Grasping Evil - Chapter 179

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Zhou Ming’s incredible results from the earlier battle made him famous overnight in Ju Shan Guan. Even the man with an ugly appearance, Yun Lie, only managed to get five hundred and ninety thousand battle points, which was a little lower than what Ning Fan got.

“Aiya. I can’t believe that I’ve lost to him… This Zhou Ming is indeed strong! My instincts was accurate after all!”

Zhou Ming was injured in the previous battle which made him decide not to join the final battle. It made countless cultivators to feel the same feeling as Jie Xiu.

“Hai… If Old Ancestor Zhou Ming wasn’t injured, he would surely put up a fantastic fight in the final battle…”

With the rapid spread of the news regarding Zhou Ming, Yin Suqiu became worried for him.

What kind of injuries did he suffer that was grave enough to prevent him from participating in the final battle…?

With that concern in mind, she would visit Ming Yu Building which Ning Fan was staying every few days. (Ming in Mandarin is 明, meaning clear or bright, Yu in Mandarin is 玉, meaning jade.) Only when she was sure that Ning Fan was in good condition that she became less worried.

While Ning Fan was resting in Ming Yu Building, she was secretly guarding the city. Although she knew that they’ve already amassed sufficient battle points, she still tried to get more battle points to convert them into immortal jade. It was meant for Ning Fan in his future trip.

Ming Yu Building was actually something that belonged to the Sixth Commander, Gu Yan, in Ju Shan Guan. However, he gifted it to Ning Fan to allow him to treat his wounds in a peaceful environment.

It was because Ning Fan scared Yun Kuang off and helped him recover his dignity as a commander of Great Jin.

If Ning Fan didn’t accept the gift, then he would be too dumb to be a cultivator. Yes, he accepted the building with pleasure in the guise of treating his wounds. Moreover, it was a place perfect enough for him to purify the demon qi that contaminated the cherry-sized Immemorial Star.

This building consisted of seven floors. Those floors were especially designed for Nascent Soul Realm experts to enter into secluded meditation. Rooms for magical treasures refinements, pill refinements and others were built in every floor. The most satisfying part for Ning Fan was that this building was protected by a Peak Nascent Soul Realm Defensive Formation, the ‘Sense Barrier Formation’ in particular.

As every Nascent Soul Realm cultivator had their own secrets that shouldn’t see the light of day, this formation was specially established for keeping outsiders from spying on them using spirit sense. Even Revered Snow who was at Early Spirit Severing Realm would be unable to intrude in the building without alerting the formation.

On the seventh floor, Ning Fan took out the piece of Immemorial Star. He soaked it in a medicinal bath concocted from thousand-year-old spiritual herbs. The demon qi in the Immemorial Star gradually diminished in the concoction.

After that, he sat cross-legged beside it while trying to speed up the assimilation of the three droplets of demon blood.

All the qi and blood that he expended during the battle would be restored after he completed the process of assimilation.

His demon power would also improve by leaps and bounds once the three droplets of demon blood were completely assimilated.

“The realm of my demon power is now at Early Harmonious Spirit…”

He muttered to himself and began to absorb the first droplet of blood, the blood of the yellow marten.

The marten was the weakest among the three demons. However, the blood was proved difficult to absorb.

He forcefully expelled a strand of demon blood from his dantian[1], trying to merge it with the yellowish blood.

That strand of demon blood was the only demon bloodline in Ning Fan’s body. It was too delicate. As such, he was extremely cautious when handling his one and only demon bloodline. The yellowish demon blood dispersed into thousands of strands of blood. He then activated the Camelia Scripture and allowed his only strand of demon blood to engulf the strands of blood.

The scripture was actually a wood element cultivation method. Consuming the demon blood with its help would grant him the wood element demon power.

On the first day, Ning Fan extracted three strands of blood to consume.

On the second day, he extracted eleven of them.

When the third day came, he consumed forty-five strands of blood in total.

The more strands of blood he consumed, the larger his original demon bloodline grew. Now, that strand of blood in his body became a droplet of blood which was light green in colour.

After ten days, the yellowish demon blood was thoroughly consumed by Ning Fan. His demon power broke through to the Mid Harmonious Spirit Realm!

“The second droplet, the blood of the white snake… I should be able to devour it within three days!”

