Grasping Evil - Chapter 160 (2)

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 The killing intent was released and several novice monks were immediately slaughtered.

Zong Ze’s eyes became filled filled hatred. As he opened his eyes, he roared with anger.

“Mo Xisheng! This old man had already said that there’s no relic here! Even if I have it, this has nothing to do with my sect’s disciples, how dare you?!”

“Good! Good! A mere Early Gold Core Realm cultivator dared to shout at this old man! You, shall die! None of your sect’s disciples will live another day!”

Mo Xisheng sneered as gold light with buddhist hymns enveloped his body. His palm changed to a pure-gold color and struck towards Zong Ze without any magical force used!

But suddenly, the buddhist hymns changed into a golden wheel revolved above the main hall unceasingly. A hundred zhang pure gold giant palm condensed out of it and even its fingerprints were golden. It shattered the main hall’s roof and the palm rushed towards Zong Ze!

Nascent-Rank Low-Grade Body Refinement Technique, Golden Wheel Palm!

Each extra revolution of the golden wheel increased the palm strength by ten percent!

This palm strike was Mo Xisheng’s sure-kill attack. He’s a Zen Cultivator that had refined his body his entire life and he was in the Silver Light Ninth Realm. He wasn’t far off from reaching the Silver Bone Realm!

He could even take on two-to-three strikes from an average Nascent Soul Realm cultivator!

The power of that palm strike made the other six old ancestor to feel a chill on their backs. If the other old ancestors that was at the Peak Gold Core Realm were to take that strike, none of them could take it on without getting injured!

As for Zong Ze who was targeted by the palm strike, the immortal veins in his body were nearly broke completely, and his golden core  was on the verge of shattering by just taking on the wind of the palm strike!

Unbearable, I need to dodge this attack! if not, only death awaits!

But he couldn’t accept that because of his weak cultivation, he got bullied and humiliated. This feeling made him terrible!

“Mo Xisheng! I shall remember this enmity!”

“Remember? Pity that after this old man uses Soul Memory Searching Spirit Technique on you, you won’t remember a thing. Even if you remembered, what can you do to me? With your Early Gold Core cultivation base, even if you cultivate for five hundred years nonstop, you will still not be a match for me! Now DIE!”

Mo Xisheng laughed and his powerful palm press downward!

Zong Ze’s whole body became bathed in blood and the jade seat he sat on shattered. He was like a bloodied man after being pressed underground by the palm strike.

Die… I’m going to die …

But at that moment, an aura stronger than Mo Xisheng’s by several times reverberated within Yuanjue Valley!

The air of the entire main hall was suddenly frozen by a icy-cold force!

Accompanied with the sound of breaking ice, that golden wheel palm technique that even Nascent Soul Realm cultivators would find hard to receive was broken down. The palm force bursted into golden light and dissipated!

The power of the fist did not diminish and the sound of breaking ice continued. A series of shattering sounds could be heard and affected the Seven Sect’s cultivators. Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators all exploded into blood mists in just an instant.

Several Gold Core Realm cultivators from the Seven Sects were heavily injured under the power of that attack, even though they all had exceptionally refined bodies!

Even the old ancestors from the Seven Sects were extremely battered. As for Mo Xisheng who had his palm strike broken, he spat out a mouthful of golden blood. For the first time in his life, his eyes did not have arrogance they usually had, but was filled with shock instead!

He raised his head and saw a cold young man wearing a white shirt and a black robe in the sky through the shattered roof above the main hall. One of his hands carried Hou Lian while the other one still had ice force lingering around it.

Mo Xisheng felt the pain of being stabbed by swords with just a mere gaze, as his Sea of Consciousness felt as if it's going to shatter! He stuttered and couldn't say a complete sentence!

“This person… this person… Who’s th… this guy?!”

“I am Yuanjue’s Old Ancestor… I need an explanation now!” Ning Fan said with a cold voice. Every cultivator from the Seven Sects who were extremely arrogant just a minute ago all lowered their heads under this voice, not daring to look him in the eye.

This person unexpectedly called himself Yuanjue’s Old Ancestor?! Yuanjue Valley has such an expert overseeing it?!

What is this person’s cultivation?!

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