Grasping Evil - Chapter 180(2)

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“I am Ning Qian. This old pine tree is my sister, Ruowei. You two seniors have great cultivation realm so can you please lift your hands high in mercy and spare the both of us. It’s not easy for my sister to gain spirituality in that form.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. Besides, I won’t forgive those who would dare to hurt you.” Yun Ruowei solemnly replied to her.

“Thank you so much… Actually, what exactly happened today since another senior has just come to visit Orchid Temple?”

The young lady raised her head and her eyes flashed with surprise.

A man who wore a pure white robe appeared in the blue sky. Below his foot was a sword which elevated him in the air. His lips curved into a smile as if he found something he wanted when he was studying the temple using his spirit sense.

“An excellent ‘Nettle Pine’!  The spirit of this pine tree is at least thirty-thousand-year-old and it’s close to gaining spirituality. It would be great to turn it into the sword body of my ‘Evil Conquering Sword’. Eh? There are two other Nascent Soul Realm cultivators here as well. Don’t tell me that they are interested in the pine tree too!”

When the white-robed man let out a laugh, the sky within the vicinity of a thousand li surrounding Ming Country began to drizzle.

“This pine tree belongs to me, Yun Tianjue, the Divine Son of the Rain Palace! Fellow Daoists, please step away from it!”

His tone was domineering and ferocious!

His eyes were as sharp as the tip of a sword!

His face resembled Ning Fan a bit!

A thousand years ago, the Rain Palace divine messenger, Yun Tianjue, successfully comprehended the Divine Intent of Rain when he was still at Mid Nascent Soul Realm. With that power, he overpowered all the other members of Rain Palace and became one of the Divine Sons of Rain Palace.

Now, he had achieved the Fourth Heavenly Level of Void Fragmentation Realm! He was considered to be the most powerful expert of Rain Palace after the Sovereign of Rain World!

The yellow-clothed woman was anxious at the sudden arrival of that man. She wanted to stop him from cutting down the pine tree but she was too weak to do anything.

At this moment, Yun Ruowei let out a sigh.

“He is the person I don’t want to meet the most… I guess this dream is going to end soon.”

After she finished speaking, the scene broke into fragments and congealed into another realm.

It was still a place full of lush greenery and the temple was still there. It was a thousand years later from the time of the previous dream.

The dream earlier might have seemed insignificant to Yun Ruowei. However, Ning Fan felt it strange as to why the characters in the dream made his demon blood roil.

It only stopped when they entered into a new dream.

“Who exactly was that?”

“I met him a thousand years ago and my life changed since then. He was the reason that I let you go that day. You look quite similar to him actually. In fact, I thought you were the person whom the Rain Palace was looking for…You know about it, don’t you?”

“Oh? Am I related to that?”

“No. I don’t think so. The Rain Palace deployed all its forces in eight hundred cultivation countries to search for a single person. It was the last wish of the Rain World’s Sovereign of the previous generation…”

“His last wish?” Ning Fan knew that the Rain Palace was searching for a person. During the auction of the Dao Fruit in Seven Apricot City, the Great Void Sect had already begun their search. Besides, Yun Lie was carrying out the same mission when Ning Fan met him during his way to Sinister Sparrow Sect. The Void Fragmentation Realm beggar who appeared at Sinister Sparrow Sect during the fight between Ning Fan and Bai Feiteng seemed to be looking for someone as well…

“The previous Sovereign of Rain World used his soul to perform a divination before his death. The prophecy was stored in the Pond of Heaven Mystery and it was revealed to no one. A hundred thousand years later, it was seen by the current Sovereign of Rain World. It was about the future of Rain World… In that prophecy, the Sovereign saw a person. That person would become an unrivalled expert that could overturn the nine worlds in just a thousand years. Shockingly, he is not a member of the Four Heavens Immortal World but a person who is born in the Rain World and raised in this native land! The Sovereign was able to glance at the back of the person in the prophecy. However, it almost made the Sovereign’s Primordial Spirit crack…”

“The shadow of his back alone could cause damage to the Primordial Spirit of the Sovereign! This cultivator would be that powerful only after a thousand years. Now, he is still buried in oblivion. In other words, this cultivator would gain the power that would even make the Sovereign of Rain World become terrified in just a thousand years!” Ning Fan held his chin and muttered to himself. A thousands year… From a cultivator that no one knows to a being that can surpass the Sovereign of Rain World. If he really exists and joins the Rain Palace, it would definitely become one of the most powerful force that could rival against the Devil World, Demon World and even the Immortal World…

So this is the reason why the Sovereign gave the order to search for him everywhere under the heavens.

However, does this have any relation to Yun Ruowei letting me go that day?

