Grasping Evil - Chapter 178(2)

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She recognized Jie Xiu and knew Yun Ruowei was a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator from Rain Palace.  She said in a polite manner, “My name is Yin Suqiu. Greetings to both seniors…” Yin Suqiu’s eyes lingered on Yun Ruowei for a little longer than the other senior. While looking at her, she felt an indescribable nervousness.


“This is?” Yun Ruowei was inwardly amazed by Suqiu. In Ruowei’s view, although Yin Suqiu was only a Peak Gold Core Realm cultivator, she had good foundation and great determination in her Heart of Dao.

To be a woman with that attitude is truly hard.

“ *Cough* this is Fellow Daoist Zhou’s partner. This couple surely has a lot to talk about. I’ll excuse myself then…” Jie Xiu introduced Yin Suqiu to Yun Ruowei.

“Oh. She’s Fellow Daoist Zhou’s wife…” An uneasy feeling surfaced in her heart. She could neither comprehend nor explain that feeling.

Heart’s Devil. It must be the Heart’s Devil. It’s obvious that I don’t like him. I would only harbor such feelings because of the existence of the Heart’s Devil.

“Since you are Fellow Daoist Zhou’s wife, then you don’t have to address me as ‘senior’. Just call me sister..”

“Then, let me be bold and call you sister.”

“Suqiu really has a good foundation for her profound cultivation method…”

“No matter how strong my foundation is, I am still merely a Peak Gold Core Realm cultivator after all. There’s no way I can be comparable to you, sister.”

Ning Fan’s expression turned strange as he stood beside them and listened to their conversation. He did not know why but he felt that they were actually opposed each other. After contemplating for a while, his previous assumption seemed to be inaccurate as Yin Suqiu was not really his wife after all.Furthermore, Yun Ruowei definitely held no good feelings towards him.

During their conversation, the progress of recording the battle points earned was carried out swiftly.

The elder who monitored the process would read the battle points of the cultivator aloud after he or she finished the registration.

“Wang Wei, Late Gold Core Realm, obtained a total of 7152 battle points!”

“Yu Ming, Peak Gold Core Realm, obtained a total of 8503 battle points!”

“Lu Feng, Late Gold Core Realm, obtained a total of 5589 battle points!”

“Gu Yan!”

His voice paused on the name Gu Yan with his expression changing while his eyes widened a little. He then let out a dry cough and returned to normal. It was because Gu Yan was the Sixth Commander of Great Jin, a cultivator of Mid Nascent Soul Realm!

“The Sixth Commander, Senior Gu Yan, obtained a total of 96492 battle points!”

Countless cultivators who heard his words breathed heavily.

He indeed is a Mid-Nascent Soul Realm expert. In just a single battle, he was able to obtain a massive amount of battle points! It’s nearly a hundred thousand battle points!

Suddenly, a cold sneer broke the uproar in the atmosphere.

“Is that it for a Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert from Great Jin? Is that enough? Please help me to register my battle points!”

“Yes, yes, of course!”

A young man in silver robes had a mocking smile on his face while his eyes emanated ferociousness. Undeniably, it was Yun Kuang! Apparently, the ferociousness that was crushed by Ning Fan earlier had reformed within him after undergoing battles.

After being jeered by Yun Kuang, Gu Yan’s face turned gloomy. The cultivators from the Rain Palace’s Division were not on friendly terms with the cultivators from Great Jin. It was a known fact to every cultivator present. However, there were only a few worthy enough to be ridiculed by Yun Kuang publicly.

After all, Rain Palace was like a titan compared to Great Jin. And Yun Kuang was not a person that Gu Yan can afford to offend. When Yun Kuang’s battle points was announced, Gu Yan’s heart thumped irregularly.

The voice of the elderly cultivator was as like a razor-sharp sword piercing through Gu Yan’s heart!

“Divine Messenger Yun Kuang from the Rain Palace’s Division obtained a total of 235891 battle points! 100000 battle points of it were obtained through cutting down a Nascent Soul Realm demon!”

*Sucking in air deeply*

Silence filled the original lively atmosphere, leaving the sound of breathing echo in the air.

