Grasping Evil - Chapter 223 (2)

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As his mind was drowning within the abyss of darkness, he felt as if he heard a voice that was trying to save him.

Is it Weiliang?

The next moment, he regained his consciousness and his eyes turned clear. Inwardly, he was shocked.

I almost got taken over by my Heart’s Devil…

Having my state of mind lagging behind my cultivation level is really a dangerous thing.

He cast a grateful smile at the female corpse and rubbed her head. He was really thankful that the female corpse woke him up when he was in danger.

When his eyes shifted from her face to her fingers, he caught sight of a pot of an orchid plant.

It was white like snow. Each of the flower petals was like the shape of a woman’s lips, curling outwards. As a gust of sea breeze blew against it, the plant gently swayed and emitted a sweet-sounding chime of a bell.

This is… the Bell Orchid!

A single flower of the Bell Orchid contained five white pistils that would give out five notes of the pentatonic scale whenever the wind blew. In fact, it was a rare flower.

Currently, five of them bloomed together and the five notes permeated the air like fairy music. It was truly an uncommon phenomenon.

“Bell Orchid… Zhihe once told me that she wanted a Bell Orchid from the Endless Sea… Zhihe…”

When he thought of Zhihe, his heart gradually calmed down and the corner of his lips curved into a warm smile.

Now, the Heart’s Devil was nothing to be afraid of!

“Since I have chosen my path, why should I look back… My left hand is stained by the blood of my enemies under the heavens while my right hand caused destruction. However, if you are here, I will have no regrets.”

Ning Fan inhaled a deep breath and his eyes became indifferent again. At this moment, his state of mind continued to increase and achieved a breakthrough, attaining the Late Nascent Soul Realm!

When he was at the Early Nascent Soul Realm, he was just like a sharp sword!

When he attained the Mid Nascent Soul Realm, he was like a sharp sword that was hidden within a sheath!

When he achieved the Late Nascent Soul Realm, he was like a sword with no cutting edge!

He looked at one of the Bell Orchids and wore a faint smile.

“How much do you sell for one…”

The owner of the store was just a Harmonious Spirit Realm young girl. Her appearance was common but she looked pure and honest. When her eyes met Ning Fan’s, her little face flushed red.

“One hundred… One hundred immortal jade…”

“Just one hundred?”

“Yes…Yes. This Bell Orchid might just be an ordinary and young spiritual grass, but it is a kind of flower with five flowers blooming together and they emitted music at the same time. A flower like this only appears once in a thousand years… In addition, it has another name called ‘Flying Fairy’… If young master thinks it is expensive, I can just sell you for 95 immortal jade… What about 90?”

The young girl was nervous. 100 immortal jade was sufficient to buy a common Mid-Grade Magical Treasure. Usually, cultivators would never buy flowers, except for those cultivators who love flowers as much as their own lives…

She had set up her stall here for three days. If she still could not sell off this pot of flowers, she would suffer a big loss.

Her nervous gaze made Ning Fan feel funny.

“‘Flying Fairy’? A flying fairy is truly a suitable resemblance to this plant with five tuneful notes. I want this plant. There is 200 immortal jade here. The extra 100 will be considered as my gratitude…”

Gratitude. He was grateful to see this Bell Orchid which made him recall Zhihe, enabling his state of mind to advance into the Late Nascent Soul Realm. However, it would be impossible for the young girl to interpret his meaning of “gratitude”.

Her eyes were filled with delight. Being able to sell a plant of the mortal world at 200 immortal jade was something that rarely happened to her.

But before Ning Fan could take the pot of flowers away, a woman abruptly shouted in surprise from the crowd.

“Well, this orchid has five flowers blooming simultaneously and their sounds could form a melodious music! Besides, it is completely white. Isn’t it the ‘Flying Fairy’? It’s really beyond my expectations to find such uncommon goods in a small market like this!”

When the female’s voice fell, a man immediately replied in a genial and cultured manner.

“Hehe. If Mistress Qiuling likes it, it would be a real honor to the flower…”

The next moment, a man and a lady emerged from the crowd with eight bodyguards. They walked towards the stall of the young girl.

