Grasping Evil - Chapter 185(1)

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In his entire life, he had never once acted so irrationally!

The Endless Sea which was also known as grave of cultivators was even unable to make him hesitate to act!

There were many mishaps in his life.

When he thought that he could peacefully live the rest of his life at the Ning Clan, he was sold to a devil sect in another country!

When he felt the warmth from his master for the first time in his life, his master was plotted against by his evil disciple!

After he saved his brother Ning Gu, the latter could no longer continue the path of cultivation…

When he tried to form his core, the Heart’s Devil that haunted him was Zhihe…

When he first met Suqiu, both of them were strangers and they had no feelings for each other. After what they had been through in their journey spanning four countries, they fell for each other. But they had to leave each other to pursue their own ambitions. Now, he was at the brink of losing her.

She never once expressed her feelings towards Ning Fan because she was afraid that she would become a burden for him.

The only happiest time she enjoyed was the time she hugged him when he was sleeping soundly in the spring.

The misfortune that he was going to face was as though God’s will.

The Dao of Heaven! Fate itself!

“If I can’t even protect her, then there’s no point for me to cherish my life!”

When his voice faded, he emanated an air of indifference and his determination flashed in his eyes! The intent of defying God’s will magnified within his heart!

She must not die!

Because, I will be there for her!

Countless lightning rays surrounded him when he dashed towards the seventh ship. Above the surface of the sea, anyone could hear the beasts howling in fear within the deep sea. Ning Fan’s aura was too fearsome! He was like a ray of dark flash of lightning diving swiftly across the sea.

Somewhere further in front of Ning Fan, there was another group of cultivators travelling in the sea.

Not every cultivator would choose to do that as there were many ships going to and fro between the Endless Sea and the other islands.

Those who dared to travel in the deep sea must also be strong experts!

This group of people consisted of 10 people with a Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert as their leader. The rest of them were at Gold Core Realm.

They were cultivators from the Profound Heaven Sect of Xuan Guang Immortal Island. The leader was the elder of the sect. He brought his disciples into the sea for training.

However, the previous intention of training in the sea vanished in their thoughts. All they thought about was to flee!

Terrifying! It’s too terrifying!

Even the Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert was deathly pale!

They witnessed thousands of human sharks which were manipulated by another Nascent Soul Realm cultivator destroying a ship!

The technique of controlling thousands of human sharks is too shocking. They must be cultivators from the internal part of the Endless Sea! What are they up to?

The Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert did not have the slightest idea about their true intentions. Even so, he did not have the guts to explore any further. Once he knew that they had a powerful background, he retreated with his disciples without any hesitation.

Apparently, the devil cultivators were also reluctant to face the group of cultivators as they feared the Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert. As such, they avoided going into pursuit.

“Elder, who exactly are those people… That scene was too shocking to watch! Hundreds of Gold Core Realm cultivators and a few Nascent Soul Realm experts were defeated by the human sharks!”

“No questions! And keep your mouths shut!” The elder warned his disciple in a serious tone.

We must immediately return to our sect! If the devil cultivators change their minds, our lives would be at risk because I can’t withstand the groups of human sharks!

All of a sudden, the elder who was picking up his pace stopped and his heart fell!

Thousands of li away, a black lightning which carried a monstrous killing intent illuminated the deep sea and was closing in!

With just a blink, the black lightning emerged right in front of them forming into a human shape.  

It was a man wearing white clothes that matched with his black cloak. His long hair was as black as ink. The icy cold eyes pierced each and every cultivator of the group!

Just as he appeared, the elder felt the imminent danger which could eradicate their existence in just an instance.

If I didn’t see wrongly, this man was sacrificing his Sea of Consciousness to boost his speed of teleportation!

He’s a madman! No one would be willing to do that!

Witnessing his forceful aura and madness, fear ran through the elder’s body, warning him not to offend the man standing before him!

