Grasping Evil - Chapter 164 (2)

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There were thousand years old Spirit Herbs and precious Spirit Ores that can be found on the fourth floor with no hostiles to be seen.

But Ning Fan took each step forward with extreme caution, preparing for any eventualities.

A few strong qi stealthily crept towards Ning Fan with killing intent. They were Nascent Soul Realm qi that came from the local ghosts.

Ning Fan occasionally found corpses of Nascent Soul Ream cultivators of the Rain World that had long been left alone. He took all of their storage pouches from them.

Ning Fan quickly took out the blood-colored jade slip when these Nascent Soul Realm ghosts’ divine intent swept towards him.

The jade slip contained a Spirit Severing Realm stored attack that was filled with tyrannical killing intent. Those hidden divine intent immediately withdrew and retracted their killing intent.

“This human, is not to be trifled with…” One gloomy voice said coarsely.

There are a lot of forks in the pathways of the fourth floor that was filled with danger with many powerful demons guarding tens of thousands of Spirit Herbs. After giving it some thought, Ning Fan had to give up on the idea of getting those herbs. He could scare the enemies with the stored attack but it’ll be impossible to eliminate all of them.

He tried to take the shortest route towards the edge of the fourth floor with extreme caution… if there were some fearless demons that would dare come to him… he would immediately activate the Spirit Severing Realm stored attack!

Sometimes there were ten thousand years old Spirit Herbs that were only guarded by Early Nascent Soul Realm demons. After a slight contemplation, Ning Fan summoned the Black Corpse and utilized his strong Silver Bone body to rob the Spirit Herbs off of them. Two experts having the strength of Nascent Soul Realm made the Early Nascent Soul Realm demons fearful and had to helplessly give up protecting the Spirit Herbs… Therefore, Ning Fan managed to obtain several ingredients that were needed for a Five Revolution Pill.

It took him several hours to reach the intersection point of the fourth and fifth floor. The formation that was guarding the boundary was pure gold in color with evil-breaking buddhist hymns circulating nonstop. The formation would pressure those Nascent Soul Realm demons or ghosts that dared to go near the it. Even Ning Fan that had gone through the path of Demon Cultivation felt a slight pressure from the formation.

It was a very strong formation -- Mortal Void Grade, and was also infused with a Peak Spirit Severing Realm cultivator’s lifetime worth of divine intent!

That divine intent was of the Zen Faction named Zen Intent, but it was instead imbued with purple killing intent that was not merciful. It was infused with the Founding Ancestor’s slaughter of a lifetime!

The formation immediately reacted as if there was a single drop of water dripping into a pot boiling oil making a thousand purple light ripples when Ning Fan moved towards the formation. It changed into a golden purple Myriad Words Mantra that sends out attacks from the formation!

The Mantras revolved in the air with each circulation causing the void to tear…

The Mortal Void Grand Formation that was infused with the killing intent of a Peak Spirit Severing Realm cultivator was near impossible to go against, even for those mediocre Void Refinement Realm cultivators!

The Spirit Severing Realm cultivator jade slip that was in his hand was slightly weaker than the formation, it would be close to impossible to break the formation with just the Spirit Severing Realm stored attack!

Ning Fan immediately had his hairs standing on edge when the Myriad Words Mantra went towards him.

He clenched his teeth and sighed silently. I guess I can’t go inside the ruins with just my abilities alone.

No wonder…. Those Spirit Severing Realm cultivators would have flocked here if it was easy to enter. Whereas Mid Void Refinement Realm cultivators wouldn’t want to break this formation with great effort just to obtain the legacy of a Spirit Severing cultivator…

The first four levels must have already been searched thoroughly by the Rain World’s cultivators, but no one has yet to enter the fifth level

“Treasures maybe good, but its not worth it if it’ll cost my life!”

He prepared the force of Heaven and Earth surrounding his body and wanted to teleport away from the formation.

But at this moment, something weird happened and the silent Eastern Ocean Bell rang faintly from his storage pouch.

The Myriad Words Mantra trembled as if meeting their archenemy and immediately shattered from the bell ring.

As for the formation, it opened up a crack large enough for a person to go through and seemed as if it were fearful of something.

Weird, extremely weird… the Eastern Ocean Bell is just a Supreme Treasure, but it managed to shatter the Mortal Void Formation that a Void Refinement Realm cultivator would find hard to deal with…

But it was not the time to be curious, Ning Fan immediately leapt towards the formation before the hole closed up.