When they appeared, some cultivators immediately recognized them. They shouted in shock and hurriedly scattered in all directions.

“This lady… this lady…This lady is the daughter of the old ancestor of the Pleasure Devil Sect – Xu Qiuling! The person who is walking with her is the son of the vice sect master of the Profound Virtue Sect, which is one of the top ten sects as well… *sucks in cold breath* We shall leave now to avoid getting ourselves into trouble!”

The young man beside her wore a high hat and broad girdles. He had a pair of shoulder-grazing ears. He looked refined and handsome with a face that was as clear as a jade. The light golden robe he wore intensified the nobility within him. As he walked, he was not concerned about the discussions from the other cultivators at all.

When he reached the stall, his gaze landed on Ning Fan’s body and smiled courteously.

“My friend, I am Zhao Zijin from the Profound Virtue Sect. My female partner took a fancy on the orchid plant. I wonder if you are willing to give it up and allow us to have it.”

This person’s aura was concealed. Despite that, Ning Fan could still identify his cultivation realm at first sight. He was a Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert while the lady was just a cultivator at the Peak Gold Core Realm. Among the bodyguards, one of them was at the Early Nascent Soul Realm while the rest of them were all at the same level with the lady.

This person might be speaking in a polite manner, but his intentional use of the name of the Profound Virtue Sect clearly showed his intention of intimidating Ning Fan.

Moreover, his gaze was hard to catch. He actually took a few glances on the female corpse’s body and they were filled with amazement after that….

But his action did not escape from Ning Fan’s keen observation.

Even though his appearance is courteous and impressive, he probably is not a kind person.

“I’m sorry… This flower is a gift that I plan to give to my wife. I can’t let you have it.”

“But you don’t know the value of a ‘Flying Fairy’. It would be unreasonable for you to own a flower since you have no idea about flowers at all. In fact, you are wasting it… If you are willing to let me have it, I will give you 10000 immortal jade. What do you think?!” The yellow-robed lady who was called Xu Qiuling knitted her brows when she tried to persuade Ning Fan.

“It doesn’t matter. No matter what, this flower belongs to me… And I am not short of 10000 immortal jade.”

Ning Fan held the hand of the female corpse and left.

However, the young man in golden robe made a big step forward and stopped them by crossing his arms before them. This time, his face turned gloomy even though he maintained his handsome smile.

“Ten thousand immortal jade is already more than enough! It would be wise for Fellow Daoist to sell it to us!”

“Oh…Interesting. What if I don’t? Do you, a mere Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, dare to attack me?” Ning Fan sneered.

“You call me ‘a mere Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator’? This Fellow Daoist clearly has a big mouth. Aren’t you afraid of having your tongue cut?!”

Zhao Zijin’s gaze became cold.

He was a cultivator at the age of nine hundred. In spite of that, he managed to attain Mid Nascent Soul Realm. A being like him would very likely achieve the Peak Nascent Soul Realm. Furthermore, he was one of the Seven Sons of the External Endless Sea!

Among the seven of them, he was ranked the last. Even so, to ordinary cultivators, his potential and achievements could be considered terrifying.

But the person before him dared to call him “a mere Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator”!

What is his cultivation realm that made him be that wild and arrogant?!

Besides, he still dares to talk back sarcastically to a respectable Nascent Soul Realm expert like me even though I have already lowered myself down when I was speaking to him!

If it was not to maintain his elegant demeanor in front of the beautiful lady, he, Zhao Zijin, would have beaten the proud man before him in order to punish him.

The smile on his face did not subside. However, he spread his spirit sense and secretly planted a seal on Ning Fan’s body as he planned to take his revenge at a later date.

What he did was obvious to Ning Fan. But Ning Fan did not take any actions as he was not worried about it at all.

To him, this Zhao Zijin was courting death!

However, the change of Xu Qiuling’s attitude astonished Ning Fan.

She quickly took a few steps to Ning Fan’s side to quell the built-up tension between the two of them.

