Grasping Evil - Chapter 163(2)

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The very moment the sword qi appeared, surprise became apparent in the woman’s eyes. As for the black corpse which showed no inkling of intelligence, its body was trembling.

Those cultivators who were far away felt insignificant and helpless when faced with this ancient sword qi. All of them felt the threat of inevitable death in front of that sword qi.

Even Ning Fan who was currently a giant became serious. However, he let out a sneer the next moment.

The formation of the four Winter Swords imitated the Immortal Execution’s style. Within the four swords, there was also a trace of the Immortal Execution’s sword qi which no one knew how the Old Scholar got his hands on.

Every life form would die within the area surrounded by the four swords. With those swords, the Old Scholar who only had an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivation was capable of even fighting a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, and come out undefeated. However, what good would it bring displaying this sword qi to Ning Fan?!

At that instant, the sound of Ning Fan’s Consciousness of the Sword within his Sea of Consciousness could be heard resonating with the sword qi. It was somewhat attracting the power of the sword qi.

He then released his sword sense and instantaneously, the four swords floating in mid-air let out a sad screeches. And it was then that half-inch cracks formed on the bodies of the swords.

The sword qi of the swords was swept away by Ning Fan’s sword sense and had been absorbed into his Sea of Consciousness, turning it into nourishment for strengthening his Consciousness of the Sword.

The sword qi within his Sea of Consciousness became invigorated and even his sword sense was a tad bit stronger than before. The Old Scholar’s swords lost their power and the Immortal Execution’s sword qi disappeared. They could no longer activate the sword formation to launch a powerful attack against the giant before them!

I don’t understand… I don’t understand! The Old Scholar couldn’t comprehend why the sword qi was taken away even though the sword formation was completed. It was just about to inflict serious injuries on the giant!

When he saw the dark-coloured sword sense, he was thunderstruck. He now realized that Ning Fan might already have condensed the Consciousness of the Sword and sword sense!

“This person was able to break my sword formation and even steal my sword qi… In that case, I am only left with one technique to fight against him! Lightning Sacrifice Formation, arranged with Lightning Sacrifice Luopan1!”

He took out tens of silver-coloured disk arrays. After splitting them with his bare hands, each of the disk arrays floated strangely in the air before him. Each of them was activated using his spirit sense and then silver patterns of a Dan Realm Formation emerged in the sky.

There were a total of forty-nine lightning patterns!

That formation was called Ancient Lightning Sacrifice Formation!

This formation was truly the Old Scholar’s final trump card. Once the formation is completed, tens of thousands of lightning would strike. It was a fatal attack for Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. Even if the giant before him escaped death, he would still suffer heavy injuries!

When the formation surfaced, all the bystanders became wide-eyed and hastily retreated to a further distance.

If the attack was initiated, the vicinity within two hundred li might be bombarded by lightning into oblivion!

“Old Song! This item is meant for suppressing demons. You must not simply show it!” The beautiful woman who was far away got bewildered after she discovered that the Old Scholar activated the disk arrays.

“There’s no harm in using it. The formation has already been activated and there won’t be any errors. Besides, the disk arrays are impossible to damage. The elders won’t accuse me for using it to frighten this guy. Unfortunately, the lives of all Yuanjue Valley’s cultivators who are below Gold Core Realm will be forfeited within the lightning formation. However, there is still a great number of Harmonious Spirit and Vein Opening Realm cultivators in Rain World. Their deaths aren’t even worth mentioning!”

The Old Scholar’s focus was all on Ning Fan. There’s no other thing that would be able to distract him.

The reason he did all of these was because Ning Fan made him too tense.

At this moment, cold light reflected from within the giant’s eyes.

Ancient Lightning Sacrifice Formation… Rumors has it that this formation contained the lost divine ability of  a fiendgod, the Lightning Sacrifice Technique. However, no one knows about the specifics.

“Seven” was the cardinal numbers of this formation. A single layer of formation was evaluated to be at the Spirit Realm. Seven layers of this formation would make it a Dan Realm formation. Forty-nine layers would bring it it into Nascent Soul Realm. Three hundred and forty-three layers would turn it into a Spirit Severing Realm Formation. Two thousand four hundred and one layers would be at the level of Mortal Void Realm. Sixteen thousand eight hundred and seven layers of formation would be regarded at the level of Immortal Void Realm Formation! The greater the number of layers, the harder the arrangement of the formation…

Since the Old Scholar was able to arrange forty-nine layers of formation, he surely had an exceptional cultivation of the Formation path! It’s just that his personality was overly indifferent.

When the formation was opened, the area within two hundred li was flooded with lightning! Many of Yuanjue Valley’s disciples weren’t able to escape from the lightning!

Originally, the elimination of Yuanjue Valley’s was not Ning Fan’s business but it did help him obtain the immortal jades. Therefore, karma has formed between him and the sect.

“You’ve crossed the line!”

A cold light shone from within the giant’s eyes!

The lightning star on his glabella blinked multiples times continuously!

His voice was comparable to the thunder roaring in the sky. It was then that flashes of lightning started to form vaguely in the clear heavens!

A single flash, ten flashes, hundreds of flashes, thousands of flashes and tens of thousands of flashes!

Under the sky full of flashes of lightning, the lightning power of Old Scholar’s profound Lightning Sacrifice Formation wasn’t even to comparable to his.

When the Old Scholar spotted the silver star in between Ning Fan’s eyebrows, he shuddered with fear.

“Divine Star! You possess Immemorial Divine Veins!”

“Get lost!”

The giant’s roar seemed to have merged with the lightning fury of the heavens. A unique force imbued his voice making it seemed as if there was a thunderblast within the minds of the Old Scholars, the woman and all the cultivators who were observing the battle!

