Grasping Evil - Chapter 221(2)

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When Ning Fan approached them step by step, they hid behind Su Yao with an unnatural expression.

Su Yao, whose face was as pale as paper, forcefully restrained the poison in her body and politely greeted Ning Fan with her usual demeanor.

“Thank you Fellow Daoist Zhou for saving us.”

“Su Yao Xianzi truly deserves to be the master of the sect. Regardless of your cultivation realm, your demeanor is really firm. In fact, you look stronger than the two women behind you. However, you don’t need to thank me. I have never saved a person for no reason… Do you understand…”

It simply meant that he wanted something in return as a reward. However, the only thing that could touch Ning Fan’s heart among the group of women were themselves…

Ning Fan’s eyes swept across each of the female cultivators, including Su Yao. Inwardly, he was emotionally affected by the three women standing in front of him. With their angelic appearances and excellent cultivation realms, they could be considered as perfect human cauldrons for him. If he pluck them all, he could obtain 60 units of magic power…

However, when he read Su Yao’s thoughts with his Mind Reading Technique, he found out that the reason they ventured into the Pleasure Devil Sea despite knowing well the danger they would face was because of Yin Suqiu. Su Yao planned on buying a Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruit for her in order to prepare her for Nascent Formation. She actually held kind intentions toward Yin Suqiu. Besides, she also had a very intimate relationship with Yin Suqiu… As such, it would be against his Heart of Dao to pluck her…

Suqiu is going to form her Nascent Soul…

Unfortunately, I don’t have any Nascent Soul Realm Dao Fruit in my hands. Otherwise, I could have given it Su Yao to bring it back to her.

After receiving a direct stare from Ning Fan, Su Yao’s face faintly blushed, though she still kept her original demeanor. As for the other two women behind her, their hearts palpitated, feeling fearful and shy at the same time.

This guy really is rude by staring at every single one of us like that! Asking for a reward after saving us makes him even more shameless!

But when they recalled his bad reputation as a pervert, it made some sense for him to boldly stare at them and their bodies.

Even a fool would understand that the so-called reward Ning Fan wants was the bodies of the three Nascent Soul Realm women…

“I understand Fellow Daoist Zhou’s request. Su Yao has also heard a little about Fellow Daoist Zhou’s reputation for being promiscuous… Even if Fellow Daoist Zhou did not appear just now, all of us would eventually lose our purity as well after falling into the devilish claws of the evil monks. As such, it is justifiable that Fellow Daoist insists to be rewarded… However, I plead Fellow Daoist to give us a way out by letting the rest of my female disciples go. To repay Fellow Daoist’s kind act, I am willing to become Fellow Daoist’s human cauldron. All of my cultivation is yours to pluck.”

“Sect Master! No!” The two elderly female cultivators were shocked.

“Shut up! Pass down my order and from today onwards, I no longer am the master of Bi Yao Sect. I am the cauldron of Fellow Daoist Zhou… As for the position of the sect master, if Elder Suqiu succeeds in forming her Nascent Soul, she will be the next sect master…”

Su Yao forcefully restrained the effect of her poison and spoke solemnly.

She knew that it would be as easy as lifting a hand for Ning Fan to subdue all of them. He might have behaved shamelessly by asking for compensation but this action was not wrong after all. Why can’t he ask for a reward after saving people?

Moreover, after she was afflicted with the poison, she knew that it was difficult for her to escape death even if she chooses not to have sex with another man. In fact, she actually had already decided to sacrifice herself ever since she was poisoned.

At least my life will be of some value if I am able to save the rest of the disciples by just offering myself.

After he plucks me, I will kill myself… At least, I won’t leave a bad reputation out of myself for my whole life.

Su Yao was rather different from Yin Suqiu who was occasionally impulsive. She was the kind of woman who would always remain quiet and silent.

The only similarity between the two of them was their daring and heroic attitudes.

Even though she was reluctant to lose her virginity, she still acted against her will. To her, it was a fortunate thing if she could really save all the other women from “Zhou Ming’s devilish hands”.

She did not hope at all that Zhou Ming would give Yin Suqiu face and let her go. After all, humans are unpredictable. Moreover, his bad reputation was widely spread, making anyone doubt that he would actually be kind…

Would he really let go of such excellent human cauldrons right under his nose because of one woman?

Su Yao did not have much confidence that Ning Fan would just keep her and let the others go.

But her face stayed calm and emotionless although her mind was full of thoughts and worries.

It was pale and quiet. She might look feeble and gentle but she emanated a solemn demeanor which made others feel that she was not a person that should be toyed with.

