Grasping Evil - Chapter 162 (2)

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The Desolate Hill of the Founding Ancestor of Wei.

While Ning Fan was waiting, Zong Ze and Hou Lian were busy collecting information from various sects and channels about the Desolate Hill of the Founding Ancestor.

It was where Wei’s Founding Ancestor was buried, therefore the place was filled with magical treasures, medicinal pills and his relic. It was also rumored that he was a Peak Spirit Severing Realm Cultivator. The cultivation method, medicinal pills and magical treasures he had must have been extraordinary. They would be extremely beneficial for the current Ning Fan.

Rumor has it that this secret place has five floors, with each floor more dangerous than the last. Cultivators in the Vein Opening Realm would find it hard to enter the first floor, Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators would find it difficult to stay on the second floor, Gold Core Realm  cannot stay on the third floor for too long, Nascent Soul Realm old monsters wouldn’t survive on the fourth floor and those in the Spirit Severing Realm would face danger on the fifth floor!

The All-Heaven Relic was obtained from that place and there were still many treasures that were like that relic laid untouched.

Non-Wei cultivators couldn’t enter, but with the sect master of Yuanjue Valley -- Ning Fan would be able to enter!

Within Yuanjue Valley, Ning Fan closed his eyes and looked into his Dantian with his divine sense. There was a golden purple relic quietly dormant in his Dantian.

Under the relic’s Buddhist light, all divination below Void Refinement Realm would be hidden! This was truly a Supreme Treasure!

After all information regarding the Desolate Hill of the Founding Ancestor had been gathered, Ning Fan decided to explore the place and take away all the treasures that Wei’s Founding Ancestor had left behind!

But when he was about to leave, escaping lights from two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators  rushed towards Yuanjue Valley from a thousand miles away.

Ning Fan was preparing to leave but his gaze became cold and halted his departure.

Many Wei cultivator detected the two Nascent Soul Realm escaping lights and flew towards Yuanjue Valley.

They were both Nascent Soul Realm cultivators of the Rain Palace. The reason why they went to Yuanjue Valley was to inquire about the extortion.

One of them had the appearance of an Old Scholar while the other one was a beautiful woman. Both of them were Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivators!

The Old Scholar’s strong sound transmission that had the power of the Nascent Soul Realm reached them from a thousand Li away way before their escaping lights arrived.

“Which ‘friend’ pretended to be Wei’s Nascent Soul Realm cultivator and caused trouble in Wei!”

The voice had a hint of special intent hidden behind it, as if it was the autumn rain that was bound to come.

The voice carried with it green sound wave that vibrate every hundred Li, causing the color to deepen and the Rain Intent to get stronger.

After ten vibrations, that green sound wave exerted pressure on where Ning Fan stood. Immediately, the thousand zhang land around Ning Fan collapsed under the power of the sound wave that was imbued with Rain Intent.

Some Gold Core Realm rogue cultivators who had recently joined Yuanjue Valley that stood behind Ning Fan felt slight suffocation and quickly backed away from the sound wave attack with expressions full of shock.

Ning Fan’s gaze sharpened under this sound wave. This sound wave is undoubtedly a technique, one that imitates the great divine ability of the ancient cultivators -- Spirit Speech. Whereas that Rain Intent was an imitation of the genuine Rain Divine Intent!

But this Divine Intent is incomplete and illusory, and is by no means real. It does not have the Old Scholar’s comprehension imbued within it, and if compared to Ning Fan’s Divine Intent, it was just a mere imitation and worlds apart from the genuine one.

Even so, Ning Fan was secretly surprised at the Rain Palace’s vast resources.

Both the Old Scholar and the beautiful woman were undoubtedly Nascent Soul Realm cultivators from the Rain Palace. The  purpose of their visit must be regarding the extortion that he had committed.

This sound wave had power but it should only be a test, a test to gauge my strength.

Even if the Old Scholar only possessed a fake Divine Intent, but he still managed to increase its power via a magical technique. The average Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivators wouldn't be able to receive it easily.

The Rain Palace was the peacekeeper of the Rain World. They probably used a divine material called ‘Divine Intent Stone’ to cultivate fake Divine Intent on their subordinate cultivators. Only such material could allow a cultivator to inherit divine intent and mass produce strong fighters.

The Rain Palace is a force not to be trifled with. Even the Old Scholar is as strong as the Black Corpse, a Peak-Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator…

But it was impossible to subdue Ning Fan with just the power of the sound wave attack alone.  


Rain Intent flashed inside Ning Fan’s eyes as rain suddenly drizzled within a thousand zhang. Dark clouds quickly covered the sun and the skies in a hundred li, with the moon then appearing on the same sky and shining bright moonlight upon the land!

When the moonlight imbued the rain with its power, the fake Rain Intent and the sound wave dispersed.

Whereas the Old Scholar was shocked, not because his technique was broken, but because something else!

“The Rain Divine Intent! The genuine Rain Divine Intent! Impossible! Only the divine messengers of the Rain Palace could grasp that Divine Intent, could he be an ally of the Rain Palace?!”

Ning Fan’s qi suffused in the rain and made the beautiful woman’s expression change.

This qi feels extremely familiar. It’s similar to the mysterious Nascent Soul Realm cultivator that battled the demoness half a month ago… Unquestionably! The beautiful woman was skilled in a secret technique which allowed her to identify qi!

“Old Song, this person is the mysterious Nascent Soul Realm cultivator from the great battle half a month ago! I am a hundred percent sure!”

“What?!” The Old Scholar’s expression became cold once more.

Half a month ago, he had seen the ruins of a battle between Nascent Soul Realm experts and he had deduced that the defeated demoness was Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng.

The Nine Folds Purple Tornadoes Technique and the Teleporting Flying Sword of Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng had given the Old Scholar a headache… But that mysterious Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was able to defeat Zhifeng in just a short amount of time… The Old Scholar thought, even if I can defeat Zhifeng, it would probably last longer than a hundred breaths and I would certainly be hurt in the process.

If this person is the mysterious expert that had defeated Zhifeng, he is probably stronger than me…

Who’s this person?!

Zhou Ming, Zhou Ming… this name is very unfamiliar… Was there such a Nascent Soul Realm expert in the southeastern continent of the Rain World?

Disclaimer: We have used the term 'Spirit Speech' for the moment taking inspiration from another novel wherein the power/skill is similar based on context. If we find a more accurate term in the future, we will change it accordingly. If you have any suggestion for the term, just send us a message on discord or comment it down below. For reference, the raw name of the technique is 言出法随

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