Grasping Evil - Chapter 158 (2)

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Hou Lian was reluctant to pass this item to Ning Fan, but for the sake of saving his own skin, anything else was insignificant.

“Zhou Ming fellow daoist, I’ll give it to you since you need this item. This poor monk still has matters to attend to and shall leave in advance…”

Hou Lian put up a face of righteousness and passed the Amethyst Jade Box to Ning Fan. Hou Lian then put his palms together and immediately left with an escaping light.

He was cautiously probing if the demons will still attack him after leaving the formation. He would then shamelessly returns to the ship and avoid confrontation once again if that indeed happens.

Furthermore, Hou Lian was delighted that all of the demons shifted all their killing intent towards Ning Fan after the relic changed hands.

Nice! This time, I can happily escape!

His escaping light soared towards the distance and did not bother to think about how Ning Fan and his party would fare.

Suqiu’s delicate brows frowned after Hou Lian’s disloyalty and silently felt that she had made a mistake in saving that guy.

As for Ning Fan, the action of Hou Lian was not out of place. He had long seen through Hou Lian’s scheme and thoughts. Ning Fan was sure that Hou Lian would pass the relic to him to save his own life.

He was determined to get the All-Heaven Relic.

As for that Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng, he heard rumors that this demon was an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. But since meeting the demoness, he was not fearful anymore and had thought of an idea.

This woman was a Nascent Soul Realm demoness, it’s possible that she is Li Ban’s demon partner and probably the same as the Flower Demon.

She may be extremely ugly, but since she had a Nascent Soul Realm cultivation, she’s an excellent cauldron. So what if she’s ugly, it's all good if she’s usable… If she came to Ning Fan’s lap on her own, he’ll not let her go!

Ning Fan was originally wary about the Great Jin’s demon tide. But now he raised a bold theory.

Could it be that the main force of the Great Jin’s demon tide are those twelve demon companions? The so called twelve demon companions are all female?

Then… why not snatch all twelve partners of Li Ban under the radar!

Ning Fan suddenly held great expectation towards the the journey of Great Jin. His breakthrough for the Yin Yang Transformation may just happen on this journey.

All of the demons present had their killing intent locked unto Ning Fan at the very moment he received the relic.

These demons were extremely furious when they announced the name Zhifeng already and yet this mere Harmonious Spirit Realm junior dared to take the relic.

As for the escaping Hou Lian, they did not care at all. A mere Early Gold Core Realm ant could easily be killed in the future. Now the important matter at hand was to grab the relic!

“Human! How dare you! You knew perfectly well that treasure is an offering for Lord Demon General, yet you dare take it?! You’re dead!”

“Is it…”

At that moment, Ning Fan stopped smiling and closed his eyes. The moment his eyes opened, his whole body changed as if it was a thousands years old unmeltable ice.

His gaze became ice cold, while mysterious black patterns slowly covered his left face. There’s was also killing intent burning within his jet-black eyes.

A strong imposing aura like that of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was rose around his body. Ink-like Sword sense bursted out and swept across the clouds with fierce sword cries. The demonic clouds were immediately dispersed and was replaced by a jet-black color with a Sword Qi that eliminates all beings!

It was the Black Tempest Rupture Art!

This sudden change in his aura had greatly exceeded the demons’ expectations. No one thought that a mere Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator could hide so much power. Ning Fan did not give the demons a chance to respond at all.

In the next moment, Ning Fan’s figure exploded with a ‘bang’ and changed into unlimited jet-black sword lights that slash randomly upon the skies.

It was as if dark ink expanded on the bright sky and the demons that were touched by it immediately screamed, and in the end were cut into mincemeat by the sword lights!

In just a single moment, dozens of demons became mincemeat and blood splattered from the sky!

That Late Gold Core Realm demon retained its previous arrogant expression as if it was a still frame. He didn't even realise the fact that he died.

When he realised it, his demonic body was already in pieces and in tatters. His demonic soul was broken thoroughly, his demonic core shattering into dust. He had died a terrible death under the ink-colored sword light!

“Very… extremely strong… stronger than even Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng …” That was the final trembling thought of that demon accompanied by boundless fear!

Black Tempest Rupture Art was a technique that Ning Fan’s black incarnation comprehended upon his Nascent Formation. It was a powerful technique that could one-shot Tian Yizi! Only Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and above can withstand such a technique. Mere minor demons are not even worth mentioning!

Ning Fan reappeared with the Amethyst Jade Box in his hand accompanied with his ice-cold gaze.

All-Heaven Relic acquired! But there’s still a matter left unfinished!

His cold gaze swept upon the dazed Hou Lian and said words as sharp as a blade.

“Did I allow you to leave?!”

Hou Lian shivered from that emotionless voice, it was so sharp that Hou Lian felt a stabbing pain in his mind.

