Grasping Evil - Chapter 163(1)

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The old man clad in green robe was Song Yi while the beautiful woman in an orchid-coloured skirt was Liu Yunxu.

The two of them were the messengers from Rain Palace. However, at this moment, both of them felt dread towards Ning Fan.

This person possessed the Rain Divine Intent and he could even defeat Zhifeng easily. He must not be underestimated!

Is he one of the representatives from Rain Palace or the old ancestor of Yuanjue?

Tens of teleportations later, they travelled across thousands of li of distance and approached Ning Fan!

Their eyes felt pain whenever they met Ning Fan’s gaze.

This person really have piercing eyes!

“My name is Song Yi. How about you?! When I was travelling around Wei Country a thousand years ago, I haven’t heard of a Gold Core Realm cultivator whose name is Zhou Ming before!”

“A thousand years ago, you and I were Gold Core Realm cultivators! I too hadn’t heard of an Old Scholar called Song Yi!

The Old Scholar had an extraordinary aura. The profound cultivation method that he cultivated emphasized on raising his qi. Therefore, his aura was even stronger than the black corpse in the past.

However, Ning Fan didn’t budge an inch under the pressure of his aura. Additionally, he replied to the Old Scholar in an indifferent manner. For Ning Fan, there wasn’t anyone that could make him surrender with mere pressure. Nobody!

All this time, the Old Scholar was testing Ning Fan. The first test was done using the sound wave and the fake Divine Intent. It showed that he was weaker than Ning Fan.

The second test was exerting pressure with his aura. However, he still couldn’t take the slightest advantage against Ning Fan.

The Old Scholar, Song Yi, gave Ning Fan a cold gaze. After the tests, he now knew that Ning Fan wasn’t an easy opponent.

However, he couldn’t just let Ning Fan off when he knew that Ning Fan had intruded Wei Country using someone else’s name and extorted more than 3 million immortal jade.

He turned his gaze to the beautiful woman and snorted arrogantly.

“Fine. For now, I’ll believe that you are a cultivator of Wei Country. However, even if you are a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator of Wei Country, you don’t have the right to take millions of immortal jade by force. Your actions just fermented chaos in this country.”

“You want my immortal jade?” Without waiting for the Old Scholar to finish his speech, Ning Fan replied with a sneer.

“Precisely! I can disregard whatever you’ve done in Wei Country but not the huge amount of immortal jade you’ve obtained! Following the ‘Rain Palace’s World Law’, you must contribute seventy percent of the total amount!”

“Really? Whatever that comes into my hands, there’s no way I’d return it!” Ning Fan said with absolute resolve.

“Since you’re basically asking for it, don’t accuse us of bullying you when we ‘act accordingly’! Fellow Daoist Liu, let’s get started!”

The Old Scholar felt uneasy going against Ning Fan as he didn’t have much confidence in defeating him. However, he will join forces with the beautiful woman this time. It shouldn’t be difficult to handle Ning Fan.

As one of the messengers from the Rain Palace, he had an air of haughtiness. Even a Mid Nascent Soul Realm or Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator would need to treat him with due respect!

Rain Palace’s World Law stated that one must hand over seventy percent of the loot of a cultivation country.

If he hadn’t met Ning Fan, then he could’ve ignored it. Since he had met him, there’s no way he wouldn’t take any action against Ning Fan!

After Song Yi and Liu Yunxu exchanged glances, both of them moved quickly and released the pressure of their aura. Their pressure alarmed everyone within a hundred li.

“Those who have no business with him, please leave this place! We from the Rain Palace will be enforcing the laws here.”

It was a battle between Zhou Ming and two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. All the old monsters around intended to spectate the battle with their very eyes. However, they had no choice but to retreat a hundred li away and looked on coldly as bystanders.

From the view of Wei Country’s cultivators, Zhou Ming was not a match for two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators no matter how strong he was.

As for the Old Scholar and the woman, they only planned to let Zhou Ming taste the power of Rain Palace so that he would obediently present the immortal jade. None of them had any intention of fighting him to the death.

This battle would end up with Ning Fan being defeated and giving up the immortal jade so that he could make peace with the messengers. This wasn’t the first time the old monsters witnessed such means of enforcing the law. They knew that Rain Palace would never eliminate a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.  Every single of them was a valuable strength to Rain Palace.

Logically, Ning Fan knew all of these. In fact, he had the notion of comparing his strength with this Old Scholar to see who was more powerful.

All the time, he had relied on Yin Plucking Finger and Yin Yang Transformation to subdue two Nascent Soul Realm female cultivators. The only opportunity he had to fight against a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was the fight against the black corpse. Today was the perfect chance for him to fight in earnest with Nascent Soul cultivators.

Apart from that, Ning Fan was unwilling to give up the immortal jade. Seventy percent of the immortal jade he obtained would be equivalent to around two million immortal jade. Furthermore, he got the immortal jade with his own effort. How could he hand them over to the Rain Palace without any justifiable reason?

It would be absolutely impossible for him to surrender the immortal jade unless he loses the battle!

After Song Yi’s voice resonated in the sky, all cultivators, including the disciples and sect leader of Yuanjue Valley, hurriedly evacuated from their sect.

