Grasping Evil - Chapter 161 (1)

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Rubble was scattered everywhere while a youngster wearing white clothes and black robes floated up above the sky.

He had eyes that were both cold and sharp, hair as black as the darkest night. his intimidating presence alone made everyone in Yuanjue Valley all shiver in fear!

The sound of breaking ice was like the voice of a devil that had deeply infiltrated each of their hearts. Whenever the ice shatters, people would perish. Wei’s once powerful Harmonious Spirit Realm old monster didn’t even have a chance to resist the attack.

The Seven Sects’ Gold Core Realm cultivators were confident in their judgement and then looked at the youngster with extreme fear as if he was some kind of dangerous being. That breaking ice attack that could shatter heaven and earth was definitely not any weaker than an attack at the level of Nascent Soul Realm.

The Seven Sects’ Old Ancestors used their most powerful defensive techniques and magical treasures. But they did not take it easy, as each of their eyes shrank and were on full alert.

They were all thinking of countermeasures, including Mo Xisheng. There was a high possibility that the youngster was a Nascent Soul Realm expert. Even if he’s not, that attack was enough to make them label him as the most dangerous enemy in their lifetime. Mo Xisheng had the clearest judgement on the youth’s refined body strength since his strongest attack had been personally broken by the youth.

Without a doubt… He easily broke through my Golden Wheel Palm. This youth who suddenly appeared and called himself Yuanjue Valley Old Ancestor must be a Silver Bone Realm cultivator.

Silver Bone… there’s an extremely low chance to win against this youth even if we go all out. Surprisingly, there’s such a person overseeing Yuanjue Valley. Today’s plot to acquiring the All-Heaven Relic will most likely fail…

However, even Sect Master Zong Ze was confused. Since when did Yuanjue Valley have such an old ancestor expert?

Mo Xisheng’s initial expression of shock gradually calmed down. This person wants an explanation, what explanation can we give?

It was obvious that they were going to murder and plunder, so how do we explain that?

Or maybe this youth just wanted compensation? We murdered a few disciples of Yuanjue Valley but he eliminated several hundreds of Harmonious Spirit Realm Cultivators on our side. How do we calculate this debt?

After they deliberate examined the youth, Mo Xisheng and the other six old ancestors’ expression suddenly changed… Weird, this youth’s bones were only less than 20 years and when his aura was drawn back, his cultivation base appeared to be only Harmonious Spirit Realm.

The seven of them looked at each other, puzzled.

Could it be that this person has a strong body but had a weak cultivation base?

If it’s so, with the seven of us combined, then there's nothing to fear even if he has some tricks up his sleeves.

Nothing to fear… The Seven Sects did not need to give any explanation to him, as a matter of fact, this person is the one who should give an explanation to us! Where did this young man come out from. Relying on sneak attacks and his Body Refinement Technique, disguising as the old ancestor of Yuanjue Valley and annihilating several hundreds of Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators of our sects.

He must be tired of living!

Mo Xisheng expression sank and snorted.

“There’s no old ancestor of Yuanjue Valley, who exactly…”

Cold light flashed in Ning Fan’s eyes before Mo Xisheng had the chance to finish his sentence! Mo Xisheng couldn’t continue what he wanted to say as every strand of his hair stood on end after feeling a terrifying killing intent emanating from Ning Fan!

He had cultivated his Dao for a thousand years and had gone through many life and death experiences. But under Ning Fan’s killing intent, he felt as weak and helpless as he was when he initially step foot into the cultivation world!

I can only feel this sensation whenever I’m faced with Nascent Soul Realm old monsters! I miscalculated! It’s impossible for him to be just in the Harmonious Spirit Realm, he must really be a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator!

He wants to kill me!

Without any hesitation, Mo Xisheng continuously spurted out several mouthfuls of Blood Essence and changed into a seven Zhang giant. His robes got torn under the effect of his transformation as golden pieces of Buddhist hymns floated on his body! With this self-harming secret technique, his Body Refining Realm temporarily broke through to the Silver Light Tenth Stage almost reaching the Silver Bone Realm!

There was only enough time to prepare this when Ning Fan’s ice cold voice resounded within the main hall!

“I’ll say it again, I want an explanation!”

Black glowing dots flickered around and the primordial force of Heaven and Earth fluctuated around Ning Fan’s body. A light shadow flashed like a sharp sword and teleported towards Mo Xisheng in an instant.

He came here with the identity of Yuanjue Valley’s Old Ancestor only to extort money from them. But before starting with the plan, let’s use Mo Xisheng’s life to set up my authority!

His seven Zhang giant body was mediocre in the eyes of Ning Fan. Ning Fan’s arm got enveloped in lightning and the glow of breaking ice when he waved his arm to grab forward. The seven Zhang giant’s arm was as strong as a High-Grade magical treasure, but it instantly froze into ice by just a single touch of Ning Fan and exploded into dust under the lightning ray.

That escaping technique was teleportation. That thunder roar was an Innate Skill Divine Ability to control lightning. Mo Xisheng shouted in pain and was extremely terrified as his qi immediately weakened. Every inch of muscle and bone of a Body Refining Cultivator had been repeatedly refined overtime. Once an arm has been broken, the Body Refining Realm would immediately drop.

He could only steady his body after retreating dozens of step back, with his aura weakening drastically with each step.

There was only fear left in his eyes!

Without giving a chance for Mo Xisheng to recover, Ning Fan’s body flickered with black dots and several teleportations made him appear above and around Mo Xisheng like an illusion. Five palm strikes struck the top of his skull and his giant body at the same time!

The sound of five broken bones could be heard as Mo Xisheng bled like a geyser with his body becoming like mud, unable to maintain its form. His trump card was broken!

His Body Refining Technique had all gone to waste, but he cannot even entertain a single  thought of hatred. There was only one thing in his mind which comprised of two words ‘RUN AWAY’!

He bit the tip of his tongue and spent his remaining magical force and blood essence to change into a wisp of smoke. He then submerged into the earth and escaped with a speed that was slightly faster than a Half-Step Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

Ning Fan was extremely surprised that this technique enabled Mo Xisheng to escape under his watch. If he did not misread it, that technique was a lost Immemorial Fiend God Divine Ability --- an imitation technique of the Earth Escaping Technique.

It was not easy for a non-Fiend God body to cast, even if it was  just an imitation.Therefore, Mo Xisheng had to exhaust an extreme amount of magical force and blood essence.  

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