Grasping Evil - Chapter 219

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Ning Fan swept everything away from the warehouses of the eastern, western and northern towers.

He took away a total of four hundred and seventy Fourth Revolution Pills.

High Grade Fourth Revolution Pill, Earth Primordial Pill. Each of the pills were able to increase a unit of magic power of Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. He had seventy of them.

Peak Grade Fourth Revolution Pill, Heavenly Primordial Pill. Each of the pills could increase a unit of magic power of Late Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. There were one hundred and ten of them.

Peak Grade Fourth Revolution Pill, Profound Primordial Pill. Each pill could raise a unit magic power of Peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. There were two hundred and ninety of them in the storage and all of them had been taken by him.

All of them were Fourth Revolution Pills. Refining all of them would need at least a few years of time even if Ning Fan had Fifth Revolution Pill Refining Skills. Moreover, they would need countless thousand-year-old spiritual herbs. In fact, all the pills were the result of the Lost World Palace’s years of accumulation. All of them was worth around a billion immortal jade.

A billion immortal jade… Even experts at the Void Refinement Realm would not have such a tremendous amount of wealth.

A billion immortal jade… It was more than enough to arrange a true Mortal Void Realm Grand Formation which was capable of reversing mountains and rivers…

Of course, the pills he got could not be converted into immortal jade now as the Lost World Palace did not even have that much immortal jade. After all, the Lost World Palace also incurred huge expenses for their operations even if the income they earned was huge too. On the other hand, Ning Fan also did not intend to sell the pills.

It was indeed a worthwhile trip to the Lost World Palace as he acquired a great number of pills.

Lu Qing did not oppose him for taking all the pills away… He only had one request to Ning Fan – do not reveal his relationship with Bei Xiaoman before he ascends to become an immortal.

Ning Fan only replied to him with a smile for that request. In fact, nothing really happened between him and Bei Xiaoman…

Other than the pills, he also swept away all the Fifth Revolution Pill Recipes of the Lost World Palace!

It was truly one of the most influential forces in the Four Heavens. Although their division in the mortal world was just a small silver tower, there were a lot of rare and precious recipes from the ancient times.

Naturally, Ning Fan duplicated a copy for each and every one of the recipes he could get his hands on. As such, it was finally time for him to display his Fifth Revolution Pill Refining Skill.

As for the thousand-year-old and ten-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs, he only took some of them away.

He did not plan to place too much attention on his pill refinement skill as raising his cultivation realm was much more urgent compared to anything else and the time he had was getting lesser and lesser. So far, Early Fifth Revolution Pill Refining Skill seemed to be enough for him.

Besides, he also carried some magical treasures and spiritual equipment away from the store of the Lost World Palace.

He actually took a fancy on Bei Xiaoman’s Immemorial Divine Weapon, the Blood Whip. Unfortunately, it was fused with her mind. The only way to seize the weapon was by hurting Bei Xiaoman.

Since he already possessed two Immemorial Divine Weapons, he felt it was rather pointless to seize another one from his own cauldron.

Yes. It’s not a mistake. Bei Xiaoman is his cauldron… There was no way she could escape from his devilish hands for her entire life.

Night fell.

The female corpse obediently lied down on a bed, heeding to Ning Fan’s request for her to rest, even though she did not really need to since she was a female corpse.

As for Ning Fan, he sat in a meditative position on a cattail hassock, bathing himself under the moonlight. He was assimilating the medicinal power of the Earth Primordial Pills.

The three types of pills, the Earth Primordial Pill, Heavenly Primordial Pill and Profound Primordial Pill must only be consumed when the cultivator achieves the required cultivation realm.

Therefore, he could only use the remaining two types of pills once he broke through the Late and Peak Nascent Soul Realm respectively.

The medicinal power of a Fourth Revolution Pill was tremendous.

It would take a few months to a year for a common Nascent Soul Realm cultivator to completely digest its power.

On the contrary, with Ning Fan’s incredible speed in assimilating the power from the pills, it only took him half a day for every pill.

For an entire month, he did not step out from his room. He stayed in the northern pill tower to consume the pills and digest each and every one of them.

Occasionally, Lu Qing would pay him a visit. But when he discovered that Ning Fan had entered into a secluded meditation, he no longer disturbed him.

