Grasping Evil - Chapter 186(2)

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Ning Fan spent a whole month flying through the air. Along the journey, the mischievous Ning Fan occasionally teased Suqiu by smacking her buttocks. Although her face reddened in shyness, she did not resist at all.

Ning Fan could not help but laugh as he mused inwardly.

This Yin Suqiu has really decided to devote herself to me in order to repay me. I guess she would not even refuse me if I try to stop at some island and engage in Dual Cultivation with her.

However, Ning Fan was currently unable to practice Dual Cultivation with Suqiu in his current condition. Maybe he would do it after he forms his Core.

Yin Suqiu was as obstinate as a mule once she made up her mind. Once she recognized Ning Fan as her partner, she would not change her mind.

After travelling for millions of li*, rain started to fall. It was rainy season for certain areas in Endless Sea. The two of them arrived at another island floating in midair. They then boarded on one of the ships heading to Bi Yao Immortal Island since the ship would be faster than his flying speed.

Two months later, the rain stopped while sea mist veiled their surrounding area. The mist did not hinder the ship from continuing its journey. A few more days passed, and an enormous island floating in the sky emerged out of the mist.

They alighted from the ship to fly towards the island. Just as they set their feet down on the island, two female cultivators approached them.

“Greetings to two seniors. What important thing made you both decide to come to our island?”

“I’m just a passerby. This woman beside me is Suqiu Xianzi. She’s a rogue cultivator but now intends to join your sect.”

“What?! This senior wants to join our sect?!”

The two of them were only Vein Opening Realm cultivators. In other words, they could not identify the exact cultivation realm of Ning Fan and Suqiu. To them, Ning Fan and Suqiu were at the very least Harmonious Spirit Realm experts because only experts at that realm and above were able to fly.

A Harmonious Spirit Realm expert could immediately become an inner sect disciple of Bi Yao Sect. As for the two girls who were just outer sect disciples, they were not in power to make any decision.

“We’re terribly sorry. We’re not allowed to handle this matter, especially for cultivators of Harmonious Spirit Realm and above. Please excuse me as I call for the deacons of the sect…”

The other girl hurriedly took out a Message Transmission Jade (which functions the same as a walkie-talkie in the modern world) and muttered a few words. Immediately, a few shadows flew towards them and landed on the ground. Ten stunning and angelic women appeared. Each and every one of them were Harmonious Spirit Realm. One of them stepped up. Anyone would immediately know that she was the leader of the group from the aura she was emanating. She was at the Half-Step Gold Core Realm.

“Is this the sister who wants to join our sect…” The girl asked and spread her spirit sense to peruse Suqiu. After a few seconds, her face hardened and she asked respectfully, “Is senior a Gold Core Realm expert?”

“Yes…” Yin Suqiu gently nodded her head, radiating an air of nobility like that of an old ancestor.

“May I ask what senior’s exact cultivation realm currently is?”

“She is currently at the Peak Gold Core Realm. She’s looking for an island with great spiritual qi and join the sect to form her Nascent Soul…” Ning Fan spoke for her. If he did not say anything about the manner, Suqiu would definitely tell the truth about her previous sect and also her true intentions of coming to this sect. She might lose their respect even if she becomes an old ancestor of the sect.

Although Ning Fan was lying to them that Suqiu was going to form her Nascent Soul, it sounded better.

“What?! This senior is a Peak Gold Core Realm expert who’s on the verge of forming her Nascent Soul?!”

The leader of the female group gaped in shock when she heard Ning Fan’s words.

It was not unusual for cultivators who were going to form their Nascent Souls to join a sect. They would choose to join a sect because they could then peacefully enter into secluded meditation and also depend on the wealth of the sect to continue cultivating after they achieve Nascent Soul Realm.

Only the elders of the sect could interview this type of cultivators.

“Senior, please allow me to call for an elder of the sect…”

“Never mind! I happened to be passing by here. Let me have a look at this sister to determine whether she’s worthy enough to join my sect!”

