Grasping Evil - Chapter 184

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20 days passed by in the blink of an eye. Ning Fan’s physical body mostly recovered but his Sea of Consciousness only healed by a little.

The degree of damage on his Sea of Consciousness was tremendous. As such, it would take him a long time to recover, probably at least a few years.

It appears that I can only fully recover at the Lost World Palace.

Chen Xiu’s eyes flickered with total surprise.

Ning Fan really let him go but didn’t removed the mental seal on him….

“Fellow Daoist Zhou…. You…. Are you messing with me?!”

“Do I seem to be joking with you? I heard that you were a pill master at the peak of Third Revolution. The reason you are participating the Assembly of Dan in the Middle State should be because you want to break through the bottleneck of your Pill Refining Technique. Since I am also a pill master, I feel like lending you a hand…” Ning Fan spoke casually although helping him was not his true intention.

“Oh. Yes! I heard that Fellow Daoist Zhou is a Fourth Revolution Pill Master! Now, I understand your kind intentions. I am so grateful to you for saving my life. I will never forget your kind deed for my entire life!”

Chen Xiu was so touched that he almost shed tears. After glancing one last time at Ning Fan who was smiling at him, he quickly left the city.

As he stepped out of the city gate, his appearance became indifferent and arrogant once more, behaving like any other Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

Among the Gold Core Realm cultivators outside the city, he found a cultivator at the Peak Gold Core Realm. He let out a wry smile and muttered to himself, “I’m going to pick you!”

Half a day later, Chen Xiu’s Nascent Soul successfully seized the body of that unlucky cultivator and revived himself.

He did not currently possess Nascent Soul Realm power since the body was only at Peak Gold Core Realm. However, he was not worried about it as he could regain his powers at a later date. Without further delay, he assumed the identity of that cultivator and left Ying Country, heading towards his destination…

Ning Fan no longer cared about what will happen to Chen Xiu.If he happens to visit the Middle State and join the Assembly of Dan, he would pay him a visit. When that time comes, Ning Fan would probably be extremely powerful beyond his imagination.

Each of the Heaven Evading Ship returned to the city successively.

Ning Fan, Jing Zhuo and Suqiu stood at the sea side, enjoying the gentle sea breeze while looking at the returning ships.

In Ning Fan’s hand was a jade slip which contained the map of the Endless Sea. The Endless Sea was divided into two parts, the external and internal areas. This map displayed millions upon millions of li* of the external area. However, it was merely one tenth of it.

The internal area of the Endless Sea was said to be a hundred times larger than the external area!

In short, the Endless Sea was an enormously large place. the most dangerous zone of the Endless Sea was its internal area. Even cultivators at the Nascent Soul Realm or Spirit Severing Realm would not simply go there.

In the External Endless Sea, there were thousands of floating islands. Multitudes of sects were established there. Among the sects, only 10 of them were said to be the most powerful while among the islands, only 3 of them contained the most formidable forces.

It has been rumored that the Internal Endless Sea contained one hundred and three thousand islands. Some of them were even inhabited by ancient tribes and ancient beasts.

Yin Suqiu’s destination was one of the ten most powerful sects of the External Endless Sea, called Bi Yao Sect. (Bi ‘碧’, is an adjective, meaning bluish green in while Yao ‘瑶’, is a noun, meaning beautiful jade) It was cultivation sect containing only females which never accepts the opposite gender as disciples of the sect. Suqiu had a best friend in her childhood who was currently the master of the sect. Moreover, the sect’s island, Bi Yao Immortal Island, was guarded by the sect master of a few generations ago who was already a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator.

Meanwhile, Ning Fan and Jing Zhuo were heading to the Peng Lai Immortal Island. (Peng Lai ‘蓬莱’ means a fabled abode of immortals.) It was one of the three most influential islands of the External Endless Sea. The Lost World Palace was located there.

As the sea breeze continuously blew against their faces, Ning Fan kept the jade slip into his storage pouch and shifted his gaze towards Yin Suqiu.

“I wonder if we can still meet another day after we part…”

“I guess we won’t meet each other again. It’s better this way…” Yin Suqiu replied coldly as if she was not concerned about parting with Ning Fan.

“Hmm. It’s really a pity then… For the past few days, I dreamt of sleeping on an extremely soft and tender ‘cushion’… After I leave, maybe I won’t get that kind of treatment again…” Ning Fan shook his head and acted like he was filled with sorrow.

Immediately, Yin Suqiu’s cheeks turned rosy and she stuttered, “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

“Really? I guess it was just a dream after all…” Ning Fan laughed loudly, easing the embarrassing atmosphere.

The seventh ship emerged from within the sea and water came splashing down from its body.

The body of the ship was approximately a thousand chi* in length. It could carry hundreds of people at the same time.

