Grasping Evil - Chapter 177(2)

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Originally, the two demons weren’t afraid because they thought they could gang up against Ning Fan. None of them anticipated that he actually had a black-armored refined corpse at the Nascent Soul Realm!

Black Armor only threw punches at his opponent. It did not defend itself against the white-robed man’s demonic techniques. Instead, it allowed itself to be hit. However, every punch he threw carried a huge amount of corpse qi. Even though the white-robed man tried to evade, he would still be affected by the corpse qi, slowing down the speed of his demonic power’s rotation.

As for the yellow-robed man, he was almost scared to death. To his disbelief, Ning Fan let out a cold groan and transformed into a thirty-six zhang tall gigantic being!

At the third realm of Colossal Bone Secret Arts, every increase of a small level within that realm would raise the height of the giant’s body by twelve zhang!

With a thirty-six zhang giant in front of him, that skinny man who was as tiny as the giant’s thumb had a premonition that he would die for sure!

“Ice Smash!”

A punch was launched by the giant making the thousand zhang of heaven and earth before him freeze!

The tiny man received the impact of the punch, shattering the armor on his body as blood sprayed out from his mouth. In just one punch, he was already severely injured!

Many thoughts were running in his mind. I would die no matter if I try to escape or take a stand.

All of a sudden, a decisive look filled his face. Yellow wind surrounded his body and within it, three demon shadows formed. Each of the shadow held a yellow spear and dashed towards the giant’s eyes. They tried to impair his sight!

Among the three shadows, only one was genuine. This technique was one of the most common minor demonic techniques, namely Shadow Splitting Technique!

The shadows created were meant to distract the opponent. However, the giant’s eyes flickered with a mocking expression when it  saw these shadows.

He swept the shadows with his Sword Sense and instantly, two fake shadows dissipated into nothingness. The true body of the yellow-robed man reappeared and fresh blood spurted out from his mouth.

“How… How could…?”

Before he could finish his sentence, the giant’s hand slammed down on him. Ning Fan then held the man in his hand and squeezed him dead like how a human would crush an ant. He opened his mouth and ate the entire body of the man which was already mutilated beyond recognition.

Just when the man was dying, a gust of demonic wind blew. A little yellow marten Nascent Soul phased out from the body at the speed of a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, trying to escape true death!

As long as a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator have its Nascent Soul intact, the cultivator’s soul could hide in the Nascent Soul. When the body dies, it still has a chance to flee for its life. Moreover, the speed of teleportation would be one realm faster than the original body’s. However, a Nascent Soul was extremely fragile. Ordinary Core Realm magical technique could hurt it unless it seizes another body to reborn.

Seeing the demon’s Nascent Soul trying to escape, Ning Fan did not pursue him. He knew that he would be unable catch up with the demon’s speed, but he realized that he did not need to chase!

The Lightning Star between his brows flashed. The next second, the roars of thunder filled the sky!

Feeling tense, the demon’s Nascent Soul teleported away for hundreds of li without stopping. All of a sudden, he felt his position was locked on by the lightning in the sky!

After letting out a heavy breath, a ray of lightning struck him right over his head!

The first strike hit his vital part and made him become stricken with terror. Without hesitation, he teleported away for his life! However, the lightning seemed to be teleporting as well. No matter how far he went, rays of lightning always appeared above his head!

That scene was similar to when a demon tries to confront the Tribulation of Lightning when they broke through to the Gold Core Realm. After their position was locked on, there would be no escape!

After continuously teleporting for thousands of li, the Nascent Soul’s magic power started to be depleted and became unstable, slowing his speed of teleportation down. It was then that another ray of lightning struck right at his head, turning him into ashes!

Everything all happened within ten breaths of time. In that short amount of time, Ning Fan had successfully dealt with a Nascent Soul Realm demon!  

In that giant form, he let out a thunderous roar with a voice like that of thunder blasts, resounding for hundreds of li. Fear filled the hearts of the demons!

The weakness of the demon race was lightning!

The Divine Star of Lightning. It was the main reason why the King of Great Jin was willing to keep Ning Fan.

The lion-maned demon, the dark-skinned man and the white-robed guy gaped with shock, especially the white-robed guy. After the death of the yellow-robed demon, he felt imminent danger of becoming the second victim!

“Nonono, this is bad!”

He would tremble violently whenever he imagined that he, one of the Nascent Soul Realm demons, would die like an ant in the hands of the giant.

Even if I flee, I will still face the same fate as my yellow-robed brother. But it’s way better to be pressed to death by the giant and eaten! I’m not willing… not willing to die inside the giant’s mouth and be chewed into pieces!

