Grasping Evil - Chapter 185(2)

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At the very last moment, a strong arm held her waist and pulled her away from the claws of the creatures. Her eyes widened in disbelief. The next second, a dark sword sense encircled the creatures which had surrounded them, cutting them into pieces.

“Get lost!”

Without glancing backwards at the remaining survivors, he held Suqiu in his arms and escaped as fast as he could!

“Why you?! You should not have come! Put me down and quickly flee…” Yin Suqiu was stunned by his sudden appearance. She was extremely worried and was afraid that Ning Fan might die from saving her.

“Could you please keep your mouth shut for a moment?!”

A mouthful of blood landed on Suqiu’s clothes.

His wounds from the previous battle with Li Ban had yet to fully recover.

Besides, he boosted his speed of teleportation at the expense of his Sea of Consciousness. That crazy action nearly destroyed his Sea of Consciousness.

Currently, he would constantly suffer a sharp pain as if his Sea of Consciousness was crumbling whenever he tries to use his spirit sense. If his Sea of Consciousness really crumbles, he would lose his consciousness and mind power which in turn would get him killed by the human sharks in the sea.

If he was at his peak state, he would have already used his Black Tempest Rupture Art to eradicate the existence of the three devil cultivators without the need to waste his token of Immortal Execution Order!

With his current condition, he no longer had the energy to display such powerful technique in his current state.

The sword qi of the Immortal Execution Order started to diminish. It was also possible that the three devil cultivators managed to successfully block it.

He did not dare to stay any longer in this place as he understood his own limitations.

All he wanted to do now was to get Suqiu to a safe place.

Teleport faster!

“Are we going to die? Where are we going?” Suqiu asked.

She once thought of countless ways to die. She wanted to die helping those in need and saving those in peril. However, she had never thought of dying together with Ning Fan in an unknown part of the Endless Sea.

Maybe it’s much better to die with him like this compared to other ways to die.

“No! We won’t! I’m sending you to Bi Yao Immortal Island! But first, I have to get rid of the ‘flies’.”

Since his mind power was used up, he was unable to continue teleporting. So he spread his Wind Lightning Wings which were 3 zhang* long.  His fluttering wings enabled him to escape at high speed, though it was not as fast as teleporting.

The thousands of human sharks were getting further and further behind given their current speed.

However, two of the devil cultivators’ qi were still in hot pursuit, leaving the one who suffered great injuries from the Immortal Execution Order behind.

They did not know who Ning Fan really was but they could tell that Ning Fan was sacrificing his Sea of Consciousness to temporarily obtain immense power. Aside from that, they also knew that Ning Fan suffered serious injuries while dealing with the creatures earlier.

He really is audacious, trying to eliminate the human sharks even though we have given him a warning. We’ll certainly be denounced by the elder for losing so many of the creatures.

He deserves death! We should kill him now to compensate for the losses we suffered!

In actual reality, both of them were afraid of the technique that Ning Fan used to wipe out numerous human sharks at a time.

“We have to be cautious since he has congealed the Sword Consciousness and sword sense. Moreover, the power of his sword sense is far stronger than the records in the ancient book. Perhaps he has some kind of secret art to cultivate sword sense. If we manage to bring it back to the elder, our failure will be overlooked! Maybe we might even get rewarded!”

However, both of them did not notice that Ning Fan was still maintaining the speed comparable to the that of an Early Nascent Soul Realm although he was gravely wounded.

Originally, they intended to wait until his power weakened and catch up with him so that they could save some effort fighting against him.

However, after maintain their speed for almost 10 thousand li*, they realized that Ning Fan’s speed did not reduce at all. On the other hand, the journey consumed quite a lot of their power.

“Second elder brother, what should we do now? Should we teleport instead of diving so we can catch up with him faster?” The scrawny man asked.

“No. Let’s wait for a little longer. His magic power should be depleted any moment now. Furthermore, it would be much safer for us once he becomes weak…” Another devil cultivator who was short and small solemnly answered.

After pursuing for another 10 thousand li*, Ning Fan was still maintaining his speed!

It was at this moment when they realized something was wrong.

“He must be equipped with some kind of spiritual armor which assists him in flying continuously without spending any of his power. Judging by his speed, it must be a Profound Earth Grade Spiritual Equipment! We were tricked to waste so much of our power while his remained untouched!”

“Second elder brother, don’t be angry. A Profound Earth Grade Spiritual Equipment is a precious item. His condition is like an arrow at the end of its flight. If we quicken our pace, we would, undeniably, catch up with him and the equipment would fall into our hands!”

“You’re right! However, how should we distribute the spiritual equipment?”

“He must still have other treasures in his storage pouch! Don’t tell me you are afraid to distribute the loot with your brother?”

“No matter what, the woman belongs to me!” A lecherous smile replaced his serious expression.

“Of course!”

As their conversation ended, they drew the strength from heaven and earth and teleported towards Ning Fan. The distance between them quickly shortened.

“A bunch of cultivators who never understand the meaning of death!”

Cold light emanated from his eyes as he sensed the approaching devil cultivators. At first, he was not concerned about them at all. However, if they were going to become a hindrance to him, he would never show them mercy!

He flapped his wings and flew towards the surface of the sea. Not far away, a shadow an of island stretched over the sea.