Today will probably be the most shocking day in his life because today was the very day he saw how a ruthless man annihilated dozens of experts with just a single magical technique.

Ning Fan’s Nascent Soul Realm aura made Hou Lian extremely terrified. The endless jet-black sword sense was like a nail pinned on the skies, Hou Lian couldn’t move and dared not to look at Ning Fan’s eyes. He was scared, extremely scared! It was as if his life was decided by a whim of Ning Fan!

“How… How could it be?! Zhou Ming is unexpectedly… unexpectedly a Nascent Soul Realm expert! I must have been out of my mind trying to frame such an old monster! He’s not letting me go… could it be that he wants to kill me?! What to do! How could I even escape now that I’m being locked unto by a Nascent Soul Realm old monster! Surely, death awaits me! But I still want to live…”

Hou Lian was locked in place by Ning Fan’s killing intent and he was thoroughly  at loss.

At this moment, as long as he gets to live, he was willing to sell his own sect out bargain for Ning Fan’s grace on not killing him.

Both his knees went limp and kneeled on the sky shamelessly, he begged for mercy with a stutter.

He did not have any integrity and it was unsightly. It made Suqiu reveal a face of disgust.

Even though she was disgusted, she was unwilling to see Ning Fan kill again, unwilling… she was puzzled. With Ning Fan’s character, he could easily annihilate dozens of demons with just the strength of his body. Why was there a need to use his most powerful technique?

She clenched her teeth lightly, some words may not to Ning Fan’s liking, but she still has to say it.

“Ning Fan, Can you show mercy and not kill him…”

“I didn't say I want to kill him… I’m just not letting him off so easily.”

The pattern on Ning Fan’s face dispersed as his coldness dissipated too and he smiled. He had anticipated Suqiu’s request to give this man’s mercy. Since she’s a woman who likes to get into trouble.

Ning Fan never really had the thought of killing Hou Lian, but was merely scaring him. Hou Lian doesn’t have to be killed, him being in the Wei Country has its own use. Once the cowardly ones had been planted with Mental Seal, they will never betray their master eternally.

There’s no other reason, this is the kind of people that feared death.

He’s not going to kill Hou Lian but he will plant a mental seal on him.

Perhaps, there will be a great battle next…

Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng, can this woman escape from my grasp? If she comes to her death…

Ning Fan used instant movement and rushed away and looked like a black dot on the sky. In an instant, he had already returned on the ship while carrying Hou Lian who had tried to escaped like a little chick.

Even though this was shameful for Hou Lian, but Ning Fan did not kill him at the very least. Suqiu slightly breathed out a sigh of relief after confirming it and her heart was lightly shaken.

“Thank you…” She looked at Ning Fan deeply and turned her back to return to the ship.

She thought that Ning Fan let go of Hou Lian was for her sake. She felt slightly touched in her heart and it was hard to suppressed that at that moment.

Jing Zhuo who was a spectator saw through Ning Fan’s scheme. He initially wanted to give a hand, but Ning Fan had used a much more terrifying method to annihilate the group of demons.

By going through so much effort, it was naturally to scare Hou Lian. To  make Hou Lian afraid was for the sake of subduing him. Perhaps Ning Fan wants to plant his own influence in Wei Country.

The sect of Hou Lian may have to change ownership.

The sect’s Immortal Jade will also belong to Ning Fan.

Perhaps, after Ning Fan promote Hou Lian as Sect Leader, he would borrow the name of Hou Lian’s sect and ‘harvest’ Immortal Jade in Wei Country without getting his hands dirty.

In the end, Ning Fan wants to amass wealth through Hou Lian… Of course, if it wasn’t for Suqiu, he would probably torture Hou Lian a bit. Suqiu definitely helped Hou Lian a bit…

A series of schemes were set in motion at the moment he struck down the group of demons. Jing Zhuo, too, wanted such a money making method, but he had hundreds and thousands of life and death moments to experience and only then could he have a mentality to think of plans like that.

But Ning Fan had only cultivated for less than 20 years, yet his mind was already this demonic…

“How does he even cultivate?! Less than 20 years old with such strength, and his mind is also as sly as an old fox… This is the nastiest person to go against with, it will be a nightmare to make an enemy out of that kind of person… Luckily I’ve asked for a second divination from  Old Man Divine Prophecy, if not… I’ll end up the same as Zi Yin…” Jing Zhuo deeply sighed and rejoiced.

He was glad that he had made the wisest decision in his whole life which was to be in good terms with Ning Fan.

He was glad that Ning Fan had granted Lady Yun Hua a longer ‘life’, allowing him and his wife a chance to be together until the end of their lives.

The most scariest person in the world were not those with strong cultivation base, but those that have characters like Ning Fan are the most deadly and hard to deal with.

They are ruthless, bold, decisive and cold-hearted. But also gutsy, meticulous, determined and sly like a fox.

This is the kind of people that you definitely must not offend in your entire life…

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