He conjured another type of demonic technique, pushing the black corpse away and teleported to escape. But the heaven and earth energy that he condensed for teleportation was shattered by a slap from the giant, making him fail to escape!

“Ice Smash!”

He was frozen, then crashed down, and finally shattered into pieces. He turned back to his original snake form and found that all his bones were broken while his Nascent Soul was also damaged. Only 10% of his demonic magic power was left, which was far too little for him to teleport away now!

He quickly glided away using his snake body. However, no matter how he tried to get away, it would still be impossible to outrun the giant. With just a single step forward, the giant was already in front of them and a palm landed on its head!


Fresh blood oozed out from his mouth. The scales on his body were being broken into fragments. The giant picked it up and pinched it between his massive fingers like how one would pinch an earthworm.

The giant let out a cold smile and chewed off half of its body. Blood flowed out endlessly!


“Next one!”

The giant’s gaze landed on the dark-skinned man who was battling Jie Xiu. Horror could be seen reflecting from his pupils.

He was like the other Nascent Soul demons who died just now as he gained the Nascent Soul Realm power forcefully through the help of secret arts. He might have strong magic power, but his combat experience was still lacking compared to true cultivators of the Nascent Soul Realm.

He was already in bad condition after receiving a few attacks from Jie Xiu. How can he withstand the attacks from the giant and the black corpse?!

“Flee. I must flee! I have to retreat to another city and fight them in the future!”

The overwhelming terror within him caused him to flee. Right at the moment he lost his guard, Jie Xiu smacked his head using a three chi long jade ruler. His brains gushed forth causing him to die on the spot.

His Nascent Soul tried to escape but it was bashed once more by Jie Xiu with his jade ruler!

Now, the human cultivators gained the upper hand!

The last Nascent Soul Demon was the lion-maned demon who was currently in battle against Yun Ruowei!

He was dumbstruck when he saw all his comrades perishing in just a short period of time. He then realized that the most powerful cultivator in the army of humans present wasn’t Yun Ruowei but Ning Fan instead!

“Detestable! Those are the three demons which I painstakingly fostered and helped achieve Nascent Soul Realm… Now, they’ve been killed by you all! I shall show no mercy on you humans! Death will be your only fate! Taste the power of the demon general!”

He grappled Yun Ruowei and threw her away creating a short distance between their positions. His mouth curved into a malicious smile. With a finger pressed on the blood-red rune between his brows, a huge wave of violent qi dispersed and spread into the atmosphere. Upon seeing the blood-red qi, the eyes of Yun Ruowei and Jie Xiu shone with surprise.

“This is bad. It’s the stored attack of the demon general. Quickly teleport away!”

When the both of them were thinking of blocking the attack with their moves, Ning Fan fearlessly marched towards the demon in his giant form. He waved his hand and took out a blood-red jade slip and crushed it!

Suddenly, two virtual shadows of a scarlet carp collided with each other in mid-air. The collision between two strong demonic magic power formed a shockwave which spread towards every direction. Thousands of demons and a number of Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators could not withstand the impact of the shockwave and perished!

Ning Fan, too, possessed the stored attack of the demon general!

After the blast between the clash of two powerful demonic energies, the blood-red qi slowly diminished, leaving a bloody mist in the air. The malicious smile of the demon froze on his expression, turning into an expression of bewilderment!

“No. It’s impossible! This is the ultimate attack that was bestowed upon me by the demon general. How did you get your hands on it too?! I understand now. You are the one who hunted down the other companions of the demon general and you seized it from them! You’re dead meat! Human, you’re going to hell!”

“I am unsure whether I will die or not. However, I am certain that today will be your last. And the items in your storage pouch will belong to me! Sword Finger, Mountain Crush!”

The giant gave an indifferent smile and he gently pointed out his right index finger!

That finger was a lot bigger than the body of the demon. In the next moment, all the peaks of the mountains around them began to vibrate and crumbled for no reason at all.

The more mountains that were crushed, the sharper the sword light formed on the finger!

When more than one thousand mountains were crushed, the strength accumulating on that finger was comparable to a fatal blow at the level of Mid Nascent Soul Realm!

The demon with a lion’s mane would have been able to withstand that attack if he didn’t engage in battle with Yun Ruowei. Moreover, after he activated the stored attack of the bloody rune, his magic power pretty much exhausted. Now, it was beyond his capabilities to face the attack directly.

