Grasping Evil - Chapter 170 (1)

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The star of a Fiendgod!

It was the first time the Ruler of Jin witnessed something like that and immediately knew that Ning Fan possessed the Immemorial Divine Veins… and this godly veins had already been cultivated into a star!

What’s more shocking was that… it was a thunder star! It possessed the gift of manipulating lightning and thunder!

He was feeling flabbergasted inside but his expression did not show any irregularities.

“The Divine Star of Imperial Lightning… with this star, you’re qualified to stay in my Great Jin…” He still spoke like a king that’s far from reach and seemed as if he was speaking to himself.

But Ning Fan snickered.

“This is not all I have… Strike!”

The roof of the giant palace was shattered to pieces by lightning while also striking down on the Ruler of Jin!

The king’s expression became serious as he had not anticipated that this mere Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator would dare to attack him after he had given his decree.

That lightning strike swiftly changed into countless electric currents coursing all throughout his body, causing his qi to be slightly chaotic. But it was quickly dispersed by a mere vibration of his magical force.

The lightning strike was not something that the two Early Nascent Soul Realm demonesses could easily disperse. But the king was a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator and the gap between him and the demonesses was like that of heaven and earth.

But right after he dispersed the electricity, the king’s expression changed. Ning Fan moved closer in a blink of an eye with teleportation with his fist enveloped with an icy glow, as a ruthless punch struck the king!

“Ice Smash!”


The punch and the lightning strike was perfectly coordinated and did not leave any room for the king to use any magical treasure making him use his body to defend against it. He let out a pained grunt after the punch landed on his body and quickly retreated a hundred zhang away with his qi becoming chaotic from the attack. But he still look unharmed.

This man’s physical body is certainly not weaker than the Black Corpse!

Ning Fan’s knuckle was on the verge of shattering from just the recoil of punching this man.

The king pushed his feet down strongly after a hundred zhang and steadied his body. The golden light in his eyes changed into a strange blackish gold and coldly said.

“The Art of the Overlord, Ten Decrees!”

In an instant, Ning Fan felt an impending crisis in his heart.

After exchanging fists with the king, a fist that was enveloped with a black glow vibrated as if it could tear everything in existence. Ning Fan’s arm immediately felt like breaking and the force’s vibrations went towards his chest too. His gaze slightly shook and retreated as fast as he could with an escaping light.

Right after he retreated, the glow in the king's fist changed into a giant black wave. It then immediately separated into ten waves, containing the prestige that seem to command everything under the heavens. The giant black wave rushed towards the retreating Ning Fan and engulfed him!

The Art of the Overlord, Domination Technique!

If the previous golden light was the Art of the King, the fist that could dominate everything under the heavens would be the Art of the Overlord!

The King did not possess the Immemorial Fiendgod Veins, but his Dao was the Dao of the King, the way of the overlord, with Great Jin as his country and Nascent Soul Realm cultivators as his subject… This person’s Dao was slightly terrifying. If this person has the chance to break through to Spirit Severing Realm, his Divine Intent would certainly be outstanding!

Not to mention, the King was a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator that was stronger than Ning Fan in terms of cultivation base. Even if he was an Early Nascent Soul Realm, he would still be stronger than the Black Corpse and would definitely be a difficult enemy for Ning Fan to win against.

There was a hint of qi that Ning Fan couldn’t go against in the black wave. That qi was of the King while he was the subject. That qi was of the Immortal and he was a mortal. That qi was superior and he was inferior!

The hierarchy must not be defied!

After Ning Fan got engulfed in the black wave, he took out the jade slip that had the Demon General’s stored attack from his storage pouch and grasped it in his hand.

Unbeatable… I would certainly be shredded into pieces if I don’t show my trump cards now…

However, his heart hesitated.

Ning Fan found it hard to accept the fact that he was weaker than the king.

There was a large gap between Half-Step Gold Core Realm and Late Nascent Soul Realm… This insurmountable feeling cleared Ning Fan’s mind. He could use his trump cards to fight a life and death battle with a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, but the disparity between his real strength and a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was astronomical…

If I use the jade slip now, a single Spirit Severing stored strike would be able to break through the black wave.

