Grasping Evil - Chapter 224 (1)

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The sun had set and dusk was quickly approaching. They had already walked some distance from the market.

Ning Fan calmed his thoughts down. After the advancement of his state of mind, he became even more steady and self-restrained. There were eight individuals stealthily trailing him from behind but he did not care about them at all.

They were actually courting death!

The magnetic force of Joint Joyous Island was so strong that even Nascent Soul Realm cultivators did not dare to simply spread their spirit sense. However, Ning Fan was the exact opposite of those cultivators.

The underlings of Zhao Zijin thought that they were stealthy enough to go unnoticed but they did not expect that they had already been considered dead in Ning Fan’s eyes.

“Light…Got…bad…guys…” The female corpse shot Ning Fan an innocent look that was filled with worry.

“Bad guys? What about me?” Ning Fan chuckled.

“Light…Good…guy…” The female corpse earnestly nodded her head.

“Silly girl…” Ning Fan could not help but laugh and gently shook his head. He placed his hand on her black hair and caressed her head.

Humans couldn’t be differentiated by telling which of them are good or bad.

Besides, the eight followers were not bad guys but… cultivators who were about to die!

On the following two days, Ning Fan strolled idly around the island. In a flash, he had visited all the thirteen markets of the external part of the city.

He bought a lot of spiritual minerals, spiritual medicine, pill recipes and also a flower to place behind the female corpse’s ear.

Countless cultivators who brushed past Ning Fan could no longer tell that he was strong from his appearance.

The eight individuals were still on his trail. But the more they followed, the more they strayed away from the main path, reaching a remote area of the island where no one would stay there.

Lu Wuping was confused. He could not comprehend the intention behind Ning Fan’s action at all.

For two consecutive days, they obeyed Zhao Zijin’s order to tail Ning Fan in order to find out this person’s background. However, the person they were following did not get in touch with anyone else nor did he return to his lodge.

As such, Lu Wuping could not get a hold of any information about the person.

However, the longer he followed Ning Fan, the more surprise he got.

Within two days, Ning Fan and the female corpse had visited all the 13 markets and he purchased a slew of items including spiritual minerals, medicines and pill recipes… All of the items should’ve cost him at least ten million immortal jade!

Ten million immortal jade! What kind of young master is able to carry such a tremendous amount of wealth with him wherever he goes?!

He, Lu Wuping, was also a Nascent Soul Realm Feudal Ranking Member of the Profound Virtue Sect. However, throughout the 1400 years he spent in cultivation, he had never once possessed more than 2 million immortal jade even during his wealthiest time in the past.

He then realized how ridiculous Xu Qiuling and Zhao Zijin were when they tried to buy the flower with just ten thousand immortal jade. Their action was like teaching a fish to swim…

This person may be even more wealthier than the father of Zhao Zijin!

After two days of continuous observation, Lu Wuping did not managed to find out Ning Fan’s actual cultivation level.

Ning Fan’s qi was fluctuating all the time. Sometimes, it was at the Harmonious Spirit Realm. Sometimes it was at the Vein Opening Realm. Other times, it was at the Nascent Soul Realm. There were even times where his qi was just like that of a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert!

The uncertainty of his qi struck fear deep in Lu Wuping’s heart. There were only two possibilities for the irregularity of his qi. Firstly, Ning Fan had some kind of magical treasure that could intensify his qi to a level which he has yet to attain. Secondly, his cultivation level was too powerful and it was far beyond Lu Wuping’s!

“Cap. Should we continue tailing after him…” Without a doubt, the seven Gold Core Realm cultivators behind him were afraid.

“Follow him! If we don’t get any results from this investigation, our young master will never let us off the hook…”

“However, did you notice that the more he walks, the more he deviates from the city?”

“Yes! This place is truly far-off. It’s a great place for killing and robbing…*Sucks in cold breath together*!”

The moment one of them mentioned “killing and robbing”, all of them felt a chill down their spine. An extremely bad feeling surged within their hearts.

It was at the same moment when Ning Fan who was a thousand zhang* in front stopped and stood in the dense sea mist and black snow.