“It’s fine, Brother Zhao. The ‘Flying Fairy’ might be a rare flower, but what this young master said is justified. Since he bought it first, it naturally belongs to him. Moreover, father is burdened by an important matter lately. It’s better that we don’t create any troubles.”

As she was speaking, she quietly erased the seal that was planted by Zhao Zijin on Ning Fan’s body.

Although her spirit sense was at the Peak Gold Core Realm, she was capable of erasing a Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator’s seal. That spirit sense was rather special.

Ning Fan was inwardly surprised by the kindness of the lady.

This lady is quite kind. Since she has helped me, I might as well give her face and forget about the conflict.

“Young master. Go quickly. Please be more careful next time when you talk. The Endless Sea is not a peaceful place after all.” Xu Qiuling did not look much highly on Ning Fan. From her perspective, she thought that Ning Fan was just a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator.

It’s very dangerous for a cultivator like him to offend a Nascent Soul Realm expert… But how many people are there under the heavens who would be willing to offend a Nascent Soul Realm expert for just a flower? Don’t tell me that this person is also a flower-lover?

“Thank you for this lady’s advice.”

Ning Fan clutched on the female corpse’s hands and walked away. After that, he never took another look back at Xu Qiuling.

What a cool person. He is very different from Zhao Zijin who pretends to be good.

Deep inside, she felt that this man she had just met was rather extraordinary, though he looked otherwise. She was curious to know about his background.

Her eyes flashed in amazement and a faint smile adorned her face. It was just her recognition towards Ning Fan’s tolerance.

Oh yes. Only a noble man who takes care of flowers would be so unrestrained and elegant.

When Zhao Zijin noticed the reaction of Qiuling, his heart turned cold.

“Hmmph! I have been trying to please this lady every single day but she does not even cast a smile to me. On the contrary, that person who just took away her flower was able to make her smile?! Hmmph! She’s such a bitch! Anyhow, her father is a Spirit Severing Realm expert. I shall never fail my father. I must get her attention. In that manner, my father would be promoted to become the official sect master of the Profound Virtue Sect based on the good relationship between our families…”

His elegant demeanor did not leave him, although he spoke in a more indifferent tone.

Just now, he actually noticed that Xu Qiuling erased the seal he planted on Ning Fan. Obviously, she had taken a liking to Ning Fan even though she just met him for the first time.

Because of that, he became even more determined to take his revenge on Ning Fan.

It’s too unacceptable for a mere junior to behave like that in front of a Nascent Soul Realm expert!

“My friend, you don’t dare to tell us your name?!” Zhao Zijin shouted.

“You don’t want to know my name…” Ning Fan did not even turn back when he spoke. However, within his words, there was an inerasable Violent Qi!

After his state of mind improved, he could control his Violent Qi freely and easily. In fact, he only revealed it to Zhao Zijin!

The immense Violent Qi made him widen his eyes in shock. The Nascent Soul within his dantian trembled in fear as if it was going to collapse at any moment!

His expression changed!

Who is this guy?! Such powerful Violent Qi… It’s impossible for him to just be an unrecognized expert in the External Endless Sea!

Perhaps only the strongest among the Seven Sons of the External Endless Sea could rival him!

“Check! Check his background! I want to know who he really is and what makes him be so conceited as to not let us know his name!”

Zhao Zijin ordered his men using telepathy. But after that, he was laughing in his heart.

So what if this person is strong? As long as he does not come from any of the top ten sects, I have many ways to pinch him to death!

Xu Qiuling casted a hateful glance on him and said, “I’m tired. I will return to the ‘Blissful Summit’ to rest… Brother Zhao please help yourself.”

His gaze was as elegant as usual but his heart was blazing with rage.

What a bitch who likes the new and hates the old… One day, I, Zhao Zijin, will have you in my grasp!

Fine, let me investigate the arrogant brat first before I come to you. I suppose his cultivation realm is weak but he must be backed by some powerful force. Maybe he is a young master from some of the second-grade forces of the External Endless Sea.

“So what if you are from a second-grade force?! We shall see when the Seven Sons of the External Endless Sea gather together. Even if this man is backed by a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert, I, Zhao Zijin, would still kill him not to mention he’s just an ant!



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  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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