He calmed his mind and consumed the second droplet of blood with full focus.

On the thirteenth day, the blood of the white snake was completely assimilated into his demon blood. His demon power broke through to the Late Harmonious Spirit Realm!

There was only the light golden blood left. However, this last droplet of blood was even more difficult to consume compared to the previous droplets of blood. It was because it belonged to one of the demon general’s twelve companions. It was a genuine a Mid Nascent Soul Realm demon. This droplet of blood was comparable to twenty droplets of the white snake’s blood!

For that last droplet, it took Ning Fan ten continuous days.

When it was finally absorbed into his demon blood, his demon power successfully broke pass the Peak Harmonious Spirit Realm.His demon power was now considered to be at the Half-Step Gold Core Realm!

Although his Gold Core was still unreal, it became a little more solidified when he enhanced his demon power.

The fusion of magic power and demon power made him to be on par with an Early Gold Core Realm cultivator who is a hair's’ breadth away from achieving Mid Gold Core Realm. If he was to face a Mid-Gold Core Realm cultivator, he was not any weaker than him!

“Nice demon blood…”

He then suppressed his demon power within his body and the intense demon qi flashing across his eyes vanished. Now, the normal expression he wore surfaced on his appearance again.

His gaze turned to the Immemorial Star in the medicinal bath. The demon qi had already been removed. His lips curved satisfyingly and he kept it.

He stood up and went to the ground floor of the building.

It was drizzling outside and under the light rain stood a girl with bare feet, holding an oil-paper umbrella[2]. Apparently, she had been standing there for quite a while.

Ning Fan did not expect her to appear here.

“Is there something that you want from me since you’ve been waiting here for so long?”

“Yes. Can we talk inside?”

Yun Ruowei’s gaze lingered on Ning Fan’s body. She discovered that a trace of demon qi had yet to entirely dissipate from him. That discovery amazed her inwardly.

Why did he possess demon power? I thought he was supposed to be the descendant of the Black Devil and the veins he has should be the Immemorial Devil Veins.

Yun Ruowei did not have an answer. In fact, there was a lot more she did not understand about. Another unsolved mystery was the Divine Star of Lightning. How come a cultivator that carried Immemorial Devil Vein can possess a Divine Star?

Since the demon qi emanated from Ning Fan’s eyes, it gave her a sense of familiarity.

“What? Is there anything on my face?”

“No. It’s just that you resembled two of my old friends…” Yun Ruowei answered while entering the building. Her heart thumped a little more rapidly than usual.

“Oh I see. There are hundreds of millions of cultivators sharing the same heaven as us. It’s not uncommon to find someone who look alike.”

In the first floor, Ning Fan waved his sleeve and a teapot flew to their cups and filled them up.

By just releasing some of his magic power, the tea instantly became warm, carrying a whiff of aroma.

“Please have a seat… This cup of tea is a token of my apology for my bold and disrespectful actions in the past. I hope you are magnanimous enough to forgive my wrongful deed.”

“Forgive you? I once considered to forgive you but what you did back then was too shameless that it created a Heart’s Devil within me. Do you know how troublesome this Heart’s Devil was?”

After she finished replying, she held the cup of tea up in the air, causing the silver bell around her wrist to ring.

This tea indeed has a good aroma It wasn’t brewed using ordinary spiritual tea leaves. If I’m not mistaken, it is the taste of thousand-year-old medicinal leaves. His lifestyle is really luxurious!

Her lips blew gently on the surface of the tea making the fragrance of it fill the air. When she almost finished drinking the entire thing, a thought suddenly came up in her mind and made her stop.

She stared indifferently at Ning Fan and asked, “You didn’t brew this tea using any aphrodisiac ingredients, did you?”

“Do I appear to be that brazen in your view? Speaking of that issue, if I really want to take advantage of you, it would be impossible for you to walk out of this building safely judging from my current strength and my Yin Plucking Finger.”

“You dare?!” Yun Ruowei became ashamed and angry. With those emotions clouding her thoughts, her grasp on the cup loosened, causing it to fall onto the ground and shatter.

She knew that the tea she wasted was precious and the cup she broke was worth its weight in gold. Immense guilt invaded her heart but she stubbornly refused to surrender and apologize to Ning Fan.

Irritating, it’s so irritating!

