Grasping Evil - Chapter 225 (1)

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“No… Please don’t kill me…”

Zhao Zijin knelt on the ground as his eyes stared at the indifferent young man before him. All of his six vital organs were failing to function.

As the young man approached him step by step, the other six sons of the External Endless Sea cast away their righteousness and left him alone at the scene. Without them, death was certainly inevitable.

Who was the devil lord that must never be provoked in the External Endless Sea?

In the past, it was none other than Xu Rushan! He was backed by one of the Seven Venerated of the Internal Endless Sea. His Primordial Magnetic Force was superb. The cultivators who died in his hands were innumerable. He even dared to snatch the wives of others and sold them as human cauldrons… This person was truly formidable!

However, today, that person was doubtlessly Zhou Ming!

No matter how savage Xu Rushan was, he was still an old ancestor of a sect. He needed to execute the instructions from Venerated Giant without fail. He must also take care of the benefits all the top ten sects are receiving so that all of them are treated fairly and equally. Therefore, he could not do whatever he wanted. As for the other 12 Spirit Severing Realm experts, they were also in a situation that was not much different from Xu Rushan’s. None of them could behave rashly…

However, Zhou Ming did not have anything tying him down!

No one could figure out his background! This person did not join any sect. He had neither kin nor relatives. He was a lone expert who could kill anyone without having to fear any trouble in the rear.

His overall power was also unrivalled among the cultivators below the Spirit Severing Realm. Not even ordinary Peak Nascent Soul Realm experts could be his match!

Moreover, this person was ferocious in an unrestricted manner, making his notoriety even more fearsome than those of the 13 Spirit Severing Realm experts of the External Endless Sea.

If the person whom Zhao Zijin provoked today was one of the Spirit Severing Realm experts, they might need to give face to the Profound Virtue Sect…

But Zhou Ming did not need to!

“Ming…Revered Ming…. Please spare me…”

No matter what Zhao Zijin said or did, Ning Fan still walked towards him with no sympathy.

The closer he got, the stronger the feeling of death Zhao Zijin felt!

Lu Wuping’s remaining Nascent Soul and the Mid Nascent Soul Realm elders behind Zhao Zijin saw the imminent danger that their young master was going to face so they gnash their teeth and threw themselves towards Ning Fan despite their fear!

“Don’t hurt our young master!”

Lu Wuping’s Nascent Soul chose to detonate himself without hesitation!

The Mid Nascent Soul Realm elder did the same. Their minds were only filled with the thought of sacrificing themselves and perish together with Ning Fan!

Their attitude of seeing death as returning from wherever they once came was a heroic conduct to which Zhao Zijin would never understand in his life!

The two Nascent Soul Realm experts faded out and shrunk into a drop of blood which was filled with chaotic magic power and tremendous blood red primordial energy that tore the heavens and earth, emitting sounds of ripping cloth. In an instant, the two drops of blood gave out a bright flash of light, blinding every being present and the entire heaven and earth was blasted away! The destructive power of the explosion was enough to put Late Nascent Soul Realm experts in critical condition if they were directly hit by the impact.

The Nascent Soul Realm experts of the other six sects watched the battle from afar. The blood red self-detonation made Wang Yun, Lu An and also Liu Zong frown solemnly.

If they were the ones who were caught in such a massive explosion, there was no way they would come out unharmed.

Zhou Ming…Could he survive it?! Although he’s called the strongest below the Spirit Severing Realm, he is not a Spirit Severing Realm expert after all…

Zhao Zijin’s eyes were full of contentment and he let out a cacophony of evil laughter.  “Great! Great! The two of you died well! This Zhou Ming should be blown into pieces by now! You two were truly worth my kind and preferential treatment!”

His natural disposition was cruel and cold-hearted. The way he changed his mind was even faster than flipping the pages of a book. He did not have a single trace of sympathy for his two subordinates who horribly sacrificed themselves for him.

After a while, the smoke and dust faded. The remaining primordial energy of the explosion dispersed. When the surroundings turned clear, his laughter ceased!

When the blood-red primordial energy exploded and affected every space in the air, Ning Fan stretched out his hands and opened his palms. A silver light flashed from them and he grasped the air as if he held the entire heaven and earth in his hands. All the primordial energy which filled the air was absorbed into his hands and condensed into a ball that was emitting crimson-red light.

That ball contained all the explosive power of their self-detonating techniques. If it was unleashed, a thousand li* within the Sparrow Ascending Stage would definitely be turned into ruins! But when Ning Fan held it in his hands, it could not break free from his grasp!

Wang Yun’s eyes turned solemn!

It can’t be wrong. This Zhou Ming’s body refining realm is at the Half-Step Jade Life Realm! The strength of his physical body alone is enough to resist the primordial power of heaven and earth!