He dashed out of the sea with Suqiu in his arms. A breeze carrying a refreshing smell blew against their faces, leaving their hair dancing in the air. He spread his wings once more, drying the water which hindered the movement of his wings. Without the resistance of water, his flying speed became faster. Now, he planned on landing on the floating island in front of them.

The two devil cultivators also emerged from the sea and followed Ning Fan to the island. They could not stop smirking as they thought Ning Fan was like a lamb in a cage, waiting to be slaughtered.

When all of them breached the boundary of the island, a transparent defensive formation shattered! It was a Spirit Realm Defensive Formation. However, it was not even worth noticing to these intruders.

There was an innocent sect on the island which was known as Transverse Clouds Sect. Wang Heng was the old ancestor of the sect. He was at Early Gold Core Realm!

When he sensed the sudden intrusion of the four powerful cultivators, he was rooted to the ground, losing all words to speak! The arrogant face was replaced by fear.

Two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, a severely wounded Nascent Soul Realm expert and a Peak Gold Core Realm woman. What made them come to my island?

Don’t tell me they intend to fight in this island.

I’m really out of luck! Why do you guys have to pick my island?! The showdown between Nascent Soul Realm experts will probably blow up the whole island…

“Hehe. Young man. Not running anymore? Or is it that you just simply have no more strength to run? I thought you were pretty strong when you killed the human sharks!” The short man sneered.

“Yes. I’m not running anymore. Since you guys want to die so badly, I will be very happy to lend you a hand! Black Armor, kill!”

He summoned the refined black-armored corpse which lunged one of its fist towards the tall, skinny man. With just a punch, the man’s shell which was supposed to be of Supreme Grade treasure cracked!

Ning Fan put Suqiu down and gathered his remaining strength on his finger…

“Sword Finger, *cough*”

He was coughing blood nonstop as he had aggravated his internal wounds. However, his killing intent pushed him to stay focused on the technique he was about to cast.

Mountains on the island started to crumble!

Each of them transformed into sword qi, amassing on his finger!

The finger was directed at the short man who was a hundred zhang* away from Ning Fan and it was at this moment that he felt that death was inevitable!

All his contemptuous thoughts towards Ning Fan disappeared!

“It’s bad. This guy might look weak but he still possesses a powerful technique! Retreat!”

“There’s no… escape! Sword Finger… Mountain Crush!”

This technique could only be displayed by those cultivators who are comparable to the seventh elder. Who exactly is he?!

Foolish! Both of us were too foolish!

He must be one of the powerful sect masters.

Without any hesitation, the short man hastily fished out different kinds of magical treasures, including a bone flute, round shield, flying needle and many more. Each of them were at least Peak High Grade magical treasures. However, when the sword light arrived, the pressure was similar to a lofty mountain crumbling down on him. All the magical treasures cracked and instantly disintegrated!

In no time, the lightning star on Ning Fan’s glabella blinked. Thunder rolled across the sky and lightning rays locked the position of the short man’s Nascent Soul.


When his word fell, countless rays of lightning bombarded the Nascent Soul, turning it into ashes!

Grief did not fill the scrawny-looking man’s heart but terror did when he saw the death of his elder brother.

“Oh no!”

He no longer had the intention of continuing the fight. He regretted his actions of pursuing Ning Fan!

If Ning Fan was not hurt, they would definitely let him go. It was only when they thought Ning Fan was an easy prey that they went into pursuit. However, they truly did not expect Ning Fan to possess such trump cards.

I need to run!

He performed an incantation, detonating his shell. The black corpse got blasted away from him, giving him the chance to teleport and flee away. He thought that blast had killed the black corpse so he turned to his back and prepared to teleport, leaving himself defenseless. When the smoke faded, a punch as hard as iron was delivered directly on the stomach of the skinny man. The strength he drew from heaven and earth dissipated, preventing him from teleporting. Without giving a moment to breathe, the black corpse ripped off one of his arms.


The devil cultivator let out a pained groan. However, Ning Fan who was hovering in the sky, rushed at his direction. He thrust his left foot forward and delivered a forceful blow on the man’s head, crushing his skull.

His physical body perished while his Nascent Soul quickly flew out from his dantian.

Just as he got out from the dead body, Ning Fan gave it a slap which was infused with the power of lightning, incapacitating his ability to teleport.

He held the miniature man in his hand.

The Nascent Soul looked exactly like the scrawny-looking devil cultivator. He was trying to threaten Ning Fan although he was trembling in fear.

“You-You cannot kill me! I am the “Special Nascent Soul” of the Demon Sealing Sect from the seventy-two islands of the Internal Endless Sea. If you kill me, my elder will definitely…”

“Shut the hell up!”

Ning Fan electrocuted the man, leaving the man in an unconscious state. He then collected the storage pouch of the two devil cultivators and performed Soul Memory Searching Technique on the Nascent Soul.

Within a few seconds, he understood their backgrounds from their memories.

Immediately, his face became stern and serious as if something bad was going to happen.

“The Special Nascent Souls of Demon Sealing Sect. They are the second and the third brothers… Apparently I’ve just got myself into another trouble. But so what if it is the Demon Sealing Sect?!”

I have vowed to protect Yin Suqiu at all cost.

Even if I have to go against a powerful sect, I would never go against my promise!

Ning Fan’s gaze suddenly shifted to a specific direction on the island and said indifferently, “The owner of the island. Appear in front of me within the period of ten breaths or else!”

His killing intent did not diminish. All the cultivators who were hiding around were as silent as the winter cicadas!


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