Grasping Evil - Chapter 175(2)

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Ning Fan’s expression turned icy cold. He slapped his storage pouch and took out an exquisite sword sheath.

Dugu’s Nascent Soul Realm sword qi swas concealed within the sheath… Heart Drawing Sword!

Ning Fan had yet to learn essence of the sword qi. Even if he fully comprehended it, he wouldn’t be able to use it.

The sheath in his hand and the cold stare he shot at Yun Kuang made the latter quiver in terror!

Are you brave enough?! It was what he asked Ning Fan earlier before the fight. Now, Ning Fan asked him the same question without using the ability of reverberation in his voice. He just asked once but Yun Kuang was already hesitating!

He knew clearly that if he took on the Shadow Carrier Sword he would undoubtedly be wounded by it! It was because he had used the sword to cut down countless enemies so he’s the one who understood best how hard it is to defend against the sword… He wouldn’t be able to avoid the sword shadow that would enter his body as he didn’t possess the strange ability that Ning Fan used earlier which allowed him to transform into shadows.

Moreover, when Ning Fan took out the delicate sheath, Yun Kuang’s heart thumped violently!

It was as if his Dao Heart was being slashed by sword qi…

The pain was excruciating!

An irresistable sword qi is concealed inside the sheath! I can’t block it!

He stared at Ning Fan with hatred emanating from his eyes. Although he despised Ning Fan, he didn’t dare to face the sword like how Ning Fan had earlier.

He hid all his gloominess and turned emotionless. There wasn’t a hint of happiness or anger on his face. He then cupped his fists towards Ning Fan and let out a cold snort before leaving.

He didn’t dare to accept Ning Fan’s sword!

Yun Kuang who was famous for his haughtiness submitted for the first time.

In his heart, his enmity towards Ning Fan had gone to a point where it can no longer go higher.

“You wait and watch!” That was his words to Ning Fan as he left.

What Yun Kuang didn’t know was that even if Ning Fan obtained the Shadow Carrier Sword, he was still unable to access the full power of the sword like the power to turn the sword into shadows. It was because his real magic power was only at Half-Step Gold Core Realm. There’s no way he would be able to completely control a Supreme Grade magical treasure in that state. Otherwise, why didn’t he use the Five Elemental Swords or the Eastern Ocean Bell?

Although the sword qi of the Heart Drawing Sword was indeed powerful, he didn’t know that it was impossible for Ning Fan to control it, unless Ning Fan achieves Nascent Formation!

In fact, Ning Fan had no other alternatives but to scare Yun Kuang off using the sword qi. He was not capable enough to kill Yun Kuang. Even if he had the capability to do so, he wouldn’t take the latter’s life in front of everyone. Being able to seize his magical treasure was already considered lucky.

As for Yun Kuang’s action of forfeiting before even trying to fight, it was a favourable scenario from Ning Fan’s helpless action earlier. It had struck awe into the cultivators who watched the fight.

The old expert from the Rain Palace who spoke for Yun Kuang had no excuses to put Ning Fan in difficult position anymore after seeing Yun Kuang withdraw from the fight.

“It’s truly unexpected that Yun Kuang would avoid fighting…” Each of the experts from Rain Palace began to whisper among each other. Those who couldn’t guess Ning Fan’s identity were still trapped in a state of uncertainty.

A human body bursting into shadows… What exactly is that ability?

None of them had seen it before including Revered Snow even with his three thousand years of experience.

Meanwhile, the figure of Ning Fan deeply rooted into a woman’s heart.

“He won! How could it be like this?!”

A slight anger and bitterness could be felt in her heart.

At first, she was worried that Ning Fan would die under Yun Kuang’s sword. When Ning Fan became victorious over Yun Kuang, the image of his heroic figure became embedded in her mind.

If she was fond of him, then it wouldn’t be a serious matter at all as it was only her affection towards him.

Unfortunately, Yun Ruowei didn’t even take a liking to him. As such, the figure of Ning Fan in her heart turned into a huge Heart’s Devil.

Unless she could forget everything about Ning Fan and treat him as a stranger, her the Heart’s Devil would be difficult to resolve.

The way Ning Fan scared his opponent off and seized his weapon was too captivating. He could be considered as a cultivator of brilliance and talent. She couldn’t disregard him at all.

Heart’s Devil, Heart’s Devil!

“Jerk! How am I going to settle my Heart’s Devil?!” She bit her lips and wanted to cry but no tears were coming out of her eyes.

A Heart’s Devil is really troublesome!

Truthfully, it was Ning Fan’s fault as he had molested her by touching her breasts shamelessly.

There wasn’t any need to continue discussing about the position of the Seventh Commander. After the battle, countless old monsters intended to inquire about Ning Fan’s background and his ability but they had to wait until the meeting was over.

Afterwards, the next issue that all the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators needed to discuss was to cure Revered Snow!

The fighting ring dissipated and the clouds condensed into the Cloud Palace again. The fight that occurred just now didn’t alarm any other cultivators in Ju Shan Guan as the auras emitted from the fight were all suppressed from leaking out by Revered Snow.

“If there’s someone who can cure me, I would surely thank him by offering him luxurious gifts!” After saying that, he shut his eyes and sat down. That issue was widely discussed by all the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators at the scene.

When the discussion ended, no one came up. There were some cultivators who knew about Pill Refinement Technique among them. However, the best Pill Master was only at the level of Three Revolution and he failed to identify the source of the Revered Master’s injuries.

This time, Ning Fan took the initiative to help Revered Snow. As a matter of fact, taking the initiative wasn’t his style of doing things. But to avoid becoming an enemy of Revered Snow, he was willing to offer his help to him after agreeing to his conditions. That method was undeniably the best approach to solve the issue in regards to the Cold Pine Essence.

