Grasping Evil - Chapter 159(2)

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Ning Fan had not actually given his all during the last two bouts. He was just trying to distract the female demon so that he could get near her when she become careless.

It was difficult for her to escape within two hundred zhang.

In the blink of an eye, Ning Fan fully released his killing intent. The thunder star in between his eyebrows flashed once more. This time, the sky was full of flashes of lightning as if they were dancing in the air!

The star of Imperial Lightning!

Under his command, he could summon flashes of lightning, turning them into a sea of lightning. That sea of lightning swept the female demon away.

Ning Fan was sneaky to execute that technique at that timing. It was beyond her expectation. However, what’s even more shocking to her was that Ning Fan, who wa merely a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator, was able to manipulate the lightning! Those flashes of lightning drew a circle around her, hindering her from escaping. Furthermore, countless flashes of lightning radiated from all directions, restricting her in one spot.

When the female demon was being trapped, Ning Fan took advantage of the opportunity to approach her. A black light surrounded his body and the next moment, he performed Teleportation Technique!  

With just one teleportation, he was already standing right outside the barrier of lightning.

Within such distance, the female demon started to feel an overwhelming aura from Ning Fan.

What type of aura is that? Why would I feel too weak to even put up a struggle after being exposed to that aura?

She wasn’t able to flee although she wanted to as she was trapped within the barrier.

The unknown danger that was hidden within Ning Fan’s body was getting closer to her step by step!

Should I use the rune between my eyebrows? Should I use the stored attack from Demon General?

The female demon hesitated. She was afraid that she might wrongly estimate Ning Fan’s strength and waste her only life-saving technique. She thought that the danger she sensed from him was only a wrong impression.

No matter how powerful a Harmonious Spirit Realm could be, it is still impossible for me to feel intimidated. He’s not the same as a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator.

She performed hand seals using all of her fingers to conjure another demonic technique. She tried to weaken the barrier of lightning that was sealing her. At the same time, rage overtook her expression and she shouted, “Demon guards, are you just going to watch the battle until the end of it? Hurry up and come over to assist me by stopping his attack!”

In her heart, she felt terribly insulted as she needed the aid from her demon guards when she was only fighting against a mere Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator. However, it was her own carelessness that caused her to be sealed in his lightning barrier. To break away from the barrier, she needed some time and she could not afford to be sneak-attacked by Ning Fan.

Hundreds of demons were killed by Ning Fan’s sword sense and only ten demons who were at Intermediate Gold Core Realm and above were still alive. These demons were filled with fear of Ning Fan. They did not dare to involve themselves in the battle as demon guards, but they could not just leave Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng alone.

After the female demon roared out orders, they had no choice but to gather their courage and rushed towards her to shield her so that they could slow Ning Fan down for a while.

It’s enough for her to have a moment to break free from the barrier. Then she wouldn’t need to involve the demon guards anymore in her fight against Ning Fan.

However, these demon guards thought too highly of themselves.

Facing these demons, Ning Fan’s eyes turned icy. He used another technique but it was different from spirit sense!

A cracking sound could be heard from Ning Fan’s body as he threw out a punch. It was a Nascent Soul Realm body refining technique, Crushing Ice.

The vicinity of thousands of zhang of heaven and earth became frozen after the punch was thrown out. Under the impact of the punch, the ice started to break and crumble.

Judging from the crisp sound of breaking, the bodies of the Gold Core Realm demons were obliterated like how the ice shattered. Each of them died with a single blow! No matter how strong the demons’ bodies were, none of them could withstand this blow.

Currently, Ning Fan was much more nearer to the sea of lightning. This time, he would not show mercy anymore!

He wanted to capture her!

As for the female demon, she couldn’t imagine that Ning Fan possessed such powerful strength that was able to wipe a group of demons.

I don’t understand why he didn’t use it during the first battle. If he used it, I would definitely avoid fighting against him and escaped!

Are the previous battles only distractions so that I am engrossed in battle until I become careless of what’s happening? Is it because he wants to capture me and that’s why he showed his weakness in the first place?

Her expression changed for the first time. The Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator before her was far more powerful than what she had expected.

Now, she no longer had any assurance to win over Ning Fan. Even if she sacrificed herself, there would only be thirty percent chance of success. In fact, she was already hurt after being sealed by the lightning barrier.

