivators Country due to their later generation descendants’ uselessness that caused Wei Country to decline. But every great ancestor that were able to found a country must've been powerful people.

Legend has it that those who wore the All-Heaven Relic are able to conceal their Heaven's Fate from peak-Spirit Severing Realm old monster that are masters in  divination. It could even hide a person's whereabouts and origins from Void Refinement Realm old monsters.

This item is extremely valuable… But now it must be handed over. But what Hou Lian wanted to curse was: are these guys stupid?! Don't they know the ways of threatening?! What is with handing over the relic and you'll be left with a complete body after death! Whether it be complete or incomplete will still lead to death! Then what use does it have for us handing over the relic?!

Forget it… bumping into these demons that lacked reason must have been my bad luck from my last eight reincarnations. Most likely I'll die in this ship.

Even though there’s two old ancestor expert onboard this ship, but what can a Gold Core Realm old ancestor do against a Nascent Soul Realm expert…

“Sigh… All-Heaven Relic, I should be able to conceal my Heaven's Fate from divination experts with this supreme treasure. Why are these demons always able to find out my whereabouts… Die… Die… Even Gods and Immortals would find it hard to rescue me now…”

Hou Lian sighed again and again, while the people onboard the ship had varied expressions.

Jing Zhuo and Suqiu’s expressions drastically changed after hearing the words ‘Early Nascent Soul Realm’. They became worried but after thinking how powerful Ning Fan was, they became calmer. They silently thought that there shouldn't be any problem as long as they're careful.

When Ning Fan heard the words ‘concealing Heaven's Fate’ his gaze immediately flashed as he made a decision.

So the treasure on Hou Lian can conceal Heaven's Fate?! If it is so, then this treasure could be said to be what Ning Fan needed the most.

Now what Ning Fan feared the most was not a Nascent Soul Realm expert but those that are experts in divination. People like the Nascent Soul Realm old monster in Wei Country - Old Man Divine Prophecy, with his fortune telling technique that is able figure out Ning Black Devil’s identity. That in the end brought forth a big disaster upon Ning City.

This journey towards the Endless Sea would surely offend many influential forces. Furthermore, it is extremely possible to have a confrontation with Demon General Li Ban - a Spirit Severing old monster for capturing the flower demon after entering the Great Jin Country. The present Ning Fan couldn't hold a candle against him. If they meet, the only option left is to run!

If he possess the All-Heaven Relic that could conceal Heaven's Fate, there wouldn't be any worries in having that Demon General see through my identity and I won’t need to worry about getting hunted down after offending major influential forces. Or even getting Yue Country in trouble from the wrath of somebody…

This treasure, Ning Fan wanted it!

“Hou Lian, pass me the All-Heaven Relic.” Ning Fan smiled faintly and activated a hint of divinity, which made him seem merciful like Buddha.

Hou Lian was almost moved to tears.

This All-Heaven Relic is now but a hot potato, whoever possesses it will offend the Nascent Soul Realm old demon. Handing it over to the demons would not save my life. If Ning Fan wants this relic… is it possible that he took pity on me and wants to save me?

But if this relic were given to Ning Fan, what will happen?

Why not take this opportunity to push all the 'filthy water’ to Ning Fan and say that he was the one that killed the previous demons. With this, I would be cleared of the relic and the demon's enmity. I shouldn't be chased by these demons anymore… These demons might not split their forces to hunt me down since there's two old ancestor grade characters on board the ship. They should be able to stall for some time before Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng arrives. They shouldn't have any additional forces to hunt me down right…

Passing this relic to Ning Fan may provide a tiny chance of survival, making others a scapegoat…  Should I give it a shot? Finding a chance to live in the face of death?

Only death awaits if I fail. I’ll live and Ning Fan dies if it succeeds.

Screw it! I’ll give it a shot! At least it’s not this poor monk that dies, Namo Amitabha…

His small eyes turned around and made a decision. He immediately patted his storage pouch and took out an Amethyst Jade Box that contained a relic that radiated buddhist hymns!

All-Heaven Relic!

*Zhifeng means purple wind

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