“I can help Revered Snow to ‘detoxify’!” Ning Fan wore a stern and serious expression. He mentioned the word ‘detoxify’ in an especially clear manner.

When the speaker speaks with intention, the listeners listen with seriousness. Each and every one of the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators from the Rain Palace was surprised at his words.

“What? Revered Snow wasn’t injured but poisoned?! Zhou Ming, you must not talk nonsense!” All of them didn’t believe that Revered Snow was poisoned.

Only Revered Snow’s eyes flashed when he heard of the word ‘poisoned’. He knew what Ning Fan said was correct. However, with his three thousand years of experience, he had no idea of how he was poisoned. Could this Zhou Ming really cure him?!

“I am a Four Revolution Pill Master…”

A single sentence from Ning Fan made the entire atmosphere go silent.

This scene was even more difficult to believe than him winning against Yun Kuang.

As for Yun Ruowei, she was almost pushed over the edge to reveal Ning Fan’s identity.

“It’s impossible. With just only a few years of Dao cultivation, how could he possibly become a Four Revolution Pill Master?! Stop stealing the limelight, if not my Heart’s Devil can never be erased! Detestable… There’s not a good man in Black Demon Sect. None!”

The uproar in the hall turned silent again when Yun Lie burst into hearty laughter.

“This man is certainly a Four Revolution Pill Master. I can guarantee it…”

“What?! Divine Messenger Yun Lie witnessed this person refining a pill before?”

“No, it’s just my instinct. It tells me that he is truly a Four Revolution Pill Master!”

The ugly man, Yun Lie, was a straightforward man. The words he spoke left all the experts speechless.

Some of them began to jeer and taunt Ning Fan saying that he was trying to court people’s favour by saying something impressive. Some other cultivators wanted Ning Fan to refine pills in front of everyone to prove his identity.

Ning Fan ignored all of them. His eyes only fixed on Revered Snow’s. To him, everybody other than Revered Snow was unimportant.

“You really can cure my poison?” Revered Snow spoke solemnly.

“Actually, I’ve cured this poison once before… If Senior’s condition persists, Senior’s cultivation realm will start to fall…”

“What are the conditions?!”

“The Cold Pine Essence will be mine! Furthermore, Senior has to swear the Great Oath of Heart’s Devil that you owe me a favour!”

Ning Fan’s eyes glittered. To him, the Cold Pine Essence and owing him a favour were things that Revered Snow would need to hesitate to decide.

But the second when he finished stating his conditions, Revered Snow never hesitated and promised him immediately.


It must be a joke. When Revered Snow discovered that Ning Fan was the disciple of the Old Devil, how could he still forcefully take the Cold Pine Essence away from Ning Fan? For someone like him who knew about the Old Devil’s personality and the tradition of Black Devil Sect, it was considered lucky that Ning Fan didn’t seize his items in return.

Yes… The Old Devil was already hurt and lost his power and influence after his cultivation realm declined. The high-ranking officers in Rain Palace knew that the Deacon of Four Oceans was staying in Rain World to heal himself. They also knew that his enemy came from a powerful background. Therefore, none of them dared to be friends with the Old Devil. However, none of them dared to offend him as well.

Rain Palace had no right to ask about the enmity between True Immortals. Although the Old Devil had a lot of enemies, it didn’t mean that he didn’t have any True Immortals as friends.

As such, Revered Snow had already decided in his mind that he wasn’t going to snatch the Cold Pine Essence from Ning Fan anymore. Besides, he was undoubtedly going to owe Ning Fan a favour! In fact, he would owe any Pill Master a favour if the Pill Master could cure him. Aside from that, he would also send some gifts too. Since Ning Fan did not asked for any other rewards, the conditions he requested were worthwhile.

So, did Revered Snow lose anything? No. As a matter of fact, he would profit from this.

It was as if he did not need to pay any price to have Ning Fan cure his poison.

The only matter that made him feel concern was whether Ning Fan was a true Four Revolution Pill Master or not.

Yun Lie’s instinct is a pile of bullshit. His words aren’t worthy enough to be trusted. He just spoke in support of Ning Fan as he had a good impression towards him.

With Revered Snow’s Spirit Severing Realm capability, he saw through Ning Fan cultivation base and knew that Ning Fan was only at Half-Step Gold Core Realm. He was just fortunate enough to defeat Yun Kuang. He relied solely on his empty show of strength and successfully scared Yun Kuang off. If Yun Kuang was a little braver to accept his sword, perhaps the sword wouldn’t be in his hands anymore. The way he won the fight could be said to be half dependent on his strength while the other half relied on his courage and intelligence.

At just Half-Step Gold Core Realm, he possessed a strong combat power and held many trump cards. Besides, he came from a deep background and he was also exceptionally intelligent.

But could he really refine pills? Pill refinement isn’t child’s play. According to Revered Snow’s knowledge, the Deacon of Four Oceans, Han Yuan Ji, indeed had superb techniques when he was still a True Immortal. However, he had an impetuous personality and he couldn’t calm himself down to refine pills and equipment. As such, his Pill Refinement Technique was only at Three Revolution only.

Could Ning Fan whose bone age hadn’t even reached twenty-years-old really be a Four Revolution Pill Master?

The people from Black Devil Sect are always full of lies. It’s hard to differentiate whether they are speaking the truth or a lie.

“Hopefully this young kid can cure me…” Revered Snow might seem to be expressionless, but he was letting out a few sighs in his hearts. He resigned himself to his fate.

At least Ning Fan was still better than the other Nascent Soul Realm cultivators as he could identify that Revered Snow was poisoned.

Let’s see how it goes.


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