I was too careless! I had underestimated his strength! It’s difficult for me to get the All-Heaven Relic today, unless I use my trump card.

However, she wasn’t willing to use it as the technique could only be used once.

Deep down inside her heart, she knew that she could not wait any longer even though the seal of the lightning barrier was not lifted yet.

She was only left with two choices and it was either to use her trump card or retreat for the moment.

“Fine, I will retreat today temporarily. In the near future, I will be back to kill him and take back the All-Heaven Relic!”

After she resolved herself to escape, she took out a few ancient demon talismans and stuck them on her chest, ignoring the lightning barrier. The next moment, a strong demonic qi billowed around her. Then, she forcefully broke through the barrier of lightning and escaped.

Unfortunately, the talismans were destroyed one by one immediately when they were hit by the lightning. When she got out the barrier, she suffered a heavy injury.

That was the price she had to pay for resisting the lightning forcefully. Originally, lightning was the heavenly tribulation that none of the cultivators were able to withstand. When facing the lightning from heaven, humans and demons could only carefully avoid them. As for the rumour which claimed that immortals could withstand lightning with their own bodies, it was only a fool’s tale. As a matter of fact, there were only a small number of fiendgods who could really withstand lightning using their strong bodies.

The moment she got out, she teleported as fast as she could to escape.

Suddenly, a punch struck her from the direction that she was going to teleport to. The area of a thousand zhang in that direction froze and was crushed after just a single breath!


After Ning Fan’s cold voice resounded, the clear sky seemed to shatter under the sheer strength of his punch. The female demon was spitting out blood while falling down to the ground.

An extremely cold power which was difficult to expel seeped into her body after she got hit by that punch.

“Is this a bewitching technique?! How did he plant this technique on me?!”

Her demonic power began to slow down and became inactive. Gradually, she lost her power to teleport and even the strength to fly.

She tried to force the power out of her body but her efforts were futile.

“This is Yin Plucking Finger. From today onwards, you are no longer one of the twelve concubines of the Demon General. Instead, you are now my cauldron!”

Ning Fan’s voice resonated behind her. It was then that she felt her back being touched for tens of times.

A large amount of power from the Yin Plucking Finger permeated into her back. She felt her body becoming more feeble and even her scarred visage turned red.

“What kind of bewitching technique is this? And how do you know that I am one of the concubines of the Demon General?!” The female demon gritted her teeth and said angrily. She knew that she was already in Ning Fan’s grasp as she wasn’t even able to activate the rune on her glabella, not to mention resisting his attack.

She began to blame herself for her carelessness. From the beginning, I shouldn’t have let him get too close to me. If I had used the Demon General’s stored attack, I wouldn’t end up like this.

Ning Fan did not relax even though he had already sealed her demonic power.

He still remembered his experience from the past. That time, he had sealed off the Flower Demon’s power but the rune was still able to activate itself and summon the demon general’s shadow.

This time, he would not allow any chance for the shadow to condense.

He touched his glabella and the shadow of the Separation Slayer Sword flew out. When the blood light rose from the female demon’s glabella, Ning Fan pierced it multiple times. His action caused the rune on her glabella to bleed. After that, a man’s groaning could be heard from it. However, before the sound was completely condensed, it dissipated.

The female demon had lost the final means she possessed to resist Ning Fan.

“You! How dare you hurt Lord Li Ban! You deserve death!” A killing intent was shimmering from within her eyes.

“If you yell at me again, you will regret your action. Starting from today onwards, you will be my second Nascent Soul Realm cauldron. The first cauldron is the Flower Demon. And you will be the Wind Demon.”

“What? The Flower Demon? Did you…” The female demon was in great shock. She was curious whether the Flower Demon was the one that she knew.

Ning Fan did not answer her doubts. He activated his bewitching technique within her body and made her lose her consciousness. After that, he kept her in his Cauldron Ring.

He used three moves to catch another female demon. If it was a male demon, he would have no choice but to struggle in battle without any assurance of winning.

At the land of Hexi, Hou Lian’s whole body was trembling. He acted as if he was struck by lightning.

Each of the Gold Core Realm cultivators which used to be very terrifying to him died before Ning Fan easily.

Apart from that, the notorious Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng was caught in just three moves.

Horrifying! This devilish Zhou Ming is too scary. Has he displayed his true strength?! Even a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator might not be able to capture an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator alive but he had really done it.

