Grasping Evil - Chapter 197(2)

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Without further delay, he came in with his upper body lowered. He did not even dare to raise his eyes as he was afraid that he might offend Ning Fan if he glanced at the two beauties at his side.

Furthermore, everyone who stayed in this inn were Nascent Soul Realm experts and he had no audacity to provoke any of them.

“I wonder what kind of important matter made senior ask for my presence. If you have something you want to know about, I will tell you everything I know about it!”

“I want to know everything about the Pill Cauldron Gate, including the latest news about the human cauldron auction that is going to be held there. And also the time and the exact location!”

“Oh? It’s going to be a long story which may take me more than a day and a night to finish. However, this junior has a jade slip which contains information about the Pill Cauldron Gate in detail. If senior wants to buy or sell human cauldrons, you will know the procedure and the price through this jade slip. Of course, if senior wants junior to tell you orally, I will be very willing to do so…”

“Never mind. The jade slip is better!”

“Oh really? It really is a pity then…” Qin Ming let out a deep sigh. This man might look modest when he was facing Ning Fan, but in actual reality, he was a devil lord who had murdered countless people. Moreover, he wasn’t courteous to every Nascent Soul Realm expert he met. At the very least, Jing Zhuo who once stayed here did not receive the same treatment as Ning Fan.

Despite the innumerable people he killed, he still sensed a stronger killing intent and smell of blood from Ning Fan.

Therefore, he instantly treated Ning Fan as a merciless, powerful senior from the Path of Killing. He hoped that he could have more chances to observe Ning Fan’s behavior which might help him in comprehending his own path. If he can have a long conversation with Ning Fan, it would be the most blissful thing in his life.

Hai. When would I become like this powerful senior in the Path of Killing?

His bone age was only three hundred and forty years. The difference would not be huge even if I made a wrong guess.

This senior sure is a genius in the Path of Killing! Cultivators who achieve Nascent Soul Realm at such a young age are so rare like the hair of a phoenix and the horn of a qilin.

He let out another sigh after the first one as if he was even more disappointed than Bing Ling who was rejected by her master. Qin Ming handed over the jade slip with a humble bow and retreated. Even after he went down the stairs, faint echoes of his sighs could still be heard.

“This man really admires our master… Master, have you achieved Nascent Soul Realm?”

Bing Ling forcefully wore a smile which looked miserable.

That must be it. Our master has formed his Nascent Soul. With his extraordinary talent, it’s common for him to form his Nascent Soul within 300 years. However, has our master really spent 300 years alone with himself while we’ve just been in the Cauldron Ring for 10 years?

Wait. What use is it for a Nascent Soul Realm old monster to pluck mere Gold Core Realm female cultivators like us?

Yes… It can’t be wrong. Our master wants to sell us… It is why he wants to know more about the Pill Cauldron Gate!

Sell us… I willingly vowed to stay beside him but now… he wants to sell me!

Is it because I don’t have blessed natural endowments which makes me unqualified to stay beside him?

Bing Ling’s face was adorned with a smile. But it was just a disguise for her grief and sorrow deep inside.

As for Yue Ling, she no longer behaved like a lively naïve girl anymore… Tears welled up within her eyes.

“Master, what did Yue Ling do wrong? Please tell me and I promise you that I’ll change… I beg you, master…”

“Shut up! Our master must have a great shortage of immortal jade which left him with no other choice… Don’t disobey our master…” Bing Ling wanted to laugh but instead, her lower lip quivered andher face puckered and tears flowed down from her cheeks.

Before Ning Fan could study the jade slip in his hand, he was stunned by their abnormal reactions.

From what they had said, Ning Fan immediately knew that they misunderstood his intentions. They thought he was in need of immortal jade which caused him to decide to sell them…

But what they did not know was that Ning Fan’s current wealth was around 20 million immortal jade. It was more than enough…

Even if he was going to sell his cauldrons, he was not planning to sell them both as they were unique to him.

“You both are really… How should I deal with you all?” Ning Fan did not know whether to cry or laugh. He wiped the tears off the ladies’ faces. Both of them were taken aback by his action.

This is Ning Fan’s first time touching them! It’s no mistake! It’s definitely his first time!

“Mas…Master…” The two of them tried to utter a few more words but they were intimidated by Ning Fan’s expression which suddenly turned cold.

The coldness he had in his expression was not directed at them. Instead, he sensed someone else’s spirit sense which was skillfully concealed.

Next to his room, within another Sense Blocking Formation, a petite lady in red robes was crossing her leg while interestingly spying on Ning Fan’s secret life.

“Stone Warrior, come and have a look! This Zhou Ming wants to go to the Pill Cauldron Gate. Is he a devil cultivator that practices dual-cultivation method? Don’t tell me that he possesses the shameful Yin Yang Devil Veins. Maybe I’m wrong. No matter what, my mother and sisters once said that every man under the heavens are unfaithful. I don’t think he possesses the Yin Yang Devil Veins. It must be some other veins which allows him to practice plucking simultaneously. Hmm. If he does not practice the cultivation method of plucking, it would be his desire for women then. If he’s going to buy women to fulfill his lust… Hmm. Could it be that he has a different taste? Is he going to buy a male cultivator and carry out gay activities? Aiya… That would be really exciting!”