He seemed to have just demonstrated the strong divine ability of a cultivator at Peak Nascent Soul Realm, Spirit Speech.

The Lightning Sacrifice Formation was broken under the influence of his roar.

All forty-nine silver disk arrays were cracked!

The Old Scholar’s consciousness was connected with the disk arrays. Therefore, when the disk arrays cracked, he immediately spurted out blood ceaselessly from his mouth, suffering serious injuries. Judging from the damage he took, he would need at least tens of years of cultivation to regain his previous cultivation realm!

Get lost!

Under the heavenly pressure, those words made the Old Scholar feel inferior when facing Ning Fan, as if he faced a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator instead. His body trembled uncontrollably with fear.

Ning Fan told him, a reputable Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, to get lost!

Although he didn’t want to give up, he had a feeling that if he didn’t follow Ning Fan’s instruction, his life would undoubtedly end there!

When he saw Ning Fan had a blood-red jade slip2 in his palm, the feeling he had earlier magnified even more!

A vicious killing intent was concealed within the jade slip. The killing intent would be able to tear the Old Scholar into pieces!

“Fellow Daoist Zhou Ming, please show mercy! An old fellow like me will immediately leave this place! Fellow Daoist Liu, hurry up and let’s go!”

This time, the Old Scholar no longer held the arrogance he had earlier when he denounced Ning Fan publicly for his violation of laws. There was only a single thought in his mind, to leave as soon as possible.

He decided that he’s not going to have any more business with Zhou Ming no matter what his identity was or what had he done in Wei Country. He even hoped that he would never have anything to do with Zhou Ming in the future.

In the Old Scholar’s opinion, Zhou Ming was unfathomable!

Furthermore, he had a guess on Zhou Ming’s identity. Although his guess was incorrect, his guess was something that made the messengers of Rain Palace to have no audacity to oppose him.

Every cultivator stared in disbelief upon seeing both the representatives from Rain Palace left hastily.

After this battle,  there’s no way ordinary Nascent Soul Realm cultivators would underestimate Zhou Ming of Wei Country!

Two escaping lights were fleeing for their lives. It was only after fleeing for a few days that the Old Scholar let out a sigh of relief and slowed down as they were already tens of thousands of li from Yuanjue Valley.

“Old Song, are we going to leave just like that?” A beautiful woman on a mountain peak asked after her magic power recovered.

“Or what, do you want us to seek death in Yuanjue Valley?” Song Yi replied harshly. When he recalled Ning Fan’s methods, he would still feel frightful about it.

“Were we going to die? Old Song might have suffered injuries, but it is not to the extent of dying. We are Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and we have inexhaustible life-saving means. Even if our bodies were to be destroyed, we would still be able to escape with our Nascent Soul. No matter how strong that Zhou Ming was, he wouldn’t have the capability to kill us. Apart from that, our identities are reputable as we are divine messengers from the Rain Palace. Perhaps he can kill us, but he would not dare to do so.” The beautiful woman answered with a hint of disapproval to the Old Scholar’s words. She concluded that while she might not be Ning Fan’s opponent, her identity as Rain Palace’s messenger made her feel better than Ning Fan.

“He couldn’t be killed! The means he possessed were strange and unpredictable. My famous technique, the Four Swords Formation was crushed by his sword sense. The Lightning Sacrifice Formation that I arranged to pin him down was broken down by his lightning-based technique. At the end, he even took out a jade slip. If I wasn’t wrong, there’s an all-out attack at Spirit Severing Realm stored in it. Not to mention me, even a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator would die after receiving that attack!”

There was still a lingering fear within the Old Scholar heart. He quickly continued by expressing the biggest but most incorrect guess in his mind.

“Additionally, if I’m right, this Zhou Ming might be the descendant of that lord. That lord bears the same surname with him.”

“Which lord?” The woman curiously asked.

“The lord who was born in Rain Palace but died in the Endless Sea. He was the person that the Divine Emperor was fearful of. He possessed the divine veins of lightning, condensed the divine star of lightning, and mastered lightning. His Lightning Sacrifice Technique was made to be unrivalled for other cultivators at his realm. Once, he had fought the three Emperors of the Sword World. Although he did not win, he managed to remain undefeated in that fight. Rumor has it that he was the first person to achieve Void Fragmentation Realm in the Rain World tens of thousands of years ago!”

“What?! Old Song, are you saying that he’s the descendant of ‘Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou’?!”

“Shhh. Don’t speak of it so carelessly. You must not reveal this to the others. All in all, I have no business in this matter anymore. I am just an insignificant messenger from Rain Palace. I don’t want to be involved in it…”

The fear in Song Yi did not recede. In fact, the fear intensified whenever he thought of Ning Fan’s means, strength and “identity”.

As a matter of fact, Ning Fan got the pseudonym of “Zhou Ming” from the Demon Sinister Forest. It absolutely had no relation with “Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou”. It was just a coincidence that Ning Fan would be regarded as the descendant of the emperor.

However, Song Yi might not have the guts to face Ning Fan anymore in his entire life. For him, Ning Fan was too terrifying!

In fact, the divine messengers of Rain Palace were nothing but ants when comparing them with Thunder Emperor Bu Zhou. They should be regarded as coolies3 of Rain Palace.


  1. Luopan is Chinese Magnetic Compass

  2. Jade slip is media for writing documents in China before the introduction of paper. Wood slips were more widely used in the past. Please refer here to see the picture.

  3. Coolie is the unskilled labourer in India, China and some other Asian countries.

Li = 500 meters

Zhang = 3.13 meters

Chi = 30.7 cm

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