Grasping Evil - Chapter 183

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A heavy downpour fell on Jiang Zhou City, washing away the dirt and blood on the ruins.

Yun Ruowei stood in the middle of the wasteland, staring at the broken teleportation formation. Her face carried a depressed expression.

Don’t tell me that he died in there…

“Hai. No one could have guessed that the Spirit Severing Realm Demon General would suddenly attack Jiang Zhou City. Apparently, Commander Zhou Ming and his friends might not be able to survive the Void Realm even if they escaped from the Demon General…” Jie Xiu let out a deep sigh.

“No. He’s not dead. I believe that he’s still alive…” Yun Ruowei bit her lips as an indescribable emotion welled up in her heart.

It was now the fourth month of the year. Flowers at this time were in full bloom while the trees had started to gradually turn green. In the surroundings of Ying Country, pink flower petals started to adorn just about everywhere, painting quite a scenery.    

The closest city to the Endless Sea was Yidou City and was a place full of cherry blossoms. (Yidou City in Chinese is 伊豆. Actually, it’s quite similar to Izu City of Japan)

In this city, the strongest sect was the Shuzenji Temple that was guarded by Nascent Soul Realm experts.

The city was well-known for its two things – the Heaven Evading Ships and the Cultivation Spring.

Somewhere inside the city where there were dense spiritual veins, a few elegant female cultivators were walking towards the Cultivation Spring, wearing Ying Country’s bath robes while some were totally naked as they immersed themselves in the spring.

All of a sudden, a portal which was floating in mid-air in Yidou City flashed with light. Ning Fan, Jing Zhuo, Yin Suqiu and Chen Xiu’s Nascent Soul emerged from the portal.

Chen Xiu’s appearance was filled with sorrow. Even the magnificent view of Yidou City could not arouse his interest.

When they were in the teleportation portal, Ning Fan planted a Mental Seal on him and took away his storage pouch which contained all of his immortal jade, treasures and pills. He was fine in giving away his storage pouch but he never expected Ning Fan to plant a Mental Seal on him.

Ning Fan still disguised himself as a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator although he was badly injured.

As for Chen Xiu, since his physical body was destroyed, there was nothing he could do other than sticking around Ning Fan in his Nascent Soul form.

Their sudden arrival at Yidou City alarmed the three Nascent Soul Realm guardians of the Shuzenji Temple.

Three of them flew to the sky at the same time. They were frightened by the strangers who just entered the city as two of them were Nascent Soul Realm experts too.

However, when they noticed the current state of Ning Fan and Chen Xiu, their fear diminished.

I don’t think they held evil intentions since they seemed to be unable to create trouble here, judging from their current conditions.

Although the three Nascent Soul Realm cultivators did not view them as bad people, they were curious about what inflicted such injuries on them.

The three female cultivators of the Shuzenji Temple donned the Ying Country’s traditional attire. The three of them consisted of an old woman, a middle-aged woman and a young lady. The most powerful expert among them was the old woman who was at Mid Nascent Soul Realm while the rest of them were at Early Nascent Soul Realm.

Yidou City was actually a city of only women and all the male cultivators lived outside the city except for Nascent Soul Realm male cultivators who could enjoy special treatment.

“*Cough* Welcome to Yidou City, Fellow Daoists. How should I address you? Did you all came from Great Jin?” The old woman who was holding a walking stick that had a dragon head sculpture directed her questions at Ning Fan in a polite manner. She could tell that Ning Fan was the leader of the group.

“I am Zhou Ming. This is Fellow Daoist Chen. This Fellow Daoist at Half-Step Nascent Soul Realm is Fellow Daoist Jing. While the only woman in my group is my companion. You are right that we came from Great Jin. However, we met an accident during teleportation which caused us to suffer grave injuries…” Ning Fan let out a gentle smile. He attributed the cause of their injuries to an error in the formation. After all, they might not believe him if he told them the truth about the Spirit Severing Realm Demon General.

“What?! An accident during the teleportation?! Don’t tell me the protective layer of the teleportation failed and exposed you all to the power of the Void Realm…”

The middle-aged woman gaped in shock upon hearing Ning Fan’s answers. It was understandable that they would suffer such damage from the power of the Void Realm since that power could even tear the body of a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator apart, leaving only the Primordial Spirit of the cultivator.

But those who could survive the power of the Void Realm were not just lucky. They must be strong as well to escape from it. As such, both the old and middle-aged women did not dare to underestimate Ning Fan. Only the young lady wearing a skirt shot Ning Fan lustful glances. She blinked her eyes as if she was trying to seduce Ning Fan with her beauty.

The women of Ying Country have always been coquettish.

“Fellow Daoists. Since you are badly wounded, you could all stay at our Cultivation Spring to treat your wounds. You’ll be healed quickly with the aid of the spring.”