So this is the demeanor of a sect master…

Ning Fan nodded his head lightly.

This woman truly deserves to be Yin Suqiu’s sister. There aren’t many women with such heroic spirit like her in the entire Rain World.

Sacrificing oneself to cling to the Dao of Righteousness. It is easier said than done.

Although Ning Fan was on watch for the Nascent Soul Realm female cultivators from the Bi Yao Immortal Island, he was not so bad to the point where he would pluck all of Su Yao’s cultivation for just a mere 20 units of magic power and make Suqiu sad.

Even if he keeps Su Yao, he would not treat her as a human cauldron…

Su Yao swallowed the humiliation and bore the heavy burden to recommend herself to be his human cauldron in order to save her disciples… Such sense of justice was rare to be seen in a cold and cruel world of cultivation like this.

Even though the poison is still in her body, she still pretends to be calm. Such stubbornness really resembles that of Yin Suqiu…

Ning Fan would ignore those hypocrites who cultivated the righteous path and behaved differently. However, he would still respect those who truly persist in maintaining their path of righteousness.

At least, he could not act like Su Yao, to sacrifice himself for others. He was just too selfish.

“Since Su Yao Xianzi is willing to become my human cauldron, I am not going to refuse. Whoever could marry a woman like you is having a stroke of luck.” Ning Fan let out a faint smile but Su Yao labeled him as “frivolous” in her heart. On the surface, she did not look like she was angered at all.

“Really… So is Fellow Daoist willing to let them go?”

“Yes. As for the matter of plucking you, I’ll push it to the next time we meet. Disperse!”

Ning Fan’s smile faded. With a flick of his sleeve, he drew boundless primordial energy from heaven and earth that went into all the Gold Core Realm female cultivators’ bodies, forcing the black sand out of them.

In a blink of an eye, a grey light flashed. With just a step, he was already in front of Su Yao and held her waist with his arm.

Upon seeing that Ning Fan helped to detoxify her Gold Core Realm disciples, she secretly felt relieved.

Fortunately, my sacrifice did not go in vain.

However, before she could thank him, he was already at her side.

As he stretched out his arm and pulled her waist towards him, Su Yao’s body stiffened and let out a moan. The aphrodisiac poison that she was strenuously suppressing went out of control, making her bottom part wet.

Deep inside, the only thought she had was that she would most likely be molested by Ning Fan.

The fear she had was that Ning Fan would humiliate and do what she would imagine him to do in the open space above the sea and right before everyone’s eyes. If that would be the case, she would have no dignity left.

But she did not resist. That was her attitude… Even though she was reluctant, she would not resist.

However, what made her feel strange was that after Ning Fan held her in his arms, he did not act like what she had thought in her mind. He only filled his finger with magic power and touched lightly on her flexible waist, sealing the flow of the poison in her body.

It was her first time in witnessing such profound physician skill. Perhaps not even the Fourth Revolution Pill Master of her sect could match his massage techniques.

“Fellow Daoist Zhou. Are you trying…to…….”

“Have sex with me”. Those were the next part of the sentence she wanted to say. However, she could not get herself to utter those words. After Ning Fan momentarily sealed the flow of her veins, she no longer felt the effect of the poison. Instead, she felt much relaxed and unrestrained.

“I have temporarily sealed the poison in your body. It is a strong poison and it can only be cured by using some unique methods. If Xianzi wishes, you can settle down on the Joint Joyous Immortal Island. Later, I will come and cure your poison. Now, I hope Xianzi can make a move and bring all your disciples there first. I have some trivial matters to handle before I rendezvous with you.”

“Alright…” Su Yao puckered her lips. To her, it was a good thing that she hadn’t been plucked by Ning Fan in a public area like that.

She did not know that Ning Fan had already decided to let her go. If she knows she misunderstood Ning Fan’s behavior and offered herself to him, she would be too ashamed to show her face and maybe she would be so embarrassed that she might want to kill herself.

However, she would not know about it anyhow. Ning Fan had saved her and promised to cure her. From her sense of justice, the two favors were enough for her to willingly marry him, though she felt reluctant…

Ning Fan stood aside, opening a path for the women to move.

Only now did the two elders heaved sighs of relief. Originally, they thought it would be similar to a situation where a tiger was lured to kill the wolves with Ning Fan being the tiger while the monks being the wolves. Now, it seemed that the “tiger” took a fancy on Su Yao and let the two of them off.

They felt grateful but remorseful at the same time to Su Yao’s unselfish act.