“Did you see the ship that was under attack by human sharks?!” He spoke in a merciless tone. Although he spoke in a deep voice, it was amplified to the point that it was comparable to roaring thunder. None of the cultivators was not frightened by his voice!

The expert retreated a few steps and wondered, “What is his cultivation realm?! The abilities he displayed were even more powerful than a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert. Could he be a Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivator?!”

“Yes… Yes. It happened 100 thousand li* away east of here. This is the jade slip that retained my memories of what I’ve seen. Please have a look, Fellow Daoist. Is this the ship you are looking for?”

Without delaying for another second, the elder slapped his storage pouch and fished out a jade slip. He handed it over to the young man and cupped his fist as a gesture of respect. He then led everyone to continue their journey!

He spent quite a lot of effort to retain his memories in the jade slip so he could hand it to his master. However, today he gave it to someone else merely because he wanted to satisfy the young man so that he and the remaining disciples could leave unscathed!

“Thank you!”

The young man used his spirit sense to retrieve the memories in the jade slip. Creases formed on his forehead as his worries increased. He turned into shadow form once more and continued on his way!

100 thousand li* away east of here! It’s the seventh ship!

A considerable amount of time has passed. Would she still be alright?!




Ning Fan did not put much thought into it even if his Sea of Consciousness was taking much more damage than the previous crisis.

According to the elder, there’s still 30 thousand li*!

On his way, a hundred zhang large sea beast emanating an Early Nascent Soul Realm aura came into his sight. It was opening its mouth to engulf the corpses on the ocean floor. These corpses were the cultivators who tried to escape from the seventh ship. Some of them were still engaging the Nascent Soul Realm sea beast. Each of the survivors looked weary and weak.

“It’s a Sea Beast King… We’re going to die!”

Sea Beast Kings were the demon kings of the sea. There were many of them and each of them was at Nascent Soul Realm!

This hundred zhang large sea beast had a similar appearance to that of a purple octopus. Its tentacles were grabbing the corpses and placing them into its mouth.

Finally, one of its tentacles moved towards the few surviving Gold Core Realm cultivators. However, before it was able to touch any of them, a black light flashed through and a young man appeared in front of the beast!

“Black Tempest Rupture Art!”

Millions of dark sword light penetrated the giant beast. Purple fluid was oozing out from the holes that resulted from the attack.

When the sword light flew out in all directions from the body of the beast, the beast exploded into pieces, leaving only a mist of purple blood and the small purple Nascent Soul of the beast. It fled away at its top speed, fearing that the young man would catch up with it.

What was that?! It… It destroyed my body in just a second!

The dark sword sense condensed and Ning Fan reappeared in the deep sea. He spread his spirit sense to check the corpses around.

She’s not here. Good. She must still be alive!

“It’s a Nascent Soul Realm senior! Senior, please save us! We’re from the Zhu Zhou City. If you save us, we’ll definitely…”

“Shut up!”

He blurted out two words which were as loud as thunder, leaving them petrified. It made them all feel like their lives were in danger if they were to even speak another word.

He unleashed all the power of his Sea of Consciousness to teleport towards the seventh ship. To him, these survivors were worth nothing.

It’s close. I’m almost there!

At the last 30 thousand li*, the remnants of the ships and the corpses of the passengers were everywhere.

Not far apart, thousands of human sharks formed a fish tornado, encircling the remaining survivors of the ship.

Each of them had the upper body of a human and a tail of a shark. Some of them had elegant appearances while some of them were hideous. If anyone gazed into their eyes, they would only find an abyss of darkness. Each of them howled sadly as if they were weeping, knowing that their bodies were not acting in their own wills. When any surviving cultivators came into their sight, they would bare their fangs and turn into aggressive beasts which were driven by their thirst for blood.

Some cultivators tried attacking the human sharks using their magical treasures. However, these half demon creatures had tenacious life forces which enabled them to tear the cultivators apart with their bare hands even if their heads were blown away!