The more Hou Lian thought of Ning Fan, the more fear he had of him. In his mind, he regarded Ning Fan to be on par with Late Nascent Soul Realm and above cultivators.

Currently, he truly dared not to offend Ning Fan anymore.

“This Zhou Ming is surely an evil person.” That was the conclusion Hou Lian had of Ning Fan.

Now, I own a second Nascent Soul Realm cauldron. However, it was still because of luck that I was able to subdue her. Aside from that, not all Nascent Soul Realm experts are female. If I was a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, it will be a one-sided fight against this female demon.

My strength is still inadequate. I need to achieve Core Formation as soon as possible!”

Ning Fan kept all the storage pouches on the ground and turned his gaze to his back, looking at the sky. He sensed that there were a few powerful auras heading towards him. Maybe they saw the trace of the battle just now. Judging from their auras, there were four human experts. They were most probably the members from Rain Palace who were sent to assist Wei Country.

If they discovered me, there should be more troubles. It’s better to avoid meeting them face to face.

“Lead the way. We’re heading to your sect…”

Without giving Hou Lian any opportunity to ask, Ning Fan grabbed him like catching a small chick and teleported. Their shadows vanished from the land of Hexi in just a split second.

His objective of capturing Zhifeng was accomplished. Next, he was going to rob the sects in Wei Country and he would then leave this place.

The second Nascent Soul Realm cauldron and the second Nascent Soul Realm stored attack were now in his hands!

The trip in Wei Country was indeed worthwhile.

After the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, four Nascent Soul Realm experts landed on the land of Hexi. Upon seeing the drastic changes to the landscape around them, none of their expressions could remained tranquil.

“There’s no mistaking it. It’s a showdown of magical techniques between Nascent Soul Realm cultivators.” An old man who looked like a Confucian scholar said with a serious tone.

“Yes, it appears that the battle ended just moments ago. Judging from the remaining auras, it was apparently a battle between a human and a demon. After comparing the strength of both auras, the human expert seemed to have won the battle.” A middle-aged man dressed in a Taoist kasaya said that.

“A human? It seems strange, isn’t it? Only four of us were sent by Rain Palace to assist Wei Country. Could there be someone other than us?” A beautiful woman who looked to be in her thirties said with a strange tone.

“Brother Yun Lie, what do you think?” The woman looked at the tall man who wore a sackcloth. His appearance was the complete opposite of handsomeness. However, the woman spoke to him in a really respectful manner.

“I haven’t got any thoughts yet…” The ugly tall man replied impatiently.

He was not really concerned about the battle that just happened there. For him, the showdown of techniques between Early Nascent Soul cultivators was only child’s play.

Although the scene looked spectacular, the two cultivators did not really have a life and death battle. How could a battle end without casting their ultimate techniques?

He had his usual ways of perceiving things no matter what others said. The other three cultivators understood his attitude well enough. Therefore, none of them dared to feel any dissatisfaction towards him.

The old scholar, the middle-aged Taoist and the beautiful woman were Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. However, the ugly tall man was a Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator! So no matter how arrogant, how impolite or how ugly he could be, none of them would dare to offend him.

“Let’s go. We’ll pursue other demons and devils. Since our friend who had just helped us to eliminate demons was unwilling to show himself, we do not need to pay attention on him anymore as he might not want to let others discover his identity.” When the old scholar spoke, the others nodded their heads in agreement. Only the ugly man did not take notice of his words. After the others had left, he studied the traces and marks left over. He felt puzzled and weirded out by them.

The aura of the Nascent Soul Realm human cultivator is very familiar. Yes, it should belong to someone I know. But where exactly did I see him before?

He would surely not know that the cultivator that won over the female demon was the teenage boy he met when he was passing by the Sinister Sparrow Sect in Yue Country while carrying out his duty.

That’s why confusion could be seen on his cold and indifferent expression.

I feel so frustrated about it. It’s really familiar and yet I can’t recall the owner of the aura.

“Who is he, really? Old Monster Qin, Fellow Daoist Ma… No, it’s wrong. Who exactly is he? I am certain that I have met him before!”

Unfortunately, he did not relate the young boy with the identity of a Nascent Soul Realm expert.

Not long after, his shadow vanished in a flicker of teleportation.

Li = 500 meters

Zhang = 3.13 meters

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