As for Bei Xiaoman, she behaved like she was purposely hiding herself from Ning Fan. She even prayed that she would not meet Ning Fan again, let alone paying him a visit.

The female corpse was silently doing her embroidery with a pin and some thread. She was embroidering a flawlessly beautiful pattern on a piece of cloth.

This kind of lifestyle was rather peaceful, making Ning Fan nearly forget the exhaustion and weariness along the path of cultivation.

A month later, he managed to devour the seventy Earth Primordial Pills. His magic power now achieved 260 units!

Only 40 units of magic power left to attain the Late Nascent Soul Realm…

40 units of magic power. Unless he had another forty Earth Primordial Pills or two Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruits or two Nascent Soul Realm cauldrons, he would never be able to attain the Late Nascent Soul Realm right now.

The Nascent Soul in his dantian completely stabilized.

The primordial power of heaven and earth around his body began to fuse with each other, giving the illusion of him merging himself with heaven and earth, fading away into thin air…

“Just another 40 units of magic power and my cultivation realm will advance… It would be a pity if I don’t take this opportunity to achieve it… Fortunately, I have this!”


Ning Fan slapped on his storage pouch and fished out a green bottle gourd which contained dark-red blood. It would need at least a few bowls to pour all of them out…

The blood was gathered from Bei Xiaoman during the time he was stopping her from bleeding.

Once in a while, he would show his kindness to others. However, he would never do something without getting something in return, even when he was doing good. For instance, when he was helping Bei Xiaoman, he gathered the Gui Blood from her.

For ordinary female cultivators, they had no period. The so-called Blood of Primordial Yin could only be found when they lost their virginity.

As for Bei Xiaoman… Even though she did not have the body type that was suited to being a human cauldron, she could be considered the best human cauldron to Ning Fan even when she was not plucked!

The discharged blood from her menstruation was full of Yin Power and it would provide excellent nourishment to the user.

He filled three jade bowls full with the blood and drank all of them in one go.

As the last drop of sweet-smelling blood reached his stomach, he started to absorb the power from the blood.

30 units of magic power were assimilated, fusing into his immortal veins!

Now, his magic power attained 290 units!

His eyes flashed with satisfaction, thinking that he had done the right thing by helping Bei Xiaoman.

As long as this girl does not lose her virginity, her True Yin would remain. She then would have menstruation once every few years…

By drinking the blood which she discharged earlier, the magic power he acquired was equivalent to the magic power he would gain from plucking her… Besides, this girl was going to attain the Spirit Severing Realm, Void Refinement Realm and Void Fragmentation Realm sooner or later… When the time comes, her Gui Blood would be more mellow and rich in magic power!

Having this girl as his concubine was similar to having a blood bank for himself!

A moment later, he cleared his thoughts and put aside the issue about Bei Xiaoman. Now, the most crucial matter was to achieve a breakthrough to the Late Nascent Soul Realm!

I only need 10 more units of magic power…The last 10 units…. I must break through no matter what!

His eyes shone with pure determination and his sight landed on the Heavenly Primordial Pill before him.

This pill had an explicit restriction on its consumption. Only cultivators at the Late Nascent Soul Realm could consume it. If any Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivators consume it, the medicinal power would be too powerful for his immortal veins to bear. In the end, he would definitely suffer some injuries.

But now, Ning Fan was more concerned about increasing his power than the injuries that he might suffer.

Without any further hesitation, he lifted the cork of the bottle and placed ten pills into his mouth!

Immediately, he felt like his immortal veins were being torn apart, causing excruciating pain to his body. A trace of blood flowed down from the corner of his lips!

So what if I bleed or hurt myself? In the path of cultivation, only the bold and powerful can advance! If I don’t have a strong will that can break the heart of a bamboo tree, how can I break through the bottlenecks?!

The heaven and earth are like a cage and everyone are the beasts which are trapped within. Some will be trapped to death and some will fight for freedom!


The miniature Nascent Soul in his dantian performed hand gestures for incantation and his little eyes were filled with ferocity.

Throughout the journey that he had been through, he had broken too many common practice, including this one!

Five days!

Five days later, a vast aura surged in the northern tower and spread towards the entire Xu Wu City!

At that moment, all the cultivators in the city felt a massive pressure which fused the power of heaven and earth, just like heavenly might!

