Grasping Evil - Chapter 168 (1)

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Jin was a Mid-ranked Cultivation Country that was seven million li big. They also possessed superior Spirit Vein and was rich in Spirit Ores. The ‘Jin Iron’ was very popular amongst the neighbouring cultivators and it had became a means for many sects to rein in profits.

The spirit qi here was almost double in density compared to Yue Country. The cultivators here would at least be thirty percent faster than those in Yue Country in terms of cultivation speed.

The thirty percent might not seem much, but when it is stacked over time, the difference would be enormous. The thousand years a Jin cultivator cultivates  would equate to a thousand and three hundred years for others. An extra three hundred years to cultivate their Dao!

Three hundred years… If Yue Cultivators like Gui Qiaozi were born in Jin, they would've formed their Nascent Soul with the extra 300 years of cultivation!

A Mid-ranked Cultivation Country possess a number of experts that a Low-ranked Cultivation Country could not compete with. Any Nascent Soul Realm old monster that goes to a Low-ranked Cultivation Country could easily stomp them to the ground.

The law of the Rain World dictates that 70% of the profit gained from annihilating a country must be given up to the Rain Palace. This was a preventive measure aimed towards those strong old monster to prevent them on simply annihilating a country on a whim.

Foreign cultivators would enter Great Jin to continue their cultivation after they have formed their Gold Cores.

Whereas some experts would stop by at Great Jin to borrow its Ancient Teleportation Formation.

In the recent years however, the demon tide worsened, increasing the danger in cultivating in Jin and causing the Ancient Teleportation Formation to activate only once a year.  

The time for the next activation was three months later.

People would only need to pay 10,000 immortal jade to use the teleportation formation in the past. But with the recent decree made by the king, it was changed to 10,000 battle points.

A team of cultivators were entering a cultivator city just hundred of li away from Jin Country’s border led by a Gold Core Realm cultivator of Jin.

The city was named Quwo City and was one of the biggest cities in Jin, where the Han Yi Sect was situated.

Han Yi sect’s leader -- Jie Xiu, was an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator and he had another identity, which was one of the fourteen commanders under the Ruler of Jin.

The Ruler of Jin was rumoured to be a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. His techniques and skills were extremely powerful. He commanded eleven Nascent Soul Realm cultivators that were both from the Righteous and Demonic Path, and three rogue Nascent Soul Realm cultivators… He also established the Cultivator Guards. This had led the country of Jin to be near impossible to invade by foreign cultivators, under his command.

Ning Fan felt a different vibe in Great Jin. It was something that couldn't be felt in Wu and Yue.

Even though Yue was called a country, its sects were all independent. Each of those sects ‘shrinked their heads’, not daring to resist when the Heavenly Dao Sect invaded Yue.

On the other hand, Great Jin was qualified to be called a Cultivation Country… The Ruler of Jin would not interfere in the personal squabbles of each sects. But when there’s a big disaster that befalls the country, every sect must work together and abandon all private grudges, and cooperate for the sake of the country!

“Great Jin is a true cultivation ‘Country’... And the Han Yi Sect… Yeah, it's a good sect…”

Within Quwo City, Ning Fan was travelling alongside a team of cultivators. His gaze swept across the disciples of Han Yi Sect and nodded his head slightly.  

Cultivators that wore simple attires and some of them even have patches… patches sewn upon their robes… In the world of cultivation, it’s a rare scene. But common in this place.

To wear such plain outfits and not be lavish on their daily cultivation lifestyle. It’s a type of training one’s mental state, and to have the disciples of Han Yi Sect to be at peace in a plain life… It was the ancestor of the Han Yi Sect ‘Jie Zitui’ that had proposed such cultivation method…

The Seven Apricot Voyage Ship, Bing Ling and the other girls were ‘kept away’ by Ning Fan and Lady Yun Hua was ‘kept’ into the ‘Corpse Bag’ by Jing Zhuo.

The three of them followed the Gold Core Realm cultivators of Jin into Quwo City from the border. All for the purpose of obtaining permission to temporarily join the Cultivator Guard.

To enter the Ancient Teleportation Formation, each person had to pay ten thousand battle points and thirty thousand points was required for three.

Since the next activation of the formation was set to be only three months later, they would need to wait another year if this opportunity was missed.

Thirty thousand battle points… He was slightly worried as he did not know about the ways on how to acquire battle points.

Ning Fan’s brows furrowed and Suqiu immediately saw it. She consoled him and said.

“Our esteemed ‘Old Ancestor Zhou Ming’ gets worried too?”

“Worried, extremely worried, worried that Yun Kuang would steal away this Zhou’s ‘Dao Companion’, and that’ll be troublesome…” Ning Fan teasingly said, and Suqiu’s cheeks immediately flushed, turning on her back while feeling embarrassed.  

As for Jing Zhuo, it was his first time coming here to Great Jin.

But in regards to Quwo City’s Old Ancestor Jie Xiu, he and the other Gold Core Realm companions were the same, wanting to give him a visit.

Nascent Soul Realm Old Monsters were existences where simple conversations could lead to possible increase in the comprehension of the Dao.

All thirteen Gold Core Realm cultivators that were denied entry by the border’s old monster decided in the end to join the Cultivator Guards to help Jin to exterminate demons after much consideration.

After they settled down in the inn, the Gold Core Realm cultivator of Jin said that they would be escorted by a Han Yi Sect cultivator to meet Jie Xiu three days later.

Each Gold Core Realm cultivators’ firm hearts slightly trembled after hearing that they could meet Old Ancestor  Jie Xiu.

It was because common Gold Core Realm cultivators would not be personally greeted by Han Yi Sect’s Nascent Soul Realm Sect Master when they join the Cultivator Guards.

To personally be welcomed by a Nascent Soul Realm Old Ancestor… Each Gold Core Realm cultivators understood that all of this was because ‘Zhou Ming’ was amongst them…

This person may also be Nascent Soul Realm Old Ancestor!

Not in vain, totally not in vain! Being able to meet two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators for this trip, if we do not seek guidance, wouldn't that be… such a great waste of opportunity!

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