All these while, there was not a single of his footprint left on the black snow on the ground. In fact, he was slightly levitating in the air like a ghost.

He turned back and his eyes flashed in a cold light. The politeness and elegance he had in the past two days subsided from his appearance.

“You ants! Are you all really that eager to know my name? It must have been difficult for you to trail after me in the past two days.”

There was not a hint of joy or anger in his tone. They could only feel a bone-chilling devil prestige.

Under the effect of his devil prestige, Lu Wuping could no longer tolerate it and revealed himself. As for the other Gold Core Realm cultivators, they also did the same as their captain with fear in their hearts.

The man before them made a step forward. But that one step was like stomping on heaven and earth, creating a huge ripple in the air.

As the ripple travelled past them, Lu Wuping was sent backwards while spurting out mouthfuls of blood, grievously injured. The rest of them exploded into mists of blood one by one. His eyes widened in disbelief. Everyone on his side perished in just an instance.

“You… Who exactly are you?! How dare you kill people in the territory of one of the top ten sects?! Don’t you know our top ten sects are of the same breath and branches?!”

“Who am I?! You tell me, this man with the surname Zhou is who?!”

The second step!

Ning Fan’s long black hair danced in the wind and snow. He unleashed all his Violent Qi which then condensed into a faint blood light. Under such Violent Qi, Lu Wuping’s heart sank. The next second, one of his arms was severed from his body by a shadow of a sword of heaven and earth that appeared out of nowhere!


He let out a horrible shriek and fell down on his own pool of blood. His pupils dilated as he stared at the merciless man who was approaching him step-by-step.

“Tell me! Who am I?!”

The third step!

When he took the third one, Lu Wuping’s body was crushed into pieces. Within his mist of blood was a tiny Nascent Soul that was trembling incessantly. He was so frightened that he did not even dare to perform hand seals and teleport away!

Cutting down an Early Nascent Soul Realm cultivator with just three steps! 

His surname was also Zhou!

The madness and savageness of killing people without restraint!

Yes…Yes! There is only one devil lord in the External Endless Sea like him!

Lu Wuping immediately remembered Ning Fan’s sneer and reply when his young master asked for Ning Fan’s name in a harsh manner two days ago.

“You wouldn’t want to know my name!”

Yes… It’s him!

If Lu Wuping had an opportunity to choose again, he would definitely not want to know that the so-called “feeble young man” he had been following for the past two days was the madman that shook the entire External Endless Sea.

Zhou Ming! Zhou Ming! He is… Zhou Ming! Young master has put himself in serious trouble!

I must inform the young master! I must flee! I must flee from the Pleasure Devil Sect and return to the Profound Virtue Sect in order to request our Spirit Severing Realm old ancestor for protection. Otherwise, no one under the Spirit Severing Realm would be able to resist Zhou Ming’s devil prestige!

“Nascent Crushing Blood Evasion!”

Ferocity shone in his eyes when he performed the incantations. Afterwards, his Nascent Soul shook and became illusory. Ninety percent of his cultivation level dispersed. The imaginary Nascent Soul turned into a gleam of blood light and teleported away! In just a second, he teleported thousands of li* away and headed directly to the Sparrow Ascending Stage!

“I must tell the young master about this information… I must…”

“Oh? You’re really a loyal servant. Unfortunately, you’re my enemy… When cutting weeds, their roots must also be destroyed. Similarly, when facing enemies, they must be eliminated completely.

The corners of his mouth curved into a cold smile. Ning Fan held the female corpse and vanished into the snow.

Above the Sparrow Ascending Stage, there were more than twenty Nascent Soul Realm experts. Each and every one of them were drinking while enjoying the beautiful snow. The black spiritual wine that they drank was called ‘Black Jade’ which fit perfectly to the black snow falling from the sky. They sat around a warm furnace, drinking and chattering cheerfully.

Among them, the most eye-catching individuals were seven handsome young men!

They were called the Seven Sons of the External Endless Sea! They were the ones with the strongest potential in the entire External Endless Sea!

