Grasping Evil - Chapter 186(1)

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A five chi* tall elderly man wearing a black robe was levitating above the surface of the sea. His unsightly face was distorted with rage and had bright piercing eyes blazing in anger.

He was a Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivator and was known as the Eagle Crane Elder of the Demon Sealing Sect because his eyes were like those of a hawk.

Two out of the three jade plates in his hands broke by themselves! Furthermore, thousands of human sharks, including the human shark kings which were raised with great care were also killed!

“The second brother and the third brother are dead! Who killed them?!”

The puny man might appear to be harmless. But when he got angry, the sea water within the vicinity of a thousand zhang around him violently boiled as he revealed a fragment of his power.

Another man was standing in front of him. He was the eldest brother among the three. His breathing was irregular while his lips became pale-white as much of his blood was lost after surviving the attack of the Immortal Execution Order. Just as the elderly man got angry, his deathly pale face got stricken with fear.

“Seventh Elder, please restrain your anger! There’s no escape for the culprit! As Special Nascent Souls of the sect, our life forces are integrated with the jade plates. The culprit can easily be tracked down by trailing the qi of the person who killed them!”

“Of course I know all about these! However, are you certain that this person is severely injured?!” He skeptically asked.

“Yes, I’m very sure of it! The Sea of Consciousness of that person is on the brink of collapsing at any moment. It wont be long before he dies. Both of my second and third brother wouldn’t have acted so recklessly if he wasn’t in that condition.”

“Very well! This person who seemed feeble apparently possess a few trump cards that were able to kill two Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. By now, he should not have any more to protect his insignificant life. Even if he really does, would he be able to kill me, a Late Nascent Soul Realm elder? This person is mine!”

The old and short man’s lips curved into evil smirks. In the next second, he was already in the middle of the sky, teleporting towards the culprit.

He was a cautious man. He would only decide to kill a person by himself if he had full assurance that he was able to successfully do it. In this case, there were three reasons that assured him.

Firstly, the person that he was going to kill had a weaker cultivation realm than himself. Secondly, the person was already injured. Lastly, that person carried with him precious magical treasures.

Evidently, that culprit fulfilled all his requirements! As such, he was more than willing to personally finish him personally.

“Haha! The Nascent Soul Realm culprit is literally courting death since he’s so audacious enough to offend my sect!”

The sky above Heng Shan Island was light blue, dotted with some white clouds. It’s all over after the death of the two Nascent Soul Realm devil cultivators.

Ning Fan plundered the sole unfortunate sect on the island, Transverse Cloud Sect of all their immortal jade. Besides, he also asked for a clear map of the areas around the island. After obtaining everything he wanted, he fluttered his wings and hurriedly left with Suqiu.

This time, he did not plant Mental Seals on the cultivators of the island just now. That was unnecessary in the Endless Sea since this place was not restricted by Rain Palace’s World Law. Robberies and murders were common here and no one would even bother. Furthermore, the cultivators who came to the Endless Sea would not reveal their true identities. Therefore, it was hard to find the wrongdoer without the help of special methods.

For Ning Fan, it was the biggest perk of cultivating in the Endless Sea. He didn’t have to show mercy whenever he needed to kill. As long as he possesses formidable power, he could do whatever he want, like eradicate an island, or massacre thousands of cultivators. No one would dare to seek revenge on him.

Now, he must travel as fast as possible!

From what he discovered through the Soul Memory Searching Technique, he found out that he had indirectly offended the experts from the Internal Endless Sea after he eliminated the two Nascent Soul Realm devil cultivators.

They were from the Demon Sealing Sect, which was one of the seventy-two powerful sects of the Internal Endless Sea. It was guarded by a Spirit Severing Realm expert!

The two devil cultivators seemed to be choosing the strong human sharks among the group and planned to cultivate them into human shark kings. It was why they used the human sharks to attack the ships in the External Endless Sea.

The Seventh Elder of the sect was responsible for the two devil cultivators. Ning Fan knew that he would be tracked down by the elder using some kind of secret technique.

He inspected his Immortal Veins and found out two grayish qi in his blood. They could not be erased using his magic power.

The Seventh Elder would most probably be trailing after me based on the position of the grayish qi in my body.

When he tried to sense for anyone coming for him in the reverse direction on the grayish qi, he saw the seventh elder was desperately teleporting towards his direction.

