Grasping Evil - Chapter 167(2)

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Maybe there wouldn’t be another chance to meet each other in the future after they part at the Endless Sea.

If she missed the opportunity to hold his hand this time, she might regret it later.

“Er. Fellow Daoist Yin, you’re obviously creating more troubles for me…” Ning Fan told her using telepathy. He actually thought that Yin Suqiu only did that to keep Yun Kuang from further annoying her.

“You can just call me Suqiu…”


“It’s nothing. You’re right. I’m a troublesome woman. However, I’m not going change myself. Or should I say, I won’t change.”

“It’s fine. I am the one who owed you something first. Let me give you a hand on handling this annoying person... Luckily he is one of Rain Palace’s messengers. With the existence of the World Law, he has no right to hurt me because of his personal matters. However, he might make things difficult for me during our journey in Great Jin.”

Ning Fan smiled bitterly and gently shook his head. He wasn’t afraid of Yun Kuang but he had to be mindful of him.

From the bottom of his heart, he was unwilling to see Yun Kuang harass Yin Suqiu too.

Respectfully, he turned to the angry Yun Kuang with cupped fist and said, “Fellow Daoist Yun, Suqiu is my companion. It’s true that she wasn’t ordained to be your soul mate. Since you are the divine messenger from Rain Palace, you aren’t going to continue pestering her, are you?”


Yun Kuang’s eyes glared at the couple who were holding hands together and gritted his teeth in a furious manner.

His gaze then stopped on Ning Fan with ferocious hostility. But he replaced his expression with a calm look immediately, concealing his hostility towards Ning Fan. Although he had a wild attitude, his wildness was only because of the divine ability of his divine intent. His state of mind was still at the Nascent Soul Realm, never easily unsettled.

“What’s your name!”

“Zhou Ming!” Ning Fan answered unwaveringly.

The name of “Zhou Ming” was like a blast of thunder ringing at the Gold Cold Realm cultivators’ ears.

Those cultivators were the passers-by of Wei Country. All of them would have, at least, heard of the rumour about Old Ancestor Zhou Ming.

All of a sudden, everyone’s gazes focused on Ning Fan. They didn’t expect that the inconspicuous Harmonious Spirit Realm young man was in fact, a formidable Nascent Soul Realm expert!

It’s no wonder that he dared to hold the woman who Yun Kuang fancied right before him!

Unfortunately, Yun Kuang was an unsociable man. He hadn’t heard of Zhou Ming before.But he etched the name into his memories without displaying the slightest trace of his true intentions.

“Oh, it’s Zhou Ming. I am so lucky to meet you.” He directly called out his name without addressing him as a fellow Daoist. It was utterly an act of disrespect. Ning Fan frowned slightly upon hearing what he said.

I seemed to have offended him.

However, what does it matter if I have offended him? Ning Fan might be apprehensive of the Rain Palace’s true strength but it enforced the World Law that everyone had to obey.

The World Law was the main reason why that Old Scholar and woman tried to attack Ning Fan.

Also, it would restrict Yun Kuang from attacking me.

Yun Kuang might create more troubles for Ning Fan. As long as those troubles wouldn’t cost Ning Fan’s life, he would somewhat tolerate Yun Kuang.

All he wanted was to borrow the teleportation formation in Great Jin. He wouldn’t be involved in another mess as Yin Suqiu had brought enough problems for him in the previous journey.

Upon seeing Ning Fan’s lack of reaction towards him, Yun Kuang let out a wry laugh and an indescribable arc formed on his face.

“Oh right. You all came during this time for the teleportation formation, didn’t you?”

“Precisely. I am wondering if you could give us any advice about it.”

“I don’t have any of it. But if you all really want to use the teleportation formation, you are required to joined Great Jin’s army to fight against the Gold Core and Nascent Soul Realm demons. Apparently, you aren’t competent enough to join the army since you are a mere Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator. According to the decree of the Ruler of Jin, the participants must at least reach the Gold Core Realm.”

“We shall see whether I am qualified or not. Moreover, this is my business with Great Jin. You can save your effort regarding this matter.”

“Hmmph! Then, I, Yun Kuang will be waiting to see whether you are strong enough to join them!”

When he was trying to continue his speech, a sword light flew towards them out of nowhere. Its speed was even faster than a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator!

The sword light then dispersed into a message transmission, blasting before Yun Kuang. A hoarse voice of an old man began to speak around them.

“All divine messengers, please return as fast as possible. This old man has something to say!”

Even though the voice wasn’t loud, it could be clearly heard within the vicinity of a hundred li. Besides, there was a fearsome pressure which could only be exerted after one had comprehended the heavens and earth. It made the old monsters at the scene to quiver in anxiety.

As for Ning Fan, his eyes radiated seriousness even though he wasn’t affected by the intimidating pressure.

