Grasping Evil - Chapter 208(1)

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The Yin Yang Transformation was already at the eighth level of the first realm.

Meanwhile, the Corpse Devil Record was at the ninth level of the first realm, making him ever so closer to the first corpse transformation.

After devouring countless flesh from the corpses, his demon power increased to 28 units.

Currently, he was at the Mid Nascent Soul Realm with 190 units of magic power while his spirit sense was at the Peak Nascent Soul Realm. On the other hand, his body refining realm was at the peak level of Silver Bone which was just a hair’s breadth away from the Jade Life Realm!

Breaking through the final barrier of the Jade Life Realm would require luck!

After regulating his condition for a few days, Ning Fan looked at the Cauldron Ring on his left wrist. A look of reminiscence could be seen flashing in his eyes.

The Flower Demon and the Wind Demon… They were two of the twelve concubines of Demon General Li Ban!

In the past, he had a bitter fight against each of them. Today, he could finish them off with just a finger!

The second realm of Yin Yang Transformation that Ning Fan had been eager to accomplish would most likely be achieved today.

Plucking the two female demons would be the key to his breakthrough.

The first realm of Yin Yang Transformation granted him the ability to pluck and acquire the cultivation of women.

What kind of ability would he unlock once he reaches the second realm?

“Show yourselves!”

He shook the Cauldron Ring and red mist began to fill the atmosphere. Two unconscious females appeared, lying on the ground.

The one in the red shirt was the Flower Demon while the other who wore a purple robe was the Wind Demon. Both of them had curvy and alluring bodies that could trigger anyone’s sexual desire by just looking at them. However, their faces were hideous as they were full of scars…When Ning Fan flicked his sleeve, a cool breeze blew against them and they gradually regained their consciousness.

“Where is this place…” The Flower Demon felt fuzzy and muddle-headed as she had passed out for a very long time. As for the Wind Demon, she immediately recognized who Ning Fan was and her eyes were filled with rage.

“It’s you!”

She sensed that only Ning Fan alone was in the room and was not protected by any defensive formation. At that moment, the fear and dread she had towards Ning Fan were all gone because there was the Flower Demon and her, a total of two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, facing a lone Ning Fan!

The only impression she had towards Ning Fan was that he was a mere Harmonious Spirit Realm junior with exceptional techniques and skills.

“Hmmph! You’re just being foolish to let the both of us out with no one to back you up. I think you’re courting death!”

She parted her cherry lips and opened her mouth. All of a sudden, a purple wind dagger flew out from her mouth, carrying a fragrance belonging to a virgin. She did not even perform hand seals for this technique as it was not considered as one of the proper demonic techniques. However, this dagger was just enough to kill Gold Core Realm cultivators.

In the face of the dagger, Ning Fan’s expression turned cold and struck at the dagger. A massive primordial power of heaven and earth crushed the dagger like they were fragile biscuits.

The Wind Demon was also injured from the effect of the primordial power and her Nascent Soul showed signs of crumbling. Fresh blood flowed out from the corner of her lips. The rage in her eyes diminished, replaced by pure astonishment!

She had never seen anyone display such tremendous magic power that was even more powerful than an Early Nascent Soul Realm magic technique with just a finger!

“You…*coughing up more blood*…” Her ability to speak became impaired by Ning Fan’s attack. Meanwhile, the Flower Demon who witnessed the short exchange of blows spoke her mind in a surprised tone.

“No way! You… You have attained the Mid Nascent Soul Realm?! This is impossible!”

There’s no mistaking it!

That year when the two of them fought against Ning Fan, he really was just a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator!

In their minds, they knew it was difficult to resist Ning Fan’s bewitching technique. They thought that they would not be any weaker than Ning Fan if they could jointly fight against him. The only way for him to defeat the both of them at the same time would be to suffer a bitter battle and use all his trump cards!

However, nothing like that happened. With only a strike of his finger, he could wield the power of heaven and earth, causing damage to the Wind Demon… The Flower Demon had only seen that power before from the demon general!

“Sister Wind. Let’s flee!”

Fear filled her thoughts. She hurriedly held the injured Wind Demon and teleported away.

Inwardly, she thought that Ning Fan was too reckless to summon them in a room which had no defensive formation to stop them from running away.

But before they could teleport, Ning Fan who was standing still on his original position lifted a finger. Grey light was emitted from that finger. The next moment, they felt that they could not move a single limb as if they were tightly bound by invisible threads.

Ning Fan flicked his sleeve once more and the two females were swept to the side of the bed against their will.  

One of them fell into Ning Fan’s arm while the other landed on his right… The both of them couldn’t move!

“Did I say you two can go?!”

Ning Fan sneered.

He did not establish any formations on the room because there was no need for it!

Two mere Early Nascent Soul Realm female demons wants to escape from me… It’s merely wishful thinking…

“How…. How is this possible?! What is that technique? How did you seal our movements with one finger? I can’t even free myself even if I use the self-sacrificing technique… It’s impossible! The Demon General can’t even do this!”

“What makes you think that I can’t do what Li Ban can’t do? Anyway, I don’t think Li Ban can do what I am doing now, having the two of you in my arms, waiting to be plucked by me!”

“What did you say?! How dare you call our master by his name?! And how dare you think of plucking us?! You’re such an impudent man… If you dare to…” The Wind Demon’s eyes flashed. She really had a bold attitude to reprimand Ning Fan.

 Her face might look ugly, but when she struggled in his arm, she looked pitiful.

“What can you do if I really pluck you two?!”