Unless the primordial energy is transformed into Heaven Spiritual Energy, nothing would be able to hurt him!

However, not even Wang Yun expected what happened next. The next moment, Ning Fan opened his mouth and swallowed the blood-red light ball!

The horrifying tearing force of the light ball had no effect on his body at all!

“After all, this is the self-detonating blood power of two Nascent Souls. It can’t be wasted like that…”

Ning Fan stood in the black snow clearly unscathed. With a wave of his sleeve, two ghosts floated to his front! They were Lu Wuping and the other elder!

“Your loyalty is commendable. Unfortunately, the both of you followed the wrong master. I killed you but I will not destroy your souls. Hurry up and enter into samsara!”

With another wave of his hand, the two souls instantly vanished into motes of light with an inexplicable expression…

Zhou Ming… I wonder what kind of person he truly is?!

He showed no mercy when he killed. However, he saved the two persons’ souls after they detonated themselves to hurt him and allowed them to enter into the cycle of death and rebirth…

Was it merely because they upholded the virtues of loyalty and righteousness? I have never thought that those virtues would be regarded important in the world of cultivation… Our own master would be pleased at our sacrifices. On the contrary, it was the enemy who forced us to death who took pity on us by giving us the chance to be reincarnated…

“Than…Thank you…” The two souls finally opened their mouths.

But Ning Fan’s expression remained emotionless. The only reply he gave was, “Choose a good master in your next lives!”

 To Ning Fan, there were two types of enemies!

One of them were those whom he was left with no option but to kill. This type of enemy would earn his respect. He would only kill them once and never destroy their chance to be reborn.

The other type was those whom he must absolutely kill! He had no sympathy for this kind of enemies. Even if they are dead, he would not let go of their souls. He would never allow them to enter into samsara!

After the death of his two loyal subordinates, Zhao Zijin no longer had anyone to protect him!

His originally elegant and handsome face grimaced hideously as he was overwhelmed by his fear!

 “No…It’s impossible! Those were the self-detonating techniques of Nascent Soul Realm experts! How could you block them so easily?! Impossible! You must not kill me! No! I will give you whatever you want! I would even be your slave if you spare my life…”

“I don’t need a slave like you…”

Ning Fan lifted his feet and stomped on Zhao Zijin’s head.

In a split second, two oppressive voices echoed from an obscure corner. They had been secretly hiding in the place for quite some time and they finally decided to intervene.

“Fellow Daoist Zhou, please have mercy…”

“Little friend, please stop!”

Ning Fan’s gaze turned cold. According to the boundless aura from the voices of the two experts, they were doubtlessly…Spirit Severing Realm experts!

The moment when Ning Fan arrived at the Sparrow Ascending Stage, he knew that there were experts at that realm hiding in that place!

Besides, the entire area was sealed by a few of them so that their battle would not affect anywhere else on the island!

At the end of the day, the Seven Sons of the External Endless Sea were the future successors of the top ten sects. No matter how awful their Spirit Severing Realm old ancestors felt for them, they would have to stand at their sides and protect them. One of the two experts who stopped Ning Fan from landing the fatal blow on Zhao Zijin was the Spirit Severing Realm old ancestor of Purple Charm Gate – Zhuo Tong and the other was the Spirit Severing Realm old ancestor of Cloud Treading Sect – Yan Zhongze!

They came to Pleasure Devil Sea for two reasons.

Firstly, they were invited by Xu Rushan to help guard the Pleasure Devil Sea… After all, there would be a Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron that will be auctioned. Moreover, the Spirit Severing Realm human cauldron was from the Internal Endless Sea. Therefore, there might be some experts from the Internal Endless Sea who will go against their agreement with the Rain Palace and infiltrate the External Endless Sea by camouflaging their cultivation levels!

Secondly, they were tasked to give protection to the Seven Sons of the External Endless Sea when necessary since the seven of them were the most outstanding individuals that would most likely attain the Spirit Severing Realm in the next millennium. They would also be the successors of their respective sects…

As for Zhao Zijin, the two Spirit Severing Realm experts did not have high expectations of him. Among the seven top talents, he was the weakest in terms of intelligence, attitude, cultivation level and potential.

If Zhou Ming really kills him, the Spirit Severing Realm old ancestor of the Profound Virtue Sect might be unhappy but he would not go so far as to exterminate Zhou Ming to avenge Zhao Zijin.

It was because according to Zhou Ming’s current cultivation level and power, he would definitely attain the Spirit Severing Realm in another few hundred years. Once he achieves that cultivation level, he would certainly be unrivalled among the Early Spirit Severing Realm experts. Therefore, none of the 13 Spirit Severing Realm experts would be willing to become his archnemesis.