“Er… These injuries are nothing. Do you have a Heaven Evading Ship that’s headed to the Endless Sea?”

“You want to go to the Endless Sea in such condition?! Luckily we don’t have any ships at the moment. Even if we do have them, I won’t allow you to board the ship in your current state. That’s a suicidal act. Didn’t you know that if you want to go to the Endless Sea, you must not have any injuries with you?”

The three female cultivators guided them into the city while explaining everything about Ying Country to Ning Fan.

“There are ten Heaven Evading Ships in total. This fleet of ships would only be available once a month. In fact, they just left not long ago. They are estimated to return in another 20 days.”

“As for my previous question, the injuries I said still refer to superficial wounds. The cultivators that board the ship must not reveal any traces of blood qi. Otherwise, the ship would be in grave danger.”

“The reason why the ships gained the name of “Heaven Evading” was because of their rapid speed. The ships do not really traverse the heavens although the name said so. In actual fact, the ships travel through the sea. They borrow the momentum of the sea tide and the power of the ancient formation on board the ships to move as fast as a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.”

“In the Endless Sea, there’s a special demon tribe that craves for blood, known as the ‘Human Shark Tribe’. As their name implied, they look quite similar to sharks. This demon tribe was created from the mix of the ancient shark demons and early humans. They inhabit in the deep sea and are doomed to never leave it. Their sense of sight had degenerated over the years, causing their other senses such as smell to sharpen. Moreover, every single one of them are unable to cultivate for greater power but they already possess the strength to tear a Gold Core Realm cultivator to pieces with just their jaws. They are very sensitive to the smell of blood. Even a tiny droplet of blood can make them crazy for it.”

“It’s extremely dangerous for an injured cultivator to board the ship. Even if the cultivator is only suffered internal injuries, no one can guarantee that he or she wouldn’t cough out blood in the middle of the journey, right?”

After listening to their explanations, Ning Fan had no other options but to stay in the city to recover.

Currently, he had the patience to wait for 20 days.

The Cultivation Spring is quite a good place to treat my wounds.

The expression of misery did not leave Chen Xiu’s face. He entered into the same spring as Jing Zhuo.

Ning Fan held no intentions of letting him go or killing him. His decision was very ambiguous and unpredictable. It was why Chen Xiu was still depressed.

If a Nascent Soul of a cultivator was caught, no one would let it go so easily, not even Chen Xiu himself. The reason was because a Nascent Soul is very useful. A Nascent Soul could be used to refine treasures, thereby enhancing them. A Nascent Soul could also become ingredients for refining pills, enhancing the quality of the pills. For devil cultivators who practice corpse seizing technique, a Nascent Soul could be used to refine corpses, refine souls and others. It is a cultivation booster for the demon cultivators too…

Although I’ve been saved by Ning Fan, he seems to refuse to let me go. My life is so miserable…

“Fellow Daoist Chen don’t have to feel so down. Fellow Daoist Zhou will let you go…” Jing Zhuo burst into laughter while staring at Chen Xiu’s expression in the spring.

“It’s impossible. Don’t try to comfort me, Jing Zhuo. Fellow Daoist Zhou is a mean and cruel person who kill others mercilessly. It’s already considered fortunate that he spared my life. I don’t think he would let me go just like this…” Chen Xiu sighed disappointedly.

“The woman will plead for you…” Jing Zhuo laughed loudly.

Ning Fan immersed himself in the Cultivation Spring while leaning his exhausted body against a stone platform.

Escaping from the Void Realm had expended all his magic power, physical strength and sense power. The injuries he suffered was too ghastly to look at.

While submerging himself in the spring, his tiredness gradually evaporated with the fog.

Also, his injuries were recovering at an incredible speed.

Inwardly, he was amazed by the Cultivation Spring.

This spring is unquestionably the most precious treasure for cultivation and treating wounds.

With the current speed of recovery, I would be mostly recovered in just 20 days. After that, Yin Suqiu and I will part…

“Hai… I guess I’m quite unwilling to leave her...” He let out a bitter smile and shook his head.

A defensive formation was set around the Cultivation Spring. It was meant to prevent anyone who wanted to spy on the cultivators in the spring. The higher the grade of the spring, the higher realm of the defensive formation. The spring that Ning Fan entered was one of the top three Cultivation Springs of the city. The defensive realm of his spring was so strong that it could not be broken into by any Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. To Ning Fan, the defensive formation was unnecessary.

There are only women in this city. So what advantage could they get from spying on me?

Suddenly, the wooden door opened. A shadow of a female appeared in the mist. It was Yin Suqiu. Her face blushed in shyness as she wore a bathrobe.

According to the traditions of Yin Country, the husband and wife should share the same spring. Since she was still pretending to be Ning Fan’s companion, she had to enter the same spring as Ning Fan.