“The Sovereign reckons that this person would have boundless magic power. Therefore, he decided to find him no matter what among the eight hundred cultivation countries! The only proof of his existence is his qi. There’s a strand of Divine Intent of Rain in his qi. Furthermore, the Veins of the Rain God is in the deepest part of his qi. He is most likely to be the descendent of a Divine Son. Divine Sons are the princes of the Sovereign of Rain Palace. The total number of Divine Sons are thirty and above, regardless of their age. Currently, none of their descendants possess exceptional latent talent. As a matter of fact, the Sovereign tried to find the special child among the illegitimate ones of the Divine Sons. Yes, it’s normal for them to have concubines who may be devil cultivators or even demons. The children they have with these concubines would not be recognized by the Rain Palace. As such, they were abandoned… Those who possess impure veins are disallowed to be members of Rain Palace.”

“Then, the future expert that the Sovereign wants to look for is a child that was once abandoned by them? Interesting. The insensitive and materialistic attitude of the members of Rain Palace is beyond my comprehension. When there’s no profit to be gained, they claimed themselves righteous and abandoned those innocent children, leaving them in despair with their mothers. Then, they tried to get them back only when they realized the advantage they could gain from those children. Come to think of it, did you let me go that day because you thought I might be the illegitimate child of Yun Tianjue since you said we look alike?”

Ning Fan’s raised his eyebrows. Now he realized the reason why Yun Ruowei would let him go was not because she admired him, it was actually to give him a path to live and cultivate to be stronger.

I was too naïve back then.

“I have no relation with Yun Tianjue.” His mouth said so but he had a different thought in his mind. He once dreamt that he, too, bore the surname of ‘Yun’ under the effect of the Ming Luo Fruit.

Perhaps I was truly an abandoned child who once belonged to an expert from Rain Palace too.

To Ning Fan, he would not return to Rain Palace to understand about his ancestor even if he is truly one of the abandoned ones. He knew how ungrateful the Rain Palace would be.

“I know. Furthermore, you don’t have the Veins of the Rain God inside you… You shouldn’t the descendant of the Divine Son of Rain Palace. After all these while, the Rain Palace managed to find hundreds of descendants in the eight hundred cultivation countries. They are now being cultivated with great care. Some were said to possess great potentials and some even possess the Immemorial Divine Veins or Devil Veins… Therefore, the Rain Palace didn’t focus much on finding that person now. It was a misunderstanding that day. I thought you were the missing one, but it turned out to be the opposite. Don’t worry.”

“Really? Let’s not talk about such boring topics anymore. Oh yes, the dream realm now should be the scene at the Orchid Temple a few years ago, am I right?” Ning Fan changed the topic. He wasn’t interested about how cold and unfair the Rain Palace was.

Finding back a few hundred abandoned children from the mortal world… I wonder where they will put their faces on.

“Precisely. This is the day when I met you a few years ago. Let’s wait until the sun goes down. After the sun sets, an extremely annoying shadow will appear. When he comes, let’s cut him down!”


Ning Fan gave his promise. This time, he didn’t go anywhere else. He didn’t want to make Yun Ruowei angry again.

The sky darkened and the moon began to rise.

Night fell and a malicious laughter could be heard from miles away. Then, a rainbow-colored light flashed across the dark sky. That laughter was nothing to Ning Fan but it was intolerable to Yun Ruowei’s ears.

“Hahaha! Yun Ruowei, you better come running out! Let me have a good touch on your breasts!”

Yun Ruowei could not wait to vent her pent-up anger in her chest upon seeing that guy in the sky while Ning Fan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

That person was himself at the age of 17.

He dressed exactly like me on that day. Just that his expressions and the words he spoke were not similar to mine. I couldn’t have acted like that.

“Yun Ruowei! Come out, come out! I love you so much that I want to hug you, lick you and toy with you!”

“You Runwei! I, Ning Fan, like you so much, do you know it? Come out now! I can’t wait any longer. I’m craving for you!”

“I long for your sweet-smelling breasts! I can’t wait anymore!”

Looking at the other ‘Ning Fan’ on the sky, he almost vomited blood.

So her Heart’s Devil has nothing to do with me exactly. It’s just her own imagination!

However, am I really that shameless and perverted in her heart…?

How come I am like that in her dream?

“Please go and kill him! I… I can’t do it.” Yun Ruowei gritted her teeth and said.

“Errr. Alright.”

Ning Fan heaved a faint sigh and teleported to the sky.

When that fake Ning Fan saw his opponent teleporting, he immediately became scared and knelt down towards him.

“Please have mercy! I know I deserve death! But I only know how to molest women, not fighting!”

“Hai… I think it’s better for you to go to hell. You disgrace my reputation…”

Ning Fan shook his head helplessly and touched the forehead of the fake Ning Fan lightly. All of a sudden, the fake one vanished into ashes.

It was his first time feeling so embarrassed and confused while killing a person.

I’ve just killed myself. Haha. I guess there won’t be a second time for it to happen.

Besides, I think there’s no way for Yun Ruowei to have good feelings towards me anymore in my entire life.

That was her first impression on me. I am so ashamed of myself now!

“Let’s go. Your Heart’s Devil is done. We may leave already.”

Ning Fan let out a bitter smile. He didn’t want to stay in that dream realm any longer.


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