Before her voice faded, another three women appeared. The three of them gave off Nascent Soul Realm auras! Their spirit sense locked on Ning Fan as if they were facing a formidable opponent!

The Early Nascent Soul Realm woman in the middle wore a green palace skirt. She was the master of the sect, Su Yao! Standing beside her were Mid Nascent Soul Realm experts. The wrinkles on their faces showed that they had been living for quite a long time. They were the elders of the sect.

Actually, they did not come here unintentionally like what she told the deacons. In actual fact, they were drawn by the terrifying bloody qi on Ning Fan’s body.

It’s such a strong smell of blood of those creatures… Only cultivators who killed thousands of human sharks would amass such a heavy smell. Apparently, this man faced groups of human sharks on his way here and killed his way out and escaped.

Not even a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator would dare to act in such foolhardy manner!

This man is strong. If I’m not mistaken, he’s a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator! Despite the severity of his injuries, Su Yao sensed danger from him. In other words, he must possess some powerful trump cards… We have to act with caution!

“This friend…” Su Yao’s captivatingly beautiful eyes carried a trace of fear when they stopped on Ning Fan. However, before she could finish speaking, Suqiu interrupted her!

“Su Yao?! You’re Su Yao?!” Suqiu was beaming with joy.

“How dare you call my sect master by her name?!” Just as the two elders wanted to teach Suqiu a lesson, they were stopped by Su Yao.

Su Yao would be very unhappy if she was called by her name by any ordinary cultivator.

However, when Suqiu called her name, no sign of anger surfaced on her face. Instead, her eyebrows raised in disbelief and her lips curved into a broad smile. With Ning Fan out of her head, she walked briskly towards Suqiu and extended her hands to hold Suqiu’s!

“It’s you, Sister Suqiu! It’s not a mistake! I can never forget your mesmerizing smile!”

The saying goes, the best friendship is forged during childhood.

If their relationship did not worsen even though it had already been through many years, it would be much more reliable than any relationship with mutual interest.

It was because children are simple-minded and naïve creatures. They make friends because they want to, not because of the benefits they can get out of it.

“Her childhood friend?” Ning Fan smirked faintly.

Judging from the way Su Yao reacted, she is genuinely happy to see Suqiu. Evidently, their friendship is indeed strong.

“Fellow Daoist Yin, I’ll leave your disciples to you from now on. If you face any difficulties, just let me know. I’m always ready to help…”

Ning Fan’s gaze swerved to the three bigshots of the sect as if he was delivering an underlying message that was hidden within his words. He then fished out his Cauldron Ring and shook it gently!

The female cultivators of Song Country were summoned before them!

At that moment, none of the onlookers could maintain their composure.

“The ability to summon people with that… It must be an Immortal Abode’s Magical Treasure!”

Somewhere dark under the shadow of the rocks hid a spirit sense of a Spirit Severing Realm expert. She too, was startled by Ning Fan’s treasure!

“An Immortal Abode’s Magical Treasure! This young man is only a Harmonious Spirit Realm junior after all. However, he possesses the combat power comparable to that of a Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert and was able to kill thousands of human sharks. Besides, he also has that treasure with him. Could he be the descendant of Old Monster Dong Xu who is one of the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea? This man still dared to recklessly travel around the Endless Sea with those injuries… His attitude is quite similar to Old Monster Dong Xu. If my guess turns out to be accurate, the female cultivators he brought to my sect must not be belittled. I have to give face to any of the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea as all of them are at least at Spirit Severing Realm and above…”

In an immortal cave situated in the place which had the most concentrated spiritual qi on Bi Yao Immortal Island, there was an old woman covered with silvery hair. After pondering for a while, she gave her instructions to a Gold Core Realm servant beside her.

“Under the orders of the Grand Elder of Bi Yao Sect, promote Yin Suqiu to become the inner elder of the sect once she enters. Let her enjoy the treatment that the sect gives to Nascent Soul Realm experts.”



Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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