More than two hundred and thirty thousand battle points! I’m afraid it would be impossible to do even for the General Commander! Besides, he killed a Nascent Soul Realm demon to obtain one hundred thousand battle points!

All demons at the Nascent Soul Realm possessed great power. Furthermore, Nascent Souls[1] were formed within their bodies, making it even more difficult to eliminate them thoroughly. Gu Yan himself defeated two Nascent Soul Realm demons in battle but he didn’t manage to kill even one of them. Unexpectedly, Yun Kuang managed to pull it off by killing a Nascent Soul Realm demon! Although he lost his Shadow Carrier Sword and could no longer assassinate his enemy using sneak attacks, he is still strong and should not be underestimated!

Among the crowd of cultivators, a tall man with a black face resentfully lowered his head down. He was the General Commander of Great Jin, Luan Zhi! Upon witnessing Gu Yan who was one of his commanders being humiliated in public, he wanted to step forward and teach Yun Kuang a lesson. However, after hearing the amount of battle points Yun Kuang obtained, he stopped. He would only be bringing shame upon himself since his battle points was only around one hundred and ninety thousand, quite lacking compared to Yun Kuang’s battle points…

His inaction made other cultivators from Great Jin to sigh faintly. Yun Kuang shot him a glance and became even more proud with himself!

“Hehe, General Commander has nothing to say? It seems that even he doesn’t have enough battle points! Hey, the old man who registers battle points! Please just put two hundred and thirty thousand battle points in record! That would be enough for me to secure the top 1!”

He let out a wicked laugh. All of a sudden, his eyes stopped on a person in the crowd.

“Zhou Ming! Are your battle points more than mine?! Otherwise, please get away from Suqiu Xianzi!”

Hundreds of pairs of eyes focused on Ning Fan!

Ning Fan who was helplessly listening to the conversation of the two women wore a serious expression and walked out of the crowd heading towards the tablet.

Everyone thought that there would be a fight between the two of them after Yun Kuang’s provocation. But Ning Fan just let out a faint smile and briefly looked at Yun Kuang without a hint of anxiety. He passed his Jade of Achievement which was black in colour to the elderly cultivator.

“Divine Messenger Yun Kuang has too much battle points so he can afford to ignore the small amount of battle points in excess of two hundred and thirty thousand. But I, Zhou Ming, am too poor. Please help me record every single battle point on the jade tablet as each of them represents an immortal jade…”

“Yes, yes!”

Actually, the fear that the elderly cultivator had towards Ning Fan was more than what he felt from Yun Kuang.

When his eyes landed on Ning Fan’s Jade of Achievement, his hands began to quiver and the Jade of Achievement slipped through his hand, falling to the ground.

Careless. He was too careless!

“I am so sorry! I should be punished!”

He hastily picked up the Jade of Achievement and apologized to Ning Fan.

Ning Fan just waved his hand gently and said, “Never mind. It’s just a small matter. Please proceed.”

“Yes, yes! The Seventh Commander of Great Jin, Zhou Ming, obtained a total of 648153 battle points!”

“What?! Six hundred and forty thousand?!”

Many of the cultivators gaped in astonishment.

How is it possible to obtain that tremendous amount of battle points in just a single battle?!

“Three hundred thousand of the total battle points came from killing three Nascent Soul Realm demons…” The elderly cultivator’s voice trembled.

“Three… Three Nascent Soul Realm demons?!” Each of the cultivators in the city had their expressions changed!

Nascent Soul Realm demons are too powerful to be easily defeated, let alone killing them. But he eliminated three of them in just a single battle! This… this is…!

The elderly cultivator added on and said, “One of them was a Mid Nascent Soul Realm demon!”

“What?! Mid-Nascent Soul Realm demon?! It means that Old Ancestor Zhou Ming possess the capability of killing cultivators in the same realm as him!”

Eliminating cultivators of the same realm! It was supposed to be beyond the bounds of possibility for the cultivators at the Nascent Soul Realm. One can defeat a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator and destroy his body. However, there’s still the Nascent Soul which can still escape at a speed faster than the original body by a small realm… (If a cultivator is at Early Nascent Soul Realm, the speed of his Nascent Soul would be at Mid Nascent Soul Realm) As such, it’s completely out of question to eliminate a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator! However, this Zhou Ming was capable of doing it!

