Grasping Evil - Chapter 160 (1)

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Currently, Yuanjue Valley was in a state of sorrowful mood.

Sect Leader Zong Ze was respectfully sitting in the main hall at this moment. His white brows and beard were covered with sweat. His usual astonishing facial features had a hint of nervousness today.

An Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator should be able keep a poker face whether they be happy or angry. But with Yuanjue Valley in a predicament today, he was unable to stay calm.

There were several hundreds of cultivators from the Seven Sects gathered in the main hall, and all of them looked at Zong Ze covetously!

“Zong Ze! Hand over the All-Heaven Relic! My Mosheng Sect obtained information that your sect’s Elder Hou Lian acquired the relic from the Desolate Hill of the Founding Ancestor a few days ago! That is the Wei Country’s heirloom, does Yuanjue Valley want to take sole possession of it?!”

A silver haired old man in a purple kasaya asked as his Peak Gold Core Realm qi swept across the main hall!

Zong Ze suffered under that qi and was incapable of resisting its pressure.

The difference in strength between Early and Peak Gold Core Realm was huge. And aside from that, the purple kasaya old man was one of the Seven Great Sect’s old ancestor in Wei. His name being Mo Xisheng with people calling him ‘Saint Mo’! His techniques were out of the ordinary and Mid Gold Core Realm cultivators couldn’t even take one of his palm attacks…

After Mo Xisheng had spoken,  the other six sects immediately followed and started to speak their minds too.

“Zong Ze! If you hand over the relic, Baimen Sect will not cause trouble in your sect today!” A white-robed young man with white hair spoke with a sinister tone, who obviously was a Devil Path expert.

“A supreme treasure like the All-Heaven Relic is unworthy for a mere second-rate sect like yours to possess!” A squared face old monk that was also an old ancestor said with a sharp tone.

“Hand over the relic! If not Yuanjue Valley shall be obliterated today!”

“Zong Ze, don’t be stubborn!”


The voice of each and every threat continuously resounded in the main hall, but Zong Ze could only respond with a sigh.

All-Heaven Relic… if the Yuanjue Valley had it, he would’ve handed it over to the Seven Sects for the sake of peace. These seven old ancestors were ruthless people that he could not afford to offend.

There’s only a total of two Gold Core Realm experts (Hou Lian and Zong Ze) in Yuanjue Valley, who were both only in the early-stage. They wouldn’t be a match against Gold Core Realm elders from first-rate sects, let alone Mo Xisheng and the other old ancestors. All seven of them had gathered in Yuanjue Valley, with each and every one of them having the strength to trample this place flat.

He would certainly hand over the relic if he had it! But he did not have it!

It’s true that the first one to discover the news of the relic was a disciple of Yuanjue Valley! It’s also true that Elder Hou Lian had led a team of novice monks to obtain the relic. But who would’ve imagined that there was a demon tide in Wei. Given the time, Hou Lian should’ve been back by now…

Zong Ze was not stupid.

Since the Seven Great Sects came to Yuanjue Valley to seek trouble, they must have obtained credible news that Hou Lian is in possession of the relic.

Whereas Hou Lian who had obtained the All-Heaven Relic had not returned to the sect. He had either died from the demon tide or he had secretly ran away with the treasure. It’s also possible that it’s in the possession of one of the Seven Sect’s old ancestor, but kept it hidden by shifting all the blame to Yuanjue Valley and cover the truth…

It was hard to say… the hearts of cultivators are unpredictable in the world of cultivation. Who knows where the All-Heaven Relic is now?

Some of the Seven Great Sects’ old ancestors are experts in divination, but the All-Heaven Relic is able to conceal all Heaven’s Fate. Making these old ancestors unable to find the location of the relic.

If Hou Lian fled with the treasure, then Zong Ze would truly hate this traitor who brought disaster upon the sect. The sect will cease to exist.

If Hou Lian died due to the demon tide, then even if Zong Ze had a hundred mouths, he wouldn’t be able to give an explanation. His inability to bring out the relic would cause the sect to fall. The Seven Great Sects would find nothing after Yuanjue Sect’s annihilation. And maybe they would even take Zong Ze’s soul and perform Soul Memory Searching Spirit Technique to confirm it. Only then would they believe that Yuanjue Valley does not have the relic.

If one of the Seven Great Sect’s old ancestor had the relic and shifts the blame to Yuanjue Valley, then the sect would surely be eradicated without a doubt. Only a dead person can cut off all the clues about the relic…

“Sigh… What sin have I accumulated to be pushed into this corner by the Seven Great Sects…”

Zong Ze close his eyes in disappointment with a tranquil expression.

Forget it… no matter where the relic is, it’s unlikely to escape death for me today.

“Zong Ze, are you going to hand over the All-Heaven Relic or not?!” Mo Xisheng questioned for the last time.

“I don’t have the relic… I swear upon my heart devil!” Zong Ze said bitterly.

“Hmmph! Stubborn old fool! Very well, fellow daoists do not need to hold back. We will find the relic today even it means trampling the whole Yuanjue Valley!”

After they heard Mo Xisheng’s words, the seven great old ancestors’ expression became cold and their killing intent that was hidden suddenly unleashed.

These people were composed of devil and righteous cultivators, but regardless of their status, no one was kind when it came to the matters of the country’s heirloom, the All-Heaven Relic!

Each and every novice monk of Yuanjue Valley trembled from several hundreds of killing intent from the Seven Sects.

There were even many disciples who kneeled and pleaded for the sect leader to not bring disaster to the sect for a relic.

*Wei = Wei Country

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