Immediately, this fujoshi’s face blushed and her heartbeat sped up, imagining the indescribable behavior that Ning Fan would be carrying out. Of course, that only lived within her imagination…

“This Zhou Ming is a fairly elegant, handsome man… If… if he is… Wah. I don’t dare to imagine it anymore… The Killing Intent of Gui Star is getting uncontrollable!”

“Stone Warrior. Have a look now. This person will still help his cauldrons to wipe off their tears… He’s so hilarious… Is he trying to show someone that he’s kind?”

“Stone Warrior?!”

“Miss Xiaoman, I don’t have the hobby of spying on others. Please excuse me. If Mistress meets any danger, I’ll come to your rescue immediately…”

Right after he finished speaking, he vanished into thin air, making it turbulent for a short while.

“Hmmph! Spoiling my mood!” Bei Xiaoman smacked on the table before her and a red light flashed through her eyes, turning it into ashes together with her rice and dishes.

Ning Fan’s eyes became vigilant and kept his senses sharp.

This Miss Bei sure is troublesome!

If that’s the case, I shall teach her a lesson. Apparently, she is a fan of romantic relationships between males. As such, I have a way to tear her Heart of Dao.

“Stop crying, both of you. Although I’ve attained Nascent Soul Realm, I will never sell the both of you. NEVER!”

“Really?” A smile formed on Bing Ling, making her look like she was crying in joy. As for Yue Ling, she no longer cared about her identity and hugged Ning Fan tightly.

“Oh yes. Yue Ling wants to put her hands inside my clothes to have a good touch, right? Fine. I allow you to do that but I’m afraid that you would only be able to feel my Nascent Soul, not my Gold Core.”

Ning Fan took a sip of his wine and smiled innocently. Behind the innocent look, he decided to make out right there and then to taint Bei Xiaoman’s Heart of Dao!

Since she wants to know about my secrets, then I shall let her see what I normally do with the girls. I guess she might not be able to erase this painful experience.

To ordinary males, watching a man making out with a man would be a terrible nightmare.

To this lady, however, it’s the complete opposite. When she sees a man practicing dual-cultivation with a woman, she might even cry!

“Master, can I really touch…”


“Then, please forgive me for being so bold. I want to touch your Nascent Soul and see how it looks like…”

Yue Ling’s heart was so excited that she could literally hear her heart beating in her chest. Her fine silky hands began to unbutton Ning Fan’s clothes.

Up until the last button of his shirt, she held her breath nervously while her sister, Bing Ling buried her eyes in her hands. However, she would still deliberately peek on Ning Fan’s body through the tiny spaces between her fingers.

“Stupid Sister. Don’t strip our master naked. If not, our master will think that you harbor evil intentions!”

“Hmmph. Elder Sister, aren’t you hoping to see more of his body too? If that’s the case, then I am not going to unbutton the last one…”

Actually, do they really think that their telepathy could escape from Ning Fan’s spirit sense?

However, he only turned a blind eye to their funny conversations.

The next moment, a cold but tender hand went under his clothes, resting on his body.

Yue Ling’s heart almost jumped out of her mouth. In her mind, it was the bravest moment in her entire life!

Her smooth hand pressed on Ning Fan’s abdomen and stroked gently. This bold lady even applied a trace of bewitching power to stimulate Ning Fan’s sexual desire.

The next moment, a burning heat surged within Ning Fan’s dantian.

Meanwhile, Yue Ling’s hand slowly half-consciously slid down from his abdomen, finding its way to his warm ‘stick’. When she discovered it, she gripped it tightly within her hand!

At this point, the heat within Ning Fan’s dantian almost reached its peak. However, he did not suppress the sudden surge of desire.

“Ah… I’m sorry, Master. I, I, I…” Yue Ling acted as if she was innocent and she was unaware that her hand actually went down from the original area. But her hand was lightly rubbing it.

“Never mind. It’s very comfortable…”

What Ning Fan said was like a compliment to Yue Ling which immediately sparked off the fire in her eyes.

Even Bing Ling who was watching beside them began to admire her sister.

Their master finally complimented them!

Yue Ling’s hand started to exert more strength, gripping it even tighter. At the same time, she used her other hand to rub her ample bosom. Her vision was getting blurry.

“Master. I can’t tell how the Nascent Soul looks like. Can I smell his face…” Yue Ling did not know what she was talking about already.

“You can.” Ning Fan did not refuse. Instead, he was enjoying himself.

The bold Yue Ling squatted down and lowered her head below the table, burying her head onto the part between Ning Fan’s thigh. She mustered up her remaining courage and undressed herself!

She pulled her long hair behind her head and opened her mouth widely, putting the ‘stick’ inside her mouth.


Two ladies yelled in surprise. Bing Ling was feeling jealous of her sister. Bei Xiaoman who held evil thoughts yelled miserably from the next room.

“How… How come it turned out to be like this?! It’s so disgusting! DISGUSTING! How can a woman do such a thing with a man?!”

Perhaps her mother forgot to tell her that it was a common thing to do between men and women!


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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