Grasping Evil - Chapter 159(1)

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Ning Fan carried Hou Lian and departed from the voyage ship. They parted with Suqiu and the rest for a while.

Ning Fan spotted at first glance, an insignificant demonic mark on the jade box which contained the All-Heaven Relic. It was most probably the reason why the demons were able to track Hou Lian down.

Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng will also come after the trails left by the mark. After capturing him, I will bring Hou Lian back to his sect and assist him in becoming the sect master. Then I’ll be able to rob all the sects within the radius of ten thousand *li in Wei Country using his name.

That was Ning Fan’s plan.

The act of robbery would definitely offend the forces in Wei Country. However, there were Hou Lian and his sect to take the blame. Therefore, the consequences won’t be as bad.

Currently, the voyage ship moved in a slow pace. After Ning Fan settled his matters, he would catch up with the ship using his ability of teleportation. After that, they would head towards Jin Country together.

He landed in a vast land overgrown with grass. It was located in the land of Hexi and it was named Hexi Yuan.  

He didn’t erase the mark on the jade box because he was waiting for Zhifeng to fall right into his trap! This place, Hexi Yuan, would soon be their battleground.

Hou Lian who was planted with a Mental Seal stood aside as he trembled in fear.

He was not a fool. Since Ning Fan held the jade box in his hands and stood casually, he was surely waiting for no one else other than Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng.

“It’s over. This Zhou Ming wants to fight against Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng. Why am I so unlucky to be caught in a battle between Nascent Soul Realm cultivators? Hopefully, I won’t be involved later.”

He helplessly sighed inwardly. To him, Ning Fan was the person that struck fear into his heart. This fear he had of Ning Fan was even greater than the one he felt towards  Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng who he has yet to meet.

In the current chaotic situation in Wei Country, there weren’t only Nascent Soul Realm demons but also Nascent Soul Realm experts from the Rain Palace.

Hou Lian was lucky to have witnessed by chance a battle between an expert from the Rain Palace and a Nascent Soul Realm demon. Throughout the showdown of magic techniques, none of them displayed any terrifying techniques similar to ‘Black Tempest Rupture Art’.

Perhaps, Ning Fan was indeed more skillful than Zhifeng.

However, why did I provoke such a hateful person and got planted with a Mental Seal unwillingly.

“Hai. This is an unlucky year for me. I got up the “pirate” ship and met a hateful person.” Hou Lian complained secretly but he didn’t dare to show any dissatisfaction on his face.

While he was complaining, Ning Fan closed his eyes, waiting. At the same time, he was also communing his qi with the vast grasslands.

One of the advantage of cultivating demonic techniques was that he was able to commune with heaven and earth.

He did not dare to belittle Zhifeng as she was an Early Nascent Soul Realm demon. She could be more powerful than the Flower Demon or even otherwise. However, she must have the blood-red rune as well. It was their ultimate technique to save their lives. It was the stored attack on the level of a Spirit Severing Realm expert.

Even knowing those facts, Ning Fan was confident in defeating her because Zhifeng was a female demon! He was never afraid of women.

Ning Fan had been saving up his power for the time it took an incense stick to burn.

Suddenly, a wild and strong demonic wind arrived from the sky. Upon seeing that, a few cultivators from Wei Country nearby quickly scattered and try to escape.

Hundreds of Harmonious Spirit Realm demon beasts flew out from the demonic wind. There were also some demon armies which appeared as half-human and half-demon hybrids after conjuring a secret art. Furthermore, some Gold Core Realm beasts and demons came too.

They scattered around and started to hunt the cultivators who tried to escape. Within seconds, a few cultivators died horrible deaths. A purple light shimmered within the wind and travelled towards Ning Fan.

The purple light carried a whiff of fragrance. Other than that pleasant smell, it also carried along a great deal of anger. A slender woman emerged from within the purple light. Her long wavy purple hair looked like that of a waterfall. Her gaze was fixed on Ning Fan’s body with a slight surprise. From the mark within the bodies of the demon guards, she knew that the two groups of guards she sent were killed by someone. However, why was a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator holding that jade box?

“Harmonious Spirit Realm… Could he be the person who eliminated my guards?”