Then, the both of them split up. The woman performed hand seals and her body became like lightning, vanishing to the sky after teleporting a few times. It was then that a hundred zhang long blue light vortex emerged.

Blue flames continuously sprang up from within the vortex and exploded in mid-air, transforming into a rain of droplets of blue flames which carried a whiff of orchid-like smell.

When she appeared, she grabbed the blue light vortex with her bare hands and all the fire rain condensed in her palm. Suddenly, a hundred zhang ruler blazing with faint blue flames came into existence. It fell directly from above Ning Fan!

Upon witnessing that, there was an uproar from a hundred li away where the bystanders were.

“Fourth Grade Spiritual Fire, Underworld Orchid Fire! It’s indeed exceptional to be able to display a Low Grade Nascent Soul Realm technique using this fire and transform it into a fire ruler! Rumor has it that when she was killing demons in the past, she used the ruler to scorch tens of li of a land!”

This ruler was truly uncommon. After parting with the woman, the Old Scholar took out a sword and charged wildly at Ning Fan with the tip of the sword pointing directly at him!

Supreme Grade Magical Treasure, Winter Sword! The demons who died under this sword were far too many to count!

Both of them did not hold back their strength. They wanted to frighten Ning Fan in the very first bout. It was too difficult for Ning Fan to withstand the attacks of two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators!

Even though he possessed Yin Yang Transformation, he wasn’t able to get near the beautiful woman and use his Yin Plucking Finger since she kept a sharp eye on Ning Fan.

He was left without a choice other than displaying his true strength!

He patted his storage pouch and a small golden black human which looked like a mud doll appeared on his palm. He hurled it towards the woman who was in mid-air. At the same time, a silver light flashed between his eyebrows and soon he was enveloped by silver light. The next moment, a nine zhang and nine chi giant came into view!

The small golden black human turned into a black refined corpse in a few breaths of time. The corpse qi it released was enough to cover the heavens. When it raised its hand and scratched the empty air, the hundred zhang blue light vortex above the woman was pulverized!

After Ning Fan became a giant, he let out a devilish roar and threw a punch. Thousands of zhang of heaven and earth around the Old Scholar was frozen and his escaping light was shattered, stopping his movement!

Although that punch was thrown at the air, he could feel that the strength of the punch envelop thousands of zhang around him!

His expression greatly changed. Brandishing his Winter Sword and performing a few sword techniques hastily, sword qi began to wrap his body.

Each of the sword qi was enough to kill a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator with ease. However, when the sound of crushing ice filled the air, heaven and earth shook and all sword qi were crushed! He wasn’t hurt but his chest was slightly shaken by the vibration of the punch, causing him to almost cough up blood. Great disbelief shone through his eyes!

On the other hand, the black refined corpse was remarkably insensitive to pain. No matter how many times the woman dropped the fire ruler on it, there weren’t any injuries on its body. Its body was heaven-defyingly strong!

Besides, the sheer physical strength of the black corpse was incredible. Every punch it threw carried a thunderous blast. After tens of punches launched at the fire ruler, cracks began to appear on its surface. It’s only matter of time for the fire ruler to shatter into pieces.

Horrifying! Absolutely horrifying!

It’s not just the bystanders who couldn’t believe their eyes, but also both of the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators!

None of them had imagined that Zhou Ming owned a refined corpse with powerful physical defense that could ignore all attacks at the Early Nascent Soul Realm. Its strength was also strong enough to match a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

None of them were able to guess that the Old Scholar and the woman would display their ultimate techniques at the first exchange of pointers with Zhou Ming. However, Zhou Ming was able to withstand the two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators’ ultimate techniques without experiencing any difficulties. Aside from withstanding their attacks, Ning Fan counterattacked them and within a few breaths, both sides were at a standstill!

Silver Bone Realm and a strange refined corpse. This Zhou Ming surely had a lot of methods!

The black corpse and the woman had an ongoing fight and it was difficult to determine who would come out on top.

As for the Old Scholar and Ning Fan, they were engaging each other for the third time already.

It was a failure on the part of the Old Scholar again. His fear towards Ning Fan became more deeply rooted in his heart. The way he stared at the wild nine zhang nine chi giant was as if he had met a formidable enemy.

Without giving the giant a second chance to display his ice-crushing fist, the Old Scholar immediately patted his storage pouch and three Supreme Grade Flying Swords flew out from his pouch. Every sword was similar to his Winter Sword! Every sword made Ning Fan’s body feel danger!

“Four Swords of Winter! Suppressing the four directions!”

He vigorously performed hand seals and the four swords turned into four sword lights. After shining for a while, all of them appeared separately at the four directions around the giant, surrounding him.

It was a Sword Formation.

When the Sword Formation was completed, ancient and primitive sword qi condensed within the four swords. A strand of desolate killing intent was released from the swords and fused with the bright sky!

The sword qi was as ancient as the vast earth. Upon the emergence of the sword qi, heaven and earth quivered.

Meanwhile, a faint sword chant was reverberating in the sky like reading a mantra.

“In the land within the four swords, death is certain for any life form!”
Li = 500 meters

Zhang = 3.13 meters

Chi = 30.7 cm

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