Ning Fan contemplated for a moment and let out a laughter full of mockery. He infused some of his power into his All-Heaven Relic and it emitted a radiant light which engulfed the two grayish qi. Their traces disappeared, having been concealed within the light of the All-Heaven Relic.

With the relic in his grasp, he did not have to worry about being pursued by any elder from the Demon Sealing Sect.

“It’s such a pity that the Seventh Elder has to run around like a headless chicken! The All-Heaven Relic is indeed a useful treasure!”

Under the effect of the All-Heaven Relic, the Eagle Crane Elder who was travelling in the middle of the sea stopped and stood in midair, filled with surprise. The traces he was following earlier disappeared like a droplet of water falling into a vast sea, becoming impossible to find.

“I didn’t expect that that person can hide himself from my secret arts! It should’ve been impossible. It’s impossible for any cultivator below the Spirit Severing Realm to erase the secret mark on the qi planted by the Demon Sealing Sect! Don’t tell me he is actually a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator who only became a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator after being weakened by his injuries!”

“No way! If that person were to really be at Spirit Severing Realm, he could have sought me instead and finish me with a wave of his hand… I suppose he just possesses a unique magical treasure that can conceal himself from the secret mark.”

“His appearance is already in my memories. Judging from his current state, he must be unable to travel any faster, let alone teleport. I don’t believe he can hide from me if I search each and every one of the islands here! By then, the unique magical treasure he possess would naturally belong to me!”

“Let me use my secret art to find out his name… His surname is “Zhou”? No. It should be his pseudonym. But if he carries the surname ‘Zhou’, could he be one of the members of the Zhou Family from the Internal Endless Sea?!”

“I supposed not! However, if he really is one of them, he must be killed no matter what… He would only eliminate my Special Nascent Souls since my people had offended him. I can’t allow him to report it to the master of his family. I’m truly careless to have let them pursue and attack one of Zhou Family’s members!”

When he thought of that possibility, it sent shivers down his spine. To him, no matter who Ning Fan truly was, he had to find him. He then would decide whether to kill or enslave him. However, he had no idea that Ning Fan did not have anything to do with the Zhou Family of the Internal Endless Sea. The elder was also unaware that Ning Fan was equipped with the Wind Lightning Wings which enabled him to travel without using any of his magic power although he was badly injured.

The Eagle Crane Elder was doomed to be unable to find Ning Fan!

Ning Fan suppressed the pain of his injuries and flew continuously in the vast sky.

The salty sea breeze that filled his nostrils carried the scent of Suqiu’s hair. Her hair smelled like autumn cinnamon.

Ning Fan no longer concealed his feelings towards Suqiu while she rested her head against his chest. She felt sorry to him and began to also feel remorse for causing so much trouble for him.

“I’m sorry. If it wasn’t for me, you won’t suffer like this…”

“Don’t be sad. These are just minor injuries. Besides, I have countless recovery pills. Within a few days, I would be healed. Come on, put on a smile…”

“How is it possible for me to smile while seeing you in that state! Why do you always act brave and challenge others beyond your capabilities? Why…?!”

Suqiu put her hands around Ning Fan’s neck gently, but her arms were trembling as if she was sobbing.

“What should I do if you die…”

“If I’m dead, I think you should just remarry another man…” Ning Fan playfully teased her.

“No. I won’t!” Suqiu answered without any hesitation. However, she did not discover the trap Ning Fan set in his words.

Remarry another man? We aren’t really husband and wife. In fact, I have yet to sleep with him. So why on earth should I remarry?

“Since when have I been married to you, you deceptive man?!” Suqiu quickly asked in an angry tone. If it wasn’t for her own image, she would have put her teeth on his arm and left a deep bite mark to vent out her anger after being tricked by Ning Fan.

“Oh. So you aren’t marrying me? I guess all my sacrifices were to no avail. Actually I thought of practicing Dual Cultivation with you in order to heal my injuries.”

“Dual Cultivation… Can that really help you recover?!” Suqiu asked with a serious expression on her face.

Ning Fan felt quite embarrassed to continue making fun of this conservative and straightforward woman.

“Never mind. I will request for your help if I need it in the future. Now, I shall bring you to Bi Yao Immortal Island.”

“Sure! You’ve saved me for countless times already. However, I, Yin Suqiu haven’t really repaid your kindness. If you want to make me your human cauldron and pluck me, I won’t reject you!” She spoke solemnly which made Ning Fan not know whether to cry or laugh .


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

         c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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