After recording his battle points, Ning Fan kept his Jade of Achievement and looked again at Yun Kuang with a smile.

“So are you satisfied with my battle points now?!”

“Are you satisfied?!”

Those words reverberated in the air like a shocking thunderclap blasting in Yun Kuang’s heart as Ning Fan secretly used the power of his lightning star.

Yun Kuang’s face paled and he retreated a few steps away from him!

The Heart of Dao he cultivated was ferociousness and pride. Previously, his Heart of Dao was shattered by Ning Fan after he lost his sword. He then remolded his Heart of Dao by eliminating a Nascent Soul Realm demon with great effort in the last battle. His action of humiliating Gu Yan was to stabilize his intent of ferociousness. If he was able to win against Ning Fan through the comparison of battle points, he could have erased the taste of defeat from his Heart of Dao!

But it was beyond his imagination that Ning Fan would obtain enormous amount of battle points!

Six hundred forty thousand! It’s out of his capabilities!

Besides, he took down three Nascent Soul Realm demons! And one of them was even a Mid Nascent Soul Realm demon which was also one of the twelve companions of the demon general!

No, it’s impossible!

His Heart of Dao that had just remolded and his intent of ferociousness which was yet to stabilize shattered once more!

To broadcast his battle points which appeared to be insignificant in front of Ning Fan’s was an act of inviting humiliation!

Ning Fan lifted his finger and pointed towards Yun Kuang. It gave him an impression that even if he displayed all his techniques, he could not avoid suffering severe injuries if the finger was pressed against him!

“Are you satisfied?”

Suddenly, words that were like thunder permeated in his body, hurting him from inside. Yun Kuang quickly backed a few for a few steps and stabilized his stance. But a mouthful of blood forced its way out of his mouth.

It was his first time realizing that he must never offend Ning Fan again!

Cannot. Absolutely cannot! This man possesses the strength to kill a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. That finger of his is more than enough to finish me off!

“I apologize for my discourtesy. I’ll excuse myself!”

Without hesitating any further, he teleported away. In his haste, he even forgot to retrieve his Jade of Achievement which was still in the elderly cultivator’s hands. Seemingly, he had lost his calm.

It was his second time escaping from Ning Fan. Perhaps he would no longer have the audacity to trouble Ning Fan again in his entire life.

“He runs fast…”

The slight smile did not fade from Ning Fan’s face. He put down his finger without giving Yun Kuang a second look.

His Heart of Dao is destroyed. He can break through to the Late Nascent Soul Realm as well as Peak Nascent Soul Realm but it would be impossible for him to achieve Spirit Severing Realm in his whole life.

It was because Ning Fan would surely become his Heart’s Devil, bothering him while trying to break through to the Spirit Severing Realm. And that Heart’s Devil will haunt him for the rest of his life.

That scene of Yun Kuang running away in fear left the cultivators in the city petrified.

Old Ancestor Zhou Ming could not only kill a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator but also scare a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator off with just a few words. This man’s potential is unfathomable!

“Fellow Daoist Zhou really didn’t plan on participating in the final battle of Dragon Vision Pond?” Jie Xiu sighed disappointedly. Ning Fan had already mentioned about it to him on their way back to the city earlier.

“Hai… I’ve suffered some injuries in the previous battle. Even though I want to help, I’m unable to do as I wish.”

“If that’s the case… It’s such a pity that you can’t join us…”

Jie Xiu sighed continuously.

Ning Fan’s strength was even stronger than the General Commander of Great Jin. If he could join the final battle, Great Jin would have a higher chance of gaining victory in the battle.

It’s such a pity that he can’t join.


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  1. ^ 1. Just a clarification for Nascent Soul. According to, Nascent Soul resembles an infant or a miniature version of the person and resides in the Dantian, typically sitting in a lotus. (Lotus position in Buddhism is similar to the position of meditation). It can go outside the cultivator's body and is considered to be their second life- that is, if their main body dies, their consciousness can continue to exist in the Nascent Soul. Click here for picture.