Red clouds covered thousands of li of the sky and red lightning flashed!

“This… This is… Someone in the Xuan Wu City broke through the Late Nascent Soul Realm! Who is it?!”

“It’s from the northern tower… Wait. The northern tower? Don’t tell me it’s him…”

“What?! It’s Revered Ming?!”

Lu Qing came out from his meditation chamber with astonishment all over his face. Even Bei Xiaoman also got out of her boudoir with a surprised look.

Both of them looked up at the sky!

Under the red lightning of the sky stood a young man with jet-black hair. He held a Lightning Whip in his hand and incessantly whipped the clouds!

Originally, the Heavens summoned the clouds and lightning to subdue him. However, this man defied the lightning and suppressed the Heavens!

As the man crushed the lightning bolts that filled the entire sky earlier, his aura increased drastically!

His magic power achieved three hundred and fifty units at once!

Late Nascent Soul Realm!

“His progress is so fast. He has already achieved the Late Nascent Soul Realm now… But how did he do it? Even though there are more than enough pills for his use, it is impossible to assimilate all seventy of the Earth Primordial Pills in just one month… Wait. This…. This is…”

Bei Xiaoman spread her spirit sense in disbelief and she discovered the traces of blood on the corner of Ning Fan’s mouth. There was no way she wouldn’t recognize the blood. After all, it was hers!

“He…He drank my…my… Such a filthy, shameless man! Zhou Ming, you want to anger me to the point of killing me?!” Bei Xiaoman was both shy and furious at the same time while stomping her feet continuously on the ground like a childish girl.

She finally understood how Ning Fan gathered enough magic power…

Even so, she realized that she did not have a single clue on what he was thinking…

What kind of man is he? He is so different from those whom my mother has told me about and those whom I have met in the past.

Although Ning Fan was still at the Late Nascent Soul Realm, much weaker than hers, Bei Xiaoman had a feeling that he could rule over the External Endless Sea. In the future, he might even become one of the revered immortals in the Four Heavens…

“Hmmph. You are quite good after all… Though you are like a crooked maggot…” Bei Xiaoman let out a light harrumph. Even she did not know what she was thinking.

But what happened next became an unforgettable scene for the rest of her life.

When the Tribulation of Lightning faded away, the sea mist transformed into a rainstorm, pouring down like torrents.

Suddenly, Ning Fan lifted his gaze and indifferently glared at the rain!

“This rain is too noisy!”

He stretched out his hand and grasped the rain. Millions of droplets of rain were dyed black and each and every drop of them stopped!

Ning Fan used his divine ability and paused the rainstorm of the sky!

Bei Xiaoman had witnessed this technique before. It was the power the Divine Intent!

After attaining Spirit Severing Realm, the experts would be at the initial stage of comprehending their Divine Intent. Even so, it was beyond the realm of possibility for them to change the weather as they wish…

But he… He did it…


His word reverberated across the sky and echoed for quite a while in Xuan Wu City.

All the experts who intended to approach Ning Fan and congratulate him for his achievement and acquaint themselves with him returned to the city as if they were faced against a stone wall.

Ning Fan did not want to waste his time with these people. He still wanted to stabilize his current cultivation realm. After that, he was going to consume the Heavenly Primordial Pills!

Not enough! It’s still not enough!

The more power he gained, the more insignificant he felt he was.

The Dao of Heaven was a circle. The circle never shrinks. Similarly, the more he cultivates, the more of the unknown he would discover.

The sages once said, the first-born calf is not afraid of tigers. In the past, he dared to fight against Emperor Moksha, defy the Bone Sovereign and also did a lot of daring acts. He was ignorant in the past and the ignorant were always fearless.

Although the courage in his heart did not diminish, he deeply understood how strong the Bone Sovereign and Emperor Moksha were!

Emperor Moksha… His arrival would even make the Sovereign of the Rain World to feel fear and panic!

To him, it was not enough!

The Late Nascent Soul Realm was still far away from their levels!

“After consuming all the Heavenly Primordial Pills, my magic power will achieve 460 units… There is still a long way from attaining the Spirit Severing Realm! Ten thousand units of magic power… The truly difficult parts of cultivation start from now on!”

Late Nascent Soul Realm! Many outstanding figures and old experts had been stuck at this realm in their entire lives and perished!


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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