Grasping Evil - Chapter 165(2)

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Perhaps the Founding Ancestor of Wei Country foresaw that he would become a True Immortal one day and he started to raise a devil.

Another possibility was that he knew that he was going to be gone from this world and raised the devil to calm his concerns. 

Whatever the reason was, he was still smarter than most True Immortals as he figured out the way of raising devils by linking his relics with the symbol. He certainly left a Rogue Devil to serve his descendants.

If he was still alive, he would have broken through the bottleneck of the Peak Spirit Severing Realm, becoming a Void Refinement Realm cultivator. Or he might have already achieved Void Fragmentation Realm who passed through the “True Immortal Tribulation” and become a True Immortal in the present. He had remarkable intelligence but he was fated to die at the bottleneck of the Peak Spirit Severing Realm. Fate was something that no one could defy.

As such, he died in the stone secret chamber, unwillingly.

He was dissatisfied. With his talent, he could undoubtedly become an Immortal of influence. It was all the fault of the merciless Heavenly Dao. 

Ning Fan sighed faintly. It was the reality of the cultivation world.

Being brilliant and intelligent does not guarantee one to become an Immortal. Luck plays an important role as well.

The same goes for life in the ordinary world. Having talent does not mean that one can be successful and famous. Sometimes, they would not even know about the talents buried deep within them in their entire lives.

Fate did not allow the Founding Ancestor to break through to the Void Refinement Realm but granted him success in raising a devil.

At least he had left a Rogue Devil for Wei Country.

However, he might not have predicted that his own devil would turn into a Rogue Devil. Even for cultivators who possessed the All-Heaven Relic must at least achieve Void Refinement Realm in order to be able to control it. 

The most unpredictable situation was that a foreign cultivator was the one who broke the formation and got the Pill Devil.

At first, the All-Heaven Relic was discovered by a monk by luck and it fell into Hou Lian’s hands. After fighting against the demons who came to claim it for themselves, it landed into Ning Fan’s hands in the end.

Then, Ning Fan successfully breached the fourth layer formation of the Desolate Hill of the Founding Ancestor with the help of his Eastern Ocean Bell.

At last, Ning Fan did not only obtain the relic but also the pouch that contained the Pill Devil.

Wei’s Founding Ancestor did not keep any magical treasures but a Rogue Devil that was able to destabilize the status quo in all nine worlds! 

This Rogue Devil was worthy enough to be ranked within the top thirty in the list of experts of the nine worlds. It should be able to handle Emperor Moksha easily! 

“To control this devil using my All-Heaven Relic, I must raise the level of my magic power to Void Refinement Realm within a hundred years. In other words, as long as my magic power achieve Early Void Refinement Realm, nothing can restrain me in the nine worlds. Then, I can kill Emperor Moksha to avenge my master!”

Ning Fan’s eyes sparkled!

It’s hard to achieve Void Fragmentation Realm within a hundred years!

Now, however, I just need to achieve Void Refinement Realm with a hundred years!

Besides, I am cultivating the divine, demon and devil paths at the same time. Perhaps, I might be able to possess a strength equivalent to Void Refinement Realm when I’m still at Peak Spirit Severing Realm. Then, I would be able to control this devil to fight against Emperor Moksha!

The objective of achieving Peak Spirit Severing Realm within a hundred years was much realistic compared to achieving Void Fragmentation Realm. Ning Fan had confidence in succeeding! 

The opportunity to take revenge for his master was even more important than ruling the nine worlds.

And this chance was granted to him by the talented Founding Ancestor of Wei Country.

His Symbol of Devil Raising was unprecedented. There are countless cultivators in the cultivation world, but how many among them could actually figure this out?

Similarly, the minor demonic techniques were only at the Spirit Realm. However, there were only five hundred ancient demons who could comprehend the essence of the techniques by simplifying them and creating new techniques out of them. 

The Rogue Devil within the pouch let out a cold sneer and threatened Ning Fan, believing its cultivation base was the most powerful. 

“Hehe. Little cultivator, I advise you to let me go immediately. Otherwise, you’ll be the first one I kill when I break free from the seal after the symbol weakens in the future!”