A female cultivator of Ying Country quickly stopped at the entrance of the ship to collect the fee from those who wanted to board the ship.

“Those who are heading to Bi Yao Immortal Island, please pay 30 thousand immortal jade before boarding the ship!”

“Another 30 thousand… This journey really costs you a fortune…” Yin Suqiu said with a guilty tone.

“It’s just 30 thousand immortal jade. Yun Kuang once said that your smile worth a million immortal jade. Since you have smiled to me for a lot, I’m the one who actually owes you nine hundred and seventy thousand immortal jade. Nah. Take this storage pouch with you. You might need some money in your journey…”

Suqiu probed the storage pouch with her spirit sense and her face turned shocked. However, she felt her heart warming by Ning Fan’s gesture.

“Five hundred thousand immortal jade… I think it’s too much for me…”

“Never mind that, you keep it. I’m just giving half of Chen Xiu’s assets to you. Furthermore, you’re going to form your own Nascent Soul soon. After you arrive at Bi Yao Sect, don’t be reluctant to spend the money. As for the female cultivators of Song Country, I’m keeping them for myself. If too many people follow you to board the ship, it might cost me millions…”

“At the end of the day, you still want to keep them as your concubines?” She lowered her head dispiritedly.

“Don’t worry. I’ve promised you that I won’t pluck them and I am keeping my word… In my journey in the Endless Sea, I don’t think I’ll lack concubines. Besides, they’re officially your disciples. When I pay you a visit in the future, I will then return them to you. But before that, please focus on your cultivation.”


The ship sounded the horn as if it was urging the cultivators to get onboard.

Yin Suqiu kept the storage pouch. She shot Ning Fan one last glance with a smile and said, “I believe in you…”

Then, she turned around and flew on the ship.

After a few more toots, the ship was packed with passengers and sunk into the deep sea…

Ning Fan dumbly stared at the shadow of the ship which vanished into the dark blue color of the sea. Jing Zhuo who stood beside him seemed to understand his feelings and tried to console him.

“ *Cough* Fellow Daoist don’t really have to worry. The ships are concealed by Spirit Severing Realm camouflage formations that were established using the unique spiritual ores – Stone of Seabed. They are especially good at shielding the ships from being discovered by the spirit sense of other creatures in the sea. Moreover, not a single trace of the passengers’ qi will be exposed. If no one drops any blood, her journey to Bi Yao Immortal Island will be a safe one. Fellow Daoist can pay her a visit when you achieve a greater cultivation realm in the future. Isn’t that a great thing?”

“I’m grateful for your advice, Fellow Daoist Jing… Yes. If she’s safe and sound, then I can set my mind at ease.”

The eight and the ninth ships appeared from the sea after one another.

The tenth ship after them was the ship to travel straight to their destination – Peng Lai Immortal Island.

Ning Fan and Jing Zhuo paid for their fees and boarded the ship. It sunk into the sea once more after sounding the horn for a few times, just like what Suqiu’s ship did.

Deep in the sea, the ship travelled like a water arrow and was incredibly fast. Its speed was almost a hundred times of the Seven Apricot Voyage Ship. With such speed, they might travel across thirty-seven million li* and reach the island within just a month!

Ning Fan did not speak a word ever since he boarded the ship. He only stood at the bow of the ship and looked at the sea creatures under the Camouflage Formation. He felt that something was missing in the journey.

It has been two months now without the familiar music of the flute. It’s kind of difficult to get used to it.

Fortunately, the ships of Ning Fan and Yin Suqiu travelled on the same course for the first half of the journey.

He set his eyes in front and he noticed another water arrow propelling at the same speed of his ship. The body of their ships could not be seen with naked eyes because of the Camouflage Formation. Ning Fan could not see her ship and she too, was unable to see his.

However, Ning Fan could vaguely feel that Yin Suqiu was standing at the back of her ship, looking at him too.

In this vast sea, cultivators seemed to be so insignificant when compared to it. Occasionally, some beasts that were even more gigantic than  mountains would swim beside the ship. The auras being emanated by the beasts were on par with Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. Each of the passengers would gaped in terror at the presence of the sea beasts. However, Ning Fan was undisturbed by what he had seen. As for the beasts, they did not attack the ship as they could not even sense the presence of the ship because of the Camouflage Formation.

The Stones of Seabed were truly profound.

In the third month, the two ships entered into the black reef region and finally parted.

Each of the ship headed towards their own destinations.

Everything went very smoothly until the arrival of the third day of the third month.

Three days later, the entire ship was in a state of panic!

Ning Fan who was still standing at the ship’s bow frowned tightly as he had a bad feeling.

“Fellow Daoist Jing, what happened?”

“I don’t know. I heard that there was another ship which sent a distress signal to our ship, requesting for help.”