That finger emanated a forceful aura. The demon felt the pressure of a thousand mountains being exerted on him, completely immobilizing him. He could not teleport away at all. Knowing that there was no escape, he then decided to force himself to resist the attack with everything he got.

“I’ll fight to the death with you!”

He mustered all his remaining demonic magic power and channeled them on his palm. The power then condensed into a golden ball with a radius of ten zhang which he threw towards the giant afterwards! That golden ball would explode several times while rushing towards Ning Fan!

For every time the ball burst, a powerful shockwave would shake the entire heavens. Upon receiving damage from the explosions,  excruciating pain could be felt in the giant’s chest. But his finger didn’t waver and still continued to move towards the demon!


Even though the giant was severely wounded, the determination to land that finger on the demon was unwavering!

The golden ball cracked as the area of a thousand li shook heavily! The lion-maned demon unceasingly spat out blood while falling down from the sky!

The giant caught the demon with his massive palm. With an air of indifference radiating from his appearance, he threw the demon into his mouth and chewed him!

After that, he transformed into his human form. Without pausing to inspect the items in the demon’s storage pouch, he threw it straight into his cauldron ring and consumed a few pills to put his injuries under control. He then began to hunt down all the small demons without any further delay!

“Fellow Daoist Yun and Fellow Daoist Jie, hurry up and eliminate all the demons to reduce the casualties!”



Jie Xiu replied to Ning Fan with an admiring tone.

It was perfect timing that Ning Fan used the stored attack at the Spirit Severing Realm. Moreover, the sword finger was incredibly powerful. I am truly amazed by his techniques. Being able to defeat an Mid Nascent Soul Realm demon at his current realm, he is more than qualified to be the Seventh Commander!

On the other hand, the figure of Ning Fan etched more deeply into her heart!

He was the one who had eliminated four Nascent Soul Realm demons. Such overwhelming strength made her begin to feel dreadful towards him.

Aside from that, her Heart’s Devil embedded more firmly within her heart. She had no idea how to destroy it other than talking to Ning Fan about it after the war.

However, there was one thing that she could not comprehend and it was why Ning Fan, who was a materialistic person, would be willing to sacrifice the stored attack to kill the lion-maned demon while he could just choose to teleport away from the attack.

She was confused but Ning Fan would not explain why. He swallowed another Burning Blood Pill and continued the slaughter of demons. The battle points of his Jade of Achievement began to drastically increase once more.

Perhaps if he retreated that time and blocked the stored attack from the demon with me and Jie Xiu, that demon could have possibly fled. So he sacrificed one of his trump cards in order to finish the demon off. The demon’s storage pouch would most probably be the main reason of why he did it…

Ning Fan did not examine what was inside the pouch. But there was an aura of the Immemorial Stars emanating from the pouch, stimulating the Yin Yang Locket and his Separation Slayer Sword.

Immemorial Stars. The pouch seems to contain a large amount of them.

Those items were even more precious than the stored attack at the Spirit Severing Realm. If the lion-maned demon successfully made his escape, it would be a waste.

Furthermore, Ning Fan could faintly feel that something was reacting with the demon veins in his body, making them react!

It should be a treasure that can enhance my demonic magic power…

He kept all the information to himself because those were his loots. Members from the Rain Palace had no rights to seize them away from him!

The surviving demons were soon turned into battle points in his Jade of Achievement!

After a few hours, the war finally ended!

The vicinity within a thousand li became a wasteland with innumerable demon corpses while there were also several human corpses lying on the ground.

The number displayed on Ning Fan’s Jade of Achievement surpassed seven hundred thousand… He alone wiped out seventy percent of the small demons and three of the Nascent Soul Realm demons.

Each of the Gold Core Realm and Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivators who were still alive beamed with joy and happiness. Even Jie Xiu was also delighted for their victory.

Yun Ruowei, however, was filled with confusion and did not speak a word. She was a demon herself but had cut down members of her own race…

As for Ning Fan, he silently stood in the middle of thousands of corpses.

“Rest in peace.”

He muttered heavily to himself and he flew back to the shuttle.

Yun Ruowei’s eyes blinked with disbelief when she heard what Ning Fan said.

This merciless killing machine is actually quite sensible, isn’t he?

Vengeance can only exist when one is alive. But after death, vengeance would only perish into nothingness.

He is quite forgiving after all.

“Speaking of Ning Fan, it would be a piece of cake for him to maintain his position as the Seventh Commander after this war. However, I heard that he’s going to depart soon. Will he join the final war?”


Note :

1. Measurements :
a. li(里) = 500 m
b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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