Her body looked excellent with her half-exposed breasts. Anyone would find her irresistibly charming. However, one could not bear the sight of her visage. On her face, there were different types of scars like that of the Flower Demon. She sniffed and discovered the demon blood hidden within Ning Fan’s body. Now, she was certain that Ning Fan was the one who killed her guards.

It’s interesting that a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator was able to kill Gold Core Realm demon guards. However, it’s over for him. Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator is nothing but a nuisance when faced with a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

She hovered mid-air while a gloomy smile adorned her ugly appearance.

“Human ant, the demon guards under my command, were you the one who killed them?”

“What did you say?” Ning Fan replied calmly.

“Hmph, it was you after all! Then you can die now! Demonic Technique, Nine Folds Purple Tornadoes!”

She showed no sign of prolonging the conversation with Ning Fan. She started to perform hand seals and immediately, fragrant winds which carried purple poison mist swept across the land. When the poison mist spread, it quickly transformed into nine thousand *zhang tall purple tornadoes, blowing towards Ning Fan from the west direction. Wherever the tornadoes travelled, all the green grass within ten li withered and turned into dust.

The way she performed the hand seals was both graceful and skilled. Her speed was so fast that no shadows could be seen while she was doing it.. Ning Fan speed in carrying out the hand seals was much slower compared to her even though he had cultivated hard for the past four months.

“So this is the strength of a demon expert…” Ning Fan’s eyes turned indifferent. The more understanding he had for demonic techniques, the more uniqueness he found in her techniques.

She used her sense to form the winds and turned her colourless wind into purple, carrying a whiff of fragrance. And then she made the fragrance air into mist, changing it into tornadoes.

For Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators who got themselves caught inside the Nine Folds Purple Tornadoes by mistake, they would be poisoned by the traces of venom in the wind and turned into gooey blood. Not to mention the grass, even Gold Core Realm experts’ lives would be threatened if they were to be dragged into the tornadoes.

Hou Lian was quivering in terror after witnessing the power of the wind. He deeply remembered the terrifying amount of Gold Core Realm and Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators who were turned into gooey blood within her purple wind.

That’s how Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng got her name. Zhifeng (紫风)bears the definition of purple wind in Chinese.

No cultivators below the Late Gold Core Realm could withstand the effect of the poison. That was the uniqueness of her technique.

However, for Ning Fan, it was merely a special technique.

“Sword sense, crush!” Ning Fan shouted deeply.

His sword qi was unleashed from within his eyes. At that moment, his thoughts blended with heaven and earth. That fusion made his sword sense vast and indistinct. A wrong impression surfaced in the female demon’s thought. She thought the person before her was not Ning Fan but the spiritual veins of the entire land of Hexi.

When you are on this boundless earth, you’ll never know who can decide your fate!

A black sword sense which carried a stronger power than the purple wind swept across the surroundings!

The area within a thousand li was all enveloped by black sword qi.

The next moment, the groups of demon beasts and armies that came along with her screamed in pain. All of them were diced into mincemeat.

As for the purple tornadoes, they were dispersed after the black sword qi seeped into the eye of the tornadoes, crushing them from inside out.

Among the groups of demons, there were only several Intermediate Gold Core Realm demon beasts and soldiers that survived with serious injuries after the assault.

Ning Fan crushed her Nine Folds Purple Tornadoes with just a single technique. It was the same technique that he executed to eliminate hundreds of demons. Upon seeing such development, the female demon who was experienced and knowledgeable was inwardly bewildered.

“Sword Sense! It is unexpected that you possess such a technique that’s able to restrain demonic technique.”

After her technique was crushed by a mere Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator, she was so stunned that she became speechless for a moment.

Although the Sword Sense he used was not able to hurt me, he is worthy enough to be my opponent.

I must never belittle him although he’s just a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator. With the technique he possesses in his current cultivation realm, it is impossible for him to be just a nobody.

However, she would not be scared off easily as she was determined to obtain the All-Heaven Relic. For the match just now, it ended with a tie. That result was a humiliation for her. How could a Nascent Soul Realm demon be in a deadlock with a mere Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator?

“You will certainly die in the next attack!”

Her desire to kill him became stronger but the way she spoke sounded pleasant. However, her appearance contrasted with her voice. The reason her voice became pleasant was because it had been infused a little bit of demonic power. That was the power of a bewitching technique. Fortunately, it had no effect on Ning Fan.