Moreover, she was sitting face to face with Ning Fan. With Ning Fan in front of her, her Heart’s Devil began to haunt her even more!

Ning Fan helplessly shook his head and silently thought deeply about the message within her words.

He poured another cup of tea for Yun Ruowei again. At the same time, he was guessing her intentions in coming to seek for him.

Was she trying to get my help to eliminate her Heart’s Devil? Is it possible that I created the Heart’s Devil in her when I defiled her using my Yin Plucking Finger in the past?

“Please use your tea. Don’t worry. It’s just tea.”

“Fine…” Yun Ruowei held her cup of tea once more and sipped lightly. As the tea entered her stomach, she felt energized and refreshed.

This tea is really brewed using thousand-year-old tea leaves. Even among the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, not many of them are as extravagant as him…

“Miss Yun, do you come to seek my help to eliminate your Heart’s Devil?”

“Precisely! However, it’s not a request. It’s an order. You have yet to compensate me for being impertinent towards me!”  

“Please don’t get angry, Miss Yun. It’s my fault for my improper choice of words. Alright. How can I help you?”

“Sleep with me …”

“Er… I am no longer a virgin so it’s fine for me to sleep with a beauty like you. However, are you sure that you are willing to destroy your Heart’s Devil at the cost of your purity? I think there are other alternatives…”

Ning Fan put down his cup and his expression turned weird.

Is it possible that she’s a woman who would submit herself to a man?

In the past, he would not reject any woman who came to him and was free to do anything he wanted on them. However, he did not dare to act improperly towards a Mid Nascent Soul Realm female cultivator.

If he uses the ability of the Yin Yang Locket, he would be plucking the female cultivator. If he does not, it would end up a dual cultivation.

This woman’s cultivation realm was way beyond Ning Fan’s. Furthermore, she was still a virgin. No matter what Ning Fan did, be it plucking her or engaging in dual cultivation, it would still raise Ning Fan’s magic power massively. Perhaps, Ning Fan would be able to obtain sufficient magic power and form his core in seclusion here without the need to go to the Endless Sea.

“Miss, please think twice. If you really want to do that “thing” with me, we can decide on a later date…”

“Pooh! You are such a disgusting man!”

She was angered by Ning Fan’s replies until her face turned as red as a tomato.

I said “sleep” and by all means I mean sleep. But how come he thought of those deviant things.

“I said ‘sleep’! Sleep together with me so I can cast a minor demonic technique called ‘Dream Entering Technique’ to bring you into my dreams. You will help me to destroy the unappeasable Heart’s Devil. I don’t mean to do ‘that’ with you…”

“Oh, it’s just sleeping…”

“If not that, then what?”

“Alright. It’s still my fortune to be able to literally sleep with a beauty. Miss, are you going upstairs to change your clothes? Let’s do it in this building. What do you think?”

Ning Fan stood up and wore a faint smile on his face. He slapped his storage pouch and summoned the black corpse to guard the ground floor of the building.

After that, he slowly climbed the stairs.

He did not have any objections in helping her. As a matter of fact, he felt that he owed her. He admitted that his previous actions were indeed immoral. Because of that, a Heart’s Devil haunted her and prevented her from cultivating…

“Miss Yun, what are you waiting for? Quickly come up and let me enter your dream. I’ll be leaving Great Jin in ten more days and you are going for the final battle at Dragon Vision Pond after just a few days. There’s no time to waste.”

“Wait… Let me consider…”

Yun Ruowei’s heartbeat became even faster than just now.

It might look like a simple task as she just needs to sleep with him without taking her clothes off and doing any other activities. However, it was still her first time sleeping with a man…

The sages once said, riding on the same boat requires a century of cultivation; whilst sharing the same pillow requires a thousand years.

Ever since she turned into a human from grass and trees, she did not do any harmful deeds. However, she could not understand why she would be so unlucky to meet this perverted man.

Actually why do I need to share the same pillow with him…

I really need to consider this properly.

Hai… Can’t make up my mind…


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  1. ^ 1. (For those who still not quite sure about what Dantian is.) Dantian refers to the qi focus flow centers or the energy centers in the body. Click here for picture.
  2. ^ 2. Oil-paper umbrella is a type of paper umbrella that originated in China. Click here for picture.