Grasping Evil - Chapter 166 (2)

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The girl shivered from the thought of the word ‘Cauldron’, feeling helpless and at the same time restless.

“Ma… many thanks for the helping hand senior daoist… what does senior want to do to me…”

But beyond her expectations, the youngster did not move a step closer to her and spoke with an indifferent tone from a distance.

“This is not the place you should be…”

“I know, but… I need the ‘Ghost Crystal’ for my younger sister… to cure the fire poison…”

The little girl’s teeth bit her lips with a dejected look.

“Lil sis huh…”

The youngster’s gaze moved and tapped his storage pouch, he took out a bunch of Ghost Crystals that were obtained from Vein Opening Realm ghosts and Harmonious Spirit Realm ghosts.

“Is it these?”

“Ye… YES!” The girl’s gaze was fiery hot.

“Take it, it’ll be enough to cure the fire poison. Sell the remaining Ghost Crystals and live a plain life… Do not step foot into the world of cultivation ever again. This is not a path you should carelessly tread.”

The teenager waved his sleeves and a pile of Ghost Crystal immediately flew towards the girl. He then left with the escaping light.

She was stunned by the amount of Ghost Crystal.

That escaping light was much faster than those Harmonious Spirit Realm old monsters by several folds.

No matter how stupid she was, she too, now knew that the one who saved her and bestowed her the Ghost Crystals must be an extremely powerful old monster.

Could it be that he’s…  a legendary Gold Core Realm Old Ancestor?!

Oh… So that person didn’t have any bad intention towards me…

The girl recalled his words and suddenly remembered something, she then shouted towards the entrance of the cave.

“Many thanks for helping me, senior! My name is Wen Qing…”

She got no reply and so, she carefully kept the Ghost Crystals and quickly ran towards the exit of the earth vein.

She’s going to cure her sister and live an ordinary life… This was her destiny.


Outside of the earth vein, Ning Fan did not look back and flew towards the northern part of Wei.

He gulped down some Bitter Pills to recover a bit of his magical force without saying a word.

His act of saving the girl was because of the oath he made towards the Founding Ancestor. He did not like to deal with unnecessary trouble, but since she was a Wei cultivator and he had promised to protect Wei in behalf of the Founding Ancestor, he chose to help her. He would’ve ignored her if he did not bump into her, but she appeared in his path hence the helping hand.

This was his repayment for the Founding Ancestor’s kindness.

As for giving away the Ghost Crystals to the girl, it was because he saw a shadow of his younger self in the girl.

That time Ning Gu was also sick, that’s why he took a risk and entered the deep mountain to collect herbs which had almost killed him…  

Ning Fan wanted to live an ordinary life like those mortals if he could, a life without worries and anxiety.

But he could not do so as there’s no turning back on this path once you have stepped into it deeply.

Therefore, he bestowed his wish and the Ghost Crystals to the girl.

“Wen Qing huh… The most precious thing in this world is not immortality, and not power, but Wen Qing (kindness)... Working so hard to cultivate through the end of time but in the end you’ll only have yourself left in the end… This is the loneliness of every cultivator, and it's rare to see kindness in the world of cultivation. There would only be sadness when one stands in front of the graves of their friends and family…”

The escaping light rushed towards the north.

A month has passed and Ning Fan finally caught up and reunited with the Seven Apricot Voyage Ship at the northern plains of Wei!

Three months passed by, and the ship passed through Wei’s northern boundary and entered… the Great Jin!

But at the Jin boundary formation, the Seven Apricot Voyage Ship was ordered to anchor down by the Jin cultivators and was denied access into the country.

There were many ships parked beside the boundary.

“By the decree of the Ruler of Jin, no one shall be granted entry into the country since the chaos brought forth by the demons has been endless!”

A Gold Core Realm cultivator of Jin that wore a high crown with wide sleeves gave the order indifferently. His expression held the arrogance of a Mid-rank Cultivation Country.

“How could this be, we came here in Great Jin because we all have urgent matters to attend to and needed to ask permission to the use the ancient teleportation formation…” Some cultivators grudgingly said.

“Teleportation Formation? Sorry! We have orders from the king that from now onwards, our Great Jin’s Teleportation Formation will not take Immortal Jade but only military achievement points! There are three conditions for those who want to use the teleportation formation! First, they must be at least Gold Core Realm cultivation! Second, they must join the ‘Cultivation Guard’! Thirdly, they must accumulate ‘military achievement points’ to exchange it for the opportunity of using the teleportation formation!”

The Jin Gold Core Realm cultivator sneered and said,

“Also, the Ruler of Jin’s decree has been approved by the Rain Palace!”

“What?! The Rain Palace approves of this?! Doesn’t that mean that if we want to enter Great Jin and use the Teleportation Formation, we have to risk our lives and eliminate those demons for Jin?!”

“How could this be! I heard a rumor that the demons in Jin are extremely powerful, they even caused a Nascent Soul Realm old monster to perish…”

The foreign Gold Core Realm cultivators complained to no end, but they could only sigh because it was the Rain Palace’s order. Some of them left while some of them did not have any alternative, so they could only accept the decree and requested to join the Cultivation Guard and eliminate the demons to accumulate military achievements.

On the Seven Apricot Voyage Ship, Ning Fan, Suqiu and Jing Zhuo’s gazes became intense.

The demon tide of Great Jin has become too severe that the Ruler of Jin has to borrow the strength of foreign cultivators.

Is it even possible for the situation to be this severe even with the help of the Rain Palace…?

Or is it because there’s a…  Spirit Severing Realm Demon General here…

“Demon General… Li Ban… ”

Ning Fan slightly thought about it but he really needed use Jin’s Teleportation Formation.

Then do we join the Cultivation Guard and help Jin to eliminate the demons?

While he was contemplating, a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator’s rainbow light rushed towards them from the boundary. His divine intent even locked onto the Seven Apricot Voyage Ship.

Ning Fan’s expression became solemn immediately. That qi was unfamiliar and it was both wild and tyrannical!

“Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, who is this… what does he want?!”

While he was thinking, that divine intent’s tyrannical display was hidden away and a young man laughingly said,

“Suqiu Xianzi, I, Yun Kuang, hadn’t thought that I would meet you in such a place! Haha, it's not in vain, not in vain at all!”

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