Zhao Zijin could only be considered weak compared to the rest of the six. His achievement – attaining the Mid Nascent Soul Realm at the age of 900, was nothing in their eyes!

The expert who was considered the third strongest cultivator among them was Liu Zong from the Ice Spirit Sect! He formed his Nascent Soul at the age of 600 and achieved the Mid Nascent Soul Realm at the age of 700. He carried a soul flag which had absorbed millions of souls. With his power, he was able to put up a fight against a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert!

The second strongest expert was Lu An from the Green Cloud Sword Sect! This person formed his Nascent Soul while he was still 500 years old and at the age of 600, he attained the Mid Nascent Soul Realm. 300 years later, he was already a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert. His weapon was a sword. In the past, he had fought with the Peak Nascent Soul expert from the Purple Charm Gate – Luofei and it ended in a tie!

The strongest among them was Wang Yun from the Dao Law Sect! He formed his Nascent Soul at the age of 400 and attained the Mid Nascent Soul Realm at the age of 500. By the age of 600, he was already a Late Nascent Soul Realm expert. When he turned 900 years old, he achieved the Peak Nascent Soul Realm! He once battled against the eastern tower master of the Lost World Palace – Dong Qing and no one had come out triumphant out of that battle!

When the seven of them gathered and drank, they appeared united outwardly but divided at heart. However, Zhao Zijin’s eyes which were filled with impatience drew the attention of all the other members.

“Oh? Brother Zhao seems to be holding a grudge? Is there something bothering you? Do you need Brother Liu to avenge you?!” Liu Zong wielded his blood-red flag pole and smiled maliciously.

“Thank you for your concern, Brother Liu. It’s just a Harmonious Spirit Realm ant who dared to speak insolently to me… I have asked my men to track him down. But I suppose Lu Wuping is loafing on the job. Otherwise, he would have discovered the details about him and reported back by now.”

“Hmm? There’s a Harmonious Spirit Realm junior who dares to offend Brother Zhao in the territory of the top ten sects?” Lu An’s eyes flashed with surprise. The massive sheath of his sword which he carried at his back was glittering in silver light under the snow.

“Precisely. I’ve imprinted his appearance. Please have a look, brothers. If there is a chance, please help younger brother to eradicate him. It will help alleviate the humiliation I suffered.”

As his words fell, he slapped on his storage pouch and took out a jade slip. After muttering a few incantations, the jade slip immediately projected an illusory image into the air. It actually replayed what happened two days ago.

In the virtual scene, Ning Fan’s expression, indifferent attitude, and the words he said, including “a mere Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivator”, immediately sparked hatred within the hearts of the proud seven sons.

They were the top talents among the External Endless Sea. Even though some of them might only be at the Mid Nascent Soul Realm, they did not consider themselves as “mere Mid Nascent Soul Realm cultivators” mentioned by Ning Fan!

“Hmmph! This person is truly arrogant and wild! But he is rather familiar… I think I have seen him before!” The Purple Charm Gate cultivator sneered but he looked a little perplexed.

“Familiar? Hmm. Now that you said it, I think I have also met him before. Wait. Did I…?” A young master from Xuan Xiao Sect spoke as he tried to recollect his memories.

When a lot of them claimed that the person on the projection looked familiar to them, a strange feeling roused within his heart.

Don’t tell me this person is truly a disciple from one of the most powerful forces in the External Endless Sea?

However, if he really is one, why haven’t I met or heard of him before?!

As he was muttering to himself, an elder from the Xuan Xiao Sect slapped his thigh and pointed at the virtual image with surprise all over his appearance.

“It’s him! It’s him! I’ve met him before! Young Master Zhao was wrong. He isn’t just a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator. He is clearly a Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert! Moreover, his aura will be much stronger than a Late Nascent Soul Realm when he is mad!”

The person who voiced out was surnamed Jiang. He was a Mid Nascent Soul Realm elder of the Xuan Xiao Sect from the Xuan Guang Immortal Island.

When his voice filled the air, everyone attentively listened to him and no one dared to ignore him.


Note :

1.     Measurements :
a. li(里) = 500 m
b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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