Grasping Evil - Chapter 168 (2)

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Ning Fan decided to keep the act of his other identity, ‘Old Ancestor Zhou Ming’.

He already exposed himself after offending Yun Kuang… Plus, his feat in Wei Country was so well-known that it spread until the borders of Great Jin. As such, it was nearly impossible to hide his identity.

And Ning Fan was not planning on hiding it too… A cultivation level of the Gold Core Realm was required to join the Cultivator Guard. And they'll probably be picky on who gets to use the Teleportation Formation… It would be too troublesome to work with his real Half-Step Gold Core cultivation. Casting the Falsifying Art and masking his qi into those of a Nascent Soul Realm expert would make things easier for him.

After mastering Teleportation, his spirit sense reached the Early Nascent Soul Realm and he had also consumed the Spirit Refining Grass that was obtained from the demonesses. Hence, under the masking effect of the Falsifying Art, he would not be exposed by Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. Unless he meets a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator!

Currently, the Falsifying Art increased by a small level!

Acting as a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator would allow him to join the Cultivation Guard and obtain difficult missions that would reward him with much more battle points.

Ning Fan collected some information from the cultivators in the inn. He found out that the Jin Cultivation Guard was separated into two units --- ‘Combat Unit’ and ‘Defense Unit’.

The Combat Unit was tasked with eliminating demons and only those that are Late Gold Core Realm and above were allowed to join. Meanwhile, the Defense Unit was tasked with defending the frontline cultivation cities and the average Gold Core Realm cultivators could join.

Even though the specifics on obtaining battle points was not known,  it was told that the Combat Unit’s battle point rewards were ten times higher than that of the Defense Unit…

So it would be much more convenient to join the Combat Unit under the guise of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, compared to having a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivation that has the strength of a Nascent Soul Realm, which may cause unnecessary trouble.

The three days of waiting was ‘just nice’ for them to replenish themselves from the journey.

Jing Zhuo and Suqiu have not gone out at all and were both meditating in their rooms. As for Ning Fan, he wanted to tour the city but was visited by the thirteen Gold Core Realm cultivators that were in the team.

Old Ancestor Jie Xiu was a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. Old Ancestor Zhou Ming was also a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator!

There was a chance for a Gold Core Realm cultivator to learn something from just having a chat with a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. It’s possible for them to save several years to dozens of years of continuous and bitter cultivation!

There was a saying that ‘it’s wrong to deny people that smile’ so Ning Fan couldn’t send them off as they had brought him gifts.

A pot of tea and a chatting session about the Dao was enough to satisfy these Gold Core Realm cultivators.

Within the three days of exchange in Dao, Ning Fan would give hints during their exchange which would more or less increase their comprehension in the Dao.

When questions in regards to the bottlenecks they faced were raised, he would slightly think about it and give them an excellent answer that would make them jump in joy.

Three of them even left quickly in the middle of their exchange in the Dao… They found out that their bottlenecks were loosening. If they do not breakthrough right now, they would have missed their chance.

Three days of Dao exchange had made all the Gold Core Realm cultivators to not doubt his Nascent Soul Realm identity. Other than Nascent Soul Realm old monsters, who else could point out the solutions in the bottlenecks of Gold Core Realm cultivators with just a few words?

Ning Fan, too, was rewarded in these exchanges. The time spent on his Dao cultivation was too short, relying too much on the Yin Yang Locket and the Immortal Emperor’s memory.

He gained quite a lot in terms of comprehension in the Dao after his exchange with those old monsters. Plus, these old monsters came from different countries and they answered him when he asked them about their country’s news and culture.

In terms of general knowledge, Ning Fan now had a slight grasp on the neighbouring eight countries around Wei.

Also, during their exchange in the Dao, Ning Fan could feel a spirit sense of an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator spying on him.

That Nascent Soul Realm cultivator kept his vigilance towards him for the full three days.

Ning Fan guessed that the reason they were not immediately accepted into the Cultivation Guard after entering Quwo was because of this person… This person must’ve been wary of him and wanted to investigate him.

However, Ning Fan did not expose him.

Only after all the Gold Core Realm old monsters had left on the third evening, did Ning Fan faintly smiled while he leisurely enjoyed his tea saying:

“Fellow Daoist Jie Xiu, you already observed me for three days straight, isn’t enough?”

That inquisitive spirit sense was slightly startled after hearing what Ning Fan said and a ‘hehe’ laugh could be heard.

“Fellow Daoist Zhou Ming’s spirit sense is slightly stronger than this old Daoist. Pardon for my rudeness… However if Fellow Daoist Zhou Ming thinks that being slightly stronger than this old Daoist would be enough for you to repeat what happened in Wei… This old Daoist will not allow it to happen and the Ruler of Jin will not also turn a blind eye to this! ”

“Daoist Jie must be joking… This Zhou only came here to Great Jin to use the Teleportation Formation and joining the Cultivation Guard was also just to obtain battle points. There is certainly no scheme that I’m brewing in Great Jin, so Daoist Jie can just relax…”

“Hehe, that would be for the best… This old daoist will wait for fellow daoist in Liang Bao Palace. If fellow daoist certainly has no malicious schemes in mind, this old daoist will gladly recommend your excellency to our Great Jin’s Cultivation Guard to assist us on eliminating the demon tide.” That voice had no emotion and the spirit sense dispersed instantly like a cold fire that left no traces.

Ning Fan’s gaze sharpened.

This Jie Xiu possesses a strange spirit sense technique… he’s not to be underestimated.

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