What she didn’t notice was that Ning Fan had purposely shortened the distance between them to five hundred *zhang during their battle just now.

He saved his ultimate skill at the last moment because he wanted to force her to display her life-saving trump card.

During the battle, he was distracting her to make her lose her guard. When he gets near, he would then use Yin Plucking Finger to capture her!

Since they ended in a tie just now, the female demon decided not to reserve her energy any further. She took out a Half-Supreme Grade Purple Flying Sword. It with it a carried primal aura. When she blew air on it, it immediately grew into one zhang long. Purple light shimmered from the sword and it carried within a powerful sword qi. When the tip of the sword was pointed at Ning Fan, it flew towards him like a thunderbolt. What was strange with  that sword was that it would flicker when it moved. Its movement was like that of the Teleportation Technique of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. The sword would advance for a hundred zhang long whenever it flickered. Within a few breaths, it arrived before Ning Fan and seemed to pierce through him.

This sword was too quick that even Ning Fan’s expression was filled with astonishment.

“It’s indeed fast! This sword has been attached with the Nascent Soul Realm divine ability, Teleportation Technique!”

The flickering light of the sword was the power of the attached ability.

A flying sword with the speed equivalent to the Teleportation Technique was the hardest to withstand. It’s easy to miss it if one tried to catch it using their hands. It’s also difficult to stop and block it using another flying sword.

The female demon felt proud of her flying sword. It might not be a Supreme Grade sword, but the grade of the attached divine ability was even higher than a Supreme Grade treasure.

The only method to stop the attack was to crush the Heaven Earth Primordial Qi of the sword using a Nascent Soul Realm technique. It was because only Nascent Soul Realm cultivators were able to master the Heaven Earth Primordial Qi. Gold Core Realm cultivators who had yet to grasp the power of Heaven Earth Primordial Qi had no choice but to ward off the attack with whatever defensive techniques they had.

Ning Fan was not a genuine Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. He couldn’t manipulate the Heaven Earth Primordial Qi, thus he was not able to stop the flying sword.

Fortunately, he had a defensive technique which was powerful enough to block the sword.

His body transformed into a long rainbow and distance himself a thousand zhang from the sword. Spiritual qi started to shine within his eyes.

It was then that a black spirit sense turned into flowing light, surrounding Ning Fan. His current appearance was similar to a black large egg or a giant cocoon as his entire body was enclosed inside.  

Within seconds, the previous flying sword with a mesmerizing aura tried to pierce the dark flowing light. The flowing light was supposedly an intangible spirit sense barrier. However, the flying sword was stuck after piercing for half an inch. It was was like trying to pierce through a wall of iron. The sword was unable to pierce throughthe black defensive light.

The second art of the Divine Art Chant, Defence Art! If it was casted using Early Nascent Soul Realm spirit sense, the defense power was sufficient enough to withstand a complete strike of any Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivators!

The female demon with purple hair was slightly alarmed. She was puzzled at his defensive technique.

Forming a wall with spirit sense? Did he just conjure a demonic technique? If he did, why didn’t he perform hand seals? No, it couldn’t be! His technique differed from the demonic techniques as they borrowed the power of spirit sense. Contrary to that, his technique was literally using his spirit sense as the defense itself!

It was her first time seeing that kind of defensive technique.

After that, something happened that surprised her even more.

The next moment after Ning Fan successfully blocked the flying sword, the Thunder Star on his glabella flashed. A lightning ray emerged from his right finger. He pointed on the flying sword and it trembled as if it had received a heavy attack. Next, the Half-Supreme Grade flying sword started to crack. Its spirituality was reduced greatly and it lost the divine ability of Teleportation Technique!

She couldn’t imagine how strong Ning Fan’s body was to be able to destroy the Half-Supreme Grade treasure by just pointing at it without displaying any body refining technique.

She now realized that she had underestimated the Harmonious Spirit Realm ant before him.

After her attack was warded off, she noticed that the distance between her and Ning Fan became much closer than before. She was just two hundred zhang away from him.

When she thought of Ning Fan’s terrifying body refining technique, her scalp turned numb. Therefore, she instantly escaped, trying to distance herself from him.

However, it was too late.

Li = 500 meters

Zhang = 3.13 meters

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