Somewhere above the sunken ship, three devil cultivators at Early Nascent Soul Realm were grinning maliciously.

“These groups of human sharks are not bad. The seventh elder would certainly be satisfied with them!”

“Hehe. I just sensed quite the beautiful woman in the ship. However, it’s a pity that she was already torn into pieces by the human sharks…”

“Just stitch them together again, turn her into a refined corpse and then you can have your fun…”

The three of them simultaneously let out evil laughters. A millisecond later, a black lightning bolted into the group of human sharks.

Each of the creature possess the strength to kill a Gold Core Realm cultivator in just an instant. But his fear disappeared when he thought about Suqiu.

He swept the entire area with his sword sense and hundreds of them died on the spot.

The human creatures could still live if their heads were cut off but none of them was able to survive when their whole bodies were turned into minced meat.

Blood started to permeate the water. Amidst the bloody scene, a cruel-looking young man appeared and started slaughtering each and every one of the mindless creatures.

For Ning Fan, his Sea of Consciousness would take damage whenever he used his sword sense. But his madness and unquenchable murderous intent numbed his pain.

“An ignorant cultivator! Who gave him the guts to touch the human sharks of Demon Sealing Sect?!”

The three devil cultivators were dumbfounded by Ning Fan’s presence. A split second later, the surprise in their eyes turned into an intention to kill. Each of them took out their treasures including a bone flute and a shell which enable them to manipulate the creatures. Unquestionably, they wanted Ning Fan dead!

A sound could be heard from the devil cultivators and the human sharks entered into a frenzy of rage, snarling fiercely at Ning Fan. They held their heads with hands as if they were experiencing sharp pain in their heads, causing them to emit an ear-piercing scream.

The screams of the thousands of human sharks formed a powerful sound wave which made Ning Fan’s body tremble uncontrollably, almost breaking all his bones and tendons.

Actually, strength was not the most powerful characteristic of the human sharks but it was their screams instead. When thousands of human sharks scream at the same time, merging the sound waves into one, it could even kill an ordinary cultivator at Nascent Soul Realm!

This was the technique used by the devil cultivators to shatter the Camouflage Formation of the ships, exposing them to the attacks of the human sharks!

“Get lost!”

Ning Fan survived the attack, obviously taking a heavy toll on his physical body. He slapped his storage pouch and the took out the jade token of Immortal Execution Order. It was the last token in his pouch. Without hesitating, he broke the token!

In a flash, four shadows of swords appeared in the deep sea, carrying the Immortal Executing Intent. All four of them locked onto one of the devil cultivators whose face turned so pale as if all blood drained from his face!

When the sword qi was revealed, countless human sharks retreated in horror.

Ning Fan pressed against his chest as he was coughing out blood and forcefully spread his spirit sense to determine Suqiu’s position. Once he had her location, he used his sword sense to clear the path and teleport towards her.

A thousand li away, a few surviving cultivators were bitterly defending themselves against the human sharks.

One of them was a woman who almost depleted all her magic power. Her face looked weary and restless and she could barely stand firmly on the ground. She lashed human sharks that charged towards one after another with her crystal ring, delivering a killing blow in every attack.

It’s so tiring… These creatures are endless…

There’s no way out other than death. Perhaps I really have no chance to meet him again in the future. But would he be alright? Would his ship be attack by these creatures too?

“Maybe not. He’s too strong. I guess he wouldn’t even know that I’ve died here. I regret not expressing my feelings for him when I still had the chance…”

She unyieldingly gritted her teeth, summoning her remaining strength and eliminating another human shark. All of a sudden, a few human sharks surrounded her and let out shrill screams. Her internal organs were about to explode when the sound wave passed through her body!


She stepped backwards, continuously coughing up blood in the water.

The stench of fresh blood aggravated the human sharks even more. They shrieked in excitement and rushed towards her.

They raised their sharp claws, lashing out at her.

Time slowed down.

The entire world became silent as if she was ready to face death…


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