Previously, she had been protected by Ning Fan from the blood light. However, she did not come out unscathed. It was why she came to use the spring.

Besides, she intended to persuade Ning Fan to let Chen Xiu go. Her intentions pushed her to come here even though she felt embarrassed.

“Eh? I never expected you to come here…Haha!” Ning Fan made fun of Suqiu. Upon hearing his words, her cheeks immediately turned even more reddish.

“Can’t you act serious a little?! I’m already so embarrassed! But you seem to be in good shape since you still can joke with me. Apparently, this spring is really helpful in your recovery…”

She was quite relieved to see Ning Fan in his current state. However, when she walked to the side of the spring, she could not undress herself and enter the spring…

She quietly muttered to herself, “This country is really open… Why does a husband and wife need to share the same spring? Don’t they feel embarrassed for themselves…? Even when a husband and wife are making love, there’s a dudou[1] to cover the body.”

“Erm. If Fellow Daoist Yin is feeling shy, you don’t have to take off your bathrobe. Just jump straight into the spring. This spring has spiritual qi in abundance which not only helps in raising cultivation realm, but also nourishing the skin… If you are still embarrassed even when wearing your bathrobe, then I would just close my eyes…”

Ning Fan deliberately closed his eyes but squinted them to peep at her once in a few seconds.

“Never mind! I don’t want to trouble you.” Yin Suqiu was a little irritated by his action. Then, a series of thoughts went through her mind.

In the past, my legs have been touched in an indecent manner by him. When I was caught by the female demon, he almost saw my entire body. I guess it’s not any worse than the previous instances since I’m wearing a bathrobe.

Finally, she bit her lips and went into the spring. She felt a little uncomfortable because of her robe.

She stayed one zhang away from Ning Fan and leaned against a stone. She began to speak but then she hesitated.

“Is there something you want to tell me? Let me guess. You want me to let Chen Xiu go, don’t you?” Ning Fan put on a faint smile. He knew this Yin Suqiu cared a lot about justice and righteousness. If Ning Fan were to use Chen Xiu to refine his treasure, she would be mad at him.

“Yes… Fellow Daoist Chen is also a cultivator of the righteous path. He is a person with good behavior and morality. Besides, I heard that when he was at my country, he once….”

Yin Suqiu intended to tell Ning Fan about the good qualities of Chen Xiu but Ning Fan waved his hand with a frown on his face.

“If you want me to let him go, then I would just do as you say. However, I don’t like you praising other men…”

Furthermore, Ning Fan had not planned to kill Chen Xiu in the first place. Chen Xiu was a person who kept his promise. In the end, he really did give Ning Fan his storage pouch which contained treasures, pills and millions of immortal jade.

“I’m getting a little weary now…” Ning Fan’s head became dizzy as his weariness took over his body. He closed his eyes once more and slept while leaning against the stone platform.

It was indeed an exhausting journey across the four countries with incessant killings and bloodshed.

Yin Suqiu blamed herself for what happened to Ning Fan as she brought a lot of troubles to him. Moreover, Ning Fan did not even whine or complain but acted against his will to save her instead.

In the earlier conversation, she actually had more words to speak to him.

Once they departed from this place, they might not see each other again in the future. These 20 days were the last for them to spend time with each other.

What she truly wanted to speak was that she, too, was unwilling to leave him…

When the sound of Ning Fan snoring could be heard, Yin Suqiu heaved a deep sigh.

I guess I don’t have the chance to talk to him anymore.

“Do you know that you are always so stubborn? Perhaps after you increase your cultivation realm at the Endless Sea, you won’t be suffering in this manner anymore…”

Yin Suqiu stood up and quietly got closer to Ning Fan. She got so close to him that her arm was touching Ning Fan’s.

She mustered the courage within her to surround Ning Fan’s neck with her arms, cuddling him. She placed Ning Fan’s head directly on the tender part of her chest.

Her face blushed once more but she hugged Ning Fan even more tightly.

Ning Fan who was already sleeping soundly felt that his face snuggled up to a fragrant and soft area. He was curious where he was but his eyelids were too heavy to open.

Unknowingly, night had already fallen upon Yidou City. Some cherry blossoms would fall on the surface of the spring whenever a light wind blew. The dim light of the night arouse a melancholic, yet beautiful atmosphere.

Yidou City was actually a place for cultivators who were heading to the Endless Sea to part.

“I hope that you will always remember me…”

Yin Suqiu’s voice was so low that it was almost inaudible.

She then placed her lips on Ning Fan’s forehead. As it was her first time kissing someone, she immediately pulled her head back as soon as her lips touched the skin of his forehead.

I hope that you will always remember me, Ning Fan…


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  1. ^ 1. From Wikipedia, Dudou is a traditional Chinese form of the bodice, originally worn as an undershirt with medicinal properties. Click here for picture.