The formation, then closed up!

The items of Wei’s Founding Ancestor that had laid silent for thousands of years would, for the first time ever, have a new master!  


The fifth floor was small and without any hostile beings. Only a dozen of stone chambers that was connected together could be seen. There was a bedroom, an alchemy room and a cultivation room. There was a Peak Spirit Severing Realm Old Ancestor that had cultivated the Dao in this very place and also died in the lotus position tens of thousand years ago!

A thick layer of dust covered the ground making it difficult to imagine how long this place has been empty.

The magical treasures on the racks were at least of Supreme Grade, but each one of them had already lost their spiritual nature due to the passing of time. It was a pity…

As for the alchemy room, the rack had labels showing numerous Fourth Revolution Pills, but the jade bottles had turned yellow and the pills that were stored inside had become a pile of black powder.

This commonly happens in ancient ruins and Ning Fan did not feel pity nor weirded out by it.  

Those magical treasures and medicinal pills that was placed outside were but of average grade. The real ‘good stuff’ must have been well kept if the Founding Ancestor wanted to pass it on to his descendants.

What Ning Fan really cared about was the carvings and murals on the walls of each stone chambers.

These murals could be used to forge the Sword Testing Rock for Void Refinement Realm cultivators as they were extremely sturdy. But the carvings on the murals seemed as if someone used their fingers to carve them, as there were fingerprints left on each of those words.

It must have been Wei’s Founding Ancestor that carved those words. His body refinement realm must have reached a terrifying level…

There was Buddha and a golden world that was filled with lotus flowers drawn on those murals.

Those words were sanskrit, luckily the memories of Ancient Chaos Emperor was able to decipher it.

The sanskrit was a record of the autobiography of Wei’s Founding Ancestor.

It recorded an expert’s bloody journey and his numerous legacy techniques.

Spirit Severing Realm Body Refinement Cultivation Method -- Prajna Secret Art

High Grade Spirit Severing Realm Refinement Technique, Offensive-Type -- Lesser Thousand Leaves Hand.

High Grade Spirit Severing Realm Refinement Technique, Offensive-Type-- Vidyaraja Golden Body.

Other than that, Ning Fan was slightly shocked that the Founding Ancestor of Wei was also a Spirit Augmentation Master. His Spirit Augmentation level was on the Spirit Severing level, enough to forge a Profound Grade Spirit Equipment and augment the spirit on the magical treasure!

The Spirit Augmentation Faction legacy that Wei’s Founding Ancestor left behind was the ‘Consecration Technique’. It was a Spirit Augmentation technique that was unique to Buddhist disciples.

There are monks that consecrate for profit in the world of mortals but those wee scams and nothing more.

The genuine Consecration Technique was broad, deep and profound. Ning Fan could only understand a little even with his superb intellect.

He could not learn this technique, but it wouldn't be wasted. He carefully took out a jade slip and imprinted a copy of the technique. He then copied the murals into a jade slip after considering it well.

He stopped right outside of the last stone chamber.

The stone chamber gave off an extremely solemn feeling. There was a strong unwillingness imbued within the divine intent that couldn't be dispersed.

He found out that this stone chamber was a place of meditation A damaged Daoist robe laid on top of the empty praying mat.

There was also a black storage pouch beside the Daoist robe.

Other than that,  there existed a pool of blood within the stone chamber that was bubbling like lava.

His eyes suddenly sharpened after he saw the pool of blood.

Because this pool of blood contained the most precious treasure for body refinement… Burning Blood!

A single drop of Burning Blood was worth a thousand Immortal Jade.

This pool of Burning Blood was priceless!

Burning Blood was a necessary item to breakthrough to the third stage of the Colossal Bone Secret Art.

It was a necessary item to breakthrough to a higher stage for many Refinement Cultivation techniques.

No wonder the Founding Ancestor was so strong. He had obtained a pool of Burning Blood by chance!

If any Void Refinement Realm cultivator knew that a mere Spirit Severing Realm cultivator like the Founding Ancestor had the luck to obtain a pool of Burning Blood, they would be extremely moved and would use every means possible to break the Mortal Void formation to obtain the blood.

There were no "ifs" in this world. They didn't share the same fate with Ning Fan who was fated to discover this place.

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