Grasping Evil - Chapter 174 (1)

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After the crisis in Ju Shan Guan was alleviated, countless Gold Core Realm cultivators flew towards the walls coming from inside the city, hoping to meet the Nascent Soul Realm Old Ancestor that annihilated the demons.

Ning Fan passed all the ‘troubles’ to Jing Zhuo to handle while he and Suqiu entered the pass.

“You’re trying too hard… One against four, do you really think you’re as great as a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator…” Ning Fan shook his head and Suqiu immediately retorted.

“What about you, why did you get yourself into such trouble… the Heaven Frost Chilly Qi --- Cold Pine Essence is not something you should take. It’s been said that the elders of Rain Palace think highly of it, surely a hot potato…”

Suqiu knew that Ning Fan was a dual spirit cultivator who possessed both fire and ice spirits and also witnessed the firepower of the dragon vortex that was created into existence by the Black Demon Flame. But that was in Yue where Ning Fan was invincible, which wouldn't pose any problem even if the Black Demon Flame has been exposed and he could compete for other Heavenly Cold Qi and Earth Flames. But there were countless Nascent Soul Realm and Spirit Severing Realm cultivators based in Jin, yet he dared to enter into the trouble named Cold Pine Essence…

Don’t be deceived on how easily Ning Fan destroyed those demons. Suqiu knew that he was, in fact, still a Half-step Gold Core Realm cultivator, and the reason for why he wanted to go to the Endless Sea was to form his Gold Core.

Disguising as a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was already trying too hard, while offending Divine Messenger Yun Kuang only gave rise to more troubles. And now, there was another chance of creating hostility with the Rain Palace’s Spirit Severing Realm elder… It was dangerous and Suqiu was worried…

“There’s no need to worry. I might worry a bit about matters regarding Revered Snow if it was in the past. But the previous message transmission and spirit sense had exposed his injury,  leading me to a great opportunity… While this person’s injury may be difficult for others, but not for me… I know how to deal with it and I’m confident that I can bargain with him to not take the Cold Pine Essence and protect us during our stay in Jin by treating his wounds.”

“What? You’ve just arrived here in Ju Shan Guan and haven’t even met the elder yet but you’ve already seen through his injury?” Suqiu covered her pink lips while feeling greatly shocked. He shouldn't be able to identify a person’s injury from just a message transmission or spirit sense, even if he’s a Fourth Revolution Pill Master…

“Yes, I may not be able to identify anything at all if it was any other injury. But this… I’m very familiar with it. Alright, let's stop. Revered Snow had summoned all the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators to meet him, therefore, I must go too. Take a rest and only be stubborn again once your injury is healed…”

Ning Fan understood that it was impossible to have Suqiu rest and avoid battles. Once this girl recovered her magical strength, she’ll immediately go and defend the city… quite a stubborn woman.

Ning Fan nodded and teleported away, rushing towards Tian Chi Waterfall from a thousand li of distance and flew towards the misty palace that was situated above the ten thousand zhang waterfall.

There were cultivators of Rain Palace guarding outside of the palace, with strength at least Gold Core Realm. These cultivators have been used to being arrogant and they immediately stopped Ning Fan after seeing him closing in.

“Who goes there!” The leading white-robed Gold Core Realm cultivator sternly said.

“Jin's Commander, Zhou Ming!” Ning Fan said monotonously.

“What?! It's the newly appointed Seventh Commander, Old Ancestor Zhou Ming!”

The news from Ju Shan Guan had not reached them yet and these Gold Core Realm cultivators’ spirit sense couldn't detect what had happened over there.

These Gold Core Realm cultivators had no idea how powerful Ning Fan was but they all froze after hearing the word ‘Zhou Ming’ and their arrogance immediately dissipated and became extremely respectful.

“Us, juniors, welcome Old Ancestor Zhou Ming! The elder is convening with the various Nascent Soul Realm cultivators inside. Old Ancestor may proceed. If anyone asks, show them the merit jade and no one would dare to obstruct…”


Ning Fan replied monotonously and walked into the Wind Palace.

The average Gold Core Realm Jade of Achievement was green in colour while Ning Fan’s was black. The colour black signifies respect as it represents the identity of Jin’s Commander.

By having the black jade in his hand, there really wasn't anyone stopping him. There were even cultivators of Rain Palace that came to show him the way, their expression extremely respectful.

After passing through various hallways, the inner palace could be seen. The inner palace was heavily guarded where a white-haired young man standing imposingly at the jade steps but his expression looked unwell.

There were nineteen Rain Palace Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and thirteen Jin Nascent Soul Realm cultivators under the steps.

