Grasping Evil - Chapter 172 (2)

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“Hmmph! A mere lifeless object wasting its effort on resisting!”

Ning Fan's gaze sharpened and his finger covered in electricity touched the spirit equipment. It immediately trembled as if it was wailing, changing into a silver light and entering Ning Fan's back with his magical force conducting it, fusing with the illusory black wings!

The spirit equipment entered his body as extreme pain covered his senses, accompanied by a series of injuries.

That extreme pain lasted for three days which he endured with teeth clenched. He used both the energy of the Yin Yang Locket and his demonic force to try to control it… The pair of wings behind his back gradually became bigger, as silver and black light intertwined for three days.

Finally, it formed into three zhang wings that had a mysterious blend of black and silver colour. When the wings are stationary, lightning would race through it.. When it flaps, a strong gust of wind would follow!

Ning Fan wiped away his sweat, his eyes shining brightly and said with a smile.

“Master recognition, success!”

He retracted the pair of wings, sitting down in a lotus position and meditated while he mustered his magical force to increase the integration rate between his body and the Wind Lightning Wings.

His state of mind gradually became self-composed.  

What the Ruler of Jin couldn’t achieve, I, Ning Fan, did not necessarily mean I cannot do it!

Cultivation of Dao, the Dao is in the hands of the people!

In the seven days of seclusion, Ning Fan appeared as if there weren't any changes to him at all, with only two extra talismans appearing on his back and which will change into the Wind Lightning Wings with just a single thought.

The hair tie had already become obsolete, and its effect was far weaker than the Falsifying Art. The Ancient Beast Bracer’s effect had become mediocre for someone who possesses a Silver Bone physique. The strength increasing effect had become minuscule but he didn't take them off.

Jet-black hair, glabella with a silver star, white robe under a black coat, and wearing a weird black bangle on his left wrist… This was Ning Fan’s current appearance.

Seven days later, he exited the door and came out from his seclusion. He then smiled towards Jie Xiu. He had sensed Jiu Xiu waiting for him behind the doors and had an assumption for why Jie Xiu had personally come for him. Something serious must have befallen Jin and he must’ve come here to escort him towards the northwest frontline cultivation city.

“Fellow Daoist Jie, you don’t look so good…?”

“Not just unwell… How could this old Daoist be at peace when there’s a big disaster plaguing Jin…”

“Please, do tell me more!”

“This… Old Daoist will certainly elaborate for Fellow Daoist Zhou since you’re one of the Seven Commanders of our Great Jin, and this is not a secret matter anyway… However… before that, this Old Daoist has a question, hoping fellow Daoist can answer…”

“Oh? If it's not a secret, this Zhou could probably tell you so feel free to ask, Fellow Daoist.”

“May I ask fellow Daoist Zhou… is it true that you’ve managed to refine the Wind Lightning Wings?!” Jie Xiu’s heart was not calm, with his whole body trembling when he uttered the word Wind Lightning Wings.

He couldn’t imagine Ning Fan being able to do what the Ruler of Jin couldn’t with just a Half-Step Gold Core Realm cultivation.

But all the sign and clues were enough to show that Ning Fan had truly refined the Wind Lightning Wings…

His expression was nervous, but Ning Fan only laughed.

“You're right. This Zhou luckily and coincidently managed to refine this item…”

“Wha… What?!”

Jie Xiu’s thoughts fell into disarray!

Even though he had already expected this result, he still couldn’t maintain his composure after hearing it from the man directly!

Luckily… coincidently… Jie Xiu had cultivated the Dao for two thousand years and he definitely does not believe this kind of bullshit.

No wonder King Jin possesses such wariness against him, even using the Heavenly Frost Chilly Qi Cold Pine Essence to damage this person’s Dao heart… The king’s judgement was truly accurate!

Disregarding his cultivation base… him being able to take on the King’s Way of the Overlord Ten Decrees with just a Silver Bone Realm, was already shocking enough.

And now… to successfully refine the Wind Lightning Wings with just a Harmonious Spirit cultivation base, overcoming the gap of three big cultivation realms!

This person truly concealed himself thoroughly…

But the more he thinks about it, the more Jie Xiu believed that what the King’s action was wrong…

Wrong, wrong, it was very wrong… The Cold Pine Essence shouldn't have been given to this person. There won't be a problem if this person doesn’t know about the King’s treacherous scheme, but if he does…. this person would definitely hold a grudge!

What good does it have for the country of Jin to offend such a powerful person?!

“Hai…” Jie Xiu sighed deeply with a complicated expression.

His heart became much colder…

This is the virtue and shortcomings of the previous ruler.

His vision was far, his methods resolute, lacking tolerance, and ruthlessly harsh…

The Ancestor of Jin was able to utilize Jie Zitui, but it was due to his shortcomings that he killed Jie Zitui…  

But Jie Xiu couldn't change the King… because he was the vassal.

Jin was a genuine Cultivation Country, with a king and his subjects. Yet the Rain Palace was a foreign influence.

Jie Xiu knew that the reason the King would take the risk of offending Ning Fan was not just to break his Dao Heart but also create friction between Ning Fan and Revered Snow, hoping to make Ning Fan harbour hatred for the Rain Palace.

Probably in the future, Ning Fan would use this hate and eliminate the Rain Palace… The division of Rain Palace in Jin was a threat to the King… Even the profits from the Ancient Teleportation Formation has to be given to the division of the Rain Palace with a ratio of 90:10 against his favor…

I’m not as smart as the King…

But the King should not have offended Ning Fan… He shouldn’t have!

“Fellow Daoist Zhou, this old man has a request that if you have a grudge with the King in the future, could you… spare our Great Jin’s cultivators…” Jie Xiu solemnly said.

“Hehe, Fellow Daoist Jie must be joking. This Zhou and the King only had a bit of misunderstanding, what enmity is there to take revenge on? Let’s talk about the situation of Great Jin with this Zhou instead…”

Ning Fan was smiling but Jie Xiu could only smile bitterly.

This Ning Fan has already harboured hatred for the King…

And Jie Xiu could only pray, pray that the future Ning Fan who has gotten powerful would not come back to Jin destroy the country in rage…

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