And another slip could probably deliver a grave injury on the king.

But this is the strength of others and this victory would be dishonest... and in the end, I would still be inferior than him.

The Incense Sword of Luo You had assisted me in eliminating the Heaven Separation…

The scabbard of the Sword Ancestor had assisted me in defending the strike of Emperor Moksha…  

And now, I have to borrow the strike of the Demon General to defend myself against the king…

“If I rely on the Dao of others, then what does my Dao amount to?! This wave is only a realm higher than my Body Refining Technique. The insurmountable feeling is because… this technique made me feel afraid without even trying to fight! If one is afraid, this black wave would become much stronger… I’ve seen through his technique… His golden eyes, or even the black wave, it’s all a means to scare people with his aura. The longer the exchange is, the fear induced would be stronger, making this technique even more be powerful… This is the King’s Dao!”

At this moment, Ning Fan kept the jade slip away and his eyes were filled with fighting intent.

All grudges were tossed aside.

Cultivation base had became irrelevant.

There were only layers upon layers of the black wave left in his eyes. But when his heart is at peace1, those black waves was nothing scary!

The Second Realm of Silver Bone is just a realm higher than me… there’s no such thing as totally superior and inferior!

The King of Jin is the Monarch, is the Heaven itself, and is the superior one. I am the subject, the Earth, and the inferior being… but this inferiority can be defied!

It is the determination of defying the heavens!

“Ice Smash!”

The punch was imbued with unyielding intent. The first layer of the black wave was frozen into ice and shattered!

Outside of the black wave, the king’s expression changed as his Overlord Art was unexpectedly directly broken by a mere Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator!

The unexpected thing was that the second and third layer of black wave were shattered too!

Three layers! Even those talented Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivators can only take on three layers!  

“I’ve underestimated this child… since you have such strength, even if you are a foreigner, I hereby specially exempt you from established customs 2  and be made into one of my Great Jin's commanders!” The King of Jin coldly said

His golden eyes could immediately see that three consecutive layers were Ning Fan’s limit.

Each wave was 30% stronger than the previous one. The fourth layer was even twice as powerful as the first!

This child is extraordinary, but he shouldn’t be able to take on the fourth layer…

“Your Majesty, please stop!” Jie Xiu pleaded with his fist clasped!

“Yes, his strength is useful for my Great Jin, I’ll retract the technique now…”

The King of Jin inherited the harsh personality of his ancestors. Ning Fan might even be a spy from the demon camp, so if he wasn’t useful to the country, he could be killed. However, if he was from the demon camp but he has his own use for the country, the King was confident in making him submit and loyal through rewards. This was the Dao of the King of Jin!

But he was again shocked when he tried to retrieve the waves.

The fourth layer of the black wave, shattered! The fifth layer, too, shattered!

“Only those with a cultivation level that is higher than Mid Nascent Soul Realm can take on the fifth layer of the waves… How and what did this child do?!”

His expression immediately changed drastically as his golden eyes pierced through the curtain of the black wave!

“To think he would employ such measures, he’s a lunatic!”


Ning Fan broke through three waves consecutively with an unyielding spirit, but this was in fact his limit.

And he had decided to not use the stored attack of the Demon General… He wanted to use his own ways to break through the wave!

Ning Fan then took out dozens of second and third grade chilly qi from his storage pouch and detonated it!

Two types of fourth grade chilly qi were also taken out and detonated!

These chilly qi was gained from all the storage pouches that he obtained in the past. They were dispensable for him.

But at this moment, they were extremely useful and had increased the strength of his icy fist!

His black pupils remained calm, as if there was nothing serious about breaking all those treasures.

Layers and layers of chilly air engulfed his body and was changed into the glow engulfing his fist, causing the fourth and fifth layer of the black wave to freeze and shatter!

It’s not enough, still not enough!


1. Literal: Heart as still as still water

2. of having only local cultivators as commanders

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