The female corpse stood quietly at one side from beginning to end. Her eyes were completely on Ning Fan.

As for Yu Long, it was another eye-opener for him. After becoming Ning Fan’s slave, he was now filled with admiration for his master.

He killed five Nascent Soul Realm experts with just a wave of his hand! Moreover, they were devil cultivators from the Internal Endless Sea!

In addition, he just had another human cauldron and she was even the sect master of Bi Yao Sect! She is a person respected by many in the External Endless Sea. Also, she is a charming woman whom many men would want to catch a glimpse of but none of them could…

The admiration in his heart actually made him to think whether to lick Ning Fan’s boots by flattering him.

But before he could utter any words, Ning Fan’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“Yu Long, since you are familiar with the sea route, bring all the female cultivators of Bi Yao Sect to Joint Joyous Immortal Island. If there is anyone who tries to stand in the way, tell them that they are Zhou Ming’s women! This item contains a trace of my qi. If there are any stubborn cultivators from the Internal Endless Sea, just crush this item and I will immediately know…”

“Yes, yes! I will complete this task without fail!”

After receiving a jade plate from Ning Fan, Yu Long made a polite gesture to leave and led the women away. He did not ask why his master wanted to stay.

As for Su Yao, she felt grateful towards Ning Fan once more for assigning a person to escort them.

With a trace of his qi and his reputation, cultivators of the External Endless Sea were nothing much to worry about. Besides, even cultivators from the Internal Endless Sea would not dare to act recklessly after sensing the qi.

She started to discover that Ning Fan was not as bad as the rumors tell about him.

The women he has might be as much as the clouds. However, he is a person who will take good care of the woman he loves.

Unknowingly, Su Yao recalled the time when she met Ning Fan for the first time.

At that time, the blood of the human sharks was all over his body. He was critically injured but he still escorted Yin Suqiu to Bi Yao Immortal Island…

At that time, he might have been a person who was fickle in love affairs or maybe he was a person who was shockingly faithful to the woman he loved...

If Ning Fan was really a faithful person, then he would most likely save me without plucking anyone of us for Yin Suqiu.

I think I have been overthinking it… Recommending myself to be his cauldron… It seems to be an unnecessary act…

 “That is to say, even if I don’t offer myself, the rest of the disciples would still be safe. But I thought what he wanted was…and I’ve just offered myself!”

She pressed her lips against each other and her face became fiery hot.

In other words, it would be voluntary on my part if he really plucks me… No one would think that he forced me to do so…

How come it will end up like this…Why would I make such a foolish decision…

I wonder if he holds any  thoughts other than curing my poison… Would he want to do “that” with me…

Although it has just been a while since she left, she was swayed by the consideration of her gains and losses. She felt upset but she did not curse Ning Fan even once.

He just saved me twice…though he did not owe me anything…

“Sect master. Let’s return to our sect and hide. Since we have our old ancestor’s protection, Zhou Ming would not dare to cause trouble at our place…”

“But I have promised him… Besides, I haven’t got the Dao Fruit for Suqiu…After all, this Chastity Falling Powder is an incurable poison. Maybe my life belongs to him…”

What she said was incoherent. Her mind was confused. But she did not intend to escape.

If she was afraid in the first place, she would not have come to Pleasure Devil Sect.

Ning Fan held the hand of the female corpse and stood in the black snow.

When the shadows of Su Yao and the rest disappeared in the distance, only then did he lift his gaze to one of the black clouds in the sky. His stare turned cold and indifferent.

“Are you waiting for me to make you appear…”

“Hehe. Fellow Daoist Zhou Ming really has a keen sight. Uncommon, truly uncommon. This old fellow is Xu Rushan. Greetings to Fellow Daoist Zhou Ming!”

The black cloud dissipated!

An elderly man in black robes gradually emerged!

The sea waves rumbled and the black snow reversed in motion when he appeared!

He was Xu Rushan, the old ancestor of Pleasure Devil Sect!

This person was lying low in here all these while!

“Fellow Daoist Xu wants to be my enemy?!” Ning Fan spoke in a cold tone.

“Hehe. Fellow Daoist Zhou truly deserves the reputation of the strongest expert below the Spirit Severing Realm. Meeting you face to face is better than hearing about you from the rumors. You are a person who is absolutely worth it to befriend. I have a request. If you can do it, I will give you 50 drops of Profound Liquid of Mother Earth!”

Fifty drops were equivalent to five hundred units of magic power!

No one wouldn’t be tempted by such reward, even Ning Fan!


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  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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