Grasping Evil - Chapter 166 (1)

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Ning Fan stood silently in front of the Founding Ancestor’s tomb.

He then clasped his fist towards the lonely grave for some time and turned to his back and left without looking back.

Spirit Severing Realm Body Refinement Techniques, Burning Blood, All-Heaven Relic… and most importantly, he obtained a rogue devil here!

Before this, although he hated Emperor Moksha, he also was at a loss whether he can win against him.

Now, he has a high chance to shock Emperor Moksha, the Rain World and even the Nine Worlds!

The heaviest stone that had weighed down his heart had now finally scattered into dust!

He left the fifth floor by utilizing the Eastern Ocean Bell.

He used teleportation almost instantly at the moment he stepped into the fourth level, rushing towards the third to avoid getting ambushed by those evil beings… Currently, he had an extremely precious treasure in his possession that he has to exercise extreme caution since those evil being must have already caught wind of the formation on the fifth level having  been broken!

There were several sneak attacks that rushed towards him the moment he stepped into the fourth floor.

Ning Fan may have been gravely injured if it weren't for his quick teleportation.

After travelling for quite a distance, he then took out the Eastern Ocean Bell without any hesitation. Lightning flashed on his glabella while an ice-breaking light enveloped his fist and fiercely punched the bell.

This treasure is extraordinary!

It could resist the void power from the teleportation formation. It could also break the power of the Buddhist hymns from a Mortal Void Formation. Even though this item may only be a Supreme Treasure, it’s highly possible that it’s an imitation of a powerful Immortal Treasure.

He reached the level of Early Gold Core Realm with both his magical force and demonic force fused together. A golden ring spread out from the Eastern Ocean Bell and into the surroundings after Ning Fan used his ice-breaking punch!

It unleashed 30% of the Supreme Treasure's power with Ning Fan's current strength. This wasn't enough to injure a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator… But the soundwave was powerful as if it had the power to look down on Heaven and Earth. It made each and every ghost to tremble at once and had their body fixed on the spot, unable to move.

Immobilizing Shackle! And it was an AOE technique to boot!

Ning Fan's gaze flashed and was silently shocked. It was his first time activating a small part of the Eastern Ocean Bell’s power using everything he had.

The Immobilizing Shackle was too weak and those Nascent Soul Realm ghost broke free after just half a breath’s time.

But even so, it caused a lingering fear to all the malicious creatures, especially the demons. They could feel a pressure that tend to force them to kneel down.

Ning Fan used this gap to teleport a few times and escape, using all his magical force in escaping that he had moved a thousand Li and reached the entrance of the third level in just a few breaths.

The ghost hesitated… It would be extremely difficult to chase after him and they wouldn’t dare to do so… They could not go against the power of the bell and he still had a Spirit Severing Realm stored attack kept in tow…

“This kid has hid himself so well...” A hoarse voice said and the fourth level became silent once again.

Each and every cultivation country once had an old ancestor.

But the talent of Wei's Founding Ancestor was ranked within the top among eight hundred old ancestors.

Whereas this place shall once again become silent after the departure of Ning Fan. No one shall know what crazy things that the Founding Ancestor of Wei once did.

Spirit Severing Realm cultivators could not force their way through the barrier and enter the fifth level.

Void Refinement Realm cultivators would not waste their effort to obtain a mere Spirit Severing Realm cultivator's legacy.

This place shall be silent for a long… long time…


The ringing of the Eastern Ocean Bell rang from the fourth level and trembled fiercely. The whole hill shook violently and then became quiet.

A teenage girl wearing yellow garments was swaying while holding on to the slippery stone wall, trying to get up from the ground on the first level of the earth vein.

The vibrations had caused the girl who did not have any magical force left fall down to the ground.

Her body was covered with scars and cuts, her magical force almost empty, but she had a resolute expression.

“Lil sis… I'll definitely get a ‘Ghost Crystal’ to cure you… ”

She carefully explored the first level. It was extremely dangerous for a Fourth Stage Vein Opening Realm to explore alone.

She originally wanted to explore this place with other rogue cultivators. But they couldn't get ten people together and a few rogue cultivators left, causing the numbers to go down even further which caused the team to disband naturally…

However, even if she had to do it alone, she had to search for the… Ghost Crystal!

It was a good idea but it was too reckless.

There were several ghostly figures creeping closer towards her from the shadows, obviously delighted after discovering a delicious meal. Yet the teenage girl was oblivious to all of it.

When those ghosts suddenly appeared, her tender body shivered and her expression was full of fear. Her Low-grade Magical Treasure was smacked away by the ghosts in an instant.

“Kaka... kaka….”

The ghosts let out frigid cries as cold wind revolved, wanting to tear the girl into pieces.

At this moment, even if the girl was still immature and pure, she may have to face death today.

She closed her eyes in despair filled with fear and also regret.

“Lil sis…”

Tears dripped down beneath her eyelashes, but as the cold wind was about to tear her into pieces, all the ghosts that were about to attack her stopped in mid-air as if they were immobilized, their faces of extreme fear!

At the next moment, a jet-black color flashed by without any sign and the ghosts were eliminated… Black stinking blood poured over the girl’s face making her have a hard time opening her eyes. She felt very sick and had the urge to vomit rather than feel shock about what just happened…

Rotten meat, blackish blood and the rotten stench… it made her stomach churn that she immediately puked beside the stone wall…

All of a sudden, a cool breeze swept through and the rotten stench immediately dissipated, making the girl slowly raise her head with her pale white complexion.  

But she quickly realized that a cold youngster stood in front of her.

She got scared after knowing that those ghosts were killed by this young man.

To be able to kill these many ghosts with such speed. Could this person be a Peak Vein Opening Realm expert?

Or could he be… a Harmonious Spirit Realm old monster?!

The girl immediately took a step back while covering her breasts and felt slightly nervous. But she remembered who the youngster was after she had a closer look at his face. It was the same guy who rejected her when she invited him into the team…

I tried to invite such a powerful person…

What does he want to do to me… He rescued me without any reason… could it be that he wants to make me into one of his cauldrons…?!

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