“Oh, really? Then, I have bad news for you. The power of your symbol will not erode since the relic controlling it is... in my hands! You better obediently stay inside the pouch until I reach Peak Spirit Severing Realm. Then, you’ll become my devil!” 

Ning Fan drew the power of the All-Heaven Relic and instantly, the Rogue Devil felt excruciating pain and groaned unceasingly.

Although his magic power was not good enough to have full control over the symbol and eliminate the devil, he was still able to make it have a hard time.

The next moment, the surprised Rogue Devil began to panic and lose its composure.

“Impossible! It’s impossible! How are you able to control my symbol?! Argh, I want to kill you!” 

The Rogue Devil assumed that its symbol was gradually weakening while it was cultivating and waiting in the past thousands of years. it never thought that its symbol would remain intact forever, unless the relic is destroyed! 

Currently, fear spread within its thoughts…

It was afraid of losing its freedom after Ning Fan finally possess enough power to control it.

A Rogue Devil was said to be unmatched as there wasn’t any Void Fragmentation Realm cultivators that could challenge it. It was so detestable for such a dominant creature to become a little brat’s pet! 

No matter how it tried to yell or swear, Ning Fan would never release it. 

There’s no good and evil in raising a devil.

This devil was actually similar to Bright Sparrow since both of them were Pill Devils. However, Ning Fan did not view them with the same perspective. This devil was only a fighter but the latter was a likeable little girl. 

He hated the True Immortal who raised Bright Sparrow. In opposite, he was grateful to Wei’s Founding Ancestor who raised this Rogue Devil.

After throwing the storage pouch containing the devil into the most secretive place which was covered with red mist in his Cauldron Ring, he stared at the cattail hassock[1] that the Founding Ancestor passed away in while meditating. There was a robe and ashes of a corpse on the ground. Strong emotions welled up inside of him.

It was him who gave Ning Fan a Rogue Devil. It was also him who gave Ning Fan the chance to finish off Emperor Moksha.

He took the robe, ashes and cattail hassock and buried them altogether beneath the stone room.

He didn’t engrave the name of the Founding Ancestor on the tombstone. Instead, a different thought came to him. With the Characterless Heavenly Scripture in mind, he carved four letters on it.

“A Man of Honor (送君一死) ” 

It was far too simple to inscribe his name on the tombstone as he was a rare talent. Also, carving his name that has already been forgotten by others would only make them look down on it.

That was the underlying reason behind “A Man of Honor (送君一死) ”. Ning Fan didn’t notice that his current state of mind was no different from the expert who wrote the four letters in the Characterless Heavenly Scripture.

That year, Immortal Sovereign dressed in a purple robe and buried his best friend whose name wasn’t known by anyone else.

He felt it meaningless to carve his friend’s name on the tombstone. 

As such, he wrote the four letters, “A Man of Honor (送君一死) ”.

Those words were so overbearing that even Buddha would feel pressure from them. Those were the words that were written by Immortal Sovereign for his best friend.

He didn’t need to let others know the true name of his friend. He only wanted to let others to remember that his buried friend was once a talented person! It was fate  that played tricks on him and rejected him, concealing his name from the world.

Today, those four words reappeared on another tombstone after countless years.

Although the Founding Ancestor’s name wasn’t carved on the tombstone, it was carved within Ning Fan’s heart. This karma would etch into Ning Fan’s memory forever. He promised to fulfill the Founding Ancestor’s last wish - to guard the safety of Wei Country as long as he is alive as an act of repaying him.

Massive battle intent filled Ning Fan’s mind!

It was the first time he had a glimpse of hope on winning against Emperor Moksha!

The only thing he needed to do was to achieve Peak Spirit Severing Realm!


Note :

*送君一死 > previously translated as “Death for the Monarch”. It is now changed to “A Man of Honor” to suit the context more.

Note:   This translation originated from Liberspark. If a mistake or mistakes were found in this chapter, feel free to comment below. Certain name of skills will not be capitalized but italicized. Some terms are subject to change when better suggestions are selected.


  1. ^ Cattail hassock is a square rush cushion used for meditation. (Click this for picture and more information)