The King could not be seen among Jin's Nascent Souls Realm cultivators group. Jin cultivators have been forcefully taken over by the Rain Palace. However, no matter how strong the Rain Palace was, they could not order a king around. The law of the Rain World specifically said that Kings are exempted from service…

The Ruler of Jin was not present and Ning Fan only recognized Jie Xiu in the Jin cultivators’ side. But in the Rain Palace’s camp, he could see a few familiar faces.

The green-robed old scholar, Song Yi. The Orchid Skirt Lady, Liu Yunxu. Ning Fan recognised these two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators since they clashed with him in Wei.

Furthermore, he also saw an ugly man among the people from Rain Palace… That ugly man was Yun Lie. It was the same guy that had once chatted with him when he first entered Ming Que Gu (Dark Sparrow Valley). This guy easily crushed that Gold Core Realm cultivator’s ship when his words offended that Gold Core Realm cultivator, which was majestic. Ning Fan couldn't see through his cultivation base, but his aura was much mysterious than the Ruler of Jin… Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator!

But the most unbelievable thing was that he spotted a barefooted girl and his expression became weird.

That girl stood there alone, not mingling with the group, as if she was out of place. Her thick black hair was pinned together by a pine shaped hairpin that has a pine leaf as an ornament. She had a pair of bright eyes as bright as the stars on the midnight sky that emitted a hint of mysteriously demonic beauty. Her thin and finely sculpted body donned a pale green robe, a bracelet that had a silver bell on her wrist, and the most unique thing about her was that she was barefooted, her lotus feet were as smooth as jade and her ankle wrapped by a silver chain. However, no dust or dirt could contaminate her delicate toes as they touched the ground under the protection of her magical force.

The Mid Nascent Soul Realm Old Demon of Lanruo Temple (Orchid Temple)... Yun Ruowei! The Old Devil brought him to loot in various countries and passed by Lanruo Temple. He used shameless tactics and even forced her…

When the girl saw Ning Fan was looking at her, a shred of almost unnoticeable anger flashed through her beautiful eyes immediately.  

Ning Fan noticed it and understood that she still hates him and their relationship would probably not able to recover.

But what Ning Fan was really bothered was that the girl was a Divine Messenger of the Rain Palace. Rain Palace’s Divine Messengers must only cultivate techniques of the Righteous Path and no Devil Path practitioners could be accepted, especially those of the Demonic Path. Whether she’s really a demon or she was lucky enough to open up a demonic vein and cultivate the demonic art, it would be considered to have entered the Demonic Path and would not be qualified to become a Divine Messenger of the Rain Palace… But she managed to join Rain Palace and was even able to join the battle in eliminating demons with her sensitive identity. Looks like she has someone influential backing her.

All of them immediately became silent right at the moment Ning Fan stepped into the building.

Jie Xiu immediately let out a sigh of relief after he saw Ning Fan coming in. He then introduced him to the others with a smile.

“Everyone, please look, this is the newly appointed ‘Seventh Commander’, Zhou Ming that was appointed by my King! Each divine sense should have witnessed this person’s strength from the previous battle and should know that he is more than qualified of holding the position of the Seventh Commander. According to this Old Daoist, there’s no need for Divine Messenger Yun Kuang to take over the position of the Seventh Commander… ”

Jin’s Nascent Soul Realm cultivators nodded in agreement on Jie Xiu's words. While the Rain Palace’s cultivators became silent. But Yun Kuang’s eyes became serious and madness could be seen, he then looked at Ning Fan coldly.

“Seventh Commander? He is not worthy!”

“Oh? Looks like Fellow Daoists was debating in the matter regarding this Zhou. But this Zhou has just arrived, could Fellow Daoist Jie inform me what was everyone discussing…” Ning Fan avoided Yun Kuang’s gaze, trying to not offend this person at the current time. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling but he had to endure.  

However, when Jie Xiu wanted to help Ning Fan out, Revered Snow who hadn’t spoken a word yet suddenly said.

“I summoned all the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators here to discuss on the matter regarding your Seventh Commander position. As for the process of the discussion, this senior had already imprinted a copy of jade slip for your reference… ”

Revered Snow nodded and a Rain Palace Divine Messenger immediately delivered a jade slip to Ning Fan.

Notwithstanding Revered Snow doing something out of everyone’s expectation… The white-haired teenage-looking old man slightly smiled at Ning Fan.

“Read it slowly, there’s no rush…  ”

That smile did not appear to be fake, it was a genuine smile that held the intent of befriending others.

At this moment, both cultivators from Jin and Rain Palace’s hearts trembled. Even Ning Fan himself showed an expression of shock.

What?! The Revered Snow that was dubbed as the ‘Unmelting Cold Ice’ that rarely gave out a smile to those elders that were in his level has given a smile to Zhou Ming!

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