Message transmission on a flying sword! It could only be performed by a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator!

“Revered Elder, what brings you here?”

When the Revered Elder summoned all the divine messengers, none of them including Yun Kuang dared to dawdle around.

He knitted his eyebrows and stared at Ning Fan. Then he shifted his gaze to Suqiu. Without any further hesitation, he let out a cold snort and vanished in a ray of light, teleporting towards the edge of the sky.

Ning Fan didn’t stay relaxed at his departure.

He just arrived at Great Jin but he had already offended someone from the Rain Palace.

The demon tide in Jin was really beyond one’s imagination.

Even a Rain Palace’s Spirit Severing Realm Revered Elder had arrived to assist. That demon general surely caused massive destructions in the country.

As such, he had to settle the battle quickly after joining with  Jin’s newly assembled army in order to gain enough battle points and leave the country. For the time being, he not only must be on guard against the demon general from discovering the demonesses which he captured earlier, but also be wary of Yun Kuang.

“That’s really troublesome. Let’s see how we are going to join the army. Come to think of it, Fellow Daoist Yin, when exactly are you going to let go of my hand?” a bitter but gentle smile appeared on his face while shaking his head.

“Thank you…”

Yin Suqiu ignored his question and displayed her beautiful smile to him once more. It was then she loosened her grip on his hand.

All her smiles in her entire life were only given to the young man before him.

“It appears that the Seven Apricot Voyage Ship has to be kept for now. As for the female cultivators on-board, I can help take care of them if Fellow Daoist Yin is willing to entrust them to me.”

“I will trust you for sure… But the question is, how are you going to take care of them?”

“By using this!”

Ning Fan swayed his Cauldron Ring lightly with his left hand.

Later, the voyage ship shrunk into a magical treasure and was kept away.

Bing Ling, Yue Ling, the female cultivators of Song and the rest of the girls were taken into the Cauldron Ring. Yin Suqiu turned speechless as she was so awed at the sight of it.

“Actually, how many women are hidden inside your ring?!” She asked with a crease forming on her eyebrows, feeling anxious inside.

“Do you want to have a look inside?”

“Of course not!”

“Let’s go. We’ll search for Jin’s Gold Core Realm cultivators and join the army. We have to quickly save enough battle points in order to head towards the Endless Sea!”

A department of the Rain Palace was built on top of a green mountain.

There, a magnificent waterfall poured down from the thousands zhang tall mountain.

Thousands zhang of waterfall would produce thin, floating clouds which eventually turned into a rainbow. In fact, they were the foundation for the Rain Palace’s department. The seemingly intangible clouds transformed into substantial parts that built the palace which floated in mid-air.

Within the palace, seventeen Nascent Soul Realm messengers, together with Yun Kuang, were urgently summoned.

Above a flight of steps stood a white-haired man in black robe. His presence made all the messengers present not dare to breathe heavily.

He had a young appearance but he was actually a Spirit Severing Realm old monster that had been living for thousands of years. His white hair was the only sign of his old age. His everlasting youthful appearance represented the power of his divine ability!

His voice was hoarse and deep.

Each of the divine messengers, as well as Yun Kuang, were guessing the intention of his arrival in their minds.

“According to Revered Elder Min’s prophecy, a Spirit Severing Realm demon general had slipped into this country. The reason I came here is to bring an end to the demon tide and kill all the demons under the heavens!”

He spoke in an indifferent tone but his words caused a commotion among the messengers!

A Spirit Severing Realm demon general… Sure enough, it was the cause of the demon tide. The demon tide would cease itself after killing it!

“From today onwards, the seventeen of you will join the Great Jin’s army. As for the Jin Cultivators, they will be under my command! Three months later, it will be the most crucial time for the demon general to transform into a dragon at ‘Dragon Vision Pond’. We’ll go all out at their base and fight to death! Any objections?!”

“None, Revered Elder!”

“Good, why aren’t Yun Lie, Yun Ruowei here yet?”

“Replying to Revered Elder Snow, Yun Lie said that he went to explore the ‘Dragon Vision Pond’.” The Old Scholar, Song Yi carefully reported.

“Replying to Revered Elder Snow, Yun Ruowei seems to be disturbed by her Heart’s Devil. She might need a few more days to arrive…”


After listening to the reports, rage filled his expression.

“Yun Lie is at Peak Nascent Soul Realm. He’s the number one divine messenger in the Southeast Mainland. However, it is utterly nonsense for him to sneak into the central camp of the demons although he’s just a hair’s breadth away from Spirit Severing Realm! As for Yun Ruowei, her identity is somewhat unique. Since she belongs to the demon tribe, her heart must be different from the rest. If it wasn’t for the sake of ‘that person’, this female can never stay in Rain Place. En, it’s fine. If she arrives, immediately notify me! I will personally bring the reckless kid back from Dragon Vision Pond!”

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