But if the two of them let Zhou Ming kill one of the Seven Sons right under their nose, it would be something unacceptable in the eyes of other cultivators.

What would they say about them? The two respectable Spirit Severing Realm experts did not dare to save one of the Seven Sons because they feared Zhou Ming?

At least, if they did something, they would not be considered as cowards.

From their perspectives, they thought that if the both of them voiced out together to defend Zhao Zijin, Zhou Ming who had yet to attain Spirit Severing Ream would surely give them face, despite his savageness.

However, he was not surprised by their interference.

In fact, he had already anticipated that the two of them would dissuade him if he really wanted to kill Zhao Zijin.

However, what he wanted to see was how the third Spirit Severing Realm expert would react to him.

Xu Rushan was also here! But he did not reveal himself. He was still waiting and seeing how things would unfold from a distance!

From the standpoint of Xu Rushan, he should defend Zhao Zijin too. But he was hesitating.

One side of him wanted to please Ning Fan while the other side of him wanted to maintain his relationship with the top ten sects…

“This person might rely on me for the task he was assigned by Venerated Giant but he still does not value me…He knows that I am the strongest cultivator among others below the Spirit Severing Realm but he’s unsure of the difference between me and a Spirit Severing Realm expert in terms of power… Therefore, he could not make up his mind in deciding what benefits he should give me. The Profound Jade Palace was just a test. The 50 drops of the Profound Liquid was also a test. I am testing his sincerity but he is testing my power! As such, I will show him all my capabilities with no restraints. I want to see what this Xu Rushan would give me in order to befriend me!”

Determination shone in Ning Fan’s eyes and he stamped on Zhao Zijin’s head with no hesitation!

The latter’s head was crushed into pieces and his brains burst open, causing the juices of his brain to splatter everywhere!

Ning Fan grabbed Zhao Zijin’s Nascent Soul with his devil claw and shoved him into his mouth and swallowed!

All the Nascent Soul Realm experts who were witnessing the battle fell a jolt in their heads as if it was their heads that was crushed by Ning Fan and their Nascent Souls! Their Nascent Souls shuddered in terror like they were the one that were placed in Ning Fan’s mouth!

But what was more unbelievable was that this Zhou Ming did not actually put the two Spirit Severing Realm experts in his eyes since he just simply disregarded their requests!

The face of the old ancestor of the Purple Charm Gate turned gloomy and bluish-green veins could be seen bulging out from his neck. However, he chose to suppress his emotions and did not assault Ning Fan directly.

As for Yan Zhongze who had a stubborn attitude, he felt like he was slapped in the face as Ning Fan gave no heed to him after he had personally pleaded Ning Fan to stop.

“Zhou Ming! How dare you!”

Yan Zhongze donned a hemp robe. Although his hair was white, his had a ruddy complexion. His presence emanated a fearsome aura. Suddenly, his body transformed into a cloud of mist and dispersed. The next second, he reappeared at just one zhang* away from Ning Fan. He lifted his palm and smacked the latter’s head!

The way he moved was due to the Low Grade Spirit Severing Realm Movement Technique, Wind Cloud Art!

His palm was soft and weak like floating clouds. However, the tenderness of his palm was able to soften the hardness of heaven and earth. It was a Low Grade Spirit Severing Realm Body Refining Technique, Soft Cloud Quake!

The might of the palm solidified the mist of heaven and earth which eventually burst at the direction of Ning Fan.

That attack alone was enough to instantly kill any ordinary Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert! But Ning Fan was not afraid of it!

He had Stone Warrior, the female corpse and the Yuan Yao World. Even if Xu Rushan, Yan Zhongze and Zhuo Tong attacked him at the same time, he was confident that he could escape from the situation and kill at least one of them!

It was the reason why he dared to kill Zhao Zijin in front of them. Without that assurance, he would not have behaved that impudently.

Besides, Ning Fan saw that this Yan Zhongze who was stubbornly righteous on the surface and would resort to violence whenever he encountered any disagreement with anyone only used thirty percent of his strength on his attack.

Actually, he did not have the intention to fight a life-and-death battle with Ning Fan. In fact, he was trying to drop a hint that he did not harbor any evil intentions on the latter.

He attacked because of his identity as a Spirit Severing Realm old ancestor. It would be inappropriate to stand and do nothing when one of the seven sons died. At least, by attacking Ning Fan, he could give the old ancestor of the Profound Virtue Sect an explanation.

But the reason he kept away seventy percent of the power in his attack was because he did not want to turn Ning Fan into his enemy. Besides, he thought that it would not be difficult at all for Ning Fan to block the thirty percent of his total power since the latter possessed Half-Step Jade Life Body Refining Realm.


Note :

  1. Measurements :
    a. li(里) = 500 m
    b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m
    c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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