Grasping Evil - Chapter 164 (1)

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The battle between Zhou Ming and the two Nascent Soul Realm Cultivators was like a thunderclap, quickly spreading across Wei.

Meanwhile, Ning Fan quietly left Yuanjue Valley amidst various rumors.

He didn’t kill the Old Scholar. He would only be equally matched against him even if he had gone all out. If he wanted to kill the Old Scholar, he needed to sacrifice his blood essence to do so or even… use the stored attack of the Demon General!

It was not worth it no matter which option he chooses and aside from that, he would anger the Rain Palace if he really killed the Old Scholar. It’ll only cause him unnecessary trouble.  

Scaring the Old Scholar off was enough, he did not need to go all out on such a minor matter.

He didn’t take notice of the matter in Wei anymore and arrived at the Desolate Hill of the Founding Ancestor in the heart of Wei.

It was a peaceful mountain range shaped like a magnificent dragon with the topography hiding a formation that was hard to detect.

Ning Fan hesitated slightly deep within the mountain range. The formation had already assimilated with Heaven and Earth that it couldn't be easily detected. The grade of the formation was -- Mortal Void.

Wei’s Founding Ancestor must have arranged the formation just before he died. The earth veins linked together towards his eternal resting place under the effect of the great formation.

Ning Fan was quick to find the entrance of the mountain range due to the information he had gathered earlier.

There was an opening of a dangerous crevice on a dragon shaped hill which leads directly towards the earth vein. There were several Wei cultivators gathered at the entrance with treasure hunting and training in mind.

These cultivators weren’t able to go into the deeper levels, but the Spirit Herbs and Spirit Ores that could be found at the outer areas was enough to make them excited. These resources in particular, were of extraordinary quality as they emitted buddhist light.

At the entrance, there were cultivators trying to gather companions to seek for opportunities within the earth vein.

Those that gathered companions at the last minute were mostly rogue cultivators. Cultivators that belonged to sects would move together without having to form a new team.

Ning Fan looked at the entrance and wasn’t the least bit interested in forming a team.

He had spent too much time in Wei so he needed to acquire the Founding Ancestor’s legacy as quickly as possible.

He closed his eyes and probed his divine intent into the earth.

There was many intertwining limestone caves and canyons deep within the earth enveloped with dense fog. Those who carelessly venture into the cave would certainly be lost. The earth vein was dangerous as those cultivators who had died in the past would become ghosts and there were also demon beasts that were born in the caves.

That is only the first level… There’s a path that leads to the second level located in the inner level of the first level. The second level is much more confusing and narrow, with only a few Harmonious Spirit Realm Cultivators searching for treasures in there.

There are several Gold Core Realm cultivators in the third level. It didn't look like they were looking for treasures, but using the pressure of the Founding Ancestor to improve their Body Refinement Technique instead. These Gold Core Realm old monsters felt cold sweat drip down from their backs after Ning Fan’s divine sense swept through them. They were slightly shocked but couldn’t understand the reason why.

No humans were present in the fourth level. Ning Fan searched the small area of the fourth level with his divine intent but he could no longer search deeper.

The fifth level had became much more mysterious…

The Wei’s Founding Ancestor was a Peak Spirit Severing Realm cultivator and was a strong existence in the Rain World. He founded the Wei Country and slept eternally in this place… This kind of cultivator should have left an extraordinary legacy behind.

Compared to other cultivation countries, Wei was incredibly uncommon to be able to preserve its Founding Ancestor’s desolate hill…

Ning Fan then immediately moved towards the entrance.

A teenage girl wearing yellow garments stood at the entrance was looking slightly hesitant but she then blocked Ning Fan’s path. Her white teeth bit her lips while her nervous little face didn’t dare to look Ning Fan in the eyes.

“Th… that…” the teenage girl’s voice was as tiny as mosquito stuttered a little.

She was originally already shy and Ning Fan’s handsomeness only caused the girl to panic.

“Yes?” Ning Fan said indifferently.

“That… Do you want to form a team with us and enter the first floor of the earth vein to search for treasures…” she carefully said. She had a clean appearance, with smooth silky skin, had a cultivation base of the Fourth Level of Vein Opening Realm, she also had pure eyes and was somewhat immature. It was painfully obvious that she had just entered the cultivation world recently.

This immaturity was you would take pity on and together with her looks, many young masters would certainly want to look after her. But for Ning Fan, this girl was just average. He wouldn’t spend another second to mingle with this girl.

“Sorry, I prefer to go solo…”

“Bu… But the first floor of the earth vein is extremely dangerous!” She anxiously said. But Ning Fan walked away further and deeper as if he couldn’t hear anything and vanished into the earth vein.