“Which ship?!” Ning Fan’s opened wide in anxiety.

“I can assure you that it’s not Suqiu’s ship…”

As soon as Jing Zhuo stopped, a worried voice spread across the entire ship.

“Fellow Daoists, something bad happened! From the message of the sixth ship, human sharks are attacking it! It wasn’t because they sensed the blood qi from the ship but there are Nascent Soul Realm devil cultivators manipulating the human sharks using a special technique!”

As long as his voice faded in the air, the ship was in an uproar.

“What?! Nascent Soul Realm cultivators are manipulating human sharks to attack the ship?!”

“What are their intentions? Why did they attack the ship?”

“Human sharks do not possess spiritual intelligence. It’s impossible to raise them like ordinary demon beasts. Who are they that possess the ability to control them?”

The atmosphere became tense as they were worried whether their ship would be the next target. However, Ning Fan let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it isn’t the seventh ship.

The current location of the sixth ship was far apart from the seventh and tenth as the ship took a different route. If Ning Fan’s ship wanted to send help, it might not make it in time. Besides, there was no reason for them to do so as the passengers of the sixth ship were all strangers.

“Hmmph! We’ve paid to get on this ship. It’s not our ship that is being attacked. Why should we put our lives at stake?”

Those who were able to afford 30 thousand immortal jade were all experts at Gold Core Realm. If the hundreds of experts worked together, the Nascent Soul Realm devil cultivators would be afraid.

However, none of these experts were friends. The possibility of joining forces was equal to zero.

After receiving feedback from the cultivators, the helmsman of the ship was relieved. In actual reality, he too, did not intend to send help to the sixth ship.

Ning Fan shut his eyes and his expression remained emotionless.

He was unconcerned about the situation of the sixth ship as it had nothing to do with him.

However, his eyes suddenly widened in disbelief!

Another voice sound from the helmsman.

“No. Not good… The sixth ship was obliterated by thousands of human sharks and none of them survived… Currently, I’m also receiving a distress signal from the seventh ship!”

Everyone’s faces turned pale.

A single human shark was enough to kill a Gold Core Realm expert. Nearly ten thousand human sharks appeared… It’s totally unusual to have that many of human sharks being manipulated!

“Our safety takes priority. We must never rescue the seventh ship!”

“If you dare to change the route, I’ll kill you right here and right now!”

“No, you can’t kill him! If the human sharks smells the stench of blood, our ship will be attacked!”

The ship was in another state of mess. This time, Ning Fan could no longer remain calm.

Yin Suqiu was at the seventh ship!

“Fellow Daoist Ning. What should we do?” Jing Zhuo’s face fell. If the seventh ship was attacked by the human sharks, Yin Suqiu would be in grave danger. Besides, the human sharks were controlled by Nascent Soul Realm devil cultivators. It was impossible for her to survive. Furthermore, the distance between the seventh ship and their ship was around 300 thousand li*. There’s no way they could make it in time to save her.

This is the so-called fate… It never fails to take people away. It’s like how my wife, Yun Huang, ended up becoming just a refined corpse.

Perhaps Yin Suqiu is destined to die on this day.

Moreover, after the seventh ship, ours might also be attacked by them...

Jing Zhuo was lost for words to console Ning Fan. All of a sudden, Ning Fan turned around and leaped out of the Camouflage Formation!

His sudden appearance attracted the attention of some Gold Core Realm beasts. But they were turned into mist of blood when Ning Fan spread his sword sense. A cold and ferocious aura radiated from his eyes.

“Fellow Daoist Jing Zhuo. Please continue your journey to the island! I’m going to save her before I head there!”

“Fellow Daoist Ning, don’t act rashly! The Endless Sea is a place full of danger. You can’t …”

“I must keep her safe no matter what!”

His dark hair danced in the water and a dark demonic mark emerged on the left part of his face.

His physical body transformed into a dark shadow. The shadow spread into a thousand li away and congealed!

He travelled the fastest in that state. In just one day, no, within half a day, he could travel across 300 thousand li* and reach the seventh ship!

However, each time he teleported, the wounds on his Sea of Consciousness would be affected, suffering a greater damage.

Even so, he did not stop. Once he had made a decision, nothing could ever stop him!

He immediately pulled out a bottle of Burning Blood Pills from his storage pouch and swallowed all the pills inside, numbing the pain with the massive killing intent.

In his eyes, there was only madness left.

She must not die!

Jing Zhuo’s voice came from the message transmission jade on his waist.

“Fellow Daoist Ning. Please return. I’ve just got the latest updates. The formation of the seventh ship was destroyed. Fellow Daoist Yin might have already…”


Ning Fan broke the transmission jade, undeterred.

“I don’t believe that she would easily die!”


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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