Ning Fan’s hand harshly grabbed on the Wind Demon’s bosoms. The humiliation and the pain almost made the Wind Demon want to die for real.

“Let go of your hand! Don’t touch me!”

The Wind Demon’s eyes flashed with hatred. Her bosoms were not ample but they were soft. The tenderness was extraordinary. Though she lost her beautiful appearance for some inexplicable reason, her attractive body would still actually tempt quite a lot of demons to have sex with her… But she was reluctant and afraid.

After her movements were sealed, there was no way for her to break free. What she could do now was to witness Ning Fan’s devilish claws violate her body.

Despite the purple cloth that separated Ning Fan’s hand from directly touching her skin, she could still clearly feel the warmth of his hand as Nascent Soul Realm demons had keen senses.

Detestable, truly detestable…

She regretted her action of pursuing Ning Fan for the All-Heaven Relic… She could have escaped this fate if she did not do so…

“If you dare to humiliate me any further, the Demon General will definitely not forgive you. He is now in Great Jin…”

“Demon General? Great Jin? Oh. Evidently, you’re unaware that we’re no longer at Great Jin. Furthermore, the Demon General has probably gone to the Demon World… Perhaps, he will find me someday… But look at this…”

Ning Fan smirked coldly at her and summoned the Red Lightning Whip from his glabella. It was infused with the power of the Dragon Tendon!

The Dragon Tendon of the Immemorial Lightning Dragon!

There was still a trace of qi from the weapon even though Ning Fan had wiped it off earlier.

But… It’s not a mistake… This is the qi of the Demon General!

“You took the Dragon Tendon of the Demon General?! How dare you?! Tell me, what have you done to the Demon General?!” In a moment of desperation, the Wind Demon’s neck broke free from the seal and bit on Ning Fan’s hand. Blood oozed out from his hand.

Apparently, this woman who’s an underling of Li Ban sure holds a deep admiration for him. It was why such a miracle happened, breaking free from the seal.

However, the cruel Li Ban is never concerned about their life and death… Her blind love and loyalty seems wasted on the wrong person.

“He is not dead yet. However, I’ll kill him the next time I meet him!”

“If you dare to hurt him, I’ll fight you to the death!”

The Wind Demon’s jaw did not let go of Ning Fan’s hand… The pain made Ning Fan’s expression become cold.

“I have heard that Demon Generals will naturally have their own partners after they awaken in the Land of Demons. If they like their female partners, they will take them as their concubines. However, they will mutilate their faces if they don’t like them, extinguishing their hopes of becoming the concubines of others… Although they don’t like the women, they don’t want them to have sex with others… As such, your faces were disfigured by Li Ban. Am I right?!”

“No…It’s not… Master Li Ban did not do that on purpose…” The Wind Demon spoke hesitantly as if she recalled some terrible memories from the past. That day when the Demon General awakened, he conjured demonic techniques to disfigure her face.

The Flower Demon’s eyes turned sad and gloomy as well when she heard Ning Fan’s words.

Tears began to well up within the sockets of their eyes and fell down their cheeks as if they were still being mentally agonized by the action of their master.

They knew that Demon General Li Ban was cruel and ruthless. However, they still admired him… When he was still in his slumber, they were the flower and wind that gain their spirituality from the demonic power that emanated from him… To them, even though Li Ban destroyed their faces, they did not feel that his actions were too much.

“Interesting… But your loyalty to him is none of my business. Now, the both of you are just my cauldrons. You will be plucked by me…”

“You dare?!” They shouted loudly.

“I don’t understand why there are a lot of people questioning whether I am daring enough to do what I want to do or not… This isn’t the right question. It’s what I must do! I need cauldrons and you two are the enemies that fell into my hands… These are your fates! If you two act cooperatively, I will give you a way out. I will spare your lives and leave you both with your Gold Core Realm powers intact!”

“No! We are the Demon General Li Ban’s partners. Only he can make love to us… Argh!”

Ning Fan knocked the Flower Demon out with his finger and his indifferent gaze landed on the Wind Demon.

“You both have no choice!”

Her shirt’s buttons were being unbuttoned one by one, revealing her naked body.

Her bra was removed, exposing the two little white rabbits standing upright.

Her face became boiling hot. She closed her eyes with dissatisfaction. He knew that Ning Fan must be enjoying the look of her body.

 Stroking, fondling and teasing… The warm hand went to her abdomen and drew circles around it. It made the Wind Demon nearly have a mental breakdown.

Tears continued to flow down from her eyes. She wanted to breathe deeply. She wanted to shout loudly. She wanted to ask for help from her master. However, she slowly caught the unfamiliar smell of the sea. It was not the smell that belonged to any of the eight hundred cultivation countries. She began to realize that her master was not going to save her. Perhaps, he might even kill her with a single slap if he finds out that she was having an affair with another man.

She was well aware of the cruelty of her master. However, she still could not forget the red-haired man whom she had been guarding while he was in deep slumber.

That man granted her the chance to become a demon. However, he took away her beauty.

It was heartbreaking to be hurt by the person you admire the most. To her, it’s even more depressing than being humiliated by her enemy, Ning Fan.

It’s normal for an enemy to humiliate me…. But why would the Demon General Li Ban be so cruel to disfigure me…

Her heart gradually became numb.

Even the pain from below her abdomen was no longer painful anymore.

The tears in her eyes was the natural reaction of her body towards the loss of her virginity. But much of the tears were the disappointment she had towards Demon General Li Ban.


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  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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