Having been rejected by Ning Fan, she bit her lips with her white teeth, feeling slightly frustrated and suddenly a pressuring voice came from behind.

“Wen Qing, any luck? If there aren’t ten people in the group, this treasure hunt is cancelled! ”

“Big Brother Zhang, please wait for a little more time. I’ll try to look again. There should be people willing to form a team with us…”

If there were less than 10 people grouped together… Vein Opening Realm cultivators would find it extremely dangerous to enter.

But she would certainly regret it in her whole life if she couldn’t enter.

She was a rogue cultivator and only had her younger sister.

Her sister was stricken with fire poison, and to get rid of it, she needed to obtain a certain crystal from a beast in the first level of the earth vein.  

She was timid and was afraid of death. But to save her sister, she needed to enter such dangerous place….

This was her own fate and it did not concern Ning Fan.


Ning Fan swept across the first floor under the effect of an icy light while he slashed and eliminated ghosts that blocked his way using sword qi.

These ghosts would sometimes drop crystals after their spiritual bodies dispersed. These crystals were cold and could help increase divine intent power by a bit if one consumed it but the effect was very miniscule. One hundred of these crystals were still inferior to a single Sense Bead. However, there are certain uses if these crystals were to be used as medicine.

The first level had Spirit Herbs that were ten plus years old, but he was not interested with them and ran straight towards the second level.

Several Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators could sometimes be seen in the second level, and these cultivators’ expressions would drastically change and quickly evade after they see Ning Fan’s escaping icy light.

Ning Fan was not the least bit bothered by those Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators. He felt even less concern on those hundred year old Spirit Herbs and ghosts. He stopped his escaping light at the edge of the second level after five minutes, and then looked at the formation in front of him as light flashed in his eyes!

The Mortal Void formation was unique and had a barrier that could detect and identify the qi of Wei’s Sect Master Token.

Only Gold Core Realm Cultivators and above can enter the third floor if there was no token. The token can reduce the strength of the formation by half.

Ning Fan carefully looked at the token and found that it was forged by a rare jade mineral. That jade mineral could only be found in the fourth level and only existed in Wei…

He placed his arm on the light barrier, but was unable to enter. Having a cultivation of just Half-step Gold Core Realm, he has yet to form his core which was not enough to enter the third level… But the token was able to immediately reduce the formation strength by half and allowed him to enter.

But he could no longer enter after he kept the token away. He closed his eyes and became silent as the demonic power in his body activated and his qi increased. With both magical and demonic power fused together, his magical strength had reached the level of Early Gold Core Realm…. This was the benefit of cultivating demonic power! Now, there was no stopping him from stepping inside the formation!

There were several Gold Core Realm Cultivators meditating on the earth vein in the third level. They would sit there for tens of years without a care in the world, hence they naturally did not know who Ning Fan was and what he had done in Wei.

These Gold Core Realm old monsters sensed there was someone coming in and immediately raised their brows. But after discovering that this person’s qi was but a mere Early Gold Core Realm, they immediately lost interest in him.

“A mere Early Gold Core Realm cultivator coming in the third level to cultivate, don't you think it's too dangerous?!”

If these Gold Core Realm cultivators knew that it was the powerful Old Ancestor Zhou Ming that they were mocking, what kind of shocked faces would they make?  

Ning Fan was not interested in these Gold Core Realm cultivators. His escaping light continued onwards. These Gold Core Realm ghosts and demons that had successfully cultivated spiritual wisdom hastily moved out of the way after sensing Ning Fan moving closer towards them.

The instincts of demons and ghosts were much keener than cultivators, and could vaguely feel how terrifying Ning Fan was.

On his way, he picked up several hundreds of years old Spirit Herbs that he needed.

One hour later, he stopped at the intersection point of the third and fourth level. He gazed at the other side and began to feel serious for the first time in this trip.

The fourth level’s formation was covered by a pale golden radiance and sanskrit words could barely be seen moving above the formation.

Ning Fan could not enter the fourth floor with his current cultivation base while holding Yuanjue Valley’s Sect Master Token.

He hesitated briefly and closed his eyes. The moment he opened his eyes, layers of jet black sword sense enveloped his body as his eyes turned ice-cold and his black hair danced wildly!


His sword sense was tyrannical, with the formation shattering followed by a loud ‘bang’ giving him the chance to enter the fourth level before the formation closed off again.

At this moment, those Gold Core Realm Cultivators who had previously ridiculed Ning Fan became extremely shocked!

That sound of explosion was without a doubt a sign of entering the fourth level… Could that person be a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator?!


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